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Hood River Wineries: Unveiling the 10 Finest

The Pacific Northwest places are known to be the prettiest place in the entire world. It is said that no other beauty can be compared with the Pacific Northwest. This place has many sightseeing opportunities, along with great cuisine. If you have been living in Oregon for a long time, and have no idea about the wine region in this place, then you must keep reading this article.

The Columbia River Gorge area is flowing with some award-winning wineries waiting for your arrival. If you visit the wineries in Hood River, you will also be rewarded with an hour of scenic drive from Portland to Hood River taprooms.

The Pacific Northwest lifestyle is very relaxed, and the Columbia Gore also offers you some wonderful things that you must slow down for some time. This article will find some of the best Hood River wineries, their wines, service, atmosphere, and many more.

Hood River Wineries

Hood River is often referred to as wine-tasting heaven and heaven for vineyards. It is located near Portland, and Hood River wineries are away from the city’s hustle and bustle. So if you wish to take a gap from the city noises, you can head to one of Hood River wineries and enjoy their fine wines. However, suddenly, you will notice that not everyone knows about these excellent wineries despite being world-class wineries. 

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Hood River has beautiful wineries with some tasting rooms. You can enjoy your wine by watching the delightful scenario of the mountains with your friends and family members. Let us know about the best Hood River wineries without wasting many words.

1. Marchesi Vineyards

This is one of the most popular and fine Hood River wineries. By observing its customer, you can guess its fine wines. You should also know that this winery is an authentic Italian winery, and locals and frequent visitors mostly approach it.

Franco Marchesi, a 22-aged male from America, started working here. Later he opened his own winery which is now known as Hood River Wineries. However, Franco wished to withdraw from his winery at Columbia River Gorge due to the climate.

Later, he took an abandoned apple orchard and built most of Hood River wineries. He creates wine using traditional methods, and when you taste the wines of Marchesi Vineyards, you will know the difference. In addition, when you go to Marchesi Vineyards, you will feel as if you are being transported to the Tuscan countryside. The peace and sweet wind at the vineyards will relax you, and you hardly know when the time is slipping by.

You can slip by in anytime at the Marchesi Vineyards to escape the city bustle and enjoy the beautiful property, and try their wines made from the traditional process. Before leaving this vineyard, you must try the Solimano, a fruit blend and the specialty of Marchesi Vineyard. This vineyard is also well known for the cheeseboard and the Italian salami with delightful Sauvignon.

2. Wy’East Vineyards

This is one of the top-ranking Hood River wineries with a tasting room. All the Hood River wineries are outside the city area, and this winery is in downtown Hood River which is a lovely place. You can visit here for wedding bookings, and other private events. When you arrive at this winery, you will notice how delightful this place is. You will be pleased to enjoy your wines in between the vines and the beautiful pine trees.

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If you wish to try something new, then, Wy’East Vineyards is the perfect place for you. Try the 2017 Carmenere. It is the best wine on Wy’East Vineyards menu. It is a unique wine that is prepared with a Chilean grape variety. This variety was thought to be extinct for more than 100 years now. The oak fermentation perfects the 2017 Carmenere, and the white pepper notes make this a must-try wine.

Wy’East Vineyards is also known for making its chocolate, making this winery a perfect place to try something different and unique. Without any doubt, this is a unique winery in the Hood River wineries.

3. The Gorge White House

This vineyard has been operating and serving top-class wines for more than 100 years now. It is spread over 30-acres farm land. However, this winery does not produce its wine. Instead, they pour some local Hood River wineries and some of the local craft brews from the middle of Hood River Valley.

The Gorge White House has a huge wildflower field, which a beautiful gift shop also compliments. This farmland also has several fruit and vegetable shops.  The vineyard is so amazing that, at times, you may even think of staying back here for the rest of your life.

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Besides tasting the wines of Gorge White House, the food served here is also some of the best. Even the best eateries in other areas cannot serve such delightful foods. The only backdrop of the eatery in the Gorge White House is that it may take an hour to prepare the food. In the meantime, you can check the tasting room of the Gorge White House.

