how good are sonos outdoor speakers how good are sonos outdoor speakers

How Good are Sonos Outdoor Speakers: 11 Essential Determining Factors

Curious about how good are Sonos Outdoor Speakers? Well, we have put together a guide to help you determine how good they really are and if they are worth your money!

Sonos Outdoor speakers are designed in a certain way to withstand every kind of unfavorable weather condition. You can listen to music, even when chilling outside your home or backyard. The Sonos outdoor speaker’s sound quality is way better, as the bass does not grumble down the singing voices.

You may connect your device with these speakers to make your backyard work more fun and exciting.

The Sonos Outdoor Speaker is undoubtedly among the best outdoor speakers. There’s a lot that you can do with the speaker. You can add Sonos outdoor speakers to your bucket list; if you are a sports lover, you can stream your favorite sports while relaxing outside your home and not just stay glued to the T.V. screen. 

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How Good are Sonos Outdoor Speakers?

Here are some features that will help you determine how good are Sonos Outdoor Speakers:

1. Weatherproof

Let’s discuss the specifications that come under the term ‘weatherproof.’ Weatherproof speakers are structured to withstand the elements of nature. This includes humidity, dust ingress, sun, few sprinkles of rain or water that are fantastic particles to resist. Water-resistant speakers can tolerate a few water particles.

Weatherproof Sonos outdoor speakers can handle minute particles of mother nature, yet keeping them safe and not exposing them intentionally is advisable. Weatherproof Sonos outdoor speakers are not supposed to be drowned in the water. This can be done with waterproof speakers.

Other features that should be considered to have a great audio quality speaker are Salt spray heat, U.V. temperature, etc.

  • Salt spray– This test checks a material’s corrosion resistance. If any product qualifies for that, it can resist the salt particles in the atmosphere.
  • Heat– Heat can damage the speakers and severely affect the Audio. It is cautious about putting it away from direct heat.
  • U.V. rays– It determines how a material reacts to excess exposure to the U.V. rays. It is important to note that when the material is subject to the rays for a very long time, it may cause significant changes in its properties and sound quality.
  • Freezing temperatures– temperature affects the sound of the speaker a lot. The winter air is denser than the air in the warm season. That’s why denser air is a good propagation medium and carries the sound to a very long distance.

2. Bass

Bass and outdoor speakers it’s a must-have combination. Especially when you have outdoor use, this is responsible for the superior sound. You need to play Music with rich sound for a mindful listening experience. Sonos outdoor speakers come with the best Sub-Woofers.

Now the question is, how are a Woofer and a Sub-Woofer different? So, simply answering the question, the sub-woofer offers a somewhat rich mid-bass frequency on which sub-woofers work below 30 Hz, and woofers mostly work on a higher frequency and give you full sound and crisp dialogue.

The size of the diaphragm may vary from woofer to sub-woofer. If you go for the smallest of those, the subwoofer’s size will be 12 inches, and the woofer will consist of 8 inches.

You can also adjust the bass of the speakers through the app. That will be more convenient as you don’t have to leave your guests to change these settings.

3. Sound Quality

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  1. Sonos outdoor speakers are engineered to provide good sound quality. 
  2. It has a clear and crisp sound. A large spread and immersive audio give a great sound output. 
  3. The full sound of the Sonos speaker is rich enough and is quite pleasant at mid-range. 
  4. Sonos outdoor speakers provide a well-balanced bass or woofer but are not dynamic sound producers.
  5. One of the best features that Sonos outdoor speakers support is an in-built amplifier or Amp. The amplifier changes the form from one variant to another.

Some of the Sonos outdoor speakers that bring forth the best sound quality are-:

  • Sonos Move.
  • Sonos Roam.

4. Connectivity

  • Same as the other electronic devices in our home like smartphones, tablets, mobile, computers, etc. Sonos outdoor speaker connects in the same way.
  • It supports Alexa and Google Assistant. It is important to note that Bluetooth speakers also give a better sound experience.
  • Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network on which Sonos is.
  • After connecting, you will see a pop-up message on the screen saying, “Found a Sonos on the network.”
  • Go with the prompt and connect your Sonos speaker. 
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5. Battery Life

Battery life in outdoor speakers matters a lot, especially in small speakers. Every variant of Sonos Outdoor Speaker comes with individual specifications, and we will see the battery life of some of the Sonos Outdoor speakers:-

  • Sonos Roam- Sonos Roam claimed that the battery life lasts up to 10 hours in sleep mode but lasts up to 9 hours at normal volume music and automatically goes to sleep when the Music is not playing. In addition, Sonos Roam can be charged with a certified charger. The charger must be certified with Qi Certification. It provides a charging stand also.
  • Sonos Move- This speaker is portable. Operated through the Sonos App, you can check battery levels on your Sonos App. The speaker will show a light for full battery and low battery levels. The speaker comes with a charging stand too. Be careful to use the stand after cleaning it properly. The presence of debris affects its performance. Sonos Move requires a charger of 36 watts.
  • Sonos Five- Sonos Five is a bass booster speaker especially used for EDM. It is a battery-powered speaker.

