Best places To Visit In Michigan Best places To Visit In Michigan

Discovering Michigan: 16 Must-Visit Spots

This state is known for its splendid lakes and various beaches, made up of two peninsulae, secluded islands; yes, we are talking about one of the stunning states of the Midwestern United States, Michigan.

If you plan to travel to Michigan and search for the Best Places To Visit In Michigan, then you are at the right place.

From Mackinac Island to Grand Rapids, the article covers it all. So, without any further delays, let’s dive into the awesomeness of Detroit’s cultural capital.

16 Best Places to visit in Michigan

1. Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island
Image by Gary R Ennis Photos from

Mackinac Island is located between the upper and lower Michigan’s peninsulas. The island was prioritized by North Americans for trade purposes and has been fought over many times.

One of the things about Mackinac island is that there are no cars at the place so that you can explore the area on your cycle. Also, one can travel to the island by ferry as there are no vehicle routes.

Mackinac island is well known for its buildings from the victorian era, and the grand hotel is also known as one of the most knowns places on the island.

This island is a great place to know about the historical culture and to exhibit that the island has shops and restaurants with famous local food. Not only this, but travellers can also have hiking and climbing sessions at Mackinac island and explore the lush green nature.

Here you can add the horse or carriage rides to make your vacation at Mackinac island vintage. Visitors wanting to experience beautiful sunsets must visit Lake Huron to have a relaxing evening session watching the sunset.

Summers are hectic on Mackinac island because of the island’s popular places and activities. To have proper knowledge about the place, you must stay at historic properties, Airbnb, or the famous grand hotel so that you can fully stroll in and out and explore the place.

When travelling, Mackinac Island is one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

2. Great Lakes Bay Region

320 | Great Lakes Bay Region - Full Episode | Under the Radar Michigan

The Great Lakes Bay region is situated in central Michigan. Here people can enjoy and gain knowledge regarding agriculture by engaging themselves in activities at farms. The place is famous for romantic dates and getaways and is a great place to spend time with family.

In the great lakes bay region’s agricultural region, you can explore shops with antiques, amazing art galleries, and much more. Not only this, but The great lakes bay region is also famous for its trails for hiking and having to experience some picturesque views.

The most visited and well-known area is the longest canopy walk in the united states, which is situated in the Whiting Forest area of Midland.

Saginaw is also must visit place in the region. Saginaw consists of a zoo, a market for shopping and exploring local items, art museum; you can also explore the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge by taking an eco-tour.

Frankenmuth is also a well-known city in the Great lakes bay region.

The place is a replica of a Bavarian village. Frankenmuth is famous for its dinners, festivals, and mind-blowing Christmas celebrations. The well-known Christmas wonderland Christmas store is situated here. Bavarian Inn Lodge is a great place to stay as the famous and must-visit places are near here.

You must spare a day to visit the bay City located at the waterfront of Lake Huron. It is an amazing place to walk around; you can also book a cruise ride for a better experience.

This region is among the best places to visit in Michigan. Bay City also resides in the largest well-known antique centre in Michigan. The antique centre covers a block of the city.

3. Lake Michigan

Best PlacesTo Visit In Michigan
Adam Bouse/ Unsplash. Copyright 2021

The third largest of five of North America’s Great Lakes is Lake Michigan. The lake borders Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. It links with Lake Huron via the straits of Mackinac, which is situated in the north.

Sharing about 1600 miles of shoreline with Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, Lake Michigan resides numerous sandy beaches. Not only this, but the lake also combines inland rivers and lakes, adding magnificence to Lake Michigan.

The temperatures of water bodies are usually chilly. The west and northmost beaches of lake Michigan are full of rocks and stones, whereas the eastern and southern beaches include lake dunes because of the winds from the west region.

Many beaches with dunes and scenic views share their shorelines with Lake Michigan, such as Oval Beach, Ludington State Park, Indiana Dunes National park, Silver lake State Park and many more.

4. Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula is known as one of the best places to visit in Michigan. Here nature is at its best to provide you with picturesque views, views with cliffs, lakes, beaches, forests, and whatnot.

When at Upper Peninsula, you can explore amazing northern lights and capture the three great lakes merging. In winter, the upper peninsula is covered with 200 inches of snowfall.

During this time, you can reserve your stay at one of the ski resorts to enjoy the grounds filled with snow and indulge yourself in snow activities. The area looks no less than a dream, the ice-covered cliffs, frozen waterfalls, lighthouses, and much more.

Below listed are a few things you can do when in the region of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan:

4.1 Snow Activities ( explore cross-country skiing)

The upper peninsula in winter includes the snow trails with 3000 miles of distance, one of the main reasons the upper peninsula is known as the nation’s most popular destination for snowmobiling.

So when in the Upper Peninsula, jump on your snowmobile ride and take a lifetime experience of snowmobiling, exploring areas such as the Keweenaw peninsula and the Porcupine Mountains. You can also explore cross-country skiing in the upper peninsula.

At the Fayette Historic state park, you can slide through historic areas of Garden Peninsula; here, you can explore the buildings where iron smelting took place.

Cross-country skiing is a five-mile distance which includes 1.5 miles of hiking trails near Lake Michigan, and you can also explore the white cliffs of Snail harbour during cross-country skiing.

4.2 Mine Tour

The Mine Tour is one of the famous activities to indulge yourself in when in the Upper Peninsula.

Keweenaw Peninsula is known as one of the spots in the nation for its copper manufacture. Visitors who take up the Mine tour explore the underground to check the iron and copper which were extracted by miners.

During the Mine Tour, you can explore the Quincy Mine Properties, Iron Mines, Delaware copper Mines and much more.

4.3 Bird Spotting

The Upper Peninsula is prominently known for its bird-spotting activities. There are more than hundreds of birds and the largest groups of Hawks and eagles.

Visit the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory to explore numerous species of birds. Upper Peninsula is one of the best places to visit in Michigan to do bird spotting.

5. Belle Isle Park

Best Places To Visit In Michigan
Walter Martin/ Unsplash. Copyright 2022

One of the most special state parks in Michigan is Belle Isle Park. It was formed in 1845. Belle Isle Park covers about 982 acres of area and is known as one of the largest island parks in the United States. It is situated close to the US-Canada border near the Detroit river.

About three lakes are situated inside the park’s borders, a massive area of woodlands and shorelines with picturesque views of Ontario, Windsor, and Detroit.

The Belle Isle park includes various exploring places such as Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, Belle Island Aquarium, and Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse.

Belle Isle Park is one of the best places to visit in Michigan. Inside Belle Isle Park, you can also indulge yourself in activities such as picnics, biking, boating, watercraft, and much more.

Not only this, but the park also includes boat houses, a yacht club, and a golf range.

6. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Best Places To Visit In Michigan
Mike Setchell/ Unsplash. Copyright 2017

The Pictured Rocks National Seashore is situated at the Lake Superior south shore. The landscapes of the shore are filled with beaches, dunes, and cliffs. The seashore got its name from shades of iron and copper found inside the coast’s rocks.

The Pictured Rocks National Seashore is famous for camping and hiking sessions. Here visitors can indulge themselves in nature. The inside area of the seashore is the forest wrapped with rivers and lakes.

During winter, visitors can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, and snowmobiling.

When at the Pictured Rocks National Seashore, you can also visit the Grand Island National Recreation area, which is nearby. The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is among the best places to visit in Michigan.

7. Isle Royale National Park

It is located in the northwest region of Lake Superior, near the Canadian frontier borders. The area is covered in 432 miles of squares wrapped with streams, forests, lakes, and diverse wildlife, which includes moose, ospreys, falcons, foxes, and much more.

The Isle Royale National Park is famous for its wilderness and remote location; here, you can connect with wild nature with fewer crowns. You can easily reach the island with the help of seaplanes or boats.

