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Fort Snelling State Park: 6 Thrilling Escapades

The rush of adrenaline and the danger makes us feel alive, so if you are looking for such an experience, then Fort Snelling State Park is the place for you.

Fort Snelling state park is a state park located in Minnesota, U.S.A.

Fort Snelling State Park: 6 New Adventures to Must Try

What makes Fort Snelling state park different from others? 

The state park is blessed with being located at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers; the place is a true gem of nature worth visiting if you are a nature lover.

The site also has historical significance and is home to diversified flora and fauna. The park is significantly known for its historic fort, and this fort structure is operated by Minnesota historical society with the help of tribal people in the area.

Fort Snelling State Park
Photo by Sam Loyd on Unsplash

1. Historical Significance

Fort Snelling state park is a sacred place for the people of the Mdewakanton Dakota community; the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota river were imagined to be the earth’s center for this community.

The Minnesota rivers supplied the tribal people with food, water, and other necessities.

1.1 How was Pike Island formed? 

The place is well known for signing the treaty between Zebulon Pike and Mdewakanton that Zebulon Pike would purchase the land along the blufftops, now infamously known as Pike Island Loop.

1.2 Settlement of Troops in Fort Snelling state park

Once the treaty was signed, the troops started residing at the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers’ shores and acquiring gardens, bakeries, livestock, etc., which led to the commercialization of the fort snelling state park.

Soon the Dakota tribe was forced from the readily accessible areas into the remote areas. People from all over the world started visiting.

Fort Snelling state park experiences the vibrant beauty of nature with serene hiking trails and enjoying the cool breeze from the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers.

These are well known for the extensive range of fish that can be harvested while camping or hiking through the park.

1.3 What is the historical significance of Fort Snelling? 

The massive, vine-wrapped historic fort Snelling was once a true beauty that still stands in the state park and has an intensive history.

The locals, along with the Minnesota Historical Society, were keen to protect this proud heritage of the state park fort with the government’s help by building a tunnel under the state park fort to preserve the ancient structure.

Fort snelling state park
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2. Promotion & Attractions of Fort Snelling State Park

After seeing the authorities working on the state park fort, Thomas C. Savage was particularly interested in making the defence of Snelling State Park well known. This led to vigorously promoting the activities that could be practiced in the park.

Soon, the people interested in investing their income into the park were then made members of the Fort Snelling state park association.

This promotion led to more and more people visiting the Snelling state park, and it soon became a popular tourist attraction.

2.1 Why Snelling lake is worth visiting? 

Thomas C. Savage helped in the restoration of a large number of structures in the Fort Snelling state park.

One of these was the beautiful Snelling lake which was first opened in 1974 as a swimming beach for tourists and locals during the hot summer days and soon became a huge success amongst the people.

The lake is a rejuvenating and beautiful site to behold; the lake is brimming with a massive variety of marine life, including Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Bluegill.

The lake is a perfect spot if you are looking to swim through the serene waters during summer or fulfilling your spirit of ice fishing in winter, as the locals are allowed to catch and sell the fish from the lake or any other water bodies located in fort Snelling state park.

2.2 Pike Island

The astoundingly beautiful island is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life; this open space island is a perfect place for winter activities and is one of the heavily visited parts of Fort Snelling State Park.

The island serves as an amazing urban hiking trail that is located near the fort area.

2.3 Gun Club Lake

The long meadows of the gun club are a wonderful backdrop for winter ventures and summer hikes throughout the year.

The lake is located in the heart of Saint Paul, giving the fishers an amazing opportunity for ice fishing and during summer canoe rentals sell-outs like hotcakes which people enjoy along with swimming and chilled cans of beer.

Fort snelling state park
Photo by Harald Hofer on Unsplash

3. Various Activities

The beautiful park has a notorious reputation for providing visitors with the time of their life as they can enjoy a large number of activities after getting an allowance from the park office.

The park is near the international airport, which makes it easily accessible for visitors. The park is adjacent to the twin cities international airport.

