How Many Bridges In NYC How Many Bridges In NYC

How Many Bridges in NYC? 10 Noteworthy Spans

Although bridges are not something people usually travel far for, NYC bridges are undoubtedly worth exploring.

New York City is famous for plenty of things, including the constant thrum of activity, places as impressive as the Town Square and Central Park, Broadway shows, and a plethora of New York City bridges. But how many bridges in NYC do you know about?

The city has been holding a mass of bridges, with some of them being under the jurisdiction of the MTA Bridges and Port Authority.

New York City is widely known for the three bridge walks the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges are a part of.

How Many Bridges in NYC?

Having thousands of bridges within its area connecting the five boroughs of New York City, it is home to some very popular bridges in New York of landmark status.

The NYC Bridges range from one borough to another, connecting New York City’s different parts.

How many bridges in NYC?
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The bridges in New York are significant for various reasons, some of them spanning the entirety of the East River, Hudson River, and Harlem River, with some of the NYC Bridges even having bike lanes and pedestrian walkways.

Some NYC Bridges, namely the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, running across the East River, Tacoma Narrows Bridge spanning the Puget Sound, and the King’s Bridge (which was the first bridge to have been constructed in New York City but was later demolished), have been known to be of historical and architectural importance.

How many bridges in NYC?
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The bridges in New York are a sight to behold because of their architectural beauty and the city’s vista you receive. Visiting New York without going to any of these bridges is simply unacceptable. You can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge deck at night and enjoy the view you behold.

Let’s learn a little more about the beautiful, must-visit bridges in New York City and find out how many bridges you will visit at the end!

How Many Bridges in NYC are Worth Visiting?

How many bridges do you think are significant from an architectural view? How many bridges do you think are simply for their beauty, and how many have a purpose only to act as a pathway?

Having more than 2000 bridges that include bridges as outstanding as the High Bridge, the Roosevelt Avenue Bridge, Roosevelt Island Bridge, Throgs Neck Bridge, the Macombs Dam Bridge, and even the gorgeous Marine Parkway Bridge, the variety of bridges you see in the city is extremely wide.

How many bridges in NYC?
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The city has every type of bridge for you to see, be it a suspension bridge, swing bridge, or lift bridge.

To gain some insight into the main bridges and the depth of New York’s bridge construction technology and learn how many bridges in this city are world-renowned, come along!

1. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge
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Being one of the significant landmark statuses of Manhattan Island, the Brooklyn Bridge is a worldwide famous suspension bridge connecting Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge is an NYC bridge formerly famous as the “Great East River Bridge.” To be exact, the Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The NYC bridge happened to be used as a shelter space during the Cold War hard time and was also valuable to hold wine in its compartments. Also, with its excellent structure and view, it is a fantastic choice for a walk!

The Brooklyn Bridge, after its construction, remained the longest suspension bridge for twenty years. After so many years, the bridge is longstanding and has become one of the significant structures of architectural importance in New York City.

There is no doubt when I say that the Brooklyn Bridge has no competition and is truly remarkable.

2. George Washington Bridge, New York City

The George Washington Bridge, formerly known as the “Hudson River Bridge,” is a stunning location to unwind and enjoy the gorgeous view from.

Initially, the naming of the bridge caused chaos among the public, but in the end, it was decided to be called the George Washington Bridge.

George Washington Bridge
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This incredible NYC Bridge also has a pedestrian walkway and is a marvellous structure. This double-decked suspension bridge once had the longest main bridge span and is still widely famous for its architecture.

The bridge connects the splendid Manhattan to New Jersey and serves as an excellent pathway for travelling. It happens to be the busiest bridge in the entire world.

3. Henry Hudson Bridge, New York City

The Henry Hudson Bridge, a steel arch toll bridge, spans across Spuyten Duyvil Creek. The bridge happens to have a splendid view from Inwood Hill Park.

The Henry Hudson Bridge is highly praised for its extraordinarily pleasing and lovely view. Also, the structure of the bridge is well-built and sturdy. The bridge crosses the Harlem River.

This bridge is also known to be one of the world’s major trade routes. You can delight in the splendour of the bridge walking or biking across the bridge. It will be worth your while!

4. Manhattan Bridge, New York City

The Manhattan Bridge is one of the significant New York bridges that connects Canal Street in Manhattan to Brooklyn. Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge with a wide-ranged and well-deserved popularity.

There is even named a neighbourhood in New York City, after Manhattan Bridge. The neighbourhood lies between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge and is called “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.”

Manhattan Bridge DUMBO
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The bridge served as a feature for many movies and has become quite a tourist spot along with being a passage. The bridge looks incredibly wonderful at night, with the lights sparkling all over the city.

Anytime you visit New York City, do not forget to walk across the beautiful Manhattan Bridge.

5. Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, New York City

Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
Photo by Fotografie_Dirk_Kortus on Pixabay

The Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge is one of the famous bridges that cross over the East River, with an exceptional view of Roosevelt Island and near the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

The Queensboro bridge connects the Upper East Side to Long Island City and gives you a fantastic view of the New York skyline.

The Queensboro Bridge enhances the area’s beauty and is a fantastic place for a night’s walk with family and friends. The bridge provides a pathway for pedestrians and is accessible to those who want to bike.

