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Guide to Shopping Malls in Los Angeles: 10 Amazing Places

The United States of America is the dream location for most of us. From Washington DC to Los Angeles, US cities certainly are on the top of the wish list. There are several things US cities are known for. These include museums, monuments, regional parks, gardens, and more. But, if shopping is your fantasy, malls in Los Angeles certainly are indeed a must-visit.

In this article, we have covered the top ten Los Angeles malls that should be a part of your Los Angeles visit. Read the full article to know why visiting the malls is among the most exciting things to do in Los Angeles.

1. A Brief Description of Malls in Los Angeles

Malls in Los Angeles
Image by Steven Yu on Pixabay

Malls in Los Angeles, CA, are indeed the highlight of any Los Angeles visit. For the crazy shoppers, they should indeed be a part of their travel itinerary. From local products to imported ones, malls have a range of them. 

Shopping Malls in Los Angeles are a part of the Los Angeles culture. Nevertheless, they are known for their design, comfort, and convenience. Visitors in thousands, certainly- clarify their popularity.

Whether you plan to shop miserly or open-heartedly, you certainly should not miss visiting them.

2. Top Ten Amazing Places to Visit

Let’s have a look at the famous shopping malls in Los Angeles.

2.1 The Grove

The Grove: Malls in Los Angeles
Image Source: The Grove

You will certainly find the mention of Grove DR in the list of top shopping malls in Los Angeles.

The malls allow you to shop, eat, and enjoy concerts and events- in the warm California sunshine. 

Highlights of the open-air mall include Madewell, Nordstrom, Michael Kors, and more. Apart from this, there are options from GAP and Sandro, too. 

There is indeed much to do for kids and non-shoppers as well. 

If you feel hungry after heavy shopping, you can also enjoy a delicious meal at tasty restaurants in Grove. You can have plenty of options as per your choice, from cheesecakes to pizzas and burgers. 

It certainly is one of the best places in Los Angeles to shop.

2.1.1 Spotlight of the Grove

  • Light Show 
  • Water Show
  • Dancing Fountain 
  • Cheesecake Factory 
  • Original Farmers Market

2.2 South Coast Plaza

It is one of the largest shopping malls in Los Angeles. There is a whopping number of shops, eateries, and vendors. Even an entire day certainly is less to explore the mall! 

Shoppers can choose between a wide variety of brands- from local ones to international ones. 

The vantage point of the mall is indeed the fashion stores and brands. To clarify- this mall houses some of the top fashion brands. To name some famous brands, the mall houses- Gucci, Webster, Cartier and Harry Winston, Louis Vuitton, and more. 

Whether you are a fashionista or not, you will assuredly find something. On the other hand, I am pretty sure you will have lots of shopping bags in the end. As most of the visitors of the mall have!!

Finally, talking about the eateries at the mall, you can have exotic dishes and drinks at the eateries- the mall houses. You can also choose between local cuisine or international cuisine. 

2.2.1 Spotlight of the South Coast Plaza

  • The Hall Global Eatery
  • VIP Access Suite
  • Italian and Classic Steakhouses
  • Ortica’s Bar
  • Jewelers and Fashion Brands

2.3 Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place: Malls in Los Angeles
Image Source: Santa Monica Place

Santa Monica Place is among the most famous Los Angeles Malls. The vibrant building of the mall has three floors. In short words, it is a one-stop solution for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry in the 1900s, the mall is well known for its shopping experience and aura. 

There are high-end brands, ranging from clothing to lifestyle. Some of them are Apple, Nike, Zara, Rolex, Nordstrom, and more.

If you are a serious movie theater fan, certainly visit the ArcLight movie theatre. The best part is movie screenings are organized regularly at the outdoor mall. Undoubtedly, they have huge crowds.

For the new visitors, there are exciting offers and incentives. To clarify- combined packages at discounted rates for shopping and dining.

Nevertheless, when tired after a hectic shopping, certainly try out the in-house restaurants. There are many options to calm your platter, from the Sonoma Wine Garden to the Curious Platter. You certainly should try out these restaurants to complete your visit.

2.3.1 Spotlight of the Santa Monica Place

  • High-end Brands
  • The Curious Palate
  • Pinches Tacos
  • ArcLight Movie Theatre
  • Pedestrian Walkways 

2.4 The Bloc

The Bloc: Malls in Los Angeles
Image Source: The Bloc

An open-air shopping center, it is home to local vendors- thoughtfully curated local boutiques, departmental stores, jewelers, and more.

The vibe of the mall is lively and energetic. Thanks to the hundreds of visitors of the mall, who shop every day.

