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A Guide to 17 Best Kansas City Breweries

Do you love to drink? And most importantly, are you a beer lover? Then we found some of the best Kansas city breweries, and each of these breweries has unique beer styles to offer you.

This twin city in the Midwest, straddling the Kansas-Missouri border, is located at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri rivers, stretching along both rivers’ steep banks, known as the Bluffs.

It is sometimes called the Barbecue Capital because of its world-famous steaks and barbecue.

Local breweries have transformed Kansas City, which is known for barbecue, jazz, and fountains, into one of the country’s fastest-growing craft beer destinations. Before you go, please get to know each of them.

Kansas-style BBQ contributes to the state’s rich culture and heritage. It’s known for its smokey flavour, which comes from spice-rubbed, slow-cooked meat with charred ends.

Here are the top ten Kansas City breweries to keep an eye out for:

Kansas City Breweries – Top 17 to Get Beer from!

1. Boulevard Brewing Co

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One of the popular Kansas city breweries is Boulevard Brewing Co.

Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City’s crown jewel, is more than just a brewery; it’s a big part of the city’s identity. The brewery is currently one of the largest craft brewers in the Midwest, with a capacity of approximately 600,000 barrels and exports to practically every state.

Start with Space Camper Cosmic IPA, Hazy American Classic, and award-winning Tank 7, and then trust your instincts as you venture into deeper seas. The brewery tour is free and a fantastic experience. You must consume a drink within these gates to get credit for visiting Kansas City.

Barbeque and beer go hand in hand, and you can pair them with Danny Edwards BLVD BBQ.

Danny “Lil Jake” Edwards is a barbeque legend from Kansas City. In 1980, he started his 18-seat establishment on Grand Boulevard, inspired by his father, who had run a barbecue restaurant for more than 40 years.

He used his family’s recipes and the harsh tagline “Eat it, and beat it”. Order the Big D sandwich, which consists of burned ends on rye bread with Swiss cheese and a pair of onion rings on top. 

Boulevard brewing has an extensive menu of beer selections such as Barrel-Aged Ale, Irish Ale, American Saison Ale, Pale Ale, and Belgian-inspired beers.

2. Brewery Emperial

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By Adam Wilson from Unsplash, 2022 copyright

One of the popular Kansas City Breweries is Brewery Emperial.

In 2016, Keith Thompson founded Brewery Emperial. Keith and his staff serve a variety of beers from across the world, including bitters and saisons.

This Crossroads institution offers carefully produced beers with a focus on classic types. A variety of American and European beers, including bitters and Saisons, are available. A visit here is well worth it, with reasonably priced selections, a vast outside space, and various multi-course meals.

On any given day, the imperial burger is a surefire hit! Any item on the menu is built around farm-fresh seasonal ingredients. Inquire about the daily dishes served hotly directly next to the chef’s kitchen.

It’s a fun and comfortable location to hang out with friends and family. It features one of the most fabulous outdoor beer gardens in the area, which also has a fire pit. You can also listen to live music from the crossroads while you’re out there.

Some of the Brewery Emperial’s most popular beers are Biscuit, Pilsner, Emperial IPA, and Kolsch.

3. Alma Mader Brewing Co

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One of the popular Kansas city breweries is Alma Mader Brewing Co. This Southwest Boulevard brewery specializes in hop-forward lagers and ales, and it balances heritage, creativity, and approachability.

This brewery, which opened in 2019, provides a variety of artisan beers and some classics. The brewers here aim to stay true to some classic flavours while adding their own twist to the taste combinations.

You can order 4-packs to go or meet the cheerful staff inside. 

Although this brewery is modest, it is well-known for its consistently high-quality brews. The fact that this thriving microbrewery is located in the beer mecca of Boulevard speaks something about their quality.

IPAs, pilsners, ales, Kolsch, porters, and stouts are among the many beers available. Additionally, they are pet-friendly! The internal environment is bright and inviting, promising a fantastic experience.

4. Stockyards Brewing Co 

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One of the popular Kansas City breweries is Stockyards Brewing Co.

Stockyards Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery and taproom that focuses on quality and community. The original bar, woodwork, and vintage ambience will welcome you in. On Sundays, you can watch sports or listen to live bluegrass music.

This is a recent addition to the neighbourhood located in the Stockyards District.

Stockyards Brewing specializes in pilsners, IPAs, and ales, but they’re never bound by what they’ve done before. Its beers go well with the live bluegrass music frequently performed at the brewery.

5. KC Bier

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By Pavel Danilyuk from pexels, 2022 copyright

One of the popular Kansas city breweries is KC Bier. They’re one of the most well-known brewers in Kansas City.

