The Ranch at Death Valley The Ranch at Death Valley

The Ranch at Death Valley: Discover the Elegance and Tranquility

Welcome to an extraordinary place where the immensity of the desert meets lavishness. The Ranch at Death Valley is an oasis resort in America’s largest national park. Here, you will find a range of things like spring-making pools, snug guestrooms, and friendly mountains around it.

The Ranch at Death Valley is a sanctuary at Sunlit Hearted Ranch. It was once an operational ranch under the Pacific Coast Borax Company, which refurbished it into a haven for travelers seeking both adventure and peace.

The Ranch at Death Valley | Family-friendly Hotel in Death Valley National Park

Established in 1933 as a welcoming place for visitors, The Ranch at Death Valley has a 275-room hotel deep in the heart of Death Valley National Park.

A $200 million reawakening has turned this old-time working ranch into a colorful oasis. The property brings back memories of the mid-century coupled with a family-friendly atmosphere.

Previous experience at the same property included visiting a classic town square, eating at a new restaurant, shopping, and checking out its iconic Last Kind Words Saloon.

Visitors to The Ranch have access to features such as horseback riding for fun and exploration purposes or Jeep rentals for faster movement from one area of the largest national park to another; besides, there is also an eighteen-hole golf course.

This makes it the ideal destination for exploring all this national park offers comfortably and with some style.

1. Location and Surroundings

More than just accommodation, The Ranch, a historic inn in the Panamint Mountains, provides visitors with an experience that commences from its distinct location. Below are some descriptions that illustrate why the entire Ranch surroundings are amazing.

The Ranch at Death Valley
Screenshot from the official website: The Ranch at Death Valley

2. Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park’s landscape exemplifies nature’s excesses through its beauty and harshness. It has recorded the highest known temperature on earth, while Badwater Basin is North America’s lowest point below sea level.

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Screenshot from the official website: Death Valley National Park, CA, NV

3. Furnace Creek Resort

Furnace Creek encompasses everything one would expect in such luxurious surroundings, not to mention all the major attractions of this park, which are found near The Ranch at Death Valley, which serves as your comfortable base camp.

When you come here for holiday purposes, you won’t want to miss out on exploring the natural wonders of the ranch at Death Valley or even just viewing them.

4. Accommodation Options at The Ranch at Death Valley

Sleep comes easily after a day exploring the desert with options available at The Ranch at Death Valley. These rooms include deluxe and standard rooms, offering comfort and excellent style patterns.

4.1. Standard Rooms

These standard rooms are a balance between quality and affordability. For instance, guests can expect comfortable bedding, air conditioning systems, plus own bathrooms that guarantee a warm stay in the heart of Death Valley.

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Screenshot from the official website: The Ranch at Death Valley

4.2. Guest Rooms

Each room within The Ranch represents a tranquil escape from the wilderness outside. Choose between rooms containing two queen beds, king-sized beds, or two queen-sized beds, each with its own private bathroom facilities and air conditioning systems, among other things.

4.3. Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe rooms are unique. They have private patios and balconies with views of date palms surrounding mountains and desert scenery, stylishly decorated French doors, a private bathroom, and a mini-refrigerator for your convenience.

4.4. The Cottages

The Ranch at Death Valley’s new Cottages has brought modern western living to the historic property as part of The Oasis at Death Valley’s multi-million dollar restoration.

Quick Tour of Newly built Cottages at the Ranch at Death valley | The Oasis at the Death Valley

5. Amenities and Activities

It is not only about having a good night’s sleep; staying at The Ranch means including anything fun. This is because there are several options for dining out and recreational activities that cater to everyone’s interests.

5.1. Dining Options

Whether one wants something fancy from the formal dining room or a rustic meal such as the Last Kind Words Saloon does not matter because all their restaurants offer excellent food choices.

Screenshot 2024 03 08 210011
Screenshot from the official website: The Ranch at Death Valley

The flavors are reminiscent of Western cuisine yet made using fresh ingredients found locally in California, which makes these dining experiences unique here.

5.2. Recreational Activities

When we think about what to do during the holidays, The Ranch at Death Valley comes to mind, such as spending time by the spring-fed pool or playing tennis with friends.

5.2.1. Swimming Pool

This spring-fed swimming pool is a cool retreat from the high temperatures in the desert. Palm trees and mountainous surroundings surround it, making it an ideal spot to cool off by taking dips in the outdoor swimming pool.

The Ranch at Death Valley
Image Source: Pexels

5.2.2. Tennis Court

For those looking to stay active on the sports courts, The Ranch has excellent tennis courts where you can exercise and have fun in the sun.

5.2.3. Golf Course

Furnace Creek Golf Course is the world’s lowest golf course, the lowest-elevation golf course on earth, and the highest. This marvelous course provides a challenging experience and stunning views of the surrounding deserts.