4. Evoke Winery

You will have a great time here at Evoke Winery with its great wines. This is one of those famous Hood River wineries that were once popular by Naked Winery. Even though its name has been changed, the fun here remains the same. Evoke Winery is a small tasting room that lets its customers taste wines. Tasting their wines, will definetly soothe your taste buds.

Evoke Winery is mostly popular for its fruity wines, which are local favorites. The fun part of this Evoke winery is its wine names. Some wine names go by Sure Thing Symphony and the Climax Red Blend. These two are the best wines you can have at Evoke Winery.

Evoke a Winery is a fine place with young hearts, and everyone here has a fine sense of humor that will always keep you engaged. This place is so amazing that everything is exemplary eand you can try anything over here from their menu. The wines served here are some of the best in Hood River wineries. There are other fun things to do at Evoke Winery, and you will enjoy your time here to the fullest.

5. Viento Winery

The white wines of Viento Winery are some of the best in all Hood River wineries. This winery is the most visited winery on the list of all Hood River wineries. It has a lovely spot, which resides near Downtown, and was originally founded by the local wine master, Rich Cushman. The first wine he prepared was the Riesling, which he had branched out for creating Sparkling and Dessert wines. 

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In addition, the sparkling wines that are served in Viento Winery are also the perfect wines that you must try. They offer Diamante Rose and Cuvee Diamante, which are the most sold wines at this winery. However, if you do not like sparkling wines, there is also an entire list of great reds and roses which you should try. At this winery, no one is allowed to stay empty-handed. There is something for everyone.

This great small winery can be your perfect spot to enjoy your time in between the wineries with your partner. You can’t go wrong over anything here, which is also the best part of Viento Winery. There are plenty of wines on the menu for you to try.

6. Stave & Stone Wine Estates

The Stave & Stone Wine Estates operates apple and pear orchards, making their wines from these two vineyards. This is a family-owned winery which is now serving wines for over a century. However, the family had to make some tough situations to overcome some losses. In 2004, the Stave & Stone Wine Estates came up with replacing the aging braid with a new orchard. Thus, saving this winery from complete shut down. Due to this, the winery is still running among all the Hood River wineries and stands out.

Stave & Stone wineries can be considered the best Hood River wineries. However, there is a long list to support this consideration. If you visit their winery, you will see numerous awards adorn them for being the best winery for over 100 years. You will get to learn how Pinot Noir was planted in 2012. And since then how they have earned their profits.

The staffs here are very friendly. The customer is happy that their cups get filled with the tastiest wines of the Hood River wineries. If you visit this place on the summer weekends, you will notice the number of people who come here to enjoy the wines. 

All the wines served here are top-class, and you will be overwhelmed by their taste. You can even try the smoky Pinot Noir, made from grapes harvested after the Eagle Creek wildfire in 2017. It is also one of the most-finest and rarest wines at Stave & Stone Wine Estates.

7. Mt. Hood Winery

This winery is most people’s favorite in all of Hood River wineries. Since this winery has some of the best tasting room ambiance, and the wines are top-notch. If you are in Hood River, then you must visit this winery. This winery was first opened in 2002.

This is one of the best family-runned wineries in Columbia River Gorge. Later in 2008, it expanded its wineries business, and now it has some stunning tasting rooms with the most antique wine bars.

The tasting room of Mt. Hood Winery has huge rooms with windows offering some breathtaking views of the glorious Mt. Hood. Most people who visit this winery wish to stay there for the rest of their lives. The staff at Mt. Hood Winery are very knowledgeable and have the best winemaking process. With their unique approach, they serve the best wine. Their wineries can be listed in the best Hood River wineries.

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Mt. Hood Winery even offers visitors a tour of their entire winemaking process. They should do every method of making the wine right from start to finish. But, the only thing you have to ensure if you are interested in seeing the process is to approach the staff and let them know that you wish to see the winemaking process.

If you want to know which wine you should order at Mt. Hood Winery, you should go for a chilled glass of the Estate Pinot Gris. If you dislike this one, you can even go for the Syrah, award-winning wine from all the Hood River wineries.

The wines here are so perfect that nothing can go wrong. You will love every wine type they make. This winery have the possesion of 2016 Oregon Winery award.