It’s well-known throughout the city for its outstanding flavour and the wide range of beers it produces. They drew on a variety of brewing techniques from around the world. This allows the broadest range of brews to be served under one roof.

Dunkel, Hefeweizen, Helles Lager, Pure Pils, farmhouse ales, and Mandarina IPL are some of the brews available throughout the year. You can also find barrel-aged brews here; Amber Doppelbock Lager Aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Bier Co only brews authentic German-style beers using malt and hops imported straight from Germany.

The beer is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and spontaneously carbonated to maintain freshness. Pair your choice with some sauerkraut on a hotdog or a massive pretzel from the similarly authentic German culinary menu.

You can pair it with BB Lawnside BBQ and enjoy a pulled pork sandwich, rib tip platter, or a big slab of pork ribs while listening to live blues.

6. Crane Brewing

One of the popular Kansas City breweries is Crane Brewing. Crane Brewing is based in Raytown, a Kansas City suburb. Tea Weiss, magenta-coloured Beet Weiss, and Grapefruit Gose, as well as farmhouse ales, are the brewery’s most well-known products.

As a starter, try the Farmhouse IPA. Some of crane brewing’s popular drinks are Trailsmith, Farmhouse IPA, Omar, and Tea Weiss. Additionally, they are pet-friendly that allow you to chill with your furry buddy!

7. Fringe Beer Works

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Fringe Beer Works are one of the popular Kanas city breweries in lee’s summit. Fringe Beer Works is the first brewery in the city’s 150-plus-year history, located in the middle of lively Downtown Lee’s Summit.

Due to cleaner electricity, all-electric enterprises emit far fewer carbon emissions. Fringe Beer Works is the only all-electric brewery in Kansas City.

Fringe Beer’s owner, Eddie Pease, claims to recycle and upcycles its leftover grain whenever possible. His brewery’s all-electric setup ensures stable temperatures, perfect for creating high-quality artisan brews.

Fringe Beer Works, operational since 1926, serves craft beer. Order a milkshake or grapefruit beer if you’re feeling experimental. Sip while taking in a taste of history from Lee’s Summit’s first brewer.

Fringe Beer Works, popular drinks are Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Wheat, Madam X w/ Coffee.

8. Double Shift Brewing

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One of the popular Kansas City breweries is Double Shift Brewing. Brewer’s Alley near the Kansas City Crossroads is home to the little but formidable brewery.

In 2015, a beer-loving firefighter named Aaron Ogilvie and a group of buddies founded Double Shift Brewing. Double Shift operates a five-barrel brewhouse specializing in one-of-a-kind beers that are approachable to everyone. Their taproom is housed in a historic bicycle shop in Kansas City’s East Crossroads.

Some of Double Shift Brewing’s famous drinks are Tessellation Mosaic IPA, Tin Foil Hat Rye & Oat Farmhouse, Sister Abby Dubbel, River Pirate Hoppy Oatmeal Stout, and coffee stout.

9. Green Room Burgers and Beers

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One of the popular Kansas city breweries is Green Room Burgers and Beers.

Kansas city magazine recommends that you try the green room burger, one of the popular Kansas city breweries with great beer.

Green Room is the oldest locally owned brewery in Kansas City and one of the best breweries. The restaurant has a diverse menu with items ranging from little bite-sized burgers to lavish french fry platters that you and your pals could never complete in one sitting.

Green Room’s beverage menu features small batches of whatever the owners are currently smitten with, including ales and lagers on tap, in bottles, and firkins. The bar is attached to the city’s best improv comedy theatre if you want to tie one on and have a few laughs.

Customers will typically find two to four rotating house beers on taps, such as crisp, hoppy Kamziweizen, or house-brewed cask ale. On tap at the bar are 15 other local and national craft beers. Greenroom burgers have a family-friendly atmosphere.

10. BKS Artisan Ales

BKS Artisan Ales is one popular Kansas city brewery with great beer.

BKS Artisan, which opened in 2017 and is located in the heart of Brookside, has a tasting area and production facility that specializes in a one-of-a-kind beer experience. Visitors can sample on-site or grab something to go from the weekly to-go menu. Their handcrafted selections are unique and must be tasted to be believed.

Because they are only open for a few hours, expect a small audience in their tasting room as many people appreciate their offerings. There is no food on the premises, so plan to eat before or after your visit.

Their most popular drink is Award-winning Clouds Double IPA.

11. Martin City Brewing Company

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Next on the list of popular Kansas City Breweries is Martin City Brewing Company.

Martin City Brewing Company is a south Kansas City company that serves as a pub, pizza parlour, and brewery, all while offering a good range of thirst-quenching beers.

