Best Places to live in New Hampshire Best Places to live in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Living: 20 Top Places to Reside

The northeast region of the nation, close to the Canadian border, is where the state of New Hampshire is situated. This utopian state offers everything:

  • Thriving
  • Well-lit cities
  • Plenty of national forests
  • Mountains covered with snow

Despite its size, New Hampshire competes favourably with Massachusetts and Vermont.

If you prefer being outside and want to live near the sea, New Hampshire is the place for you. The White Mountains provide great wilderness regions that can be explored. Due to the presence of moose and black bears along the Appalachian Trail, be cautious when walking.

There are many great places to call home in New Hampshire, and each one has advantages of its own. In light of this, it is impossible to refute concrete data, such as the median home value, public school ranking, and crime statistics. The Best Places to Live in New Hampshire are listed below.

Best Places to live in New Hampshire
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20 Best Places to Live in New Hampshire

1. Bedford

It’s fun and thrilling to live in Bedford, a little town in Hillsborough County. Here in Bedford, which is adjacent to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, commuters have a wide range of possibilities. The drive to Boston by car only takes 50 miles, so it is not a particularly long journey.

If you want to feel like you’re part of a small town but aren’t ready to give up your suburban existence, Bedford is a decent compromise. The area has 21,000 residents, so there is a lot going on. You would expect there to be a tonne of amenities given the size of the population.

Locals in Bedford say that they love to become involved in the community and care about their area. Being both a gorgeous place to live and a fantastic place to raise a family, Bedford is among the greatest places to live in New Hampshire.

2. Hanover

Baker Memorial Library
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Hanover is also known as the sleepy town on the banks of the Connecticut riverHanover is one of the numerous truly rural locations that New Hampshire citizens have access to, unlike many other states. Unsurprisingly, it’s also the best of them! 11,348 residents in this rural hamlet enjoy a very good deal.

Hanover is one of the best areas in the state to raise a family since it has excellent public schools available from elementary school through high school.

In all honesty, the lack of vibrant nightlife—which many individuals cite as the primary reason they chose to move to Hanover—is quickly brought up by locals. There is plenty of character and a sense of community but no nightclubs.

Just a short distance away, you can get every form of entertainment you desire.

3. Portsmouth

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Portsmouth in New Hampshire was in a tight competition for first or second place.

Unfortunately, it places third despite comparing favourably to Hanover and Bedford on paper. Portsmouth’s top-notch public schools make it a great city for families with small children. The government has given every one of the five schools in the area an A rating.

This could be considered among the best places to live in New Hampshire, as despite being in an urban location, Portsmouth has exceptionally low crime rates and is the kind of city where kids may still play outside on the sidewalk.

Locals love Portsmouth because it has a great atmosphere and is highly family-friendly. However, they point out that compared to other parts of the state, Portsmouth has a little higher cost of living or housing.

4. Amherst

Amherst is yet another adorable and charming community, or to put it simply, a very rural region in charming Hillsborough County. Amherst is one of the best towns in New Hampshire to raise a family and deserves to be in the top 5, but why?

One is that fewer crimes are perpetrated there than elsewhere. The neighbourhood police respond swiftly and effectively to sporadic theft or small theft incidents thanks to low crime rates.

Comparable to the rest of the state but somewhat higher than the national average is Amherst’s home value. It’s a trade-off since more expensive housing makes better facilities and schools more accessible.

5. Durham

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Durham
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North of Newmarket in Strafford County is the little town of Durham, which flows around the Great Bay. The fact that Durham’s crime statistics indicate low crime rates is definitely an advantage. The University of New Hampshire campus, which is situated in the northeast of the suburb, contributes to the area’s diversity.

Durham has a number of magnificent homes. It is absolutely worthwhile to take Durham real estate into account as both an investment and your next home, even though it is a little out of reach for many young families.

A magnificent waterfront home with four bedrooms and bathrooms, a double garage, and a long private driveway can be yours for a hefty $995,500, despite the neighbourhood’s $301,100 median home value. It also comes with a double garage and a long private driveway.

6. Lee

Lee New Hampshire (NH) Real Estate Tour

The rural neighbourhood of Lee strikes the perfect combination between access to commuter routes and rural living; Highway 4 passes through the northern part of the area and will get you to Portsmouth and Concord in less than an hour.

