10 Camping Grounds in Big Sur Camping

Big Sur Camping
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Big Sur is a solid mountainous area located between California’s San Simeon and Caramel coasts and shares the border with the east of Sant Lucia mountains and west of the Pacific Ocean.

When talking about hiking, Camping, and stunning coastal areas, Big Sur Camping sites are something that you should not miss. From forest campsites to privately owned camping grounds, Big Sur Camping sites got it all.

In addition, there’s a remarkable feature where campers can make an online booking which allows them to reserve a place in advance and offers first come, first serve Big Sur camping sites.

Below are 10 Camping Grounds in Big Sur Camping covering the forest, hiking trails, and much more.

10 Camping Grounds in Big Sur Camping

  1. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

To explore the calming shade and cathedral, visit the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, situated 26 miles south at caramel by the sea. The Pfeiffer Big Sur is one of the well-known places for Big Sur camping. The place is famous for activities such as biking, hiking, swimming, and riding along the trails; because of all of it, the Pfeiffer Big Sur Park is one of the most famous parks known for outdoor activities along the highway.

The peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains thrust up upward dramatically from the Big Sur River Gorge, be aware while walking around the skunks, black-tailed deer, wild turkeys, or even the occasional bobcat.

A small, however attractive path of well-marked trails meanders via the 1,000-acre preserve, which includes the cherished Pfeiffer Falls Trail, which offers magnificent perspectives of various trails. The huge campground positioned withinside the park can accommodate hikers and bikers. Reservations usually get filled up 6 months in advance, even in winter. The alternative option is to stay at the cottages at the Big Sur Lodge.

Big Sur Camping
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  1. Ventana Campground

Ventana Campground is a privately owned campground that is situated inside the coastal redwood canyon on the Big Sur Coast. It is mainly known for tent camping in Big Sur and offers around more than 50 campsites surrounded by nature. Ventana campground also has around 15 camping sites with safari-like canvas and comfortable mattress pads.

big sur camping
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Alongside immersion right into a redwood forest, Ventana Campground is placed close to amenities, which include restaurants, the ocean, and the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

When planning for a camping trip, Ventana campground is one of the most known places among Big Sur camping sites.

  1. Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins

The Big Sur Campground & Cabins provides Camping and accommodations with keeping families in mind. Enjoy with your family in various styles of cabins, such as rustic cabins and fully appliances-equipped cabins. Big Sur campgrounds are present around the coastal redwoods and magnificent Big Sur river.

Big Sur Campgrounds and cabins are well-known and visited when talking about Big Sur Camping sites.

  • About Campsites and Cabins

If you are seeking out the way to Camping but don’t have the proper material or a place to do it, then camping cabins can help you out. Situated around the river, every house consists of a queen mattress with linens, blankets, and towels present at the bathhouse.

Just carry your light and handy camp range and you are prepared to go. Few things to note are that the units are not heated, and no heaters are allowed. Please keep your pets at home.

  • Tent Sites

Set your tent sites around the beautiful redwood trees and take the best out of the most stunning scenery. Provided picnic table and fire pit and bathhouse with hot showers add to the best stay in the tent sites.

The tent sites can accommodate about 5 people max.

  • Activities

Big Sur Campground and Cabins gives numerous sports for people of every age to enjoy and make the best out of their visit. Big Sur Camping offers various activities so that visitors can spend their time without getting bored. Enjoy activities such as swimming, or rent the inner tubes at the river. Take a look at the stunning towering redwoodsOr experience the trip around the campfire. Visitors can also enjoy playing games like volleyball and basketball, and playgrounds are also provided for children.

  • Camp Store

Camp Stores in Big Sur camping sites offer various essential items for all the campers. The camp shop contains a small however beneficial choice of snacks, beverages, groceries, and camping supplies, which includes firewood and ice. One of the famous gadgets must be the soft-serve ice cream cones in summer.

  • Playground

Children can never have enough of the playgrounds in the woods. By no means appear to spend sufficient time on the playground withinside the woods! Swings, slides, and mountain climbing will hold the small ones occupied and happy, at the same time, parents can have a peaceful time or interact with others present at the camp.

  • Wellness Activities

Big Sur Campground & Cabins provides well-being activities from yoga and Meditation to bodywork. Yoga & Meditation Stretch your body frame and unburden your thoughts with yoga and meditation classes designed only for you. Cost: Private classes are $150; groups of 6 or more are $300. Reservations are recommended.

  1. Kirk Creek Campground

Kirk Creek Campground is presented inside the Los Padres National Forest. It’s one of the most visited Big Sur camping sites. This campground is famous for its scenic ocean views. The kirk creek campground is present at the ocean bluff on the west of Highway 1 and is loved by sun watchers enthusiasts.

