Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo: Your Gateway to an Amazing Stay in the Heart of the City

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo is a hotel that is a beacon of comfort and convenience for travelers. Nestled in the bustling heart of central Shinjuku, this property offers a blend of modern amenities and traditional Japanese hospitality. With its strategic location, it serves as an ideal base for exploring the vibrant cityscape of Tokyo.

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo
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The hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Shinjuku Station, one of Tokyo’s major transportation hubs, ensuring guests easily access various parts of the city through a comprehensive network of trains and subway lines.

This proximity walking distance to Shinjuku Station also puts guests within reach of numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment options that cater to all tastes and preferences.

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As you step into the Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo, you are greeted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the meticulous attention to detail and dedication to guest satisfaction that the hotel is known for. The lobby is thoughtfully designed to provide a space where guests can relax and unwind after exploring the city.

The accommodations at Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of modern travelers.

Each room is a harmonious blend of style and functionality, equipped with comfortable bedding, a fully stocked kitchenette, and state-of-the-art technology for both entertainment and business needs.

Whether staying in a studio or a more spacious apartment, you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Guests can start their day with a breakfast buffet that offers a variety of Western and Japanese options to suit diverse palates and dietary requirements.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the world-famous Shinjuku Station, Citadines Central provides easy access to public transportation, connecting guests all over the Tokyo area and beyond its borders once they choose this place, whether for business or vacation purposes.

Citadines Central Shinjuku Hotel || Where to stay in Tokyo, Japan

1. Accessibility to Haneda Airport

This serviced apartment is conveniently reachable via a short train ride for those coming in from Haneda Airport, the nearest airport to the hotel. This means less traveling and more time enjoying your stay in Tokyo.

2. Accommodation Facilities and Services

2.1. Room Amenities

2.1.1. Private Bathrooms and Air Conditioning

Every room at Citadines Central has private bathrooms and air conditioning for all guests, ensuring a comfortable environment that is not shared with other rooms. The personal space is a place of relaxation after a busy night and time in town.

2.1.2. Free Wi-Fi and Flat Screen TV

Keep in touch with free Wi-Fi throughout the building, and flat-screen TVs are provided for viewing pleasure in each apartment. Whatever you came here for—work or rest—they will contribute to it further.

2.1.3. Hair Dryer and Vending Machine

You needn’t worry about what to bring; hair dryers are available directly on-site, and vending machines are packed with snacks and drinks so you won’t go hungry.

Review of the Citadines Central Hotel Tokyo Shinjuku, Kabukicho

3. Additional Services

3.1. Luggage Storage and Daily Housekeeping

Luggage storage is available at Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo for early check-ins or late checkouts. Housekeepers also clean your residential spaces daily, making them pleasant.

3.2. Beverage Services and Friendly Staff

Quench your thirst at this hotel, where you can find different beverages and excellent service delivered by the warm staff of Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo, who are always ready to assist or answer questions relating to your stay.

4. Guidelines and Safety Measures

The hotel has implemented strict safety protocols to ensure the welfare of its guests. This serviced apartment assures you that your safety is their top priority, as they comply with government guidelines.

In light of ongoing health considerations, Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo has implemented advanced cleaning and disinfection techniques. Public spaces and guest rooms are regularly sanitized, with special attention to high-touch areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, remote controls, etc.

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To support the health of their guests and staff members, social distancing measures are in place in all common areas at the hotel, including the lobby, breakfast area, fitness center, etc.

Apart from physical measures taken by Citadines Central, other technological solutions help enhance guests’ well-being and safety during their stay. Contactless check-in and check-out options minimize direct contact with personnel.

Digital payment methods reduce cash handling. Room service is available with a contactless delivery option for those who prefer not to dine in public.

Understanding how travel conditions change today, Citadines Central offers flexible booking policies. For most rates, there is a free cancellation option just in case anything unexpectedly happens or changes suddenly, which helps avoid unnecessary troubles or financial losses.

