how long is 3 business days how long is 3 business days

How Long is 3 Business Days? 8 Key Facts

If you’re wondering how long is 3 business days, then your answer is right below:

Three business days are three consecutive days between Monday to Friday on which the official work is carried on. In simple terms, three business days is three working days, excluding holidays and weekends.

How Long is 3 Business Days? 8 Useful Facts you Should Know

For the working population of the world, the question of business days is always confusing. this is mostly because different companies, offices, and businesses have different variations of what they mean about “business days” or what norms prevail in their offices.

However, according to the general data on work and services, business days refers to the day, particularly the dates, on which the particular official or business work is done or should be done. These dates do not include weekends, public holidays, or leave.

how long is 3 business days, business days
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When referring to one or two or three business days, it often incorporates three days of work. If it is the beginning of the week, three days will generally mean three days from Monday to Wednesday (Monday and Wednesday included).

But in case, one works such that it incorporates in between the weekends, the counting differs then. That is still more puzzling, no? Keep on reading to have the much-needed clarification.

Key points to note

Before we go on to understand further about business days, business hours, and the working pattern, it is important to keep some things in mind.

Although this data is more particularly regarding the U.S., it can match with several other countries that follow a similar or similar working hours pattern as the United States of America.

1. Business Days Extend from Monday to Friday

The world does not move on with the same clock. The continents are divided by oceans and time zones and also work patterns.

In the United States of America, working days last from Monday to Friday. This means that in the U.S., the days of working/business incorporate the following five consecutive days of the week only –

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

On the other hand, working days mostly last from Monday to Saturday with second Saturdays being off in India.

2. Business Days Do Not Include Weekends or Holidays

how long is 3 business days
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When one talks about a business day, one is mentioning a day of office work or other work, in the corporate sector notably.

All business days extend from Monday to Friday. And they do NOT include any publicly recognized holidays or any such day which is declared a public holiday by the government of the country.

Business days also do not include the weekends. Weekend refers to the last two consecutive days of the week combined i.e; Saturday and Sunday. This is precisely why while counting business days, you do not count Saturday or Sunday.

Precisely, Saturday and Sunday are NOT business days in the United States of America.

This is exactly similar to the banks operating in the country. Their business days are also five consecutive days of the week, extending from Monday to Friday (Monday and Friday included), and they too are off on the holidays and weekends.

3. A Business Day is a Cycle of 9 to 5

Though every business has the general authority of deciding the working hours of its organization, or company, the general trend of the working hours is a 9 to 5 cycle incorporating an 8-hour long working period.

In the United States of America, usually, a business day starts in the morning at 9 and lasts till 5 in the evening. So, business days begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m.

There are exceptions and people are found working late night shifts, or late hours. That just depends on the demand of the work and the work culture of the business.

However, most jobs in the country work on the above-mentioned pattern and are thus often termed as 9 to 5 jobs, based on the period of the working day.

Again, this is exactly how the banks of the country operate. You can thus take your business hours analogous to the business days of the employees of the bank.

4. Generally, the Business Day Length is Eight Hours

As mentioned in the above point, a business day follows a cycle of 9 to 5, beginning at nine in the morning and lasting till five in the evening.

A business day length is eight hours. To put it more specifically, a business day is a working period of eight hours which usually begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.

5. Usually, 3 Business Days Means 24 Hours of Office Work

If you are still wondering how long is 3 business days, then, 3 business days is the 24 hours of office or other work which is completed in a span of any 3 calendar days among the five consecutive days of the week i.e; any 3 days from Monday to Friday.

How it becomes 24 hours is still more simple. If one works eight hours in a business day, then within 3 business days, one is required to work 24 hours.

3 (days) * 8 (hours) = 24 (hours)

Then again, this is a general trend working pattern that usually exists in almost all the businesses and, companies operating in the country. But, there can be variations depending on the business or industry, and work schedule.

6. What Does 3 Business Days Mean for Shipping?

how long is 3 business days in shipping
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The business days and hours are almost the same for the shipping companies as for other sectors. However, there is a little difference which often creates much confusion.

Generally, in the shipping industry, 3 business days means three days of working which can be any three days from Monday to Friday, and often does not include the day on which the order has been made.

If you’ve ordered something with the company/business having told you to deliver your product or service within 3 business days, and that is disconcerting to you, read on to find out what 3 business days mean in shipping and when you can expect the delivery of your package.

7. Prospective Days of Delivery/Shipping for a Given Weekday

  • If you have ordered a package on MONDAY and it says the delivery is to be made on the 3rd business day, you can expect the delivery on THURSDAY (We do not consider Monday).
  • This follows the same pattern for an order made on TUESDAY which will have the shipping of your package done on FRIDAY.
  • But in case, you made an order on WEDNESDAY, the delivery will be made on MONDAY. Now, this is still 3 business days (Thursday, Friday, and Monday) but the delivery was extended to 5 days because two non-business days (Saturday and Sunday) fell in between.
  • Similarly, an order made on THURSDAY and, FRIDAY will deliver on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY respectively, provided there are no holidays in between.
  • For Saturday and Sunday, the case becomes somewhat more complicated. As has been mentioned earlier, Monday to Friday are the business days, and Saturday and Sunday (plus the holidays) are non-business days.
  • In case you ordered something on SATURDAY, you should expect the shipping to be made the following week on THURSDAY. This is because we consider the order is noted to have been counted from the next business day following Saturday which is Monday.
  • Similarly, for an order made on SUNDAY, expect the delivery of your package or service on THURSDAY.

In all these cases mentioned above, a holiday has not been considered except for one. If there is a holiday, you just have to skip one more day.

Now, that is simple, no? Well, it will be simple after you have read and understood the next part.

8. Special Cases of Holidays

The delivery will be extended for a day or two more (depending upon the number of holidays) in case a holiday fell in between the business days.

Let us not deviate any further and take an example similar to the above case of an order being made on WEDNESDAY, and adding a holiday to it.

For instance, let us say, on the coming Friday of the week is Good Friday which is a publicly recognized holiday.

how long is 3 business days if a holiday falls
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In this case, you’ll have to wait 5 days (excluding Wednesday and Tuesday) and, the delivery of your package will be made the following week on TUESDAY or afterward. Here, the three business days will be Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday.

This same work pattern is followed in other businesses, industries, and platforms.

So, if you have been asked that you will receive your appointment letter, email, or any other such things in a span of 1, 2, or 3 business days, then start counting the next 1, 2, or 3 consecutive days from when the information has been provided to you.

For instance, suppose you received an email on MONDAY to receive an experience letter within two business days, then most probably it will be sent to you on WEDNESDAY.

Summing Up: How Long is 3 Business Days 

To sum up, 3 business days simply mean three working days from Monday to Friday. Business days neither include any publicly or government-recognized holidays nor the weekends i.e; Saturday and Sunday.

To count 3 business days, start counting the number of consecutive business/working days. The same procedure is followed while counting any number of business days, say, 1,2, 4, or 5.

For instance, one business day would mean the shipping, mail, or any other work will be completed on Tuesday if the order or information of execution of any task has been made on Monday.

Reading, information, and knowledge is something that is never enough. So if you are wishing to read more, click here😉

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