This bridge is one of many marvels of New York City!

6. Williamsburg Bridge, New York City

Williamsburg bridge
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The Williamsburg Bridge in New York City is one of three main bridges connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. This bridge was built long before Brooklyn was a part of New York and has been a constant passageway for trains, automobiles, and pedestrians.

Even after being less attractive than the Brooklyn Bridge in the eyes of many, The Williamsburg Bridge acts as a significant pathway.

Its structure, made of steel of exceptional quality, is admirable yet straightforward in its construction.

The bridge’s construction was over sooner than many bridges and was the longest suspension bridge at the time it was built. Even though this fact changed over time, this bridge remained one of the most known and used bridges in New York City.

7. Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, New York City

Hell Gate Bridge
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The Robert F. Kennedy Bridge is a network of three bridges and an elevated highway viaduct and was initially referred to as the Triborough Bridge. The famous Triborough Bridge serves as a great pathway to travel from Queens, Manhattan, to the Bronx.

One of the three bridges in the chain is the Harlem River Lift Bridge, a movable bridge (vertical lift bridge type) that passes over the Harlem River.

The other two bridges are the truss bridge over Bronx Kill and the Hell Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge over the Hell gate.

This bridge happens to have one of the most brilliant views of the city, and the nighttime is the best time to walk across it, enjoying the lit-up sky.

8. Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, New York City

Verrazzano Narroes Bridge
Photo by Jane Mir on Pexels

The Verrazzano Narrows Bridge stretches across the New York Harbor, linking the Upper and Lower New York Bay and connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island.

This bridge is tremendous and provides a great view of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn. The majestic towers of this bridge can be seen from a long distance as it is pretty distinctive.

The bridge, after construction, was considered the longest suspension bridge in the world, after taking that position from the Golden Gate Bridge, but was later replaced from its position by another bridge in the UK, known as the Humber Bridge.

9. The Kosciuszko Bridge, New York City

This fantastic cable-stayed bridge in New York, the Kosciuszko Bridge, stretches across Newtown Creek from Brooklyn to Laurel Hill Boulevard, located in Queen.

In the beginning years, the bridge was famous as Meeker Avenue Bridge. However, that changed soon. The eastbound span and westbound span of the bridge were opened in different years, in 2017 and 2019, respectively.

The bridge looks vibrant in the night light, and it provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

A very fascinating fact about this bridge is that with exceptional technology, its LED lights are receptive to music and can display a beautiful show. You must check out this bridge without any further delay!

10. Bronx Whitestone Bridge, New York City

The Bronx Whitestone Bridge spans connecting Queens to the Bronx. It is spread across the East River and is a well-built bridge.

This bridge was initially scheduled to be opened six months after its opening because of early construction.

The Bronx Whitestone Bridge is wonderfully designed and has an incredible structure and one of the best views in the entire city. The bridge is exceptional and straightforward without any extravagant detailing in its lightness.

Also, at the end of the whitestone bridge, you will find a golf club and a field for the public to play. It is pretty fantastic and attracts the attention of the public.

New York City-Awash with the Best Bridges

This beautiful city, the City of Dreams, is flush with magnificent and truly glorious bridges that have been to the date famous for a plethora of reasons.

The bridges of this city are just one of the million reasons to fall in love with Empire City. How many bridges in NYC do you want to visit now?

Some underrated yet worth-seeing bridges should not go unnoticed. The Bow Bridge in Central Park, for instance, is a relatively small yet admirable bridge with its intricate and detailed design and cast-iron structure. However, the beauty of its bridges is not contained to the ones mentioned above.

Next is the charming, beautiful, and rustic bridge, the Gapstow Bridge, located in Central Park, and is truly a scenic and tranquil place to visit. You can enjoy a peaceful evening strolling across the bridge.

The Carroll Street Bridge and Wards Island Bridge are some of the other must-visit bridges in the city.

Carroll Street Bridge is different from the other bridges in the city because of the shortage of tourists, but that is what makes it a special place to visit. It is a great location to unwind and enjoy the scenic view and peaceful air.

Wards Island Bridge is last but not least a good place to pay a visit. The structure of this bridge is differently built, but you should check it out. The bridge area is a little narrow, but it is great for pedestrians and bikers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many bridges are in NYC?

789 bridges and tunnels, such as the Brooklyn, Ed Koch Queensboro, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges, 24 moveable bridges, and four tunnels are owned, operated, and maintained throughout New York.

2. What is the name of the famous bridge in New York?

One of the primary historical emblems of New York is the Brooklyn Bridge. It has been immortalized numerous times in movies and television shows, making it one of the most well-known bridges in the world.

3. What is the largest bridge in New York?

The three-mile, cutting-edge, twin-span Cuomo Bridge connects the regions of Rockland and Westchester.

The cable-stayed bridge, which is the longest bridge in New York State, is situated 20 miles north of New York City and spans one of the broadest sections of the Hudson River.


New York City never fails to impress with rich and brilliant architecture and tourist spots.

The bridges here have been longstanding for years and have been attracting attention from people worldwide. So, there seems to be no shortage of bridges here, and each is better than the next. 

With all that said, I will take off now, leaving you to decide which bridge to stroll through first and decide which you like the best!

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