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Famous Museums in Denver- 10 Terrific Options

Denver is a vibrant city in Colorado, USA, known as the Mile High City. It is a place that every American loves to visit once in a lifetime. Furthermore, the city attracts locals and international tourists because of its several tourist spots, which cannot be missed. Also, museums in Denver give life to the city.

Do you want your kids to learn and also have fun simultaneously? Do you enjoy art and want to fulfill your creative curiosity? Then, visit Denver.

You can find the world’s best Art museums, including the Four Mile House Museum. Furthermore, many museums are present all over the city based on various themes, making you excited. Denver Museums is known for its cultural and artistic attractions in the central business district.

Furthermore, each museum in Denver has a history. The other places not to miss are Capitol Hill, the Historic Navarre building, the Denver outpost, and Four Mile Historic Park. Now, let us dive into the best and largest museums in Denver. 

1. Museums in Denver

1.1. Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens stands as a publicly accessible botanical garden along with the museum, situated in Denver, Colorado, USA. It connects people with plants from the Rocky Mountain region around the world. Furthermore, it is a treasure trove for tourists and scientists.

Similarly, the garden hosts diverse festivals, special events, and private gatherings, offering an engaging and fun-filled experience. Additionally, self-guided tours are also available. The notable ones are given below.

1.1.1. Music in the Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens lights and music

Here, people can enjoy traditional concerts in the UMB Bank Amphitheatre and weeknight performances throughout the gardens during the evenings.

1.1.2. Corn Maze

Botanic garden! Corn maze! Pumpkins!!!! //Sanchez Fun

Everybody will be excited to seize this moment and dive into an adventure at this expansive seven-acre corn maze. 

1.1.3. Pumpkin Festival

Denver Botanic Garden's Fall Festival

The Pumpkin Festival offers unlimited family entertainment. Furthermore, people can test their boundless creativity at artisan booths and culinary delights. They can also enjoy an extraordinary array of beers.

1.1.4. Ghosts in the Gardens

Ghost in the Gardens October 30, 2010

If you like creepier experiences, Denver Botanic Gardens dares you to join after dark for the spine-tingling stories of their haunted history.

Furthermore, this is one of the fascinating top museums in Denver and attracts more tourists.

1.2. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science aims to ignite the community’s passion for science and nature. Their core values are to cultivate relationships with each other and conserve our environment and future.

Furthermore, unlike most other museums in Denver, this museum stays open every day except on Christmas. 

Moreover, advance ticket purchase is mainly for tourists to ensure seamless entry and membership benefits for academicians, which involves exclusive perks and access, namely free admissions.

They inaugurate special and permanent exhibitions. Furthermore, they have a planetarium and an Imax theater inside the museum.

Additionally, for academicians, it provides an ocean of knowledge. Their science department includes various domains, which are explained below.

1.2.1. Anthropology

Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, Colorado

The anthropology department deals with research that tracks Paleoindian migrations and history among native communities. Furthermore, they showcase a giant dinosaur skeleton and Egyptian mummies.

1.2.2. Archives 

The archives gather, organize, and safeguard the museum’s records, which include its administrative, cultural, and scientific history.

1.2.3. Earth Sciences

"Bugs" at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

This department volunteered to play a central role in the fossil preparation and digital imaging labs. Furthermore, they aid in field investigations and offer assistance for curating specimens within the advanced Avenir Collection Centre.

1.2.4. Health Sciences 

Around Dtown - Expedition Health - Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The health sciences department uses research methods involving communities to learn how genetic differences affect modern humans’ everyday lives.

1.2.5. Space Sciences

Space Odyssey - An Out Of This World Experience At The Denver Museum Of Nature & Science

The Space Sciences Department researches stars and space exploration. It also helps create educational programs and support for museum exhibits.

 Furthermore, it has Avenir Conservation Centre, Genetics Lab, Palaeontology Lab, and Vertebrate Lab in Denver.

Moreover, whether you are a science enthusiast, a history buff, or a general audience, the Denver Museum is here to inspire, educate, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

1.3. Denver Art Museum

Do you love art? Do you patronize artists? Then, add the Denver Art Museum to your bucket list. The Denver Art Museum aims to make art meaningful and lasting for current and future generations by showcasing and protecting artistic creations. Furthermore, it is heaven for art lovers. 