You can have a hiking session at the park or take up boating rides to explore the park properly. Isle Royale National park is among the best places to visit in Michigan.

8. Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a university in Michigan that covers about 2800 acres.

The Power Centre For the Performing Arts, Law Quadrangle, Natural History Museum, and many more well-known buildings are located inside the university of Michigan.

The University of Michigan Museum of Art and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, which houses collections from Mediterranean civilizations, are located in Ann Arbor.

Visiting Ann Arbor is one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

Inside Ann Arbor, there are a lot of interesting activities to indulge yourself in. You can also explore Matthaei Botanical Garden and Nichols Arboretum, located near the central campus.

9. Windmill Island Gardens

Windmill Island Gardens
Image by Snehit photo from

Windmill Island Gardens are one of the best places to visit in Michigan. It covers about a 36-acre area and is loaded with flowers and dutch architectural heritage.

During the time of May, the Windmill Island gardens are covered with 175,00+ tulips, and during the month of June, the garden is full of rare annual flowers.

The Windmill Island Gardens is famous for Dezwaan and Dutch windmill, which was obtained from the Netherlands in the year 1964. This is an original windmill that was exported to America. The windmill is 125 feet in height and symbolizes Dutch historical heritage.

The windmill is still in its working stage and produces ground flour which is available for sale.
Holland, home to Windmill Island Gardens, also resided in the Outdoor Discovery Center of Wildlife Unlimited, which has taken the responsibility to restore the Agricultural land into its natural habitat.

Because of this hard work and effort, there are about six ecosystems with 130 acres of area and a nature preserve. Visitors can hike and walk on the trails and can capture picturesque views.

10. Frederik Meijer Gardens

Frederik Meijer Gardens is a botanical and sculpture garden that covers about 158 acres of area.

The garden was opened by Fredrik Meijer, who is the CEO of the MEjeir Supermarket chain for public visitors, in 1995. After opening, the garden became one of the most visited places by the public and got its name as well known cultural park in the midwest region of America.

The Frederik Meijer Gardens came among the world’s top 30 must-visit museums in 2009. The park is famous for its beautiful sculptures and amazing gardens. The places also include Richard and Helen Devos ‘ acred Japanese garden.

The Frederik Meijer Garden is one of the best places to visit in Michigan. The garden’s amphitheatre is used for summer concerts and its butterflies and Chrysanthemums exhibitions.

Not only this, but the well-known Iron Tree Sculpture, designed by Ai Weiwei, is also present here.

11. Holland State Park

Best Places To Visit In Michigan
Brianna Tucker/ Unsplash. Copyright 2017

Holland State Park is located inside Ottawa County and covers about 142-acre areas. It is among the most visited parks in the state and is famous for its stunning Lake Michigan views, which are situated near Holland City. The park includes a beachfront where you can enter with a day pass and enjoy sunbathing and swimming.

A park is a prominent place in the state with so many activities. Not only this but the historical big Red Lighthouse is also located here for exploring. Here fishing is also permitted with boating or boat launch.

Holland State Park is one best places to visit in Michigan. Visitors can have a camping session at Beach campgrounds and Lake Macatawa; here, you rent tents, campsites, and cabins are also provided for accommodation for about six people. Other than this, a playground for children is also present there.

12. Hiawatha National Forest

Hiawatha National Forest is situated in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan. The forest offers about 100 miles of Lake Huron, Superior, and Lake Michigan views.

The United States Forest Service manages the Hiawatha National Forest. The National Forest covers about 894,836 acres of area and is named after Mohawk Chief Hiawatha. The forest is home to species like golden eagles, Timer Wolves, Moose, Black Bears, and White Tailed deer.

Iroquois Lighthouse is a living history museum that is open for public visitors to take a tour. Besides this, the forest consists of six historical lighthouses situated within the forest ground. Here you can tour the area to get to know more about it.

Hiawatha National Forest is one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

Visitors here can indulge themselves in activities such as Mountain biking, hunting, hiking, canoeing, camping, riding, and much more. A 4600-mile Trail from North county goes across the forest with national scenic and wild rivers going across the forest.

13. Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute Of Arts Michigan - Website, Screenshot
Detroit Institute Of Arts Michigan – Website, Screenshot

The place loaded with creative human works, culture, and history is none other than the Detroit Institute of Arts. The place consists of about 65,000 pieces of work placed in 100 galleries.

Not only states or cities but people across the globe also are represented at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The Islamic collection of art inside the museum consists of stones, pottery, and bronze. The museum also consists of medieval architecture and antiques from Oceania, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Artworks of Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse can be seen here in the Detroit Museum.

When exploring out and about, you can also explore the magnificent architecture of the Detroit Public Library and then move to the Detroit Historical Museum towards Woodward Avenue, which is devoted to the city’s past and is the birthplace of Motown Sound. Detroit Institute of Arts is among the best places to visit in Michigan.

14. Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo - Website, Screenshot
Detroit Zoo – Website, Screenshot

The Detroit Zoo is a place filled with numerous animals of different species and their habitats representing parts of the world.

African animals such as zebra, aardvark, lemurs, lions, and giraffes live in the shadows of forests or grasslands. The arctic habitat of the zoo includes animals such as polar bears, whereas the Australian habitats include kangaroos and wallabies.

The Asian forest habitat of the Detroit Zoo includes Amur tigers and pandas, and the North American habitat includes wolverines, bears, and eagles.

The Detroit zoo resides amphibians and reptiles. Travellers visiting here can take up a tour of the zoo with a miniature family rail located inside the zoo. The miniature rail inside the Detroit Zoo has been operated since 1931.

Visiting the zoo is a great idea during your travel; it helps you know about the species of the place around the world and connects you with nature. The Binder Park zoo inside Battle Creek also provides a train ride and a wilderness tram for exploring the African Savannah Habitat.

John Ball Zoo includes various animals and is a well-known attraction in Grand Rapids. Detroit Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

15. Michigan History Center

Michigan History Center - Website, Screenshot
Michigan History Center – Website, Screenshot

The Michigan Historical Centre is located in Lansing city. It was the first facility created by the state museum system and was known as a massive education centre.

The Michigan Historical museum includes the artefacts and exhibits of locals, which shows the evolution and development of the state from then to now. The place consists of films, presentations, and modules for a better understanding for visitors to know more about the history and growth of the state.

The Michigan Historical museum is updated continuously to indulge all the latest inventions, changes, and developments so that visitors can look at the past of the state and understand it with better information.

The Michigan Historical Museum system operates various museums, such as maintaining their historical markers, managing the archival collections, and proposing special programs for locals and tourists. Michigan Historical Museum is one of the best places to visit in Michigan.

16. Fort Mackinac

Fort Mackinac - Website, Screenshot
Fort Mackinac – Website, Screenshot

Fort Mackinac is also known as the Michilimackinac, which is situated in Mackinaw City. It was a french fur trading military outpost. The village ran from 1715 to 1781, and unfortunately, the whole village was destroyed by fire.

Now Fort Mackinac resides about 14 fully made and restored buildings with furniture, including one of the oldest buildings in Michigan.

Fort Mackinac is a living history that provides lots of attractions for visitors. The Interpreters work as they did in 1775, doing activities such as cooking, farming, chores, and marching drills.

The area also shows the Soldier’s Barracks houses which exhibit the historical background and hospitals with medical treatments that took place during the fort’s operation and also exhibit the military justice system of that time.

When in fort Mackinac you can take up a tour to better understand, and kids can also enjoy learning and increasing knowledge regarding life in the 18th century. Fort Mackinac is among the best places to visit in Michigan.

Key Takeaways 

This was all about the article, Mackinac Island, Lake Michigan, Isle Royale National Park, and much more; there are many best places to visit in Michigan. Visiting Michigan should be on your travel plan if you want to have a historical experience in a city with a crisp of beautiful nature.

10 Best Places To Visit In Michigan

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