Can You Make Money Selling Feet Pics?


With even prestigious publications like Business Insider writing about it, the feet industry is undeniably on the rise. So, if you are looking to earn passive/side income, this is a viable solution. Not only is it legit, but with some effort, you can even make over $70,000/year. 

Who Buys Feet Pictures?

The main issue preventing people from selling feet pics is the ick factors. The stigma around foot fetishes may hold you back from leveraging your feet pics. However, society is more accepting of feet fixations than ever before. In fact, social media platforms like TikTok are full of users promoting this service.

Additionally, foot enthusiasts are not the only people interested in feet pics. For example, many pharmaceutical companies scour the internet for images of feet. These may be used in their marketing campaigns to advertise their products. 

While a large majority of your buyers will compose of feet enthusiasts, you may also encounter clients like

  • Modeling Agencies: 

They may be looking for foot models to represent them. If scouted, your images may be used to model footwear, feet-based clothing and jewelry, and more. These agencies represent the most lucrative of clients. Relationships formed with foot-based companies are long-lasting and also pay well. 

  • Footwear Companies: 

This type of buyer often works closely with modeling agencies. If you have a polished portfolio, you may be approached to lead campaigns for shoes, socks, and other accessories. Jewelry companies selling toe rings or anklets may also be on the lookout for a professional-looking profile.  

  • Stock Photo Companies: 

Companies actively scout for professional-looking feet pictures to use as stock photos. These will be used by various businesses and publications whenever they require images of feet. 

  • Bloggers/Influencers: 

Social media personalities may also contact you to model products on their behalf. They may be conscious of showcasing their own feet on their feed. As a result, they may be looking for someone whose feet are aesthetically pleasing. Meanwhile, bloggers may also be looking for foot pics to use in their articles. 

Where Should You Sell Foot Pics?

However, not all places offer the same clientele when selling feet pics. For example, if you are promoting exclusively on social media, you have to rely on your discretion to sort through the clients. Platforms like Facebook or Twitter are not designed to facilitate safe business transactions. For best results, you should therefore opt for a service curated to supply feet pics.

Websites like Feetfinder are the answer to this issue. Unlike social media platforms, this site is created exclusively as a foot pics marketplace. As a result of this specialization, Feetfinder offers more benefits and security to its users.

For example, sellers and buyers must authenticate their identity when signing up for the site. Creating an account on Feetfinder requires you to provide a government-verified identification. Only when the relevant details are provided does the system allow you to buy/sell feet pics. Compared to social media platforms, this added security filters out most shady personalities. 

Who Can Sell Foot Pics?

As long as they have a camera phone and stable internet connectivity, anyone can sell foot pics. Any legal adult can sign up for a site like Feetfinder and create a profile to sell these images. However, simply creating an account does not guarantee a successful venture. Neither do attractive feet. 

To make more money selling feet pics, you must learn to leverage and market your content. 

No matter the shape and size, you will find buyers interested in your feet. In fact, many clients may even order specific types of foot pics. Depending on your feet, you can thus market your content as “cite,” “small,” “big,” “styled,” or more.  Images with painted nails and accessories and sexy footwear also have a separate category.

How Much to Charge for Feet Pictures

Knowing how to market your feet and pics helps attract more customers. For example, if your best features are your toes, you should take pictures emphasizing this point. The same is true for other parts of your feet, including the ankles, the arch, and the calves. 

Additionally, your images should be clear and well-edited. Blurry photos can be unprofessional and do not promote trust with your clients. Buyers, on receiving blurry pics, may believe you to be unreliable. Your customer retention rate may thus suffer as a result.

If you can afford to, you can opt for professionally-shot images. A high-quality portfolio gives you more power to leverage your rates. Buyers will be willing to pay more if the quality of your feet pics matches the prices. 

Even if you cannot afford professionally-shot photos, you should ensure you use a high-quality camera/phone camera. Moreover, you can take a few photography lessons to hone your skills. You can also find online tutorials to help you take pictures from better angles.

Another thing you can do is choose a site that lets you customize your rates. Platforms like Feetfinder allow you to set your prices. Since you decide how much to charge per photo, you can estimate your profits. 

For example, most people charge anywhere from $5 to over $100 per foot picture. However, the 100-dollar mark is usually only for top-rated profiles. Most accounts charge around $20 on average. 

If you want to earn more per pic, you should, therefore 

  • Use creative backgrounds
  • Experiment with poses
  • Edit pictures clearly
  • Use a professional camera
  • Market well
  • Choose a reliable website

Things to Remember When Selling Feet Pics 

Selling feet pics is an easy way to earn a side income. With a little more investment, you can even turn this into your primary source of earnings. However, like all jobs online, you must be aware when selling feet pics. To protect yourself, here are some things to know when selling feet pics

  • Use a legit platform to sell your images
  • Use verified payment gateways
  • Do not do custom videos if you are uncomfortable
  • Try not to let the buyer overpay you
  • Be firm when turning down personal requests
  • Do not give out personal information
  • Use a watermark for all your photos


  1. Well, who knew feet could be a lucrative business? Selling feet pics is stepping into a whole new realm of entrepreneurship! Just remember to put your best foot forward, market those tootsies creatively, and keep it safe in the foot pic marketplace!


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