6. Additional features

  • Warranty: 2 years speakers.
  • Sonos provides mounting brackets and grills too.
  • Sonos outdoor speaker is based on the mariner series of the Sonance speaker.
Photo by Sonance

7. Power requirement for the Wireless Speakers

  • Best outdoor speakers require power consumption of approx.
  • 130 watts. 8-ohm maximum impedance power is required for better sound. 

8. Cost

  • Sonos outdoor speakers are a little bit expensive.
  • The cost also depends upon the material used in the manufacturing.
  • The build of these speakers is compact and modern. The base range of these speakers starts from USD 313.85 and rises to USD 1,255.27.

9. Input Type of Sonos Outdoor Speakers

You can easily configure Sonos outdoor speakers in wireless and wired settings. This is one of the factors that makes Sonos the best outdoor speaker. When the setup of speakers is wireless, you can directly connect with your router’s Wi-Fi.

In the heading mentioned above, we discussed the setting in a wireless environment, like Bluetooth speakers, via a mobile device on Wi-Fi. 

Making a supportive wired connection with Sonos products and router is essential. This setup will be fixed in one place.

Please use an ethernet cable to have a better connection, especially when your Wi-Fi is unreliable or not strong enough to meet the standards of Sonos Outdoor listening. Ethernet stabilizes and provides a strong wireless setting specifically for your Sonos System.

Now the question comes when to use which setup? So, if you have an excellent and strong network at your home, you can opt for the wireless Sonos speaker or a wired speaker for uninterrupted Music listening.

10. Design and Style

  • Speaker grills and wiring terminal covers are oval and used to cover the speaker wire near the end of the speaker wire.
  • These covers of Sonos Outdoor Speakers are replaceable.
  • The compact design of the speakers is compelling and available in various colors.
  • It is a multi-purpose speaker.
  • It can be used anywhere with other speakers of the same brand or as a soundbar to enjoy multi-room listening.

11. Sonos App

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  • This app for Sonos Outdoor Speakers has many features, like browsing the Music and listening to the radio, podcasts, and audiobooks.
  • These bass-boosted speakers work on Wi-Fi too.
  • The app is useful in operating your connected speakers, like adjusting volume, checking battery status, and setting customized alarms.
  • The app is available for Google Play, Apple store, and windows. Within the House, you can manage the speakers.

Best Sonos Outdoor speakers

The best Sonos outdoor speakers for your free-flowing Music and high-quality sound are as follows:

  • Sonos Five: This device does not come with a voice-enabling feature. It is a powerful speaker suitable for hip-hop, heavy bass music, or EDM. You can control treble and bass via its mobile app.
  • Sonos Roam: It is lightweight with a rating of IP67 for its resistance to water and dust. That means it is fit for outdoor use or backyard parties.
  • Sonos Move: It is a Bluetooth device. It is fully safe and sounds outdoors without the tension of getting damaged by dust and water droplets. It gives a balanced sound because of its room correction feature.
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The Listening Experience of Sonos Outdoor Speakers

  • These speakers are precisely engineered to collaborate with Sonos Amp for crisp, detailed sound. This setup nicely hones the Audio quality of your Audio streaming.
  • But when it comes to outdoor listening, things become difficult.
  • Listening outdoors is tedious because, inside the house, many objects and walls easily reflect the sound. There is nothing to reflect off of outdoors, but these speakers are up to the mark and are worthy of buying again.

Passive Speakers’ Sound Quality

  • When discussing music devices, it is important to understand passive speakers‘ audio quality, Music, and bass.
  • Sound and bass are no different, but active speakers use their built-in electronics.
  • In contrast, passive speakers use external mediums like the Amp, crossovers, etc., to produce Music with better sound quality.

For House

  • Outdoor speaker for home refers to backyard and lawn party speakers for a balanced sound that can withstand the elements of the atmosphere.
  • Go into wall speakers installation and listen without the headache of installing repeatedly.
  • Opt for Sonos Outdoor Speaker Pair for the next house party. This will provide incredible sound.
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Outdoor Speaker for Backyard Party

  • Sonos Outdoor Speakers come with pre-decided sets for better-balanced sound with bass.
  • Sets of Sonos outdoor speakers are known for good bass and treble sound Music.
  • Now, you can make your own sets for multi-room listening and a home theatre with surround sound.