8. Cerulean Wine

The Cerulean Wine is also one of the finest Hood River wineries. You might think of the unique name of this winery, but it has been derived from a Latin word that means Heaven. When you visit their tasting room, you will understand that this winery’s name has been kept after heaven. 

The Cerulean Wine was opened in 2007, and this family-owned winery is more focused on making its pure and original authentic natural wine. All of their wine batches are perfectly handcrafted. The handcraft on the wine batches reflects the local climate and the land. This winery also serves food that goes perfectly with the local food. Everything is so perfect here that nothing can go wrong.

When you visit this winery, you will notice something peculiar about it. The organic grapes grown in its vineyard are still hand-picked and trimmed by the owners of Cerulean Wine. Their vineyard is spread over 23 acres, giving 100% to making the wine. The winemaking process is curated by the owners and ensures the process is not lost on the palate. You always wish to return to this winery in the Columbian River Gorge.

9. Hiyu Wine Farm

This winery was opened in 2010 by the most passionate winemaker of Hood Rivers. Nate Ready and his partner China Tresemer started the Hiyu Wine Farm in Hood Rives, mainly focusing on making the best wines in Hood River. In this vineyard, they both grow a total of 80 varieties of grapes.

Your experience at Hiyu Wine Farm will be the most memorable when you visit this vineyard on any special occasion. This tasting room will cost you only a minimum amount per person for tasting the best wine in all of Hood River wineries. However, it is best to say that this winery can be enjoyed the most when you visit on any special occasion.

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Their winemaking is the most delicate art you will ever come across. However, maintaining a good winemaking process is necessary to get the best results. But at this winery, you will find some extraordinary best methods for winemaking. You will learn the difference when you take a sip of the wines made from this winery.

The tasting room is perfectly decorated with long wooden tables, signifying the perfect picturesque for a tasting room. These decorations also encourage the visitorcs to linger with their fine wine. You can taste the Hui 2017 Corvus wine (preserved for more than 3 years), the best and most sold wine here. If you wish to visit, taste their wines, and eat their foods, you must book your seat within 48 hours of arrival.

10. The Grateful Vineyard

This winery is located far away from the other Hood River wineries and near Parkdale. The wines served here are so good that this winery can be listed in the best Hood River wineries list. This winery does not only make wines, but they also brew some local beers and ciders here. So, if you do not have a tooth for the wines, you can even go for the beers.

Enjoying drinks with your friends in between the vineyards is the best thing you can do in Grateful Vineyard. The Sparkling Cider is also found here. However, the Sparkling Cider here has a different taste, but it is worth tasting. The wine list of this brewery is not so long, but it has some of the best wines you can have.

The great Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are some first-choice wines for locals and visitors. Besides serving wine and beer, Grateful Vineyard also takes up the order for some outstanding coffee. You can even taste some other wines which are popular among the customer of this winery. 

Other Hood River wineries

There are many Hood River wineries, and you can hop into any one of those wineries. These wineries serve their special wines, made through some special process. If you can’t visit the Hood river wineries mentioned above, you can look at the below-mentioned Hood River wineries.

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  • Hood Crest Winery

  • Cathedral Ridge Winery

  • Hood Crest Winery

  • Cathedral Ridge Winery

Best Time To Visit Hood River Wineries

June – August is the best time for visiting these wineries. These minimal rainfall changes make it a good time to taste the wines. However, the summer season can also be a good option to visit the above-mentioned wineries. 

Most people visit these wineries in September. This is the most ideal time for visiting the wineries, and tasting their fine wines. The wineries also provide air-conditioned indoor tasting rooms, so the customers don’t feel uneasy due to the hot scorching summer. 

Final Note

Hood River is one of the finest places to go for some escape from the city hustles. You can relax and enjoy your calming nature with fine wines in between the huge tree. Hood River, Oregon, is a fine place where you can always hop in alone or with friends. This is not just a pretty town, but Hood River wineries are some of the best wineries in Oregon you will ever come across.

You will not find many cities with more than 30 wineries. However, most Oregon cities have many breweries which also serve wines. But tasting wine from the Hood River wineries is the best thing you can do during your stay in Oregon.

10 Best Hood Rivers Wineries

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