Are you planning for a budget-friendly as well as a worthwhile place to visit? You are lucky as you can pick the Denver Art Museum. This museum offers free general admission for children and individuals below 18 and free admission for other members. Furthermore, a guided tour is also available. 

Moreover, the museum is not only about exhibiting artists’ work. It also focuses on conserving photographs, paintings, textiles, archaeological and ethnographic objects, and modern and contemporary art. 

Furthermore, you can also visit the museum online. You can explore their artwork collections, videos, and many more activities, including downloading coloring sheets and watching interviews of artists from home.

It is a museum of contemporary art, which satisfies the tourists and artists.

1.4. Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

Children are the most valuable resource in the world. Every parent will hope for the best for them. Furthermore, the Children’s Museum of Denver is one of the kid-friendly museums that provides a variety of activities, especially for children. Here, everyone is allowed, especially kids, even below the age of one. Moreover, you can visit this museum for children without spending too much money.

They also have many discovery zones for various activities. They are explained below.

1.4.1. Investigate

Children's Museum of Denver: discover, create, play and learn

Here, the kids learn about the science behind bubbles, gravity, motion, and energy through various fun-filled activities.

1.4.2. Imagine

Here, the children are given a few tasks, including what to do while the city is in danger, how to play with pets, and where to find a vet. Furthermore, through these real-life situations, they responsibly engage children.

1.4.3. Explore

Adventure Forest at the Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

In this section, the kids are brought to explore parks and adventure forests. They are also taught to gain the ability to trek and survive in the wild outdoors.

1.4.4. Create

This children’s museum provides an art studio, a model kitchen, and more. Thus, the kids can learn cooking techniques, gardening, and other skills.

Furthermore, the Denver Museum for Children is one of the places where kids can enjoy and learn simultaneously. So, most parents chose this museum as the first place to visit. 

1.5. Forney Museum of Transportation

Forney Museum of Transportation is heaven for Automobile lovers. They have a collection of 800+ artifacts of historical transportation. 

Furthermore, the museum aims to collect and preserve the artistic and technological interests related to transport for educational purposes and personal enrichment.

Additionally, the most exciting part of this museum is the display of old cars and trains.

Also, for education purposes, they own a YouTube channel. In that channel, they explain how engines and motors work in a vehicle.  

Hence, for automobile enthusiasts at Forney Museum, the wheels of learning, Colorado history, and fascination never stop running.

1.6. Clyfford Still Museum

The Clyfford Still Museum in the Golden Triangle Creative District was created to display the artworks of the famous artist, Clyfford Still. He laid the foundation for the Expressionist Movement. Furthermore, he was a responsible citizen who drew passion and a unique artistic vision and didn’t compromise for money.

Moreover, Clifford was a first-generation abstract artist and was the first to do so. His artworks have been hidden from the world for many years, and this museum played a significant role by introducing them to the world. Additionally, if you love unique and rare paintings, this museum is the first place to visit.

Furthermore, they also often conduct individual and family events. From these events, they paved the way to bring out artistic skills. They also conduct seminars, presentations, and exhibitions.

Additionally, they conduct regular workshops for teachers on how to preserve art and how to improve the physical characteristics of the painting.

Furthermore, whatever you are, whether an artist or an ordinary individual, if you want to have a pleasant day, you should visit the Clyfford still museum. 

1.7. Museo De Las Américas

Museo de las Americas stands as the museum of Latin American Museum of Art. They celebrate artistic and cultural victories across ancient and modern Western Art. Furthermore, they mainly focus on innovative Latin American art and cultural exhibitions.

Additionally, yearly, they organize 3-5 Latin American art exhibitions. Also, they celebrate various days. These significant days are given below.

1.7.1. Dia De Los Muertosos

Dia De Los Muertos at Museo De Las Americas 2019

Dia de los Muertos is the Spanish term for Day of the Dead. Furthermore, Latin American families believe that remembering their ancestors brings peace and joy to their families.

1.7.2. La Mision: Hecho De Tierra Y Espiritu

Intro to Museo De Las Americas

The term means the mission: made of earth and spirit. Here, they showcase unique Western Arts that explore the narrative of the people who live in the Rio Grande River valley.

Moreover, this museum invites everyone to celebrate the past, present, and future by embarking on a journey through Latin American heritage.

1.8. Molly Brown House Museum

The Molly Brown House museum is dedicated to the adventure of a single-inspiring woman, Margaret Brown, and her daughter. She was a Philanthropist and a traveler who had spent most of her life in daring adventure. 