Apart from this, the mall is also the venue for events and shows that take place- around the year. These include- cultural shows, art exhibitions, musical events, concerts, etc. It is advisable to keep track of the upcoming events to attend. They are certainly the highlight of The Bloc’s visit.

Talking about the dining options, the mall is home to some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of drink, as per your preference, combined with local or international cuisines. They range from cheesecakes from the cheesecake factory to fruity yogurt and kebabs. Try out these to add fun to your visit.  

It is located- in downtown Los Angeles.

2.4.1 Spotlight of the Bloc

  • Cultural Landscape
  • Premier Retailers
  • Exhibitions and Events
  • Dining Options
  • Cinema

2.5 The Americana at Brand

Amaericana at Brand: Malls in Los Angeles
Image Source: Americana at Brand

This outdoor shopping center and mall in Los Angeles is one of the best shopping centers in the city. The Americana Mall is the place where visitors can expect an excellent shopping experience.  Located adjacent to the Grove, it is absolutely one of the finest places to visit in Los Angeles.

The shopping mall features a fabulous food court, a kids club, a movie theater, and more.

Apart from this, premium retailers certainly have the best shopping experience. Undoubtedly, practice retail therapy and enjoy! To name some- the Apple Store, Nike Store, Tumi Store, and more.

Ample parking space is there for visitors. So, you can have hours of shopping without pain in your neck.

The best part and high point of the mall is that you get a picture-perfect view of Los Angeles.

With year-round events happening around the year, it is a lively place always filled- with some hustle and bustle.

2.5.1 Spotlight of the Bloc

  • Awe-inspiring industrial architecture
  • Retail Shopping
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Year-round events( Special mention to Yoga Session on Lawn)
  • Museum, Park, and Theater nearby

2.6  The Beverly Center

Exploring Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California USA Walking Tour #beverlycenter #losangeles #la

A luxury shopping mall, the Beverly Center is among the best shopping malls in Los Angeles. There are high-end stores in-house, such as Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, GUCCI, Prada, Fendi, and more. 

The elegant design is what makes the mall an architectural masterpiece.

A food court in-house will certainly- fulfill all your palate desires. 

But- the point to note is – that the mall does not have any children’s play area or kids club. So, kids may not have an- enjoyable experience. Therefore, you may have to think twice before planning a chill-out with your children.

2.6.1 Spotlight of the Beverly Center

  • Top Luxury Stores and Fashion Brands
  • Celebrity Vault Gallery
  • Famous Eateries and Restaurants
  • Beautiful exteriors and interiors
  • Amazing events 

2.7  Del Amo Fashion Center

Del Amo Fashion Center: Malls in Los Angeles
Image Source: Del Amo Fashion Center

The mall certainly is one of the favorites of Los Angeles. With more than- two hundred specialty shops, you can fulfill- your shopping spree.  Whether you are looking for actual or window shopping- it is the right place for both. You can look forward to the best shopping experience. Also, as the name suggests, if you are a fashion lover- it is a perfect destination! 

Retail stores at Del Amo Fashion Center, to name a few- are Foot Locker, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Dave and Buster’s, etc. 

Dining options include a wide variety of Pink’s hot dogs and EMC Seafood. So, choose your comfort meal after heavy shopping as per your preference.

Finally, also experience the towering palm trees, soaring windows, and the lovely view from inside.

2.7.1 Spotlight of the Del Amo Fashion Center

  • Variety of Retail Stores ranging from Nike and Foot Locker to JC-Penny, Spade, Hugo, and Addidas, etc
  • Fantastic dining options such as Pink’s Hot Dogs and Luna Grill
  • A lovely view that the mall offers outside
  • The exclusive and all-in-one fashion destination
  • Children’s play area  

2.8 Westfield Century City

🚶‍♂️CENTURY CITY - Walking Tour of Century City Mall, West Los Angeles, USA - 4K

It is among the famous places to be in the century city of Los Angeles. Over time, it became Los Angeles’s unique representation across century cities around the globe. Furthermore, the mall’s central location adds to its advantage. 

Talking about the variety of retail stores, they range from- H&M, Kate Spade, Sketchers, Zara, Thomas Pink, and more. The best part is the fine dining options available, ranging from a rooftop bar to Italian Restaurants and cafes.

Apart from this, events and exhibitions are being lined up- the year long. You certainly should attend the ones for special days such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more.  

A general tip from my side is to explore the mall after strenuous shopping. There is much to discover at this shopping center. For example- a 15-screen AMC Multiplex, lovely fountains, and more. These are the places where you can chill out if you get tired. 

