Your Guide to Abortion Law in Georgia

Abortion law in Georgia is now available up to 22 weeks before a pregnant woman can get it, according to the new law and...

When was Abortion legal in California?

Abortion has always been a controversial topic. Understanding medical jurisprudence and the associated right to privacy helps narrate the pragmatics behind abortion laws in...

Your Guide to Abortion Law in Virginia

Abortion had been a dialectic between reproductive activists and pro-life fundamentalists. Historically the abortion restrictions were due to regressive and less developed medical facilities that...

Where is Abortion Legal in the World?

Abortion around the World Abortion is a terminal of pregnancy before the expiration of the gestation period. Abortion and abortion rights were among the most...

Is Abortion Legal in Michigan?

As per the data, there are over 10,000 kids are in foster care in Michigan, and there are still close to 200 kids that...

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