is technology a good career path is technology a good career path

Is Technology a Good Career Path: 4 Domains

Is technology a good career path? It is a common question that arises in everyone’s mind nowadays in the world of technological revolution and the metaverse. Most probably everyone thinks choosing a career related to technology is beneficial and comfortable. But the fact is there is no such profession where technology has not entered, you will find it everywhere in daily life.

Technology and the internet are so familiar that even a 5-year-old kid has a basic knowledge about these terms and how they are helpful in everyday life. Choosing technology as a career path also has adverse effects apart from its benefits. It depends on how effectively the technology is utilized in that profession and it varies from one another.

1. What is Technology?

Technology is nothing but applying theoretical scientific knowledge to achieving practical purposes and solving problems in day-to-day life.

Nowadays different types of technology have evolved like communication, medicine, transport, information technology, construction technology, manufacturing, agriculture and biotechnology, and many more.

2. Influence of Technology in Various Fields

It sounds messy, right? So, let’s pay attention to the outline in detail with examples.

2.1. Communication

In the communication sector, from communicating through letters in the olden days, technology has evolved and changed to live video calls.

The best part of this technology is it became affordable to everyone and almost everyone knows how to video call and communicate using various other recent advancements.

2.2. Medical Science

These days, the arrival of technology has changed most of the problems faced in acute surgical treatments. The operations which took 2-3 days to complete are now completed within hours by using laser treatment and advanced equipment. Not only that, people have even accepted that they feel a lot less pain than they did before.

Modern technology has also allowed people to order medicines from the comfort of their homes by just using an app. Various applications are available these days which deliver medicines to the doorstep.

2.3. Transportation

Even in the field of transportation, technology has brought a massive change. From riding horses to travelling on a plane, we have come a long way. You can now book tickets for a bus, train, or even a flight online. You can even book a car if you want to take a ride or go out on a road trip.

The best part about modern technology hitting the transportation system is nowadays automated driverless cars are also available which can be electrically charged. They do not need the use of any fossil fuels like petrol and diesel, which makes them eco-friendly.

2.4. Agriculture

Even in manufacturing and agriculture man work has been reduced and replaced with automated machinery where you can get perfect output with minimal time.

Not only these, but in your daily life you can notice many things where and how technology has replaced the old conventional way.

2.5. Household Appliances

In daily life, to clean utensils we now have a dishwasher, to wash clothes we have a washing machine and for hot water, we have a geyser and showers. For filters, we have aqua filters and electrical gadgets like an electrical cooker, induction stove, trimmer, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and many other such appliances.

Nowadays everything is digitalized. From our phones to our gadgets, everything can be accessed with a few clicks. These days we can even get personalized comments on what suits you the best, which includes, dress, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, and even what we should eat and at which time we have to sleep.

If you are someone, who forgets important things, you can also keep track of that by setting various reminders on your phones and emails. It will remind you from time to time about your important chores.

3. Is Technology a Good Career Path?

Naturally, we might think if everything is digitalized then technology is a good career path to choose where you can have more opportunities to explore and learn. But it also has drastic disadvantages on the other hand. Its comfort makes the human race lethargic. Electromagnetic radiation is not only destroying the environment but also the entire species on Earth.

is technology a good career path
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So what should we do? Should we choose technology or not? If chosen, is there any specific field that is good for us, and how to know it? Let’s dive into detail about what to choose, and how to choose.

3.1. Can you Choose a Career at Tech 

To get answers to such questions sit, relax, take a breath and keep your pen on paper and note down what is on your mind. Think for two minutes about your hobbies and passion and note down your interests and what you want to become.

Always remember, everything can be replaced by bots and technology but by humanity.  Thinking capability and problem-solving skills, and a positive mindset can only be seen in humans and not in automated bots. Technology and automation can only perform the task allotted by humans but humans can program anything using technology.

Talking about a good career path, there are a lot of fields that you can opt for if you want to pursue technology as a career. For pursuing a career in technology, you should have a degree in any one of the technical fields. These fields include Btech in Computer Science, Information Technology, Bachelor of Computer Applications or any such degree.

3.2. Career Choices in Tech Industry

When it comes to pursuing a career in technology, there are some fields that have great importance in society these days. Some of the commonly used technologies and advancements are mentioned below.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Automation
  • Metaverse
  • Blockchain technology & Cyber security
  • Software development and web development
  • Data Science

4. Tech Industry and Tech Jobs

All the tech industries these days require a lot of technologies to meet their daily requirements. To solve these daily requirements, a lot of talented and experienced individuals are required.

is technology a good career path
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For instance, an application or a website is created by tech-savvy developers as per the demand of the clients. After the application or website is made, it is the job of the tester to check the same. The same website is then again checked by the system manager whose main work is to look after the maintenance of the software.

After the application/software/website is ready, it is then the work of the support specialists to deliver the project to the clients and also help and assist them if they face any problems regarding the project.

5. Leading Domains in Tech Industry 

Though there are a lot of domains to play around with in the tech world, some of the most trending domains in the tech industry are mentioned below.

5.1. Data Scientists

There is high demand for data scientists and data analysts. Their main work is to collect the data, process it and gather information. In addition, it is also their responsibility to store, maintain and manage the database systems.

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For managing databases, there are a lot of technologies that are available these days, it includes, SQL, Oracle and many more.

5.2. Cloud Computing & Cyber Security

These days, there are many evolving technologies like cloud computing that are used by people to store, access and maintain data without the fear of it getting misused. Since it has an aspect of pay-per-use, it makes the service more beneficial for the customers.

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Cyber security is one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping data safe these days. As the domain is in high demand, the recruitment of individuals under this section is also increasing at an alarming rate.

5.3. Full Stack Development 

Full Stack Development is one of the most trendy domains in today’s world. It is so because making a website is the basic need of any organization. A person who is highly skilled in making attractive and functional websites have a high chance of getting a high-paying job in this domain.

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The domain of full-stack development is further divided into front-end development and back-end development. The front-end development section uses the latest tools and technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, React and Node js to make a sustainable website.

Whereas the backend section of web development uses various technologies like Python, Java, SQL, and other database management systems. They store and deal with the data related to the particular website.

5.4. App Development

Just like website development, app development is another high-paying domain in today’s world. The requirement of an app is never going to go out of style and therefore this domain is never going to freeze. We will always need an app to do something or the other in our daily life.

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It is interesting to see how we use an app for almost everything these days. From making our grocery list to viewing the calendar every day, we use an app for our day-to-day work needs.

6. Conclusion 

These are all the information you will need in order to have a successful tech career. Make sure to have a proper understanding of the fields before applying to any of the domains.

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