5. Booking and Check-in Procedures

5.1. Reservation Process

Extra documentation may be needed before arriving. Simplifying the additional documentation for your arrival procedure will make it quicker for the hotel.

5.2. Validating Identity and Check-in Times

A quick identity validation upon arrival verifies your reservation, hence check-in times that can be managed as much as possible according to your travel itinerary.

5.3. Special Requests and Extra Beds

5.3.1. Room Size and Extra Bed Options

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo realizes its guests need diversity and offers various room sizes and extra bed options. Special requests are also accommodated to meet visitors’ unique preferences.

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5.4. Early Check-out and Late Check-out

You may need some flexibility regarding your check-out and departure times. The hotel staff will try to help you if you want to check out early or stay longer with a late check-out time.

6. Local Attractions and Nearby Landmarks

6.1. Golden Gai and Hanazono Shrine

While in the Shinjuku area, it would be incomplete not to visit Golden Gai, famous for its numerous tiny pubs and restaurants. Hanazono Shrine is a prime location of an old place near this area, representing Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

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6.2. Shinjuku Sanchome Station and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

From the nearby Shinjuku Sanchome Station, multiple exciting places, including the huge National Garden in Tokyo, can be easily accessed.

Amidst the urban rush, a tranquil oasis awaits. Just a stroll from the hotel lies Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a serene masterpiece of beauty. Nature is just around the corner from your door if you take a short walk outside your room.

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6.3. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

It is just a side street a short distance away from Citadines Central. The building looks out over Tokyo and its surroundings, offering a unique view of the cityscape at no cost. Visitors can look at the skyline at night or sometimes see Mt.Fuji in clear weather.

6.4. Streets of Kabukicho

If you like shopping and entertainment, the busy streets of Kabukicho are not far away. This area is filled with restaurants, cinemas, theaters, arcades; you name it! However, despite being known as a nightlife spot, it also has several daytime activities that suit families and explorers alike.

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7. Dining and Entertainment Options

7.1. Close Proximity to Many Restaurants and Bars

Many dining options abound outside Citadines Central. From local Japanese dishes to international ones, there’s something for every taste bud.

7.2. Shopping Streets and Nightlife

Citadines Central stands apart near shopping streets, lively nightlife areas, and beauty treatment centers. Whether looking for fashion items, souvenirs, or an enjoyable evening outside your room, everything is served on a silver platter.

8. Emergency Procedures and Maintenance

8.1. Emergency Equipment Maintenance

That’s why Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo has power loss protocols and clear evacuation plans during emergencies. You will be safe knowing this.

8.2. Contacting the Front Desk for Assistance

In case of any problem or emergency, always contact the hotel reception first. Staff are well-trained to respond quickly and handle different issues professionally.

9. Safety and Security Measures

To ensure its guests’ continuous safety and security, Citadines Central strictly follows all government guidelines issued occasionally, including those made by authorities. Everything is done to maintain the highest standards, from routine checks to revised processes.

Extra sanitization procedures have been implemented throughout the hotel, ensuring more safety for all guests.

10. Final Thoughts on Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo

Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo combines modern amenities and certain services with traditional Japanese charm, serving people with different travel needs and preferences. The helpful personnel will always help you with recommendations or any other direct requests, ensuring each guest feels special.

The hotel also organizes cultural events and local tours so visitors can experience Tokyo’s rich heritage firsthand.

Those who combine business with pleasure will find Citadines Central Shinjuku Tokyo an ideal choice for organizing conferences, seminars, or informal business meetings due to its well-equipped meeting facilities and high-speed Internet access.

The tranquil atmosphere of the business lounge provides a serene escape where guests can work or relax uninterrupted.

Fitness enthusiasts are taken care of at the 24/7 wellness and security, which is fully equipped to allow them to keep up with their fitness schedule while staying at this property.

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