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Exploring The Best Theatres in Greenville

Are you on an extended vacation in Greenville? If yes, it might be the right time to explore Theatres in Greenville with your friends and family. Whether you like it or not, Greenville theatres will captivate you with their local talent. You will find many theatres, varying from comedy, musicals, dance and dramas. All you have to do is read this article and find your favorite theatre. 

1. Why Greenville Theaters?

You might be wondering why you should choose this as your vacation destination. You have nothing to worry about because we are here to tell you about the best theatres. All you have to do is sit tight and explore them through this article.

1.1 Largest Producing Professional Theatres in Greenville

One of the reasons to visit Greenville is that it has the largest professional theatre. Venues of all theatres are present in attractive locations, and if you visit in the spring, it is heaven. You can witness comedy, drama, and musicals and watch unique stories from the best productions.

These theatres display amazing plays and showcase excellence in storytelling. Hence, you only need to be the best audience and feel the magic of their performances. Now, it’s time to talk about the best theatres in Greenville.

‘Six’ at Greenville’s Peace Center

2.1 Peace Center or Peace Concert Hall

The Peace Concert Hall is one of the best theatres to enjoy your vacation. This place for live entertainment is located in the center of Greenville. The attractive architecture indeed adds beauty to the amazing performances at the Peace concert hall. 

Along with the local talent, the peace center also showcases international performers. Even if you are for a business meeting or traveling with a large group of people, the Peace Concert Hall could be the best theatre to entertain everyone. 

2.2 Carolina Ballet Theatre

Image Source: Caroline Ballet Theatre

As the name suggests, it is the best theatre you will find for dance art. Year-round, every season, professional ballet dancers showcase diverse performances in front of an audience. It was founded in 1972, and since then, it has been offering both performances and training to new people.

Furthermore, also called CBT, it is the best theatre in terms of displaying ballet dance entertainment. People enjoy watching plays that are presented in the form of dance. As a result, audiences often get shocked to see such astonishing performances by this organization. 

2.3 Bon Secours Wellness Arena

This beautiful theatre, Bon Secours Wellness Arena, is located in downtown Greenville. Hence, visiting it in the right season will make this trip fun for you. Because of the various activities, you can witness diversity in this production. Apart from the Peace Concert Hall, you must add this to your theatre list.

Completed in the 20th century, the Bon Secours Wellness Arena has as many as 17,000 seats. Moreover, it not only holds plays and concerts but also provides space for football and basketball matches. Because of its diverse usage, more than one million people visit Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

2.4 Centre Stage: Musical Theatres in Greenville

If you are searching for a theatre with a diverse range of arts, you must aim for the center stage. Along with plays, you can enjoy comedy, drama, and musicals. In fact, this organization is the best destination for those who enjoy every special event. The center stage is home to many events, including guest lectures, independent film screenings, art exhibitions, galas, and many more.

The center stage operates with a focus on music concerts and theatre performances. Thus, in addition to the Peace Concert Hall, the Centre Stage must also be in your venues for upcoming shows. 

2.5 Metropolitan Arts Council

If you are a fan of theatre performing arts with live entertainment, Metropolitan Arts Council is the right choice for you. This is the only organization in Greenville that provides you access to different productions.

Year-round, you get in touch with people from every community. Along with presenting necessary arts, it makes people see the real beauty of theater, which you may not find in many places. So, make sure to discover this place after you have visited the beautiful Peace Concert Hall.

2.6 Greenville Theatre: Diverse Theatres in Greenville

Situated in the upstate of South Carolina, it is nothing less than a magic theatre. It is known for actors performing arts in different niches. As a result, from drama to intimacy, all categories are available for you to enjoy.

Theatres in Greenville
Image Source: Greenville Theatre

It is known as the upstate’s oldest theater in Greenville. As a result, people recognize it for its professional performance on an astonishing stage. You can find the way to this theater in downtown Greenville.

2.7 South Carolina Children’s Theatre

If you wish to visit a theatre showing an education-related play, this is the right place for you. When you travel with your children, this attracts them with its professional arts, supported by the right music. 

However, don’t be fooled by the name because it is the best place for adults as well. Many volunteers come forward in support, and people from every community try to contribute as much as they can.

2.8 The Warehouse Theatre

Theatres in Greenville
Image Source: Warehouse Theatre

The Warehouse Theatre is also home to diverse productions. If you enjoy live concerts, you may find surprising and intimate productions of theatre. You will be surprised to know that what used to be a textile warehouse has now been converted into a theater. The Warehouse Theatre sometimes displays more than one play in a month. 

Apart from Bon Secours Wellness Arena, this theatre could also become a part of your Greenville theater’s list. It shows the work of many proud directors exploring each community and diversity.

2.9 Greenville Concert Band

As the name says, it is the best theatre for concerts. In fact, if you wish to see only stage concerts in Greenville, it must be on your priority list. Concerts are indeed the best places to explore every community in that area. If you love to meet new people, the Greenville Concert Band might become your favorite theatre.

Get Ready For It!

If you wish to explore the true beauty of theater performing arts, you must visit this “full of theater” place once in your life. You can read all about these theaters, but unless you visit them, something will always be missing in your life.

Since you read about these astonishing theaters, you must really wish to get there. So start packing right now and get ready to visit this amazing place on your vacation!

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