Breweries In Portland: 10 Most Popular Breweries In Portland

breweries in Portland
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Portland city has become one of the most spirits-selling cities. It can be called an epicenter of the craft brew community. Portland is called the epicenter for a good reason. It accounts for about 70 breweries, and all the breweries in Portland are award-winning. The brewmaster of the breweries in Portland are also award-winners and have numerous years of experience making different beer tastes.

If you visit Portland, only then will you notice the number of breweries in Portland. There are even some cities in the entire world that do not have a single brewery. On the other hand, Portland has an exceptional brewery in every corner of the town. Sorting the best breweries in Portland will be a pretty tough task. However, if you still wish to find out about the exceptionally good Oregon breweries, you can follow this article.

In this article, you will learn about some of the finest breweries in Portland, which have been running for decades. The breweries in Portland have delivered fine craft beers, other wines, and classic spirits. When you taste beer from the breweries in Portland, you can understand the real worth of their beers.

Best Breweries In Portland

Portland is famous worldwide for its breweries. Surely, no city can be concluded as the best brewery city for just having numerous breweries. Well, the fact is, modern US craft beer was originally started here in 1972. Soon, some of the breweries in Portland had popped out of their shell and taken the breweries community in Portland to a different level. Two beers helped a lot in booming the brewery business in Portland.

The two famous ancient beer includes the Anchor Brewing Company’s Liberty Ale and the famous Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. These are two craft beers many citizens love and are sold in huge numbers in the breweries in Portland. These two craft beers can still be found in some of the breweries in Portland.

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Portland city is now surrounded by much local farmland with numerous hop vines, wine grapes, and fruit trees which are the ingredients for making the brews. The brewmasters in Portland breweries use fine fresh ingredients and prepare the ales with ultimate precautions and perfection. Portland, Oregon, is mainly known for its ales and beer.

The Portland breweries will take you to a nostalgic memory of your grandparent’s time. You will see many breweries that have strived for years and are still running successfully. You will notice that the old breweries are the main pillars of the brewing community in Portland city. Let’s check out the best breweries in Portland without wasting any more time.

1. Upright Brewing Company

This brewing house is often called the brewing community’s underdog in Portland, Oregon. However, you will find some locals referring you to visit this brewery and have their craft beers.

Despite being the most underrated brewing house in all of the breweries in Portland, Upright Brewing Company has been serving the best brews in the entire city under the head brewer and owner Alex Ganum since 1996. 

Upright Brewing Company is very skillful in making farmhouse beers. Their ales are very popular all over Oregon, and their brews are considered the Great Portland Beer. However, they are currently shifting their old traditional methods and focusing on more modern methods, which helps them make multiple brews simultaneously.

The beers here are relatively very smooth, and the taprooms will give you a relaxed vibe. To describe this brewing company, you must include their sours, good vibes, and special ales. To get to this brewery, you must head to 240 N Broadway, Portland.

2. Von Ebert Brewing

This brewery has become a go-to spot for most beer lovers. Even if you ask some beer enthusiasts in Portland about the best breweries in Portland, they will recommend you to visit the Von Ebert Brewing company. Some locals and visitors consider this place their first choice and even place them on their list of the top 35 breweries in Portland, Oregon.

During the brewery’s opening, Von Ebert Brewing took over the renowned place of Commons Brewery, a very successful brewery. The owner of this brewery, Tom Cook (who found this brewery in 2018), is responsible for hiring the Common Brewery’s top brewmasters. 

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These two brewers of Common Brewery should be credited for the massive success earned by their current company, Von Ebert’s Brewery. One of the brewers is responsible for the Glendoveer location, and he mainly prepares the hazy IPAS with delicious stouts, pilsners, and hazes. On the other hand, Sean is responsible for making the sours and lagers and is also responsible for the Pearl location.

Von Ebert’s Brewing company has four locations, and the best part of this brewery is that you can’t go wrong with anything on its menu. To visit this brewery, you must check the 13th Ave. Portland.

3. Ruse Brewing

This brewery is another special brewery that has excelled in the tough competition of the best breweries in Portland, Oregon. Ruse Brewing was founded by two friends, Shaun Kalis and Devin Benware, in 2015, who wished to produce the best beer in Portland with the help of some creativity and pure science.

