Famous NYC Hotels Famous NYC Hotels

Famous NYC Hotels: 10 Iconic Accommodations

Everyone wishes to explore the Big Apple once in their entire lifetime. With its breathtaking beauty, great charm, and vibrant atmosphere, the city of New York is magnificent and unparalleled.

Amidst a legion of magnificent structures and attractions, New York is recognized for its wide range of famous NYC Hotels. 

There is a wealth of famous hotels in New York, some of which are historic hotels, while some have been claimed as the New York City Landmark,” but what all of them have in common are their distinctiveness and notability.

Famous NYC Hotels that Liven Up the City

This cosmopolitan city, with its bustling nature and liveliness, is a place for structures and locations as unique as a double rainbow.

Visiting the city and exploring its various beauties can get hectic and highly draining. After a tiring day, What you need is to rest in one of the famous hotels in New York.

To make it effortless for you to choose, we have sorted out some of the best hotels in New York.

The New Yorker Hotel
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Though New York City is abundant in its luxury, the most renowned testament is its hotels, ranging from historic to modern. Even those relocated or closed have exceeded their popularity more than others.

Some of the hotels in New York have been known to house guests as famous as Bob Marley, Young John F. Kennedy, the rolling stones, and David Beckham, which does not even cover half of the entire list.

The Pierre, a Taj Hotel, is a marvel on its own and is world known. Of course, there is the exquisitely beautiful Roosevelt Hotel (You might have seen this lovely hotel in the movie Wall Street), and these hotels, with a long list of others, have been in the city for not just years but decades.

Famous NYC hotels
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New York City: A City Filled with Luxury

Brimming with luxury and beautifully structured hotels, New York City has managed to amplify tourist attractions. To learn about some of these iconic hotels, read along!

NoMad Hotel NYC
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The hotels in New York have been structured and designed to exude luxury with comfort and have succeeded in providing their guests with the utmost care and comfort.

From the interior design ranging from hardwood floors to marble floors, amenities from basic to luxurious, dining that fills your soul, and pure luxuries, New York has some of the broadest range of world-class hotels.

1. The Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue, Central Park South, NY

The Plaza Hotel New York is a grand and regal building with richness and luxury. It is also a popularly known hotel that has been a host in the past to some famous personalities like Elizabeth Taylor, John Lennon, and Michael Douglas.

The Plaza Hotel NYC
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This luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan is spacious and well-equipped. It was claimed to be the New York City Icon, which is well deserved considering the service and grandeur of this hotel.

The rich infrastructure and decor of the Palm Court in the Plaza are enough to take your breath away. It is the perfect place to indulge in delectable food and afternoon tea.

The Plaza Hotel New York is also well-known for its Rose Club, Oak Room, and Grand Ballroom, hosting weddings for a very long time. This hotel is a great place to visit and stay in.

2. The Algonquin Hotel, Times Square, NY

The Algonquin Hotel, located in the middle of the fifth and sixth avenues, has a fascinating history that might steal your attention. The hotel was opened some 120 years back and has flourished ever since.

Finest Luxury - Hotel Near Times Square | The Algonquin Hotel
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The building, even though massive, provides a lively and cozy interior. This hotel is widely known for its resident cat, in a long line of felines that have been resident to this place.

Also, this place gave birth to the New Yorker Magazine after a poker win by Harold Ross, one of the persons among the group of writers in the famous Algonquin Round Table.

The hotel has seen William Faulkner write his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. You will love it here!

You get to enjoy a wide range of modern times, like a fitness center and flat-screen TVs.

3. Washington Square Hotel, Greenwich Village, NY

The Washington Square Hotel is a magnificent building in a plush and high-rated area in New York City. This beautiful historic hotel has been occupied by famous guests like Bob Dylan time and time again.

Bob Dylan visited Washington Square Hotel
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It is a beautiful structure with a wealthy interior, with any amenity you desire, including a fitness center, flat-screen TVs, free WiFi, a Spa facility, and plush beds in spacious rooms. It is for you if you want a hotel with a homely feel with modern decoration.

Washington Square Park NYC
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You have an unobstructed view of Washington Square Park and many restaurants within walking distance.

To add to the hotel’s beauty, you can enjoy the fresh feel of a rooftop garden at this hotel. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

4. The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, Madison Avenue, NY

Located on the Upper East Side, the Carlyle Hotel, New York City, a luxury hotel, is sophisticated and unparalleled in its service and richness.