Kirk Creek Campground is among the most stunning basecamps when visiting Big Sr. The campground is located five miles north of Sand Dollar Beach which is the area’s longest sand beach and seventeen miles south of the Park.

Kirk Creek Campground consists of around 33 non-powered sites for tents. The campsite is spread around the stretched slop above the coastal bluff. The higher pitch of the terrain makes it easier to take a look at stunning views around the camp.

  1. San Simeon Creek Campground

20 miles south of the Ragged stones San Simeon Camping is one of the closest options for Big Sur camping, also known as Gateway to Big Sur. It is famous for its beaches alongside the coast. Also called the home to the well-known Hearst Castle.

This campground is also one of the most well-known Big Sur camping sites. San Simeon Creek campground provides around 200 sites that are available for tent camping and has about 130 sites near the ocean provided with facilities like showers and toilets nearby.

One can go five miles north to the campground to check out the elephant seals. To explore some scenic views, you can explore the Piedra Blancas Elephant Seal Rockery.

  1. Andrew Molera State Parks

Different attractions at this Big Sur state park incorporate fishing and mountain trekking trails. It is the biggest state park and also a well-known Big Sur camping spot. Andrew Molera State Park’s climbing trails meander through a wide variety of nature, from scenic shore to peaceful rive stream, from redwood-studded edges to lush green grass glades.

Named after the one who carried the artichoke to California, Andrew Molera State Park likewise is the home of numerous historical structures, remembering the most established works in Big Sur.

Andrew Molera State Park is an optimal spot for outdoorsy people. Andrew Molera State Park has probably the most well-known Big Sur climbing and mountain trekking trails. It is additionally the most solid Big Sur riding region. Remember, there is no lifeguard administration at Andrew Molera Beach.

The park has around 20 miles of Big Sur climbing trails, investigating conditions from riverside to shoreline and from ridgeline to grasslands. The California State Parks site has an internet-based trail map that gives an outline; a more point-by-point climbing trail guide is provided at Andrew Molera State Park. Some climbing trails are great for the fledgling climber, while others are a bit tough to climb.

Andrew Molera State Park’s Beach Trail is a simple, practical level climb to the ocean side, close to the Big Sur River. This trail meets the Bluff Trail, which gives stunning perspectives on the coastline from the beachfront regions. The East Molera Trail takes through the part of Andrew Molera State Park that is east of Highway 1.

It has a steeping rise gain of 1000 feet for more than one mile, yet its high point, an obscure redwood dale on the peak of an edge offering stunning views of the coast and mountains, makes it worth climbing. The Ridge Trail has a comparatively difficult climb and furthermore gives stunning perspectives.

The Ventana Wildlife Society controls Andrew Molera State Park’s California Condor Discovery Center. It is open during the top season from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The disclosure community centres around the association’s building with the California condor, yet in addition, they also look out towards the other natural life nearby. Visit the songbird lab, and learn more about Big Sur from nearby scholars and naturalists.

The Andrew Molera Ranch House Museum exhibits the rich legacy of the Big Sur coast. Here you can see presentations and antiquities from the specialists, creators, early trailblazers, and native people groups who aided shape the Big Sur culture. The Ranch House Museum is open for guests during the top season on Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  1. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Dusk Magazine named this place as one of the “four best spots to set up a tent camp on the coast.”

It’s not surprising that so many people have fallen in love with Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park because it has an 80-foot cascade, scuba diving, redwood trees, and shoreline areas perfectly situated for whale watching.

One of the most intriguing and beautiful views along California’s coastline is McWay Falls. The eighty-foot cascade is situated in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and runs all year. An “Overlook Trail” that essentially starts at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park’s front door on Highway One allows visitors to enjoy the park’s beautiful scenery.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is an incredibly well-known spot for climbing. Whale watchers gather at coastal locations to observe whale migration; a select handful is fortunate enough to witness whales enter the harbour. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns Underwater Area is an outstanding scuba site.

Two ecological tent camping spots with climb-ins are available at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. These locations have barbeque areas, storage cabinets, and restrooms in a cypress grove with stunning views of the Big Sur shore. Only propane cookers and lights are allowed at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park; no fires are permitted. The Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park does not allow dogs. One can reserve a campsite in advance.

The Partington Canyon Trail is a less popular trail that can be located 2 miles north of the park’s entrance on Highway One. As it descends to the sea and through a stone path, jumpers primarily use it to enter the ocean.

For further information, visit the California State Parks website and look at the online path map. Oceanfront access is not available at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

  1. Redwood Sites, Limekiln State Park Campground

The Redwood site, Limekiln state park, is halfway between Morro Bay and Monterey. It’s a 716-acre park that includes an entrance from highway one and there you can find out a 29- sites campground. The redwood sites is one of the most well-known Big Sur camping sites. Campers visiting there have access to beaches and hiking trails to the Limekiln canyon, Limekiln falls, and historical sites there. A few sites are also present at the redwood sites along Limelkin Creek.