To their surprise, they have had huge success in this craft field in Portland, and today their brewery is known all over Oregon.

Soon after, they set the same goal of brewing 20 barrels each month. At first, they only focused on making the sours and the famous farmhouse styles ales. When they were gradually achieving their goal, they mastered crafting every beer under the sun.

Soon after this, Ruse Brewing started making one of their finest beer in Portland, selling a huge amount of beer. The locals appreciated their efforts and the taste of their ales. Both friends then decided to open small inviting breweries in Portland.

However, they don’t serve food and don’t even have food trucks. But you can enter their tasting room and taste their amazing brews.

If you want to enjoy the fine taste of these two mastermind works, you must order the fluorescent farm series. It is one of the best beers brewed in SE 17th Ave, Portland.

4. Wayfinder Beer

The Wayfinder brewery in Portland is one of those breweries in Portland that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Their massive success is due to Podnah’s Pit BBQ, Sizzle Pie, and the Double Mountain Brewery. If you visit here, you can try their IPAs, Baltic porter, smoked porter, and Czech Pilsner. These are also the best brews that you can have in Wayfinder Beer.

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This brewery was first launched by Charlie Devereux in 2016 and is considered the one for the kids in the community. They have specialists in brew making and serve the finest brews. The Wayfinder Beer resides in the SE of 2nd Ave in Portland, Oregon.

5. Occidental Brewing Company

This brewery produces the best continental-style brews. Portland’s Occidental Brewing Company has very loyal followers, and due to its fine brews, it has earned quick success in Portland city, also known as the craft-brew capital of the world.

Occidental’s brews are the finest in the entire city, but they also provide a fine welcoming atmosphere. Combining their fine old beer collection and old-school music can please your ears and soul. This place is very peaceful, and you feel very relaxed here.

You will love the brewery’s atmosphere and will be bound to keep this brewery at the top of your beer list in Portland. This brewing company, founded by Ben and Dan Engler in 2011, can be found at N Baltimore Ave., Portland.

6. Hammer & Stitch Brewing Company

It is a Slabtown brewery run by some veteran brewers of Portland city. Ben Dobler and Cameron Murphy are the top brewers in Portland and debuted under him in Hammer and Stitch Brewing Company in 2020. Since then, they have taken up the mission to keep their brews simple yet delicious and fine.

They serve the lagers, IPA, pale, and some ambers; you will find the Weizen. It doesn’t matter if you are a dark or light beer lover; you will be intrigued by the brewery’s porter. Their brews omit the presence of roasted malt and make it lighter than any other typical beer of its category.

They even serve limited editions of their brews, including the pomegranate sour and the raspberry gose. Hammer & Stitch Brewing company has a menu with fine items. Their food items include vegan patty meals and habanero-cheddar wings. Head towards NW Wilson Street in Portland to find this brewery.

7. Cascade Brewing Company

This brewery is famous all over the city and can even be considered one of the best. It is also one of the veteran breweries in Portland, launched by Art Larrance (owner) and Ron Gansberg (brewmaster) in 1998, and mostly delivers the original brews. However, later in 2006, it was gradually removed from the best breweries in Portland due to specializing in barrel-aged sours.

However, the Cascade Brewing company has more than 20 beers on the tap. Cascade Brewing offers some of the best beers in Portland. Their specialties are the sours.

The Cascade Brewing house has won many awards so far. Even though it was driven away from the top breweries in Portland, it is still remembered as the original master of the sour brews in this brew capital city. Find out SE Belmont Street in Portland to check out this brewery.

8. Migration Brewing

The Migration Brewing was founded by four brothers in 2018 and has won many awards for being the best brewery in Portland. The Migration Brewing in Portland has gained a lot of success quickly, sprouting like wildfire. Due to such quick success, they opened their breweries in four other locations.

Migration Brewing has created an inviting space where the guests can linger over Migration Brewing’s exceptional brews and enjoy the traditional pub fare. The brews from this brewery can be found all over the town, but you will not find any other brews which can compete with the brews of Migration Brewing.