The Carlyle presents you with lavish rooms and suites, various locations to eat from, spa and salon treatment, and a fitness center.

Upper East Side NYC
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The hotel is trendy because of its exquisite and unique classic cabaret entertainment. Some dignitaries like Princess Diana and Prince William have graced it with their presence in the past.

The Carlyle is magnificent and perfectly unmatched, where you can relax and enjoy fantastic room service. You all know this hotel from several movies, one of which is a 2003 movie, Bad Boys.

5. The Waldorf Astoria, Park Ave, NY

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, originally located on Fifth Avenue, was relocated to the current Park Avenue location. This hotel has been a landmark attracting worldwide attention for years and years. 

One of the primary reasons it is in the limelight is that it has been an abode to famous personalities, including Conrad Hilton, Grace Kelly, and even Windsor’s Duke and Duchess.

Furthermore, this hotel took the initiative to offer room service and appoint females as chefs. You can be assured that they provide excellent service, and the guest rooms here are charming.

6. The Ritz Carlton, Central Park South, NY

The Ritz Carlton New York, with its pristine and immaculate service, is a place worth staying at. It is nearly impossible to get enough of the stunning Manhattan Skyline view or the gorgeous view of Central Park.

Manhattan Skyline
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You will find the amenities and services offered by this hotel to your liking.

Whether you are attending a business meeting in its business center, or you are staying after a long day of exploring the city, where you can enjoy the fantastic rooftop bar and rest later in well-maintained guest rooms, the hotel has it all.

Rockefeller Center
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The location of this place is also top-notch, with Rockefeller Center just a few blocks away. Stay, enjoy, and relax!

7. St. Regis, New York

One of New York City’s finest hotels, the St. Regis New York, is exceptionally excellent, and it was John Jacob Astor IV who took it upon himself to be its founder.

John Jacob Astor IV did great work founding this hotel for New York City.

stevosdisposable a9n6lOtfj18 unsplash
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Claimed by the national register as a landmark site for New York, St. Regis has held up the standards for being one of the best luxury hotels.

St. Regis New York offers you lavish rooms, delectable dining, and relaxation at the stunning King Cole Bar.

Its rooms are A-rated in cleanliness and have marble bathrooms within. This five-star hotel is a must-visit location!

8. The New York EDITION, Madison Avenue, NY

The New York EDITION has quite an exquisite atmosphere and design. It is detailed to its core and is known to offer immaculate service. Every new yorker or tourist that has ever stayed at this place has been inclined to revisit it.

With comfortable beds, private bedrooms, and any and every necessary amenity at hand, this place is one of the best hotels in New York City.

The New York EDITION
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With the additional benefit of being in one of the best locations in New York, it is known to provide free WiFi, is pet friendly, and has a private parking space for you.

9. Lotte New York Palace, Madison Avenue, NY

Whether you want to have a business meeting, a wedding, or simply a place to stay, Lotte New York Palace is equipped. The York Palace tower is distinctive and notable from afar because of its grandiosity.

Lotte New York Palace
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The elegant and comfy bedrooms provide a classy and modern view from the windows and all the required amenities. The Palace has different sets of room spaces, exceptional dining spaces, and a spa meant for your relaxation purpose.

You can choose whether you want the regular services from THE PALACE section of the hotel or the far more luxurious services from THE TOWER section of the hotel.

Whichever you choose, the service in this hotel is commendable.

10. The Langham, Fifth Avenue, NY

Located in an A-rated neighbourhood, the Langham is a sight to behold, with its massive structure and interior being breathtakingly modern and classy. The hotel is filled with the most remarkable collection of art.

The hotel’s glory has been escalating to a great height. The interior is astounding, with opulent furniture and modern supplies.

With luxurious bedrooms with a view of the Empire State Building, this is a must-visit place in New York.

Empire State Building View
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The hotel also offers private dining, if requested. Once you enter this five-star hotel, it will be hard to leave, for it is one of the best places in New York.

Ready for the Splendor of New York?

Now that we covered up a part of the luxurious Big Apple, are you ready to venture into the city and experience the beauty and luxury firsthand?

Are you ready to live the beautiful life of New York, starting with booking one of these famous NYC hotels or one of the other charming hotels in this city?

If yes, don’t fret anymore and move on for a memorable journey in the City of Dreams!




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