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Some of the Best Museums in Columbus That Are Worth Visiting

Columbus is a city with a beautiful culture and history. Many captivating stories about this place are waiting to be explored. Once in this city, you will have no choice but to admire the rich history and its remnants in various museums. The museums in Columbus target different interests, and there is something for everyone’s choice.

Not only does this place have a rich history, but it is also a technological hub. Certain museums here also focus on technology and the advancement of science. It is a city filled with creativity and innovation.

Best Museums in Columbus

1. Columbus Museum Of Art

Screenshot from the official website: Columbus Museum of Arts

The Columbus Museum of Art is a must-visit for lovers of canvas paintings, as it is the pre-eminent art gallery in the Ohio capital. It occupies a prominent location in the heart of the city. It is easy to spot, as it is a striking glass oblong building clad in green-blue steel sheets.

Inside, the collection covers various epochs of Western artistry. The priceless highlights undoubtedly include works by Pablo Picasso, Cezanne, and Monet. All these amazing art pieces have one story or the other. You will surely love this place if you are fascinated by art and its kinds.

2. Other World

museums in columbus
Screenshot from the official website: Other World

The Other World is where the lineup of museums in Columbus gets weird. The extraordinary huge exhibition space is a different experience in itself. It is all about augmented reality and surrealism. You can be assured you’ll take your senses on a rollercoaster ride of oddities through different pieces of installed art.

There are halls packed with glowing neon lights to navigate, immersive real-life cartoon recreations to cameo in, and even secret passageways to discover. Patrons are encouraged to touch and interact with the art as much as they like and always expect the unexpected.

3. Center of Science and Industry

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Screenshot from the official website: COSI

The Center of Science and Industry, or just COSI for short, is a groundbreaking modern exhibit space that has been wowing the people of this region for over 5 decades. It opened in 1964 and has been a center of attraction for tourists throughout the year. This place is not only a science museum but also a research center.

If you are a science buff, this is the place for you. This is also a perfect place to be with your kids if you want them to know about modern science and technology.

4. Wexner Center for The Arts

museums in columbus
Screenshot from the official website: Wexner Center for the Arts

The Wexner Center for the Arts is a multidisciplinary gallery and performing arts center at Ohio State University. You can find it on the campus grounds of the university, which is easily accessible from Downtown.

Known as The Wex to locals and students alike, it prides itself on showcasing national and international artists across various mediums. You never know what to expect – one month, it may feature a striking selection of life photography; the next month, it may host avantgarde performance art; and the following month, it may present an array of art-house short films.

There is always something extraordinary to expect at this place.

5. National Veterans Memorial and Museum

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum is a military memorial in the United States dedicated to all veterans from all armed forces, tracing back to the day of the country’s formation. It stands proudly along a meander in the Scioto River, in the heart of the main museum quarter of Columbus.

The building itself is sure to impress. Resembling a UFO-like saucer, it features windows that mimic military ribbons. Step inside to hear the stories of American veterans dating back to the Revolutionary War. Also, make sure to visit the meditative Memorial Gove garden, which is designed to pay homage to past and present fighters.

6. Ohio Statehouse

museums in columbus
Screenshot from the official website: Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio Statehouse is not only one of the most captivating museums in the Ohio capital but also a must-see landmark. It represents the very center of political power in the Buckeye State. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city, located in the heart of Downtown on Capital Square.

The statehouse is an impressive structure and is amazing from the outside. The museum inside, officially known as the Ohio Statehouse Museum Education Center, features permanent exhibitions that document the lives of local veterans and the development of the concept of citizenship in the US.

7. Ohio Village

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Screenshot from the official website: Ohio Village

Ohio Village is a history museum that transports visitors back to the era of the American Civil War. This museum offers a complete recreation of an old 1800s town instead. It’s typically closed between October and May most years, opening in time for the better weather season.

During your visit, you’ll wander through historic buildings such as a bakery, a village church, a vintage pharmacy, a blacksmith’s shop, and a tavern saloon. You’ll learn about the daily lives of Midwestern residents during the arduous conflict as you explore this fascinating museum.

Visiting the Museums will allow you to excavate your sense of art rooted in you. It will explore your attraction to antique art and culture. You can learn and enrich your artistic sense, which will, in the long run, increase your knowledge of art.

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