Furthermore, in the museum, there are about 9000 artifacts displayed in her remembrance.

The notable artifacts are given below. 

1.8.1. Fashion Collection

Molly Brown House Museum opens new fashion exhibit

The fashion collection includes Margaret Brown’s pearl amethyst ring, ruby earrings, a gold watch, a Green barrel, a bugle-beaded pouch purse, and a riding coat.

1.8.2. Art Collection

The art collection includes an Alabaster statue, a painting of the South Platte River, and a Lithograph of F Street, Denver, Colorado.                                                                           

1.8.3. China and Glassware Collection

Molly Brown House Museum Tour.  Molly Brown A Titanic Survivor

This glassware represents the lifestyle of the upper-middle-class Victorian-era décor and dining. Furthermore, the notable art pieces are a teacup and saucer, a blue glass bowl, a Chinese chocolate pot, and much more.

Additionally, the museum admins also conduct many programs. They include school programs and homeschool days. Furthermore, they have Girl Scout programs specifically for girls.

During these programs, participants experience the life of girls in the early 1900s. Furthermore, they also learn about the daily lives of the unsinkable Molly Brown and her daughter, Helen. Additionally, these programs inspire women in many ways.

Furthermore, they also virtually take you to the museum through their YouTube channel: Historic Denver.

1.9. Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, alias MCA Denver, is known for paving a new path in the 21st century. As a result, they exhibit world-class innovations in contemporary art.

Furthermore, being Denver’s center of attraction, they aim to spark curiosity through their Museum of Contemporary Art. Additionally, it is a fantastic place to enjoy time with your family. They also allow children under 18 always free and collect a minimum entrance fee for others.

Furthermore, they conduct many family-friendly events. Some of the events are described below.

1.9.1. Cinema Azteca

It is a Spanish film series, that occurs every Tuesday night during the fall season.

1.9.2. B-Side Music Fridays- 2023

Down Time performs "Take Me to a Place" at MCA Denver for-B Side Music Fridays

It is a live music series on Friday nights during the fall.

1.9.3. Colorado Native

It is a Native American comedy showcase.

1.9.4. 90s/2000s R&B Rooftop Party

This is a DJ party. Famous DJs, Malc G and KDJ Above host this party. Also, KDJ Above is an Indie DJ music performer.

Furthermore, they own a Holiday Theatre dedicated to the artists. Through this theatre, they create opportunities for school and college students and encourage them to perform. Additionally, they also provide professional services.  

Furthermore, the museum admins have taken the digital initiative by creating a YouTube channel named MCA Denver. On this channel, they conduct interviews with professionals, do vlogs, and celebrate significant days eventually. 

However, everyone can’t go to Denver. Hence, you can utilize virtual sources to gain insight into contemporary art.

1.10. Meow Wolf Convergence Station

Meow Wolf, alias Meow Wolf Denver, is an art initiative with social significance. It drives a business and also supports socially impactful art projects. Furthermore, the Meow Wolf Convergence Station and Museum of Contemporary Art feature the work of local artists. These works include architecture, painting, photography, music, costumes, and performance.

Furthermore, this place is an apt destination for anyone fond of weird and wacky immersive art.

Additionally, an event called Omega Mart is available only for adults above 21 years. Furthermore, they can explore a multiverse of art and artist’s work while enjoying bars throughout the exhibit. People can shop, enjoy, and re-invent themselves eventually.

There is also an art exposure called Creature Feature, which describes the life of the people who work in the convergence station. Fig is a creature who is kind and a deep thinker. Lowlies are other creatures who are good at giving human expressions.

On the other hand, the most alluring place in the museum is the Psychic Shop. It will give you a mixture of haunted and creepy feelings. Furthermore, the shop gives you a similar experience of entering a labyrinth. Those who have guts will relish the experience. Moreover, this experience can be obtained only by exploring the Denver Museum.

2. Conclusion

There are many famous museums in Denver. It is a city where the spirit of exploration never ends. You may find the list to be endless and the time to be short.

Furthermore, there are many significant places in Denver, namely the Museum of Colorado Women’s History, History Colorado Center, Kirkland Museum, City Park, and Rockies Air Space Museum/ Lowry Air Force Base. Try not to miss any of these. The more you discover, the more your curiosity flourishes. Furthermore, Denver is a city that feeds curiosity and imagination through art, which is unforgettable.  

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