It is connected to the surrounding suburbs with seven different major bike tracks making the park a hotspot for annual visitors and tourists for them to enjoy and goof around the park performing different activities in the park.

The river confluence gives the park a perfectly built land known for many activities throughout the year.

3.1 Cross-Country Skiing

Minnesota Department for the entertainment of the people and visitors has built groomed ski trails keeping the safety of the skiers in mind; the well-tracked ski trails are astoundingly beautiful, stretching for a distance of twelve miles.

The trails are in perfect condition for Dog Sledding, and skijoring is allowed for a distance of seven miles on the trails of Dakota county side.

The place is one of the more heavily visited parts of this serene park during the winter as it seems aesthetically pleasing to the people, giving you the vibe of a winter wonderland.

The visitors can enjoy the cold days with the bliss of heated trail shelters that can be used as picnic shelters.

3.2 Hiking Trails

Most state parks have hiking trails, but Fort Snelling is infamously known for its long, extensive hiking trails that are quite popular among the people.

The park offers extensive hiking, which can be enjoyed along the banks of the Mississippi River and is about two hours away from the lopped hiking tracks of pike island, covering a total of 3.5 miles.

The people who have recently hiked describe their wonderful hiking experience as memorable and have given insight into how significantly the officials of fort Snelling state park have guarded the natural resources.

3.3 Blissful Visitor center

With winter activities abound, the site becomes a blissful snow-laden place. The park’s visitor center is decorated in a Christmas theme, lifting the visitors’ spirits and filling everyone’s heart with joy.

The interpretive exhibits in the Savage visitor center help the visitors better understand the historical aspects of the other state parks and, typically, the development of fort Snelling state park.

Dakota called this site Ha-Ha Mdo Te which essentially means the convergence of the two rivers, and the site provides the visitors many cultural and recreational opportunities for understanding the tribal of the place in a deeper aspect and also connecting to the roots of the native land.

3.4 Bicycling

The biking trails go around the whole site and connect the park to Minnehaha park leading the visitors to understand the beauty of nature from a broader spectrum.

In the area where the Minnesota rivers converge, the trail gets narrower, and the individual needs to pay attention while crossing this area as it can become particularly dangerous.

3.5 Golf

The game of golf is very popular in this day and uses only parks luring visitors into exploring the lush green fields designed for the visitors to play golf and have the time of their life with friends and family.

3.6 Swimming

Snelling lake beach is the perfect venue for sunbathing during pleasant summer days, the secluded lake in the park lures many visitors, and the place is the perfect definition of nature’s beauty.

The Mississippi river during the summer seasons provides visitors with the best shores of the park and is quite soothing, specifically in the summer season.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (F&Q)

Q1. What is the best time to visit Fort Snelling? 

The site is open seasonally, although people prefer to go explore the meadows of Fort a Snelling from June to early September and mid-September to October.

Q2. How much does it cost to visit Fort Snelling?

The price of visiting Fort Snelling is quite cheap and usually varies from $20 to $25 which excludes the cost one has to pay for different equipment they may require for different activities.

Q3. What was the use of Fort Snelling in WW2?

The point is well known for acting as a converging point for men and women for joining the armed forces for serving their nation.

Q4. Can you enter the historic fort of Snelling state park? 

The visitors are allowed to explore and have picnics, enjoy themselves and understand the history of fort Snelling with certain restrictions.

Q5. Are dogs allowed in Fort Snelling park? 

Dogs are allowed throughout the park with a leash around their neck, although the entry of dogs is prohibited in historical structures and buildings.

5. Conclusion

The serenity of the trail-packed paths of this site and the beauty of the twin city clubbed with the soothing effect of the rivers are highly admirable in this beautiful area located in the state of Minnesota.

The tribal once believed the place was the center of the earth but with its mesmerizing beauty and long hiking trails run the visitors might agree with the tribal community as well.

The place has perfect water bodies and a little zing, making it a true beauty and a gift of nature.

The place is a true site to behold with its diversified flora and fauna, the friendly rangers should at least visit this place once in their lifetime. Have fun!




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