Everything You Need To Know About Fundy National Park

fundy national park
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Fundy National Park takes you to the amazing streams of waters all over the deep-rooted valleys with its highest tides along the Bay of Fundy splashing its waters to everlasting wooded hills and plains.

Fundy national Park
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It drives you to the most amazing cliffs to wonderful waterfalls and makes you experience the most natural ecosystem with different habitats all over the stretches of this amazing national park.

Visit this amazing Fundy national park to witness the beauty of nature. Explore this national park to the core and you will surely love it.

1 . The Natural History of Fundy National Park

In 1948, the area of the Bay of Fundy near the village of Alma was chosen as New Brunswick’s first national park to protect the economy and preserve the area’s natural beauty. The magnificent place was always a place to mesmerize your eyes with beauty and delight.

The park’s coastal region features wave-pounded cliffs and cobble beaches. At low tide barnacles are exclusively marine, crabs and a host of other marine invertebrates can be found among the rocks and seaweed. In late summer, flocks of migrating shorebirds are found to be on the nearby tidal flats.

Its also surrounded by the spruce-fir coastal forest and birch-maple forests inland which provide most of the habitat for white-tailed deer, moose, raccoon, and black bear. Coyotes are recent immigrants to the park. Marten, peregrine falcons, and Atlantic salmon, all once residents of the parking area, have been reintroduced.

2 . Tides in Fundy National Park

Tides in the fundy National  park
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Most visuals and the place of Fundy national park welcome you to guided walks along the coast. Walking at the bottom of the bay makes every aspect of life full of relaxation and happiness. This is, of course, experienced at low tidal effects of the region.

a) The Highest Tides in the World

tides in fundy national park
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Fundy’s tides are known as the highest in the world because of an unusual combination of resonance and the shape of the bay. Like water in any basin, the water in the Bay of Fundy has a natural rocking motion called a seiche where the Atlantic Ocean tide rises and floods into the bay every 12 hours and 25 minutes which reinforces the rocking motion. A pulse from the ocean tides sustains the seiche in the bay in its way covering the surface.

The Bay of Fundy’s length is important to make the seiche frequency match the pulse from the Atlantic Ocean tides.

The bay’s shape is of secondary importance although still significant. The bay becomes narrower and shallower towards its head, forcing the water higher up the shores.

b) High and Low Tides at Fundy National Park

In the Bay of Fundy, you can explore two low and two high tides each day. The time taken between a low and high tide is six hours and 13 minutes on average.

The water splashes through the shores at its highest and lowest about an hour later each day. This is due to the tides working on a “lunar” or moon day which is 24 hours and 52 minutes long.

When the earth turns on its axis the moon orbits in the same direction around the earth and it takes one day and 52 minutes for a point on the earth to reappear directly beneath the moon taking you to experience the visuals of low and high tides.

3 . Waterfalls at Fundy National Park

a) The Third Vault Falls

The Third Vault Fall
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The most amazing first waterfall is called Third Vault Falls. It’s surrounded by all the levels of lush, green surfaces as we come across our way down to the Falls it’s completely incredible.

Trees, bushes, mosses, and lichens all offer varying shades throughout the hiking routes to the valleys that come across the national park driving us to experience the colors of splashing waterfalls with different habitats to see. It’s also absolutely stunning and a great place to have a bunch of picnic lunches.

b) The Laverty Falls

Laverty falls
Photo by Emmanuel Milou from Flickr

Another destination to look up to is Laverty Falls which binds you with a refreshing pool that is much larger and, not surprisingly, rather more crowded with immense people to gather there.

That makes you non stop from experiencing the splashing cool water deeps from taking a quick dip into deep waters and relaxing in the summer months.

It takes you to experience the long hikes and the swimming in the water surfaces of amazing waterfalls and drives you to the spectacular vistas the cliffs present at low tide.

c) The Dickson Falls

And the most comfortable and relatively easy hike is Dickson Falls which is located within the Fundy national park and is quite easy to reach.

Fundy national park
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Here the hike is nice and it’s well maintained within walking distance, surrounded by vegetation lush with vibrant hues of green. This waterfall is quite small to experience in late summers.

4 . Tent Camping at Fundy National Park

Tent Camping
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Whether you like to experience camp in a tent, in a trailer close to amenities, or travel to a wilderness site, it takes you to have a look at amazing vegetation bushes to deep cliff valleys making your experience of different habitats of the region.

6 . Campgrounds and Backcountry Sites

Fundy National Park is known for its five front country campgrounds, each providing a unique feature of camping experience where you will find amenities such as washrooms, showers, electrical, sewer, and water hookups all within the catchment area to other Park services and facilities.

As a backcountry visitor, you can avail yourself of eight backcountry campsites located at Goose River, Marven Lake, Tracey Lake, or Chambers Lake where you can experience different sites of camping areas within the area of Fundy national park.

 7 . Accommodations Options at Camping Sites 

Just for a memorable family experience or couple’s getaway in this hassle-free camping experience, these roofed accommodations which are classified as oTentik, Oasis, Yurts, Rustic cabins make it a bit more private than the campground and makes you more enjoyable and comfortable in visiting the Fundy national park.

a) oTENTik tents

We know when we love Fundy national park, so we try to make our next overnight getaway with us even easier. Here it is a comfortable and hassle-free way to enjoy the true nature of Fundy National Park.

