how to start business with no money how to start business with no money

How to Start a Business With No Money: 6 Easy Steps

We all hear that building a business from the scratch causes hundreds of thousands of dollars, but is it true?

If you are interested in business, you know the struggle of finding a good idea. Finding a good and stable business idea is quite a battle, and then getting funding is a whole other story.

When the problem about the business idea gets solved, another problem arises, funding.

If you have a proper idea for your business but need more clarification on the funding, do not worry.

There are a lot of ways available these days by which you can collect revenue for your business. You can choose a method of your preference and start earning your income. 

How to start a business with no money is the concern of many people. We will try to break it down for you. 

How to Start Business With No Money: 6 Easy Steps 

Even if you have minimal cash or no cash flow, do not worry, your business venture will not fail. We will provide a complete roadmap for the process. 

You can consider this write-up a guide for your profitable business and follow all the steps mentioned below. 

1. Find a Proper Business Idea

When planning a new business, you must first find a good idea. If you do not have a good idea, there are chances that your business might not be as successful as you want.

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If unsure of the business, you can look up some great business ideas online.

Sell Your Services

If you are ready to begin a business with zero money, selling your services can be one of the best ways. Even if you do not have a proper hold in a certain area, do not worry; bring something to the table that is better than an average person.

In this case, finding out what interests you and can do better than many people is important. Make sure to do things slowly and steadily and not in a rush.

All successful business owners have started from the bare minimum, so do not stress.

There are some very trending services that you can sell, like:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Freelancing in various fields

  • Handyman Services

  • Virtual Assistant

When you do not have the capital, invest more time in the things you already have, like your experience and skills. In addition to the money, these are some of the best investments you can gift to your business. 

The important thing to consider before starting a business is to find your skills and potential.

The quicker you can do that, the better it is for the business owner. If you are unsure about your skills or do not know where your potential is, take time to figure it out.

You can also opt for many physical and online works available to collect capital for your business if you are unsure about your potential.


If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding to start a new business, drop shipping can be one of your best ideas. All you need to do is establish an online store and choose a proper dropshipping supplier.

When a customer places an order, the e-commerce website that you have created will forward the information to your specific supplier.

Do not worry about the packing and shipment of the order, as it is the supplier’s responsibility to supply the demand to the target customer in good condition.

You can start it immediately with a very less budget. You do not have to buy inventory before it is sold and then store it in expensive warehouses. Instead, you will be charged only when you sell the items.

You must possess a stable internet connection if you are willing to succeed in this field. Again, it is a good idea to raise funds for your upcoming businesses. 

If you are not familiar with the print-on-demand term, do not worry. 

The term generally refers to the process that makes printing labels for various private products. These are generally sold concerning the order placed for the particular product.

Many suppliers print the designs on specific inventory and ship them properly and in good condition to the customers. They will only charge money after you have received your desired payment from the customers, as it is a product-based business.

It is one of the most preferred ways to collect funds for your new business as there is an average to minimum cost required to raise a good fund.

It is also a good business idea; you might be lucky enough to earn a lot of money through this process.

Sell Handicrafts

If you’re new to the business world and do not have a proper business plan but want to do something on your own, you can consider this business idea.

The best part about this new business venture is you can get a lot of free resources from around the house.

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Some of the things that you can create by sitting at your home and earning revenue are:

  • Skincare products

  • Jewelry

  • Woodworking Projects

  • Crafts

  • Arts

  • Scented Candles

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can also make and sell other edibles. Most people like these, as it does not require much marketing effort.

Only a good marketing strategy, along with good quality products, can boost your sale to a great extent.

Many people opt for this step before starting their new business. Many find interest in making handicrafts and taking this business forward, whereas some earn their desired revenue from this and plan on opening their own small business.

Pack the products with love and care so the packing looks interesting. You do not have to spend much money on the packaging, you can make your package look presentable even by spending a lot less.

Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is one of the trendiest things happening in the world right now. You can create and sell a lot of digital products if you have a good internet connection.

If you are short on money and want to start a business at the earliest, this is one of the best ways to consider. 

This process’s top priority is finding an area you have enough to hold. You will have to ensure that you have more knowledge and understanding in this field than others. 

After deciding on an area, do some online research on the specific topic and find out the problem people face in those areas. You can pack all your solutions into digital products like online courses, e-books, templated, or worksheets.

Become A Social Media Influencer

Recently, social media has been a great platform to earn money. Many people make plenty of money by becoming social media influencers.

If you have patience, you can go forward in this field. All it requires is a bit of patience, interesting content, and some knowledge about various aspects of social media.

To begin with, you will have a good social media presence on any popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, or even Tiktok. There are going to be more views of your content than before. Your audience count will increase rapidly once you start sharing quality content. 

Once people start showing interest in your content and your views increase, there is a high chance that your channel will get monetized. 

Some common ways of incoming through social media are listed below.

  • Social Media Marketing – The most popular way of earning money today. All you need to do is promote the products from your favourite brand or your favourite store and gain a percentage of the profit. You will also earn a commission when the customers buy your promoted products.

  • Selling Merchandise – If you have a good fan base on your social media accounts, you can also opt for making merchandise. Select a name, logo, style, or catchphrase for your products. They will surely buy your products if you have gained some loyal followers.

  • Blogging – If you want to earn money by selling advertisement spaces, promoting digital products, or posting brand-sponsored content, blogging is best. Many people are choosing this way to make money quickly. 

  • Vlogging – If you know how to shoot videos and edit them, you can excel in the vlogging field, again, one of the most popular means in today’s world. Make sure to create equality content, and you are good to go. There are many options like daily vlogging, occasional vlogging, and many other categories. You can choose accordingly and start earning money from it. 