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Most locals who have previously been to Migration Brewing recommend visiting their brewery and tasting their fine brews. The IPAs brewed here is everyone’s favorite. However, you can even have the pilsners found here. You can bring your friends here and order some best brews here. This is one of the best breweries in Portland, where you can enjoy the finest brews with tasty foods and fine staff.

9. Ecliptic Brewing

John Harris started this brewery in 2013, and since then, it has gained success in the brewing community. This outstanding brewer of Ecliptic Brewing is also well-known in the state for making the best Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

The name of this brewery came from the passions of the owner. His two passions, astronomy, and brewing gave him the idea to give this name to the brewery Ecliptic Brewing. You can expect to get anything on their menu with their traditional brews.

Their brews include the Capella Porter, Starburst IPA, Carina Peach Sour Ale, and other sour beers. The brews made here are exceptional beers and have a fine and smooth taste. Harris changes the seasonal brews at least five times a year, and if you taste them, you will understand that it is a must-order brew if you are in Ecliptic Brewing.

10. Little Beast Brewing Company

You might not notice the Little Beast Brewing Company when you walk past by this brewery. You can mistake this brewery for someone else’s house. This brewery is lively, and you will surely enjoy the crowd here.

A couple runs this brewery, and you might feel like they were made a couple from heaven. The husband, Charles Porter, is mainly responsible for stimulating all the farmhouse beer and pale ales and giving a unique taste to them. Charles is also responsible for the fermentation process of the brews and helps enhance the brews to give a robust flavor. The beers served here have a delightful taste and are very refreshing.

You can’t think of a better way to quench your thirst on summer days than the Little Beast Brewing Company’s beers. You will also find some mixed-fermentation beers, which you may not find in other breweries in Portland.

Also, the brews from Little Beast also serve great food. You will also be served great food made from local, farm-fresh, and seasonal produce if you visit this brewery. The locals support the Little Beast Brewing Company; henceforth, this brewery can be called the best. You must reach SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon, to find this brewery in Portland.

Other Breweries Which Were Lost Recently

There are also a couple of breweries that were lost this year. They both were very popular, like any other breweries in Portland, and used to serve fine brews. Let us learn more about them.

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1. Hair Of The Dog

This brewery was one of those breweries from the past decades, and it was one of the finest breweries in Portland. Like the Cascade Brewing Barrel House, this brewery was also known the produce fine own beer. Hair Of The Dog brewery was a specialist in making some beers through some unique methods. They incorporate several unusual methods, including aging the brews in oak barrels and concreting the tanks.

This brewery has served Portland citizens with its fine brews for over 30 years. But in 2022, they decided to close this brewery permanently, which was unfortunate for ancient beer-style lovers. Due to this, the brewing capital Portland had a great blew in the community and lost one of its veterans.

2. Modern Times

This brewery in Portland can be called the elephant of the brewing room. The people in Portland were lucky to have Modern Times until they were permanently closed. Modern Times even opened an outpost in SE Portland, which had a bashing success in no time.

This brewery’s interior is lively, colorful, and perfectly designed with all the furniture and other decorations. If you had visited this brewery, you might have thought Modern Times was famous mainly due to its interiors. However, it is not true. The main reason behind their massive success was their beer which is pretty obvious. Their IPAs and sours are the best brews ever served in Portland city.

Other Portland Breweries

There are about 60-70 breweries in Portland, Oregon, most of which are award-winning. Portland is often among the top 10 cities for having the best breweries in the United States. So, if you can’t visit the breweries mentioned above for some reason, then check out these breweries instead. They are also world-class breweries and can serve you great beers.

  1. Threshold Brewing

  2. Assembly Brewing

  3. Great Notion Brewing

  4. Dog Brewing Company

  5. Breakside Brewery

Final Note

If you are planning to take a round trip to Portland, then you must head towards the breweries in Portland and taste their delicious world-class beer. You will never get to taste such brews in other breweries. Portland is famous for its great beer.

In the past few years, some other cities have surpassed Portland in several breweries, but Portland’s beer scene is still at the top of the list for producing great beer. This tough competition has changed the community’s mindset, and this is the most profitable business in Portland now. You might even notice that some breweries in Portland have received Oregon beer awards.

If you also wish to visit some of their breweries but have no idea about them, then we hope you have some idea about them after reading this article.


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