best couple things to do in nyc best couple things to do in nyc

30 Best Couples Things to do in NYC

Are you looking for couples things to do in NYC with your lover? Be it a vacation or even your special honeymoon, your trip must be perfect. Starting from the perfect hotel to the perfect date ideas, your visit has to be the most romantic thing ever.

Do not worry, because here is the list of the best couples things to do in NYC. Steal a few of your date night favorites from the list, and surprise your lover during your vacation.

Best Couples Things to do in NYC

1. Relax in The Central Park

It is impossible not to fall in love with Central Park. Stretching between 59th Street and 110th Street, Central Park makes up the center of Fifth Avenue.

Central Park offers some of the best choices of couple things to do in NYC, like, paddleboarding, horse and carriage rides, boat rowing (you can even rent a Venetian Gondola), beach volleyball, water fights, free outdoor concerts, Shakespeare, or even a picnic to round off the quiet romantic afternoon.

central park
Photo by 12019 on pixabay

Did you know Frederick Law Olmsted is a pioneer in the landscape of Central Park? His style broke the mold of the previous structures and brought forth the idea of manicured garden beds and is responsible for the beautiful Central Park.

2. Take The Horse and Carriage Ride

The horse and carriage ride at Central Park is truly one of the most romantic couple things to do in NYC. This 45 minutes ride creates a magical experience that must not be missed.

Trot through the two miles of green fields and terraces while you are guided about your whereabouts. Do you know the best thing about it?

You will not have to stand around with your girlfriend or boyfriend, waiting for a carriage to free up for you. As many people do love the idea of a horse and carriage ride, you can pre-book your ideal slot and go with it.

3. Have a Romantic Picnic at The Central Park

Imagine cuddling up with your partner on a checkered blanket with soft pillows, on the lush green grass under the bright blue sky.


Book the service to feel like a character straight out of a romance novel. You can even upgrade to get your complimentary sparkling beverage as you savor New York City’s best cheese and meat too.

4. Hire a Row Boat

To experience a relaxing ideal date, hire a rowboat in Central Park. Choose your pick between a gondola and a rowboat and serenely float down the pond at the golden hour. To top it up, plan a day just for a relaxing date and pretend you are in a romantic movie.

Considered one of the finest examples of American folk art, the Carousel at Central Park consists of 57 colorful horses moving around to a piece of happy calliope music.

It is located at the southern end of the park and runs 7 days a week in summer. Who said carousels are only for children?

On this date, let your inner child out and hear your lover’s sweetest, innocent laugh as you go around that “merry-go-round”.

6. Enjoy The New York City Ballet at The Lincoln Center

Photo by Vladislav83 on pixabay

Home to the New York City Ballet, The Lincoln Center houses beautiful performances and breathtaking choreography that are enchanting to witness.

During the holiday season every year, The New York City Ballet performs George Balanchine’s- The Nutcracker.

It is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting couples things to do in NYC as you enjoy the magical moment of watching the spectacular performances.

7. Head to a Rooftop Bar

Watch New York City come to life with picnics, fresco dining, markets, festivals, and rooftop bars. There are several great rooftop bars in New York where you can enjoy a romantic evening with your beloved.

Make the romantic awe-inspiring Manhattan skyline your setting for the next glass of happiness. Have memorable date nights at these bars which is surely one of the best couple things to do in NYC.

8. Stroll Through The Brooklyn Bridge Park

brooklyn bridge park
Photo by RomanDesigns on pixabay

One of the best couples things to do in NYC is surely taking a stroll through the breathtaking Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States and it is 1595 feet above sea level.

Many of New York city’s iconic landmarks like the World Trade Center in the Financial District, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building are visible from the bridge. Apart from that, the view of downtown Manhattan is also spectacular. However, it might get cold up there, so do not forget to carry a coat.

9. Look at The City from The Empire State Building

One of the most romantic couples things to do in NYC is to ride to the top of The Empire State Building. Indeed, The Big Apple offers an enchanting view.

The two observatory decks in the building are on the 86th floor and the 102nd floor. The 86th-floor observatory is often crowded and the view is seen through a wire mesh fence.

10. Watch a Classic Broadway Show

When you are at Times Square, the best couples things you can do in NYC includes watching a classic Broadway show. Whether you like musicals are not, you will be sure to feel the beauty of these enchanting shows.

If this is your first time, you cannot go wrong with classics like “The Lion King”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, and the “Wicked”. You can also look for the new arrivals and the old theatre revivals going on at that time.

11. Sip Delicious Cocktails at a Speakeasy

NYC's 7 BEST Speakeasy Bars | Secret Nightlife Guide ! 🍸

Marked by hidden entrances, neon signs, vintage decors, and a variety of delicious food and cocktails from the Prohibition Era (1920-1933), New York City is full of speakeasy bars.