You may get a Chicago-style beef sandwich or the iconic Bloody Mary burger, as well as experience the whole beer menu at this pub-and-pizza place.

Martin City Brewery has a membership service that allows you to reserve a keg when you need it.

Hardway IPA, Belgian Abbey, Belgian Blond, and Sideway are the most popular beers.

12. Cinder Block Brewery

One of the popular Kansas City breweries to hang out with is Cinder Block Brewery.

Cinder Block Brewery was founded in 2013 due to a love for handcrafted brews. Cinder Block began in the garage of its founder. Its popularity led to the establishment of a taproom, production brewery, and cuisine, which debuted in 2016 in North Kansas City. In Kansas City’s northland, sample some artisan beer.

Cinder Block is committed to using locally sourced ingredients from Harmony Farms. Spend some time on the terrace of this Kansas City Brewery playing cornhole.

The brewery offers- Northtown Native, Prime Extra Pale Ale, Block IPA, Pavers Porter, and Umbrella Kolsch.

13. East Forty Brewing

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By Patrick Fore from Unsplash, 2022 copyright

East Forty Brewery is a popular Kansas city brewery located in downtown blue springs.

This brewery, located in downtown Blue Springs, was chosen best brewery, best bar, and best place to go for the best craft beef in Eastern Jackson County, Missouri. It also came in second place for the best chilli. Go for the beer and the community. Keep coming back for the food and music.

The brewery Dog Days Wheat, Sunrise Saison, Quarter Quarter Pale Ale, Big Head Red.

14. Brew Lab

The Brew Lab is a popular Kansas city breweries are located in the overland park neighbourhood.

Brew Lab is a brewery, taproom, and cuisine all rolled into one. American and Tex-Mex cuisine is available in the kitchen. Make Lab’s Techs will show you how to brew your craft beer and provide you with all the components you’ll need to continue brewing at home.

Brew lab offers;  Tinta Davila Mexican Stout, Peer-Reviewed Caramel Mocha Latte Stout or coffee stout, BL Squared Black and Raspberry Braggot.

15. Dubious Claims

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By Hana Mara from Pexels, 2022 copyright

Dubious Claims is one of the popular Kansas city breweries with unique beer styles.

The brewery got its name from the so-called healing water from the springs near Excelsior Springs, which finally dried up.

On Taran Winnie, dubious Claims have been brewing fantastic beer with those healing waters since 2018. On the other hand, Dubious Claims can cure your sorrows with a round of their ales. Regular fundraisers and specials can be found on their social media outlets.

Some of their popular drinks are DCBC Blueberry Wheat, DCBC Kolsch, DCBC IPA, and DCBC Milk Stout.

16. City Barrel Brewing

City Barrel Brewing is located in Kansas City, with popular Kansas city breweries. This Crossroad’s newest brewery specializes in unique brews, ranging from hoppy to sour to the wild.

City Barrel Brewing, unlike many other breweries in Kansas City, has a full cuisine, wine, and craft cocktail menu in addition to its craft beer offerings. Chef Benjamin Wood will cook seasonal dishes for you.

Hoppy, wild, and sour beers are City Barrell’s speciality. Adulting is a lager that adds Japanese rice to spice to the beer.

The outdoor patio at City Block is a great place to watch the Kansas City Chiefs. Alternatively, bring a six- or twelve-pack of RAD AF home with you for your watch party.

17. Atlas Saloon Brewery

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By Jonas Jacobson from Unsplash, 2022 copyright

The Atlas Saloon Brewery began as a Schlitz pub in Excelsior Springs in 1894. It’s back to being a single-brewery operation, except this time it’s focused on small-batch German-inspired beers named after the city’s once-famous mineral springs.

With a pool table and shuffleboard, owners Jim and Cheri McCullough have created a classic small-town pub atmosphere. While sipping Crystal Lithia Kolsch and Maurer’s Munich Helles, regulars address each other by their first names.

Brewer Keith Hudson makes a crisp lager based on an 1860s Schlitz recipe using six-row barley to commemorate the pub’s Schlitz background. Siloam Irish Stout is a traditional dark stout with roasted coffee flavours.

Kansas City Breweries with Craft Beer

1. Smoke Brewing Co

One of the popular Kansas city breweries is Smoke Brewing Co. Smoke Brewing Co, a favourite of both barbecue fans and beer lovers, Smoke Brewing Co is elevating the brewpub concept right in the heart of downtown Lee’s Summit.

Smoke Brewing Company is a family business run by a father and his two sons. Jeff Edwards, aka Papa Smoke, is a retired marine and home builder.