Disadvantages of Sonos Outdoor speakers

There are some disadvantages of Sonos Outdoor Speakers that we would like to discuss:

  • Generally, the speakers are weatherproof but not water-resistant.
  • Outside covers a large area, including honking cars, traffic noise, or neighbors barking dogs.
  • Some speakers come with an app, and some do not; sometimes, this creates a problem.
  • When you try to fix the speaker permanently, you may have to dig trenches in the backyard. That does not sound exciting. The fixing process can be difficult.
  • It is hard to remove the speaker grills.

Sonos Products

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  • Sonos systems or high-end devices have established a well-renowned brand name in the market. They are known for their appealing speakers that deliver a consistent audio experience.
  • Every Sonos speaker is different, but they all are elegant.
  • You can mix speakers to have an authentic audio flow.
  • It also displays a variety of portable speakers.

1. Sonos Architectural Outdoor Speakers

What are Architectural Speakers? They are quite different from regular box-shaped speakers. So, Architectural speakers are designed or configured in a certain way so that they can be fitted on the wall or especially on the ceiling of the House. This may trigger some questions related to the durability and sound of these speakers.

Sonos architectural speakers may be installed in your home in-ceiling, in-wall, or as outdoor speakers that are nearly invisible and built to be powered by Amp. 

  • The audio frequency of architectural speakers is 44-20,000 Hz, and the Impedance is 8 ohms.
  • The power rating of this extremely awesome speaker is around 130 watts. 
  • Weight is 2-2.5 kg, and a Speaker wire is also available. 
  • Using a single Sonos Amp, you can drive up to 3 speakers. 
  • If you like acoustic sound, you can use in-wall speakers that may be acoustically matched. 
  • You may also use such speakers on the ceiling and outside, as per your preference. Ceiling speakers always produce good sound and are preferable. 
Why Opt for Sonos Architectural Outdoor Speakers?
  • Sonos outdoor speakers have outstanding tonal balance, bass, and clean performance for a speaker of this size.
  • It is easy to mount them in your backyard, party lawn, etc.
  • Sonos architectural speakers are specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Other speakers of Sonos can also be used for outdoor purposes but not for a prolonged period.

2. Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless Speakers

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Sonos Roam is one of the best and smallest Bluetooth speakers. Though it is a wireless Bluetooth device, it provides a balanced sound. Sonos Outdoor Speakers are Portable and easy Bluetooth speakers.

A smart speaker can easily be enabled voice like Google Assistant and other voice assistants. This speaker would be sufficient to play in the background in your House or outside in your backyard.

Original Packaging of Sonos Outdoor Speakers and Installation

Sonos Outdoor speakers come in a litho-laminated box, a highly graphically designed box, and then nicely laminated. Further, the box contains:

  • A step-by-step guide.
  • Detailed instructions for careful use.
  • Important part information.
  • Regulatory information.
  • The shiny black speaker is wrapped in a semi-woven material to protect it from dust and debris.
  • Two finder grabber paper molds support the speaker in the box.
  • A power cord.

All the packaging material is recyclable.

Let’s see what is inside the box-:

  • Sonos Speaker.
  • Sonos Speaker grills.
  • Fast mount bracket.
  • Wiring terminal covers.
  • Sonos Amp.
  • Optical Adapter.
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Outdoor Speakers Wire

  • For outdoor listening, opt 16 gauge wire that can run up to 80 feet.
  • If the Speakers are more than 80 feet, look at 14 gauge. 14 gauge wire can run up to 80 feet to 200 feet distance.
  • It is important to note that if the connection of the Sonos devices is farther than 200 feet, the connection has been taken from inside the House, and the speaker is in the backyard.
  • The outdoor speaker wire connects the speaker wire to the Amp and other speaker sets. In this situation, opt for the gauge wire of 12. That would be sufficient.

Fastmount Brackets

Sonos outdoor speakers are easy to mount on walls, which will help you to maximize your floor space.

Sonos provides a variety of mount brackets for the Speakers. For example-

  • Sonos one wall mount.
  • Sonos one wall mount (pair).
  • Sonos move the wall hook.
  • Sonos Indoor/Outdoor mount.
  • Sonos arc wall mount.
  • Extendable TV Mount for Sonos Arc.
  • Sonos Extendable Wall Mount for Sonos Arc.
  • Sonos Beam Wall Mount.
  • Flexon Adjustable Wall for Sonos Beam.
  • TV Mount for Sonos Beam.
  • Sonos Ray Wall Mount.
  • Wall Mount for Sonos Amp.


Sonos outdoor speakers are luxurious speakers and are considered the best outdoor speakers. Sonos speaker is powered by an amp.

The battery life of the Sonos Outdoor Speaker is quite decent and, once charged, can continue to play for 8-9 hours with no interruption to listening. Bluetooth-connected device’s battery levels can be checked from the Sonos App.

In addition to the information mentioned earlier, Sonos outdoor speakers are available in wireless and wired architectural forms. Their power consumption is optimum. This makes them the Best outdoor speakers and have unmatchable audio quality.

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