best high schools in ohio best high schools in ohio

Best High Schools in Ohio: Top 9 Options to Explore

Ohio is part of the United States of America in the northern Staes of America on the northern edge of the Midwest region. Ohio colleges and Universities are well-known across the world for their research faculties. Moreover, the scholarships for international students and affordable college education qualities make it one of the best high schools in Ohio.

1. Top-Notch High Schools in Ohio

Nonetheless, the school rankings happen by finding students’ proficiency in maths, reading, and their ability to respond. As a result, it is a good metric to find the best high school in Ohio. Let us look at the top 10 Best High Schools rankings in Ohio state.

1.1 Fort Loramie Junior-Senior High School

Indeed Fort Loramie Junior High School is the best high school in Ohio which serves 346 students in grades 7-12. Furthermore, it is placed in the top 1% of all schools in Ohio as per the test scores. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in Fort Loramie, then you are on a very good track.

There are no other better schools than Fort Loramie Junior-Senior High School. Moreover, the best part about this school, you can be completely relaxed about your child’s middle and high school.

best high schools in ohio
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1.2. St Henry High School

St Henry High School has 286 students in total. In fact, they have facilities for grades 9-12 with the motto to bring out good education. The school is among the top of all schools in Ohio and they have a fun learning environment.

The math proficiency rate ranges from 85% to 89%, whereas the reading proficiency rate ranges from 90% to 94%. With its peaceful environment, it becomes a contender to be the best high school in Ohio.

1.3. Bexley High School

Bexley is the best high school, that serves 714 students in grades 9-12. Regarding proficiency, approximately 85-89% of students can control math, and the same percentage of students are proficient in reading/language arts.

The student-teacher ratio is 16:1, indicating a smaller number of students per teacher compared to the state’s 17:1 average. The number of students has remained steady at 714, whereas the teacher population and count of educators have expanded by 12% across five academic years.

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1.4. Russia’s Best High School in Ohio

Russia High School is placed among the 5% of all public high schools in Ohio, with 176 Students and grades from 7 to 12. The diversity score of Russia High School is 0.008, which is less. The range of students’ proficiency in both math and reading is 85 to 89%.

The best public high schools have a student-teacher ratio of 29:1, which is greater than Ohio’s state-level ratio of 17:1. A meagre 4% of the student body is composed of minorities, which is significantly lower than the Ohio state average of 32% for this cohort.

1.5. Mariemont High School

The school has 502 students with diversity. They begin the grades from 9 to 12. The school has a student-teacher ratio of 15:1, which is below the Ohio State average of 17:1, suggesting a more effective learning atmosphere.

1.6. Marion Local High School

Marion Local High School is at 1901 State Route 716 Maria Stein, OH, which in total manages 297 students in grades 9-12. It is placed among the best of all Ohio schools because of its performance. With a mere 1% enrollment of minorities, the numbers are strikingly low.

The proficiency of students in maths is 80-84% and the proficiency in reading is much better around 90-94%. Marion Local High School has even won trophies for the athletics curriculum.

1.7. Oakwood High School

Oakwood High School in total has 705 students and they have classes starting from 9th to 12. In fact, the High school is among the top 5% with a higher student and teacher ratio of 21:1. The student achieving proficiency in math is 80-84% whereas the student achieving proficiency in reading is around 90-94%.

Welcome to Oakwood High School

Despite this, minority enrollment falls short by 15% in comparison to the Ohio state average of 32%.

1.8. Kalida High School

Kalida High School serves 342 students in grades 5-12. The teacher population of 21 has remained stagnant for five years, as has the student population.

As the student-teacher ratio is 16:1, which is lower than the Ohio State level. The percentage of students achieving proficiency in math is 85% while reading proficiency is 87%.

1.9. Revere High School

Revere High School serves 858 students in grades 9-12 and is in the Bath Township the village of Richfield, Ohio. The student proficiency in math is 80-84% while in reading/language is 88%.

The student-teacher ratio is higher, which is 18:1 more than the state level of 17:1. Be that as it may, the enrollment of minority students is only 13% of the student body.

2. Conclusion

Ohio State has a wide range of higher education options including world-class institutes. Ohio has a good environment with fewer expenses to accommodate students. Even public institutions are financed by public funds.

The place offers a tradition of academic excellence with challenging coursework which excites the students to explore more. Studying in Ohio offers a significant number of technical and professional specialities.

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