If you are looking forward to establishing a product-based business but have no funding, you can opt for various ways of earning money through social media. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok are similar social media platforms that help people make large amounts of money.

2. Do Proper Business Planning

Create a business plan if you want a blueprint for growing your business. The contents of the business plan will depend on the cost of the business model you have chosen.

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  • Company Description – It generally includes information about the company you are going to start. The report will illustrate the legal structure, business model, and many other important company things.

  • Market Research – This includes all the information about why customers will choose to buy things or products from you rather than every other brand and store available today.

  • Service And Products – Make sure to describe every product in detail because this is what you will b making money from. Always list all the advantages people will get by using your products over the products in the market. 

  • Marketing Strategy -This will include information about achieving your business’s desired goal. Do not mention your company’s secret business strategy, but elaborate on some points.

  • Logistics And Operation Plan – It will contain information about how to hand your products or services to regular customers. These customers can be from any background and any business.

  • Financial Plan – It will include all the details of how you are willing to make money from this business. You can also list your money needs, your target amount, and everything you think is important. 

3. Choose a Business Name

When you are willing to start your business, one of the most necessary things is to think of a catchy yet meaningful name. The name you will select has to attract the customers, it has to be proper, and most importantly, it has to be unique.

If you are stuck and do not know what to name your business, there are a lot of sites available on the internet which can guide you to select a proper name for your business.

Always remember, the name you are going to choose is going to be used for as long as your company works. So it is advised to take time and come up with a good name rather than choosing it randomly.

Securing online assets is very important after you are done with the name. Make sure to create websites and social media handles that will be associated with your own business.

In this way, you will profit both from online and offline business.

4. Launch a Website

As mentioned above, launching a basic website is essential if you want your business idea to reach a mass audience. If you cannot make your website, you can hire people who make websites at a reasonable price range.

But if you have no money or do not want to spend it on stuff like this, you can also take a free course from youtube or any other platform that will teach you to make a website without charging any money.

5. Validate Your Ideas With Pre-orders

You are probably going to face a lot of losses than profit in the initial stage, and it is quite normal. Some of your ideas might work miracles, but some might not be as popular as the previous ones, which is completely alright.

People generally grab the opportunity of buying anything new before the crowd. Making your customers pre-order your stuff is one of the best ways to increase the hype of your product in the market.

It will not only help in publicity but will also help you make upfront capital, which is essential for a new business.

One of the best strategies to follow is to hype the product in the market and produce it less in amount. This way, people will tend to pre-order your products and be the first ones to buy them when they are back in stock.

6. Source Funding To Grow

If you do not have plenty of money for a new business, it is necessary to find a source that will provide you with proper funding for your new business.

You are advised to invest your time and energy into finding something efficient to provide capital for your business.

If you cannot develop something efficient, you might need time, help, and guidance to think of something. In these cases, you can look for the solution online or even ask for help from your reliable ones. 

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Make sure to invest your time and energy into something which will provide you with sufficient equity to make your business successful.

According to a lot of research, failures are found in 29% of small businesses because they tend to lose cash as soon as they start the business.

If you are not successful in collecting money even after trying everything, there are some other ways by which you can manage cash at the moment and repay it later. Some of the courses are mentioned below. 

  • Crowdfunding –  It is the method through which people collect an amount of cash from a large group of people. You can ask several people to start investing in new businesses through these online platforms. 

  • Friends And Family Loans – If you have close friends or family members who can lend you some money to start your business, it is one of the best free alternatives. As soon as you earn profit in your business or start to earn a certain amount, you can easily pay them back the amount without having to face any problems.

    In the worst-case scenario, even if you cannot clear the money in the first few attempts, they will generally understand your situation as they are your close ones. It is, therefore, important to borrow money from someone reliable and trustworthy.

  • Small Business Loans – Several organizations mainly provide business loans for people who are ed in starting their busies. You need to show your source of income and give them proper documents that prove you can pay back the loan on time. Apart from organizations, you can also get business loans from various banks at a very low-interest rate. 

    One disadvantage of this process is they can take legal strap if you cannot pay back the amount in a certain time. In some cases, they increase the interest rate over time.

  • Capital Investors – There are a lot of capital investors available on the market these days. They will provide you with money for some equity stake in your company. Check properly before giving anyone equity stakes in your company, as it can also be a fraud.

  • Small Business Grants – These are a bit different from business loans. In this case, you are granted a certain amount of money for starting your small business. Most of the time, you are asked not to pay back the money. But some investors provide you with the funds in exchange for a strict restriction. If you cannot pay back the amount or follow the rule, they can take the desired action against you.

You can even create your dream business if you have no capital. There are many successful startups or enterprises which were established when the owners had no money at all. To build something great, you will always have to start from scratch.

Do not worry about starting from absolutely anything. You are going to get successful when your foundation is strong.

Many successful people say that when you get successful easily through a shortcut, it does not last long. But if you follow the traditional process of building an empire, you will enjoy prosperity for a long time.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from others in times of need. Asking for help does not make you keep or less confident; it rather enhances your knowledge about various things that you might not know. 


These are some of the ways by which you can plan on starting a business with no money. There are a lot of ways by which you can earn the amount required to establish a successful business.

Always remember that there are ups and downs in every aspect of life, and do not take it personally. You will be able to shine bright if you are determined and have the patience to withstand both loss and success. 

Make sure to take everything positively and learn from your mistakes. This is the only key to success. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start a business from zero?

If you do not have funding for your business, contemplate taking a loan from the bank or close friends or family. Finding investors can be hard, so getting a job first and collecting money might be a good idea.

2. What cheap business can I start?

It all depends on the type of business you want to establish, explore more here.

3. What is the easiest business to start?

A fast-food business can be the easiest business to start with if you have the perfect skills.

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