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High School in Maryland: 10 Best High Schools

Maryland has a unique, rich history that comprises multiple cultures. It has a broad options available from an educational perspective. The high schools in Maryland all are well-maintained with good scholastic options. If you are looking for a school for your kid, then your search ends here.

1. Top 10 Best High Schools in Maryland 

Around 1,423 public schools are serving 883,137 students. The percentage of students achieving maths proficiency is 19% while reading is around 36%. The education here gives variety and great experiences. Let us find the best high schools in Maryland per new rankings. 

1.1. River Hill High School                                                   

River Hill High School is among the best public high schools that serves 1,470 students of grades 9-12. 88% of students are math pros, but in reading, it’s even higher at 92%. Furthermore, the school also creates a community of learners who are critical thinkers and honourable citizens in the complex world.

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1.2. Thomas S. Wootton High School 

Thomas Wotton High School is ranked second in Maryland. Besides it provides coursework with good placement. Moreover, the percentage of proficiency in math is 88% whereas in Language is 92%.

The high school undoubtedly offers a healthy and safe environment for students with the teachings of science. Along the edge, you will find another high school nearby – Rock Terrace School just 1.8 miles away.

1.3. Glenelg High School 

Glenelg High School is one of the best public high schools in Glenelg Maryland, United States. About 1,263 students go to high school for grades 9-12. The ratio of students to teachers exceeds the Maryland state level of 14:1, currently standing at 17:1.

The percentage of proficiency achieved in maths is 87% while the proficiency in reading/ language arts is 93%. Furthermore, in comparison to the state average, Glenelg High School’s diversity score of 0.47 is slightly lower. 

1.4. Walt Whitman High School

In Bethesda, MD, Walt Whitman High School holds the esteemed distinction of being the finest public education institution. The high school creates a community while preserving the dignity of all people.

On the other hand, it ensures that every student learns in a safe, supportive, and co-constructed environment. The aim is to cultivate the intellectual and social growth of the learner.

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The percentage of students who have attained proficiency in mathematics and reading is approximately 91%. However, the minority enrollment is 35% which is less. Notwithstanding, the proportion of students to instructors, which is 18:1, exceeds that of the state of Maryland. 

1.5. Centennial High School

The school is situated in Howard County and is a component of the Howard County Public School System. The high school in total has 1,467 students, and the enrollment starts from grades 9-12. Whereas 88% of students achieved proficiency in mathematics, 90% achieved it in reading. 

The Centennial High School community Cultivates exceptional skills and fosters a strong sense of confidence in its students. In addition to it, the High school values diversity and collaborates to create an inclusive culture. Their aim is to give out world-class education. 

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1.6. Severna Park High School

Severna Park High School is one of the best education organizations with amazing academic curriculums. It educates 1,880 students in grades 9-12. The proficiency in math is 85% whereas that of reading is 93%. The ratio of students to teachers, 19:1, surpasses the Maryland state level of 14:1. 

1.7. Health Science Academy at Prince George’s Community College

The Health Science Academy in total holds 534 students, serving from grades 9-12. The college offers health science programs. Prior to this, they stimulate students to have good critical thinking. The program includes Nursing, Emergency Medicine with Radiography, Health Nutrition, and so on.

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The students achieving proficiency in math is 80-84% whereas the reading proficiency is around 95%. Whereas the student and teacher ratio of 22:1 remains higher.

1.8. Urbana High School

Urban High School is one of the good public schools in Ijamsville, Maryland. It takes admission from grades 9-12, as a member of the Frederick County public school system. The school holds an Honors Program, an Advanced Placement program along with IBDP

The students’ proficiency in math is 85% whereas that of reading is 90%. The minority enrollment is 45% of the student body holding student and teacher ratio of 21:1.

1.9. Harford Technical High School

It serves 993 students in grades 9-12. Undoubtedly, the school focuses on providing vocational and technical education.

Following this, the school focuses on construction, manufacturing, automobiles, computer-aided design technical drawing, and so on. The student’s proficiency in maths is 81% while that of language/ reading is 92%. Furthermore, the student-teacher ratio of 16:1 exceeds that of the state of Maryland, which is 14:1. 

1.10. Poolesville High School 

Poolesville High School is another public high school in Maryland. It serves 1,236 students in grades 9-12. The students achieving proficiency in math is 86% and students achieving proficiency in reading is 89%. Moreover, the student ratio 19:1 is much better than the Maryland state. 


Maryland has a special place in the history of the United States because it holds lots of historical sites. Furthermore, the area is a melting pot where you get diverse communities. Moreover, it has multiple internship and career opportunities. You can have the best public school, a good percentage of bachelor’s holders, and the highest STEM professionals. 

These qualities open up opportunities for people in science and technology. Therefore, they obtain more prospects that generate lucrative income. Even minorities and women can have massive opportunities to fresh start with their careers. 

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