One of the best places to live in New Hampshire and buy a home is Lee, which is New Hampshire’s second-best neighbourhood. Even though Lee is a comparatively affluent community with an average household income of $95,000, it is by no means a privileged one.

There are several houses for sale that have huge gardens that are surrounded by lush landscaping. For Lee, the convenience of travelling to New Hampshire’s breathtaking rural areas is a major plus. Locals simply need to travel the shortest distances to be near nature.

7. Greenland

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Greenland - Website, Screenshot
Best Places to live in New Hampshire – Greenland – Website, Screenshot

The bayside region of Greenland is among the best places to live in New Hampshire; thus, real estate there sells quickly. However, there are many different types of properties to look into away from the coastline.

The average cost of a home in Greenland is about $389,200, but if you can afford to go higher, you’ll be well-compensated. A large & majestic family house price with four bedrooms and three bathrooms is £699,000 and would make a comfortable family home as well as an excellent investment.

The decreased crime rates associated with affluent neighbourhoods will be advantageous to everyone. Due to the poorer area, the town has a very small population.

8. Windham

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Windham - Website, Screenshot
Best Places to live in New Hampshire – Windham – Website, Screenshot

As one of the best places to live in New Hampshire, Windham offers the following benefits:

  • Good housing options
  • Low crime rates
  • Good schools.

It is difficult to criticize. With 14,104 residents, Windham is within a short distance from Boston’s downtown, providing its residents with a wealth of work prospects and convenient commuting options.

Given that Windham is the suburb most favoured by millennials and has so many wonderful attributes, you might expect to see Windham grow in the New Hampshire region over the next years.

Windham, where the median rent is around $2,000 per month, is hardly the most affordable suburb for tenants. One of the most economical ways to live would be to rent a home there.

9. Stratham

The population of this small, close-knit village is 7,320. With a typical household income of over $100,000 and a population that holds a high level of education, it is easy to say that Stratham is an affluent neighbourhood. Some areas of the neighbourhood have lavish, if not outright extravagant, long-lasting homes.

Future generations will be taught to the highest standards with the guidance provided by the Stratham Memorial School, one of the state’s best public schools.

Stratham is one of the nicest places to live. Residents of Stratham note that the town has a strong feeling of community and few crimes occur there. The library program is great for little ones as well, and it’s a great place for neighbourhood interaction.

10. Mont Vernon

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Mont Vernon
By McBarth™ Obeya/Pexels

In the incredibly rural area of Mont Vernon, there are just 2,620 people. In the city, 96% of residents live in homes they own. Despite this, there are many properties on the market, providing purchasers with several choices.

Mont Vernon is pleased to provide residents with access to some of the state’s top schools, despite the fact that there are only two options.

Mont Vernon is ranked lower because of its remote location in the nation. The dearth of employment options may make commuting difficult.

11. Hampton

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Hampton - Website, Screenshot
Best Places to live in New Hampshire – Hampton – Website, Screenshot

Hampton, a picturesque little village, is situated right on the Atlantic coast. Hampton has a lot of green space, making it the perfect place for individuals who like to exercise, walk their dogs, or just enjoy family outings.

Basketball courts, baseball diamonds, softball diamonds, and football fields are all accessible to the public.

According to the locals, this place is a relatively safe place where children can play freely in the streets. Less risk to human life results from this.

Those who prefer lively, crowded cities could find this calm location to be too sleepy. If you’re looking for a town with a strong sense of history and a laid-back pace of life, Hampton would be a great choice.

One of the best places for people who want to live in a peaceful place.

12. Hopkinton

Hopkinton NH Teaser!

Similar to Mont Vernon, Hopkinton is somewhat isolated. Because it is mostly rural and offers easy access to outdoor leisure, the area is excellent for families. Only 5,000 people live there, so everyone knows one another at least by sight.

Although housing costs in this area are high, value for money and potential should also be considered. Some of the great properties in Hopkinton are nearly free to buyers.

You could buy a 4-bedroom house with a huge garden for $219,000, for instance. If you’re looking for a spectacular deal, you could spend $200,000 or less on a two-bedroom house with lots of room for expansion on a respectable amount of land.

13. Atkinson

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Atkinson - Website, Screenshot
Best Places to live in New Hampshire – Atkinson – Website, Screenshot

Atkinson has a lot going for it, including a very inexpensive median rent and an abundance of high-quality rental homes.

