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Caffeine Connoisseurs: 10 Best Spots to Grab a Cup of Coffee In New Orleans

Life lacks its essence without a piping hot coffee, be it a double espresso, cappuccino, americano, or black with no milk or foam with no sugar. These caffeinated beverages have 40% of the global populace addicted. What’s even better than your daily cup of joe is the beautiful places that serve it and the discovery of new gem-like places in your own or foreign city to sit and enjoy a drink.

Today, we will tell you all about the 10 most delightful coffee and tea houses in uptown Carrolton, New Orleans. Whether you’re a native looking for a new spot in your city or just a traveler looking for an energizing drink, this is the list for you.

1. Queenly Conjure

This whimsical tea room in uptown New Orleans is a beautiful fairy tale escape themed around connecting with the earth and nature around us. Decorated with stunning crystals and spiritual items, Queenly Conjure is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the cottage’s core atmosphere.

Owned by La Reina, who belongs to quite a religious family, she has cultivated her dream to connect to the ground, making it a reality in this magical brewery.

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2. Euphorbia Kava Bar

This picturesque coffee and tea house in Carrolton is uniquely set up and executed. With great reviews, better drinks, and a seating arrangement surrounded by plants and greenery, it is an absolute wonder to behold.

It is almost as if you’re getting a drink at home. With its beautiful setting, low prices, and some delightfully unique menu items, visiting the Euphorbia kava bar is a must-visit.

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Source: Euphorbia Kava Bar

3. Rue De La Course

Also located in Carrolton, this building has an old-architecture vibe and a significant influx of customers; you can often find people here enjoying the early mornings with a coffee, sitting along the windows at midday, finishing up work on their laptops, or even just unwinding at the end of the day.

Great prices and great flavor are what Rue de la Course has to offer its patrons after a long stressful day, so if it is a cozy place to people watch you are after, this coffee house is a great fit!

home page of rue de la course website.
Source: Rue De La Course

Located in uptown New Orleans, the Bean Gallery offers a variety of flavor options for you to sample. In addition to coffee, this eatery also offers baked delights and even proper meals such as sandwiches and breakfast items.

If you’re going for the rustic American look, you’ll fall in love with the interiors and the brilliant placement. With a diverse customer base and a unique experience, you’ll be coming back for seconds!

home page of the bean gallery website.
Source: The Bean Gallery

5. The Rook Café

Right in the heart of New Orleans, this coffee house tastes just like good old America; its interior, fashioned in a punk artsy style, is homey and chic.

Though smaller than most places on our list, this brewery packs a punch (of energy with that great coffee). Whether it’s to finish up your midterm assignment with the help of a bit of caffeine or a slow day when you need a kick to get up and at ’em’ again, the Rook Cafe has got you covered!

Home page of the Rook Cafe website.
Source: The Rook Cafe

6. Cherry Coffee Roasters

True to its name, cherry coffee roasters make a mean roasted bean. This beautiful combination of rustic architecture and English artistry is a prime location in New Orleans and a great place to get coffee.

That is not to say that coffee is the only thing they offer; they also offer a variety of hot and cold drinks, such as iced tea, matcha, hot chocolate, and more.

Apart from beverages, the cherry coffee roasters also offer a great selection of snack items such as bagels, croissants, and even frittatas. Come to this coffee house to relax, grab a bite and a drink, and leave feeling satisfied on the inside and outside!

Home page of the cherry coffee roasters website.
Source: Cherry Coffee Roasters

7. CC’s Coffee House

An established chain with over 20 branches across the United States, CC’s Coffee House has some great coffee. Mainstream things are mainstream for a reason, and we get the hype behind CC’s coffees, delicious blends, and an array of offerings. It is one of the ideal places to get your morning cup of joe.

Home page of CC's Coffee House Website.
Source: CC’s Coffee House

8. Hey! Café

A clean, modern-style coffee house with a selection of chai’s, lattes, teas, and good old coffee. You are located in uptown New Orleans, the Hey! Café is a little place to sit with your friends and take great pictures of your beautiful beverages.

Home page of the Hey! cafe website.
Source: Hey! Cafe

9. Le Salon (The Windsor Court)

Based in Carrolton, this old-timey English high tea-inspired tea room is sure to transport you to the Victorian era.

With antiquely inspired furniture and a menu fit for a queen, Le Salon is one of the best places to have a high tea afternoon with all your friends. We suggest wearing puffy dresses and speaking in a British accent the entire time!

Home page of windsor court, Le salon Website.
Source: The Windsor Court

10. Mojo Coffee House

With three established locations, Mojos Coffee House has a well-built customer base and an experienced taste in caffeine. Offering a variety of options for its visitors, you can indulge in a scenic atmosphere and a serene environment as you sip your preferred beverage.

The interior is out of this world, with a color block-inspired space and furniture to die for; the coffee, too, is absolutely to die for.

Home page of Mojo Coffee House website.
Source: Mojo Coffee House


New Orleans offers a wide selection of coffee houses and tea rooms perfect for a relaxing evening with your chosen people and a great beverage by your side. Of course, as coffee drinkers, we, too, can understand the sentiment that goes along with finding a great place to get your everyday drink.

We hope to see you visiting any of the places we have listed above the next time you’re in New Orleans, and don’t forget to let us know how your experience was!

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