Screenshot 2024 03 08 210659
Screenshot from the official website: The Oasis at Death Valley

6. Exploring Death Valley

The Ranch is more than just a place for guests to sleep; it is also an entry point into Death Valley National Park’s adventures.

6.1. Unique Features of Death Valley

Death Valley National Park has many geological wonders, such as salt flats and dunes, which tell of its dynamic past.

6.2. Nearby Attractions

There are countless natural attractions around The Ranch. Let’s explore some of them that you would not want to miss.

6.2.1. Badwater Basin

BADWATER BASIN is the HOTTEST Place In The WORLD - California

Badwater Basin is located 282 feet (86m) below sea level, marking North America’s lowest point. This immense salt pan creates an eerie and captivating surreal setting.

6.2.2. Zabriskie Point

A panoramic view from Zabriskie Point shows golden badlands, which have become iconic symbols of the rugged beauty of the historic ranch in Death Valley.

karthik sreenivas F6qebU15m E unsplash edited scaled
Image Source: Unsplash

6.2.3. Mosaic Canyon

Mosaic Canyon is geologically unique. Its smooth walls are made of marble rock, and it seems as if nature has created some beautiful artwork here.

A narrow hiking trail attracts people with different fitness levels: beginners will love it because it’s easy, while experts will adore climbing cliffs for several hours straight.

6.2.4. Dante’s View

Another must-visit site is Dante’s View. A trip up this overlook affords one of the most visually striking scenes in Death Valley, with Telescope Peak visible miles away across the valley floor covered by vast expanses of salt.

During specific periods, there may be snow on top of Telescope Peak. Photography or seeing sunrise/sunset at that spot gives you calmness and amazement.

DANTE’S VIEW | Death Valley NP

6.2.5. Devil’s Golf Course

Devil’s Golf Course sounds exceptionally interesting as a name; Death Valley features a large salt pan characterized by its rough and jagged terrain. In 1934, the National Park Service guidebook to Death Valley stated that “only the devil could play golf” on this surface.

7. Extraordinary Experiences at The Ranch at Death Valley

The Ranch at Death Valley is also about memories of a lifetime but comfortable rooms and beautiful views.

7.1. Horseback and Carriage Rides

Another way of getting around the desert is through horseback or carriage rides. This is not only an unusual way of sightseeing but also offers an opportunity to revive some historical moments when the ranch at Death Valley was in its prime.

7.2. Stargazing with Telescope Peak View

Under the clear desert sky, stargazing becomes something extraordinary. With very little light pollution, stars shine brightly, and stunning views are looking towards Telescope Peak.

The Oasis at Death Valley Night Skies

7.3. Children’s Playground

Guests traveling with kids can enjoy playing in the resort playground as parents and guests relax in peace.

8. Practical Information

Planning your visit to The Ranch at Death Valley has been made easier since all practical information, such as room rates and dining options, is available.

8.1. Room Rates and Booking

Room rates are competitive and vary depending on the season and type of room. All prices are subject to taxes, which may apply. Booking in advance is advised, especially during peak times of travel.

8.2. Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Check-in usually begins at a certain hour, while the check-in and out is typically around noon. The business has streamlined its process to help you settle in or leave without trouble.

8.3. Food Options and General Store

The Ranch has several dining options that can accommodate different preferences. Its general store has basic supplies and souvenirs to remember your trip.

Screenshot 2024 03 09 120034
Screenshot from the official website: The Ranch at Death Valley

8.4. Educational Programs and Tours

Educational programs and guided tours are available for those who want to learn more about Death Valley’s unique geology, flora, and fauna.

These programs are geared towards making your trip recreational and informative, increasing your knowledge of the area’s various natural and historical aspects.

8.5. Events and Facilities

Family reunions, weddings, or corporate retreats can be organized at The Ranch at Death Valley, which offers facilities for such events.

Death Valley’s immensity offers many resources, including breathtaking landscapes, making it ideal for creating memorable occasions.

Screenshot 2024 03 09 120302
Screenshot from the official website: The Ranch at Death Valley

8.6. Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable development through environmental responsibility is part of The Ranch’s commitment to preserving Death Valley’s fragile ecosystem.

Its approach includes water-saving measures, waste minimization strategies, and guest education on reducing their own ecological footprints when staying with us.

9. Final Thoughts on The Ranch at Death Valley

The Ranch at Death Valley is more than just a place to stay; it is a destination. It’s an experience that combines adventure with the comforts of modern amenities, set against the backdrop of one of the most unique landscapes on Earth.

From awe-inspiring views to cozy rooms and a plethora of activities provided by The Ranch at Death Valley, you will surely remember this stay in the oasis at Death Valley National Park.

Whether you seek solitude, natural beauty, or a thirst for discovery, this location caters to all your needs.

Death Valley’s unique climate and challenging environment create a stark yet fascinating setting that provides an ideal backdrop for the multitude of activities at The Ranch.

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