With a typical household income of $102,000, the area features idealistically low crime rates and a respectable level of affluence.

Residents of the area genuinely enjoy their lives and rarely have any complaints. According to them, the first three things that come to mind are calm, pleasant, and relaxed.

Atkinson is considered the best suburb in the entire state of New Hampshire to buy a home. If you can, buy one of these homes fast!

14. Madbury

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Madbury, Website, Screenshot
Best Places to live in New Hampshire – Madbury, Website, Screenshot

The tiny community of Madbury is tucked away between Durham and Dover. This picturesque rural neighbourhood is home to 1,858 individuals. The small population is very diversified due to the amazing range of residents; the neighbourhood is a rising hotspot for millennials, as well as the young families and retirees who all live here.

Even though Madbury doesn’t have many leisure options like 10-pin bowling or nightclubs, there are still lots of things to do.

There’s more to Pudding Hill Town Forest than just a sweet name! Dog walkers and runners alike frequent Bolstridge, a sizable park

15. Hollis

The small town of Hollis is located just east of Nashua.

92% of the 7,700 population live in owned homes, which is to be expected in a rural location, making the rental market extremely competitive.

In Hollis, homes occasionally hit the market, but they don’t stay there for very long. There are never more than a few houses available at any given time. The residences in Hollis are of exceptional quality. Nearly all provide en-suite baths, large lawns, and off-road parking.

The neighbourhood is well-liked by the wealthier residents of New Hampshire, many of whom came to Hollis to enjoy the slower pace of country life after making their money in business.

16. Nashua

Best places to live in New Hampshire - Nashua - Website, Screenshot
Best places to live in New Hampshire – Nashua – Website, Screenshot

Nashua is likely a suitable option for you if you wish to reside in an urban setting close to many amenities. This city is situated alongside the Nashua River in southern New Hampshire.

With over 88 thousand residents, it is the second-largest city in the state. Despite its metropolitan setting, this city is home to several amazing parks, like Greeley Park.

17. Dover

Dover is a moderately varied and inexpensive city with excellent housing and educational possibilities making it one of the best places to live in New Hampshire. With a population of around 30,000, this city in Strafford County is the biggest in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire.

Given that it is an urban area, there are several services and recreational opportunities available, including lively nightlife. Additionally, there are excellent employment prospects, and getting about the city and beyond is simple.

18. South Hooksett

South Hooksett is a minor town with fewer than 6,000 residents.

It is a highly safe area to reside in because the crime rates are extraordinarily low. Despite being a smaller village, its location makes it convenient for commuting and means that there are numerous job options nearby. For the comfort of the occupants, there are many conveniences.

In terms of nearby housing and schools, it is a good spot to live. Although it is a reasonably inexpensive area to live in, the neighbourhood lacks a lot of diversity.

19. Milford

Best Places to live in New Hampshire - Mildford - Website, Screenshot
Best Places to live in New Hampshire – Mildford – Website, Screenshot

The Souhegan River runs through the town of Milford, which is located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire.

With a little over 15,000 residents, this town is tiny yet still has a strong sense of community. It serves as the hub of a region of six towns that are used for industry and retail. As a result, it makes for a fantastic spot to reside for those seeking jobs in manufacturing and retail.

Both the quality of the educational possibilities and the variety of living options are very good. This community has a low crime rate, making it a secure area to reside. Residents have access to a wide range of amenities, and the neighbourhood is fairly diversified. Overall decent job opportunities are present here for young professionals.

20. Londonderry

Londonderry, a town in western Rockingham County, New Hampshire, has a population of over 24,000 people.

The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is nearby. This community receives great marks for housing, education, and employment prospects. Because these are the things that matter to working families, it, therefore, appeals to them.

The median home value is approximately $525,387. People with low or middle incomes are drawn to it since it is one of the most affordable places to reside in New Hampshire in terms of the cost of living. Furthermore, it is a safe area to reside in due to the low crime rates. Overall a wonderful place to live in New Hampshire.

Top 10 Best Places To Live In New Hampshire

Key Takeaways

So, the above are some of the best places to live in New Hampshire. All of the places are defined with some major key points which will help with a broader perspective of the people who are planning to live in New Hampshire.

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