The Campbell Apartment, hidden in the corner of the station is a charming speakeasy made in the setting of the famous gossip girl scene where Nate and Serena get acquainted. Their concoctions like Prohibition Punch are worth mentioning.

Have a romantic dinner and sip on a cocktail for one of your most memorable date nights and decide if this would fall under your list of the best couple things to do in NYC.

12. Spend your Day at The MET

Are you and our beloved into art? Then The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the perfect place for you.

One of the most romantic and artsy couples thing to do in NYC is to visit this fine museum. Located on the Upper East Side on the edge of Central Park, it is full of a massive collection of art from all over the world, encompassing different periods.

The museum is huge and it would take hours to see it all at once. So either read ahead and visit just one section or reserve a few days to see the whole museum.

13. Take a Day Trip to The Niagara Falls

niagara falls
Photo by ataribravo99 on pixabay

Among the most romantic things to do in NYC for couples, visiting Niagara Falls surely is one of the best ones.

Lying in the extreme northwest of New York City along the U.S. border, Niagara Falls is among the most impressive waterfalls. The masses of water plunging over almost 200 foot is formed three falls in total – Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and the Horseshoe fall (the widest among the three).

This attraction brings about 12 million visitors year-round and there are plenty of ways you can view the falls, as well as a plethora of other activities you can enjoy with your partner.

14. Plan a Movie Night

Would you like to transform your romantic date night into a movie night? New York boasts a wide variety of options for you.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

New York City boasts unique movie theatres like the Paris Theatre which was closed. This one although charming was immortalized. Another exciting alternative is the Village East Cinema with its Broadway-style seating, stunning ornate ceiling, red velvet seats, and great chandelier.

Rooftop Cinema Club holds another great option for you. Why not watch a movie in the open city air while relaxing on the deck chairs and sipping on cocktails?

15. Book a Sunset Yacht Cruise on The Hudson River

Picture yourself, holding hands with your loving partner, watching the breathtaking sunset, and then kissing under the stars. A sunset cruise must be one of the most romantic couples things to do in NYC.

New York’s skyline and the city lights look breathtaking while the city truly livens up in the evening. Enjoy this magical moment while floating serenely in the water.

16. Take a Stroll at The Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station
By Sopotniccy from DepositPhotos

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most romantic places you can visit. Looking like a place out of a movie scene (do you know it was the setting for movies like Superman and the Avengers?), and it has a romantic history too. During World War II, the Grand Central Station was the place where soldiers were reunited with their lovers.

Grand Central’s romantic highlights include the Whispering Galleries and the Campbell Apartment.

17. Go Ice skating at the Wollman Rink

Enjoy one of the most romantic couples things to do in NYC in winter as you go gliding hand in hand on the Wollman Rink.

Who said New York City is not enjoyable in the winter? This place is practically out of a postcard. Whether you are a pro skater or you need to hang on to the railings, doing it together in a beautiful place will always be fun.

18. Lose Yourselves in a Secret Garden

cherry blossom
Photo by Pexels on pixabay

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is enchanting in terms of its beauty, nature, and architecture. Founded in 1910, it is adjacent to Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum. The 52 acres of garden attracts over a million visitors every year and is home to more than 14,000 taxa of plants.

From cherry blossoms to wooden bridges, stone lanterns, shrines, and cobblestone pathways, the garden has it all. It even has a separate cottage garden dedicated to all the plants mentioned in William Shakespeare’s play.

Kissing under a blossoming cherry tree on a secret avenue has to be one of the most enchanting couples things to do in NYC.

19. Take a Stroll Through The Socrates Sculpture Park

Here is one of the free couple’s things to do in NYC. You can visit the Socrates Sculpture Park 365 days a year.

Spend quality time with your lover as you see the vast visual art exhibits. The seasonal calendar is full of arts, events, education, yoga, and sculpture workshops.

Find an activity of your preference and jump in. Or, you can always just find a quiet spot in the park, and get away from all the hustle and bustle.

20. Cozy Up in The Romantic Restaurants

Photo by Pixabay on pexels

Whether you want to grab a quiet intimate dinner and have a drink at a serene place or celebrate a special occasion, or just make a big deal out of things (everything is justified in love), New York has got you covered.

Find just the exact location which suits your purposes within the unlimited list of romantic restaurants.

21. Go Wine Tasting in Hudson Valley

Romance and red wine have to be the best duo out there. With biking options, Hudson Valley offers the best place to sip on white, red, or pink wine.

Visit the vineyard, or simply sit down for appetizers as you sip on some of the best wine under the twilight sky.

22. Visit The Catacombs in Candlelight

One of the Big Apple’s best-kept secrets, the Catacombs are not only special for history nerds.

Take an informative and interactive guided tour along New York City’s deep underground historic passageways. Experience the rare slice of New York that has been preserved for over 200 years.

It is also very unlikely that you will get claustrophobic, but if your lover does get scared, you will have a candle to light the way.

