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Echoes of Nature: The Black Hills National Forest Experience

Black Hills National Forest has 1.2 million acres of public lands in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. Motorized recreation has become increasingly popular in this Forest, especially in August. Most of the riders come here for a drive, it feels like a bike commercial. But the Black Hills offers more than that.

It’s not just the Black Hills National Park but also Badlands National Park that holds a very special place in people’s hearts. It opens people’s eyes to a whole new landscape. Badlands National Park was the first ever park over there and then came Black Hills.

The Black Hills is very remote and relaxing. It is not as busy as other National Parks like the Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone. These parks are beautiful but are crowded especially during the peak season. But this Black Hills always maintains its charm and peace.

The travel guide plan of 2010 designated a motorized trail system in the Black Hills National Forest. It identifies roads, trails, and areas open to motorized travel. It is important to note that any route or area, not in this system will be not open for motorized vehicles for cross-country travel.

1. About South Dakota

BLACK HILLS National Forest 8K South Dakota (Visually Stunning 3min Tour)

South Dakota is expensive and least populated with lots of greenery and fresh air country in the U.S. Pierre is the capital of South Dakota. The French were the first people to reach South Dakota. It is believed that many tribes have lived there for 11,000 years. The geographic center of the U.S. lies in South Dakota.

It has the highest cattle ratio than any other state in the U.S. About 90% of South Dakota is farmlands so less business economy is a disadvantage but peace and mother nature at its best.

The fun fact about South Dakota is, that each year mashed potato wrestling is hosted. People made it a festival where they put up stalls to sell potatoes and cook meals that are associated with potatoes.

Many of you might be familiar with T-Rex also known as Tyrannosaurus rex, the fossil was found there in 1990. They called the T-Rex as Sue. If you are very interested in seeing the fossil, then head to the Field Museum in Chicago.

T-Rex Fossil
Source – Pixabay

2. U.S Forest Service

Finding life-sustaining water for Elk Fu Deer, Turkey, and other wildlife can be a major challenge, so the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation joined forces with the US Forest Service to carry out projects by installing a solar system and spring box to collect water and putting 3 miles of pipeline and boarder it under the highway.

They set up storage tanks for water. This helped the wildlife to grow, livestock management, and hunting opportunities.

Wildlife at South Dakota
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The U.S. Forest Service decided to provide the forest- with some specific restricted services to protect its wildlife. There were limited services for people to afford. When they made this forest motorized trail park, they set up a few maps that would brief us through the trails and roads and pass a little information about the conditions of the trails during the peak season. They provided rules for the trails and roads for our safety purposes and to make sure that we don’t cause any harm to nature under any circumstances.

Here are the services that the forest has provided to the visitors that come yearly.

2.1. Motorized Vehicle Use Maps

Motorized Vehicle Use Map serves as the legal document allowing motorized use on roads and trails. The map displays routes designated for motorized travel, the dates the routes are open, and the width of vehicles allowed.

While reading, you may encounter routes that are not shown on the map. Those routes are temporary, for administrative use, and are not open for public travel. These maps are updated yearly. They are available at any Black Hills National Forest Office and many local vendors.

Trails, Rails, and Roads of the Black Hills | SDPB Documentary

Paper copies of the map are great for planning your ride, however, using the digital version of the map on a mobile device makes it much easier to navigate the trails. The digital version of these maps is located on the Avenza App. Once you download this map, you don’t require any other source for navigation.

2.2. Roads and Trails

In the Hills National Forest, you will find a variety of motorized experiences for all types of users. The National Park Service has over 3,600 miles of roads and approximately 700 miles of trails. Roads are identified with 3 digits while trails are identified with 4 digits.

Motorized vehicle in South Dakota Forest
Source – Pixabay

Many roads and trails have seasonal restrictions, meaning they may not be open at certain times of the year for public use. Roads might be temporarily closed due to forest operations, for public safety.

Conditions vary throughout the year as well as across the forest. At times, the roads and trails of the black hills will be affected by the weather.

2.3. Safety and Concerns

  • Fallen trees might block access and excess moisture can cause the national forest to become wet and muddy, so you need to slow down and proceed cautiously.
  • Driving through the mud at high speeds or driving around obstacles may be unsafe and hurt the resources.
  • Mudbogging or riding in a manner that creates resource damage is illegal.
  • Repairing this damage is costly and time-consuming and can result in trails being closed permanently.
  • You can tread lightly to get tips and tricks to help you ride responsibly and respectfully.
  • While riding, you may encounter rangers who help you in educating and informing you about the trail conditions, and rules of use and to help in navigating the black hills national forest.
Mud bogging
Source – Pixabay

3. Places to See at Black Hills National Forest

Black Hills Forest has a vast range of places that captures the beauty of South Dakota. They do have historic places like Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse Memorial as such which hold great history. Millions of people from all around the world come here and get lost in its history and out of the world views. There is nothing in this world that can be offered other than these amazing places.

Here are some of the places that are a must-visit and never lose its beauty in every visit.

3.1. Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore
Source – Pixabay

Mount Rushmore is an American national monument. A man named Gutzon Borglum carved the mountains with the figure of presidents. Washington was first, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Lincon ended slavery, and Roosevelt. Over 2 million visitors come to see this sculpture.

3.2. Custer State Park

Custer is a great place for scenic drives, hiking, and sighting wildlife. You can see hundreds of bison on the south side. Custer provides great hiking views of granite unique rock formations. Do visit Sylvan Lake where you can go kayaking.

Custer State Park
Source – Pixabay

3.3. 1880 Train Ride

The 1880 train ride is a scenic ride that you need to take. The ride is on a vintage steam train and two hours long through the Black Hills. So, this is a full-day activity. It gives you a complete vintage vibe throughout the ride.

3.4. Jewel Cave National Monument

They offer scenic tours, historic lantern tours, and wild caving tours at Jewel Caves. The wild caving tour is the most extreme and is not recommended for claustrophobic patients as you have to squeeze between holes in the caves that are extremely small.

EXPLORING JEWEL CAVE | A South Dakota Hidden Gem

3.5. Crazy Horse Memorial

It is one of the world’s largest mountain carvings located at the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is quite similar to Mount Rushmore, but it has much more than that. They have three museums, cultural programs, and a laser show in the dark.

Crazy Horse Memorial
Source – Pixabay

3.6. Badlands National Park

The scenery is literally out of this world. People have used this landscape to film scenes in Armageddon and other space movies. Its dramatic landscape spins countless sharply eroded buttes, steep canyons, and spawning grasslands.

There are many lookouts in the park and each one has its own original and mesmerizing view of this incredible place. There are millions of perfect places for the best photo ops and you can’t go wrong no matter where you point the camera. There is such an abundance of wildlife. Every time you visit this place, you will see herds of Bison each time.

Badlands National Park
Source – Pixabay

The best thing about this place is the sun setting. The sky just looks like a burst of fiery reds and oranges and sometimes like cotton candy with pinks and purples. Each one looks mesmerizing and different and unique. Not only that, the night sky is dark with glittering stars. You can also witness comets over there.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the black Hills National Forest has its own history and scenic views. It holds inspiring stories behind Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park. It is amazing for Mother Nature to find peace and love among people.

With limited people in South Dakota, you will find more greenery. It is truly a wonderful destination for visitors to make memories and share experiences with friends and families.

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