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How is Maths Used in Our Daily Lives?

A lot of people will be scared to see the term ‘Maths’ over the heading. Yeah, I sucked up at maths too when I was in school, and I kinda hated this subject (pretty much!) But before skipping this article just because the presence of ‘Maths’ over there, can we share a little thought? It won’t be long, I promise!

Even though you are suffering from maths anxiety, do you even realise how much maths you have done in your life till now? No? Well, it is present everywhere. Doesn’t matter how many math classes we have bunked in our school life, maths has never bunked us. He is the kind of loyal ‘Guy’, who stands up beside us every day, silently. Do you want a list? This is going to be a long list. Let’s take a look.

For the sake of Household-

Starting from the base, let’s start from the household. Home is the place where the heart is, and obviously where math is! Plus, minus, division, multiplication – No, these don’t complicate our lives, rather it makes it easy! Whether you are planning an outing or birthday party, mathematics is the uninvited guests everywhere. How? Okay, let’s feel his presence!

•    Kitchen– Food! Kitchen means food and vice versa. But do we know how they are cooked? The recipes? How does mom mix ½ spoon oil with two full spoon of sugar? All these don’t need exact mathematical calculations, though. Still, it is here. And apparently, the price of every ingredient, maths are involved everywhere. We can say, numbers are getting cooked, instead of food!

•    Grocery– Grocery is interrelated with kitchen and food. From vegetables to chocolate sauce, everything comes with a price and price is itself mathematics. You have to add up the price of every ingredient and pay the exact amount. Otherwise, you will be fooled every time you will go for shopping.

•    Bathroom– ‘After applying shampoo, waits for 5 minutes and rinses it with water’. We all have read such instruction like zillion times in our life. Obviously, it isn’t a rocket science, but numbers + calculations = Mathematics.  A distinctive advertising might state that ‘80% of people prefer our soap’ – What’s the meaning of this statement? In what way did they prefer it? What about those who didn’t like it? Without proper information like how many people were surveyed and what they were asked, this claim doesn’t have any value. In statistics, questions are important just like the answers. Also, you can get a 250 ml bottle of shampoo at 15rs and 500 ml at 30. But which is better and which one should I buy? Maths indeed!

•    Cleaning– ‘Add two full spoon surf excel for perfect cleaning of your clothes. Or add proper powders in respect of your clothes’. Without numbers and mathematics, all these don’t have a value.

Business and office purpose-

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Mathematics always holds a particular position in case of business and office use. Basic math knowledge is necessary for this. 

•    Accounting and Finance– In the event of accounting and finance, just only basic mathematics is not enough, one should get a speedy disposal of that. Here, maths isn’t silent at all! He is everywhere with a roar. From calculating profits to analysis finance related things and determining to price, mathematics is needed.

•    Tax– Tax is another significant aspect of business. There are lots of tax laws, which clearly define how much tax or money you have to pay to the Government. Without calculations, one may end up giving the wrong amount! Tax is where the calculations are.


Yes, nature is indeed beautiful, but all wonderful things have complications. You may not realise, but nature goes with a particular pattern (read maths). Nature was following the trail of mathematics, numbers and patterns when there were no maths! Different shapes of flowers, the patterns of petals, patterns of leaves in a tree everything involves mathematics. 1, 1,2,3,5,8,13… This is a Fibonacci sequence, which can be found in nature such as in pineapples, sunflower, pine cones, etc. Even the soothing symmetrical patterns of nature are also a sign of maths.


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Leisure time isn’t entirely free of anything. Though you have free time or taking rests or whatever, time is ticking, and that is one hell of mathematics. Time is a flow, which is how we see it. But no, time isn’t as simple as that. It includes relativity theory, Einstein things you know! Apart from that, you have to calculate time, to know at least how much free time is left! In our leisure time, we either read books, or we do some internet things. Whether you read books or chat with your friend, numbers are there to bother you up every time. In recent technologies, you need to be aware of the data packs, recharge packs, etc. From talking to faxing and to surfing the internet, you can’t ignore it.


Sports is all fun, but it has some critical applications of mathematics. Every player has to know about the relevant statistics of their game, whether be it their game strategy or the batting average. Cricket players apply maths in averaging batting runs to pitchers.  Football players and fans know about yardage gains and passing stats or the game strategy position. Every individual player has their kind of calculations, from time to mileage, it can be anything. 

Well, we can sum up maths as a pattern and common sense. Without which we will be blind in the spite of having eyes! 

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