The campground located at Limekiln park is divided into 2 areas. Redwood sites are situated at the inside lands of the campground and at the beginning of the trail entrance of Limekiln canyon. These campsites are present along Limekiln creek in a forest of redwood sites.

Whereas the oceanic sites are situated on the coastal areas of campgrounds near a bridge across limekiln creek. Two sites are roosted a little above other sites so that people can have better views of the Pacific Ocean.

In between the campsites and beaches, highway 1 comes across transversing the canyon on a huge concrete bridge. Each campsite present at the limekiln state parks is provided with a picnic table and fire rings. At the campsites, the gathering of wood is not allowed, but you can purchase the firewood from the campground.

Also, the campgrounds have the facilities such as showers, toilets, and water for drinking. Pets are allowed at the campground with leashes, but remember that pets are not allowed to move outside the campground park trails. The place is said to be not suitable for swimming activities as waves crashing can cause damage.

The Management of California State Parks well sustains the limekiln state park. Once the payment has been done, you can enter the other present California state park without providing any additional fees. This place is a must when going to Big Sur camping.

  1. Big Sur River Camping ( Fernwood Campground)

Fernwood Campground and Resort is situated near the Big Sur stream and shares a delightful view of the campsite with you. These campgrounds are situated close to the Big Sur River lining Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and offer the best setting up camp involvement with Big Sur.

All campgrounds accompany an outdoor table and a fire ring. This gives you a direct entrance to the park and every facility provided at the Fernwood Resort. The camping area has two shower houses with hot showers for visitors. Moreover, there is a dishwashing region and a clothing area. Large numbers of the camping areas have water and power supply.

Fernwood Resort offers a rustic kind of environment in Big Sur. The resort has a sun porch and mountain views. Visitors can enjoy the meal at the resort and also can drink at the bar located inside the resort. Also, the facility of free parking is present at the resort.

Rooms with forest views are also available at the resort. Rooms are provincial and frequently provide a woods view. There are no telephones, TV, or refrigerators in the room.

Also, places such as gift shops, lounges, shops, and cash machines are present at the resort. The grill facility provided at the resort creates a family-friendly environment and live music adds more positivity to it.

  1. Plaskett Creek Campground ( Known For Tent Camping)

The Plaskett Creek Campground is managed by Los Parades National Forest. The campground provides a scenic walking session from Sand dollar beach, which is known as the largest sand beach in Big Sur.

Plaskett Campground is a well-known area because of its lush green places and beautiful parks with sittings provided. The campground provides comfy sites so that visitors can have a relaxing stay at the Los Padres Forest. The Plaskett Creek provides visitors access to several activities, such as water activities and roaming around with scenic views of forests and hills.

The Plaskett Creek Campground has around 44 sites along the east of Highway 1. It is one of the best Big Sur camping spots known for tent camping and camping trails. The sounds of the ocean nearby are easily audible from the tent. Also, the campers who have been registered at the park have the access to water taps and toilets.

Important Camping Tips

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The following was the list of stunning places in Big Sur for an amazing camping experience, but there are a few essential tips one should always keep in mind while or before Camping.

  • Plan Your Activities in Advance

When planning a camping trip, you should always plan the trip out in advance, such as places to go, distance from one place to another, facilities provided, activities provided for people of different ages, and essential information regarding the place; this helps in enjoying the trip fully and helps cover the places you planned with sufficient amount of time.

  • Take A First Aid Kit

Nobody knows what happens on a trip; this is not meant to scare you in any way but to keep you aware of things that could happen on a camping trip. Having a first aid kit with all the essentials can be a blessing in disguise, so it’s always necessary to have a first aid kit by your side.

  • Pre-plan For a Bad Weather

Again, nobody knows when the weather can change and how it could affect you and your plans, so pre-planning makes it easy for you to face any difficulties during the camping trip. Such as keeping enough amount of warm clothes and sun protection.

  • Being Over-Prepared is Never a Wrong Decision

Keeping picnic tables, enough food, and water, and having things accordingly will only be an advantage when going for a camping trip. Packing light is preferred majority, but being over-prepared can be an advantage when going on trips like these because one can never know what situations they may go through.

We hope the article with the information regarding 10 Camping Grounds In Big Sur Camping turned out to be useful. Big Sur is a beautiful place and is well-known for its camping sites. All the campers and hikers should at least explore the place once and have a bag full of memories for a lifetime. Also, always follow the given tips for a better experience on a camping trip.


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