The Lower Manhattan Cathedral is also home to a large and grand pipe organ and building which you might like to see too.

23. Enjoy a Jazz Show

Photo by SocialButterflyMMG on pixabay

One of the most fun couple things to do in NYC is to enjoy a jazz show. A little bit of music is sure to liven up the mood and let the love flourish.

One of every one’s all-time favorites is Bill’s Place. It is a speakeasy that has been thriving since the days of prohibition in and around 1920. You can make it a romantic date night with dinner and cocktails alongside the musical ambiance.

However, if you are too tired to travel all the way uptown, no worries! You will be able to find jazz venues all over New York City.

24. Taste Some Omakase Sushi

Photo by Rajesh TP on pexels

After Japan, New York City boasts some of the best sushi places in the world. A signature style of these romantic restaurants is the Omakase Sushi.

Leave it up to the talented chefs of these fine dining restaurants as they curate the best of what is available and serve you their chef-selected meal. Even if you do not particularly love sushi, you might just surprise yourself with this preparation.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind for this intimate and relaxing date night will probably be the price because, understandably, sushi is not cheap.

25. Treat your Partner to a Spa Day at William Vale

Want some relaxing couples things to do in NYC? Hit the spa.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on pexels

William Vale’s relaunched winter spa is as pampering, relaxing, and cozy as it sounds. Take these 55 minutes sessions and kick your stress and tension away while watching a show, grooving to some tunes, or simply relaxing alongside your lover.

Using the holistic FAR-inspired technology, the William Vale spa provides treatments that reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, and give you healthy glowing skin.

Have you ever heard of a sauna blanket? If not, then you must visit the spa and experience this amazing technology.

26. Go Rock Climbing at Brooklyn Boulders

Looking for some physical sweat-out plans? Go visit the Brooklyn Boulders.

Spend a few hours climbing the terrain at this 25000 square feet rock climbing gym. You can book a coach, use the auto-belay or just ask your partner to be your belayer as you climb up the 20-foot tall rock wall.

You can even meet experienced climbers who will help you perfect your technique and give you tips on how to improve. In addition to rock climbing, you can book some yoga and fitness classes to attend with your lover.

Don’t you want serious classes and training? Just spend some hours bonding over physical exercise.

27. Take a Couple’s Cooking Class

Photo by 089photoshootings on pixabay

If you and your partner are foodies who love to cook, a couple’s cooking class is surely one of the best couples things to do in NYC for you.

Whether you want some basic cooking classes, or you want elaborate activities like preparing wine and rolling some sushi, all these cooking classes for couples are there for educating, interacting, and entertaining.

Taste those ingredients and bond while cooking with your special someone. If it turns into a healthy kitchen competition, that is absolutely fine too because you are there to enjoy.

Brush up your culinary skills and most importantly, have a fun night out.

28. Take a Private Photo Tour

The private photo tour offers a two-in-one experience. You will get to visit all of the fascinating places in New York City with a licensed guide and professional photographer. In each spot, you can take gorgeous pictures with your beloved, and the album of all these pictures will be sent to you digitally.

This private NYC photo journey will be the ultimate way to your partner’s heart. What is a better way to save your loving memories than to capture some of those beautiful smiles?

29. Get Artistic at a Paint Night

Photo by bodobe on pixabay

Whether you are a Picasso reincarnation or you can barely color within the lines, painting and splashing colors onto a blank canvas is always a fun activity.

You can look into the host’s calendar and choose a painting topic that suits you and your partner. Then just get creative. If you need any help, an instructor will also be available and can even help you and your lover to create a masterpiece that you can truly be proud of.

If you live together, you can keep it on display at your house, or you can just keep the painting as a memory of all the colors and laughter.

A number of companies host these fun nights, but The Painting Lounge is an all-time favorite. It takes place at locations like Chelsea, Harlem, Williamsburg, and Midtown.

30. Listen to Some Vinyl Records

Photo by Anton H on Pexels

The Tokyo Record Bar will take your breath away. It is an underground room and restaurant where you can put your favorite vinyl record on the play while you have a romantic dinner of specially prepared snacks.

Don’t let go of the cool vintage opportunity. Make an early reservation as the restaurant offers only a few seatings every night. And really, it can get pretty full.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is NYC a walkable city?

New York City is one of the most pedestrian-friendly and least car-dependent cities in the nation.

2. What is the best time to go to New York?

April to June and November and December are the best times to visit New York!

The Final Thought

Whether you are a New Yorker or are just visiting the city with your lover, planning out couple day outs can be quite exhausting and confusing.

However, there is no need to be confused about how to plan a date night for your girlfriend or boyfriend. New York City has some of the best and most romantic things you can enjoy as a couple.

Just look through the list of the best couples things to do in NYC and plan your day out in detail. Even if you already have kids or pets, there is nothing to worry about as most of these places and activities are quite inclusive.

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