Parking is free for the first hour and charged thereafter. But you might be lucky to get free parking even after the first hour, as some stores and restaurants grant it.

2.8.1 Spotlight of the Westfield Century City

  • Global brands such as Zara, H&M, Macy’s and more
  • Top restaurants, bars, cafes, and steakhouses
  • Cozy and comfortable atmosphere
  • Beautiful urban-inspired architecture
  • Worth attending exhibitions and events

2.9  The Glendale Galleria

This mall is the right place if you are looking for a shopping spree and a quality experience.

You will find all the usual suspects- Apple Store, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Dave & Buster’s,  and more.

With more than two hundred retail stores in-house, it is the best place- if you want to choose from a wide variety. Whether you are searching for a party dress or a new pair of shoes- you will find all of it here.

I am sure- that whenever- fashion comes to your mind- Glendale Galleria will also come to your mind. 

Further,  the mall also houses- several spas and salons for those who want good relaxation after a hectic day. One of the exciting services the mall offers is- foreign currency exchange

Apart from this- the beautiful interiors and architecture certainly make it a memorable experience. Even if- you are not looking to buy something, you certainly can spend an entire afternoon- enjoying a meal at the restaurants or maybe- exploring the place.

Talking about the dining options, they range from some unique restaurants to worth-visiting cafes and bars. After a hectic shopping, you will certainly need to revive yourself by visiting either of the options- as per your preference. To say about the parking- valet parking is also available for those who require it.

2.9.1 Spotlight of the Glendale Galleria

  • Quality shopping experience
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Services such as foreign currency exchange and more
  • Several food options- pizza and smoothies to global cuisines 
  • Many spas and saloons

2.10 Street Promenade

Street Promenade: Malls in Los Angeles
Image Source: Street Promenade

Third Street Promenade is among the most recognized malls in Los Angeles. On top of that, it has become a well-known tourist destination. The mall is so large and vibrant that it will undoubtedly take a week to complete your visit.

What you can think- of when Street Promenade comes to your mind- Hundreds of retail stores, awe-inspiring construction, street performers, theaters, farmers market, and more.

Name of some high-end retailers at the mall- Rolex, Addidas, Tiffany & Co, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Talking about meal options, they range from- Pizzas and chips to sandwiches. So, after a tiring shopping, grab your favorite meal and relax.

Finally, events, exhibitions, and concerts held here certainly build a bear workshop, as are its vantage points. So, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of these!!

2.10.1 Spotlight of the Street Promenade

  • Top retail brands
  • Farmers’ market and street performers
  • Theaters 
  • Comedy Club
  • Unique Restaurants  

3. Some General Tips

3.1 Explore the Mall

Apart from completing your shopping, also- explore the malls. All the malls in Los Angeles are indeed worth exploring and discovering. 

3.2 Bag Check Policy

All the malls have a strict bag-checking policy. Therefore, carry the least minimum required.    

3.3 Ample Time

It is advisable to reserve at least a single day for each mall. Most of the malls certainly will require a day to explore them fully. The weekend is preferable- the best option- when there is ample time. In fact- most of the visitors- visit on the weekends.

3.4 Attend the Events

Attending the events organized at these malls will add to know-how about the Los Angeles culture. Musical shows, concerts, exhibitions, dance performances, etc.- are worth watching.  It certainly makes the visit meaningful and relevant.

3.5 Taking Kids Along?

While most of the malls have play areas and kids’ clubs, there are some places, like the Beverly Center, where you may indeed have to think twice before taking your kids along. Therefore, you should check- where the kids will have an enjoyable experience.      

4. Some Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 What is the most famous mall in LA?

The Grove and the Bloc are the most famous malls in the city. These malls have the highest number of footfall of visitors. On top of everything, they are a part of international tourism.

4.2 What mall should I go to in LA?

All the malls we have listed above are indeed worth visiting.

4.3 What mall do celebrities go to in LA?

Beverly Center and West Hollywood are among the malls that celebrities visit frequently.

4.4 What are the top 3 biggest malls in LA?

Glendale Galleria, Grove, and Westfield Century City are the largest malls in downtown LA.

5. Conclusion

In summary, shopping centers in Los Angeles are certainly the acme of Los Angeles’ visit. To add on- they indeed depict architectural proficiency. Further, they are a one-stop solution for shopping, fun, and entertainment.  

There are indeed many malls in Los Angeles, but the ones mentioned above certainly deserve a visit. You should certainly include them in your travel list. Also, in the comment section, tell us about any other malls you liked.  Check out our other articles on Los Angeles’ visit to plan a perfect trip to the city.

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