The Parks Canada oTENTik is a spacious blend of a tent and rustic cabin equipped with beds and furniture on a raised floor. It gives you a home-like feeling to live in oTENtik tents.

b) Oasis

When we come here to spend the night under a natural canopy and fall asleep admiring the stars we drop into a pin drop silence feeling the admiration of exploring the natural beauty itself.

Here in the Fundy National Park’s Ôasis accommodations are available in Point Wolfe and Lakeview campgrounds.

Making it a memorable family experience or couple’s getaway in a teardrop-shaped ‘duplex’, with a convertible table/bed on the main level and suspended hammock loft above are the features of Oasis accommodations at Fundy national park.

c) Yurts

Here when we want to stay for a night at Fundy national park yurts are a place to be adorned.

The yurt is known for its traditional dwelling of nomads from Central Asia when they were made to resist extreme climates, the circular shape of the yurt features five basic elements: roof beams, lattice walls, a door, a roof ring and a felt and hide covering.

Fundy’s yurts are a form of a modernized version of the traditional yurt. They are associated as cozy and warm with insulated walls and roof, and a propane stove. In the summer, the yurts are kept intact with cool windows, dome, and door openings that provide cross ventilation.

d) Rustic Cabins

Every dream of overnighting in a little cabin in the woods, away from it all in Rustic cabins that are only found in Fundy National Park. Three fully insulated rustic cabins are found to be available for rent through the Parks Canada reservation system.

They are located along with ways of Hastings Road, Maple Grove Trail, and the Black Horse trail where we can experience great views of the Bay of Fundy Park and we can take a walk to the cabin.

And Where we can enjoy the night sky, and the sounds of nature and just relax in the deep valleys out there.

8 . Winter in Fundy National Park

Winter in Fundy National park
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Fundy National Park is known for its special protected piece of Canada’s coastal wilderness. Parks Canada manages sites in the Province of New Brunswick to the park’s surface area.

Here in Fundy National Park, we come across many facilities and trails that are offering a wide range of winter activities that are amazing these include cross-country skiing, birding, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and many more. 

Winter camping can be experienced at the Headquarters campground in one of our five yurts, ten oTENTik accommodations, or with your tents. Three rustic cabins are also accessible one on Hastings Road, Maple Grove trail, and the other on McKinley trail.

Winter Activities

While Rediscovering the Fundy National Park during winter takes you to the snowy flakes of the environment for our many groomed trails. To be idealized as a fact of discovery winter activities across the Fundy national park.

a) Fat Biking

Fat Biking
Photo by KS cycles from Flickr

When we need to go for a ride on Fundy’s snowy trails using a fat bike it takes us to the amazing snowy surfaces of the Fundy national park.

A fat bike is known for its lightweight off-road bicycle with oversized tires which are used in soft, unstable snow and sand and capable of handling extreme mountain biking trails. This sport is sometimes referred to as “snow biking” or “winter-mountain biking” which is a famous sport out there.

In the Chignecto Recreation area, there is 23km of trails open to fat bikes. Here there are shared trails in Fundy National Park and riders are strongly advised to wear helmets and must yield to people on snowshoes and skiers.

b) Cross country skiing

Fundy national park
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Touching the snowy winds all across our faces to experience the chill winter to laying over the surfaces covered by snow mesmerizes your eyes with a new positive vibe whereas idealizing a sport called Cross-country skiing is a great way to experience Fundy National Park.

Ski trails are groomed for over 18km of cross country skiing which is accommodated with both the classic and ski skating techniques.

Color-coded trails in the Chignecto Recreation Area have a common route to follow the colored markers along the chosen trails.

c) Snowshoeing

Snow Shoeing
Photo by Laurel F from Flickr

Snowshoeing is another amazing sport to experience the colors of the natural habitat with numerous kinds of red squirrels during the hiking one can see where deer, hare, coyote, bobcat, and grouse tracks cross the ways where you step your feet with snowy flakes and walk along with the winter trails range.

d) Sliding and Tobogganing

Tobogganing, or sliding in New Brunswick is so amazing and is fun to be around winter snow surrounded by you to experience new thrills. New Brunswick gets slammed with the most snow in the Maritimes each year, making it a perfect resource for every family to get out and enjoy some fun and fresh air.

The toboggan runs in the “bowl” at the park’s Headquarters area which provides hours of fun for the entire family.

e) Ice Skating

Outdoor ice skating is known for its growing popular activity in the park. The thickness of the ice is affected by many environmental factors. If we choose to skate on natural ice, it’s at your own risk. The recommended ice thickness is at least 15 cm for walking or skating.

9 . The Golf Course at Fundy National Park

Exploring a game of golf on the Fundy National Park golf course is a wonderful way to spend a day or a week.

Photo by Mikael Damkier from Shutterstock

This beautiful 9-hole, par 70 course was designed by renowned golf course architect Stanley Thompson with its dilemma.

10 . Hiking Trails at Fundy National Park

Hiking is known as one of the most popular activities in Fundy National Park and with over 100 kilometers of trails, from the favorite beaches to deep river valleys, to waterfall it is just visual to be discovered with great enthusiasm.

Fundy’s unique trails range from an easy half-kilometer loop to a demanding 50-kilometer circuit around the park idealizing the fact of different types of trails in the catchment area of a Fundy national park. The winter trails idealize the vibe of enjoyment and fun.

Fundy national park takes you to the most amazing splashes of water with deep influence on the surface of the park. Do visit this remarkable place to gain a great experience.


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