Josh, Jeff’s son, has been brewing for ten years and is the creator of Building Smoke BBQ Team. Lanni Edwards completes the lineup. Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is an eastern suburb of Kansas City, where the restaurant and barrel room are located.

Some of the popular drinks the brewery offers are Keltic Kross Irish Red Ale, Narcissist India Pale Lager, and Black Udder Milk Stout.

2. Torn Label Brewing

Torn Label Brewing is one of Kansas city’s popular breweries.

Torn Label Brewing is the top craft beer producer in Kansas City, producing over 1,600 barrels of beer per year.

With new albums like Memory Foam, Torn Label understands how to have a good time and please a crowd. Memory Foam is a delicate, well-balanced New England IPA with Simcoe, Citra, and Azacca hops for smooth, well-balanced exotic fruit aromas. They have sour beers, Alpha Pale Ale, Monk & Honey.

3. Casual Animal Brewing Co

Casual Animal Brewing is focused on quality over quantity and community involvement above self-interest,” claim owners Kyle and Lara Gray.

With their community-mindedness, the brewmaster couple takes it a step further.

They donate $2 from every pint sold to a local non-profit in Kansas City. The proprietors and their “Taproom Animals,” as they’re affectionately known, value supporting the local Kansas City community.

Casual Animal Brewing’s Local Motive initiative allows everyone associated with the brewery to say which charity it supports.

The most popular drinks are hazy India Pale Ale, Honey Wheat, Peanut Butter Stout, and India Pale Ale.

Breweries in North Kansas City mo.

1. Callsign Brewing

Callsign Brewing is one of the Kansas City breweries that

Steve Sirois and his sons launched Callsign Brewing to pay for lost service soldiers and their aircraft. Sirois and his son are members of the Missouri Air National Guard’s 180th Airlift Squadron, based in St. Joseph. Sirois has previously served in the Air Force for 27 years.

Each beer at this North Kansas City brewery, which veterans founded, is named after a different military vehicle as a homage to American servicemembers.

Callsign Brewing is a brewery and taproom with a capacity of ten barrels. What it lacks in size makes up for heart and military support.

Fighter Pilot Ale and Lifter Irish Red are the most popular beers.

2. Nimble

The Nimble Brewery is one of the best breweries in Kansas City, even though it is a small brewery.

Nimble Brewery, a craft brewer with a 26-year history, manufactures one barrel of beer at a time in their microbrewery. If beer isn’t your thing, they have a wide assortment of spirits and wine to satisfy everyone’s thirst. In addition to their artisan beer, a small assortment of beers from other local breweries have been brought in.

There is no food available on-site; however, visitors are encouraged to bring food from one of the many neighbouring eateries. If there is an indecisive group member, they will even assist you in making a decision.

You can rent out a space for private parties, even if it’s small. This room is also utilized for the brewery’s sampling events.

IPAs, such as double dry-hopped Kid A NEIPA and Visions/Louise, are the most popular.

3. Big Rip Brewing

Big Rip Brewing is a popular Kansas city brewery. You can enjoy BBQ at Hawg Jaw Que along with your beer.

Hawg Jaw Que and Brew smoke its meat and rib racks with cherry wood, which gives them a lighter—and some might argue sweeter—flavour than standard hickory-smoked barbecue.

The Irish Hawg, a towering sandwich on toasted marble rye with smoked corned beef, smoked sausage, Swiss cheese, spicy sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing, is a must-try.

The rib supper is very popular and comes in half or whole racks with your choices of sides, such as beans, cheesy corn, or smoked mac-and-cheese.

When you’ve had your fill, head next door to Big Rip Brewing, where the beers are frequently named after science fiction or horror films.

The balanced IPAs, 237 milk stout, Hefe the Killer hefeweizen, and even the gluten-free Satine Raspberry beer, brewed with sorghum, Belgian candy syrup, and raspberry puree, are among the best choices.

Key Takeaways

So, if you are a beer lover then you will definitely visit these breweries in Kansas City and enjoy the most delightful experience of having an authentic kind of craft beer.

Also, if you want to have a good time with your friends or gal pals or comrades whatever you call you can surely hang out in these Kansas City breweries which are sure to offer you a great vibe.

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1. Which is the largest brewery in Kansas City?

Ans. Boulevard Brewing Co is the largest brewery in Kansas City. 

2. How many breweries are there in Kansas City?

Ans. There are more than 30 breweries in Kansas City. 

3. Kansas City is known for which alcohol?

Ans. For 92 Proof, a Kansas City Whiskey, this City is very much popular. This whiskey has a balanced, smooth and lightly sweet taste making it very popular in Kansas City. 

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