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Houston’s Top 10 High Schools Unveiled

Parents can go to any extent for the cause of their children. The duty of a parent starts even before the birth of their child, and they always give their best so that their children, don’t face any challenges in their lifetime.

Though there are many interesting things to do in Houston, choosing the best high school in Houston for their child is also the responsibility of the parent because schools are the place where they spent most of their time growing up, learning new things, gathering knowledge about the real world, etc.

High schools in Houston
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A good high school sets the best foundation for a child. A good teacher not only teaches the child but also helps in character building and most importantly in building a successful career and being a better human.

How to Choose Among the Best High Schools in Houston?

According to the statistics of the State of Texas education agency, there are around 2,015 high schools in Houston.

These include middle schools, private high schools, public schools, and dependent and independent school districts. You can always grab extra information from their official website.

For a guardian to pick the best high school in Houston for their wards is a challenge. First one needs to decide whether one should go for public or private high schools in Houston.

This decision can be backed by many factors such as the financial condition of the family, the courses available at each high school in Houston, and the opportunities and exposure that the high school in Houston will provide in the upbringing of the child.

Best high schools in Houston
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Now, after making the decision whether to go for private high schools or public high schools in Houston, parents need to focus on the three major metrics in choosing one high school in Houston out of many. These three metrics are:

  • The local or domestic rank of the high school in Houston in comparison to other schools in the district.
  • The proficiency levels, eligibility criteria, and other extracurricular activities are provided by the high school in Houston.
  • The graduation rates from that respective high school in Houston.

10 Best High Schools in Houston

1. Houston Independent School District

It is the 7th largest School district in all of the United States and the biggest district in Houston.

To date, nearly 209,000 students belonging to different neighborhoods had completed their education and graduated from this public school there.

Best high schools in Houston
Headquaters of Houston Independent School District

This district includes public high schools and some of the reputed schools in all States like the John Cooper School, Eastwood Academy, Carnegie Vanguard High School, and Challenge Early College High School among others. The schools under Houston ISD have a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:18.

2. Tomball Independent School

The second-best school on the list is Tomball Independent High School. Nearly 18,666 students studied and graduated from this school’s campus.

Best high schools in Houston
Tomball Independent School District

Among the many skills that the school has to offer, around 72% of students are proficient in mathematics, 67% in reading, and various other skills.

3. The Awty International School

The foundation of Awty International was laid in 1956. This school provides opportunities for students from age of 3 and above to graduate with the prestigious Baccalaureat in French or a simple international Baccalaureat.

Best high schools in Houston
Awty International School

This school holds the crown for being the sole school in all of Houston to be recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education, France.

The backbone of this school is its diverse talent pool, which also comes together to celebrate the national and cultural diversity of the students.

4. Episcopal High School

It is one of the posh schools in the land of Houston. Being a Co-Ed school, it stresses students’ etiquette and discipline.

This school encourages its students to take on various activities to unleash their full potential so that they can stand out among other people.

Best high school in Houston
Campus of Episcopal High School

In the year 1890, the foundation was laid by the inclusive Christian educational community.

Though being one of the premier schools, its fees are considerably on the higher side, but it also offers scholarships and financial aid to its economically weak stEpi,This school has a community who had a rich hold over its tradition and culture and is always engaged in various social and challenging activities, which gives a positive push to the student to take on what they love and to work for it.

5. Katy Independent School District

ISD, Katy has nearly 74 schools under its wing and holds a rank of being on the list of the top best elementary schools in Houston.

This School has outstanding teacher quality and the teacher-student ratio is 1:15. To date around 84,176 students completed their graduation from this high school.

The students of Katy, ISD are proficient in reading and mathematics as well with percentages of 66% and 68%.

Best high school in Houston
Katy Independent School District

ISD spends a generous amount of $14,084 on each student, every year to help them achieve their goals.

Spending more than the national average gave ISD an impressive outcome since the graduation rate stands at an astonishing 94%.

The Texas Educational Agency awarded an A grade level to Katy, ISD for the measures of accountability and a (STAAR) grade of 92, which is above the state average. This district is highly favored by parents and teachers alike.

6. Spring Branch Independent School District

ISD, Spring is a part of West Houston, Texas. It has been serving 37,000 students to date in 47 schools including, Frostwood and Rummel Creek Elementary schools, and Memorial High School spread all over western Houston.

Having a teacher ratio to student ratio 0f 1:15, ISD spends close to the national average of $12,541 on each student every year.

Famously known as the T-2-4, this school district is very ambitious. Their two main goals include helping students graduate with a technical certification or military training of two to four years. Secondly, the district is helping students achieve T-2-4 up to 72% to 44%.

Best high school in Houston
Spring Branch Independent School District

2017 was a year of achievement for Spring Branch, ISD as they had made the record of Advanced placements and Scholar awardees.

In addition to this, an astonishing 31 senior students were semifinalists of the Merit Scholarship program and seven lakes high school and were award holders of the National Hispanic program.

7. The Kinkaid School

The next school on our list is the Kinkaid. It is an independent PreK-12 college preparatory.

This school boasts a massive campus of 64.5 acres with greenery, parks, and places for students’ amenities.

Best high schools in Houston
Kinkaid High School

This school has enrolled close to 1,423 students. The teachers, the staff, and the faculty members are all qualified from reputed institutions and hold Master’s degrees and Ph.D. in various fields.

The teachers and the students form a family and the school tries to teach students in innovative and creative ways promoting academic performance, along with social and emotional growth.

8. Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

The Independent School District of Cypress Fairbanks aims in maximizing the potential of each student by promising relevance in their learning journey and rigorous training experience to prepare them to be the future of the country.

Best high schools in Houston
Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District

This ISD has a huge capacity of 92 campuses spread over a vast area serving over 117,000 students.

The ratio of teacher to student is 1:16 which is fairly great. Cypress-Fairbanks has an active involvement in the community and the best public high schools and their services.

It also offers many unique and open learning programs that promote all-around education to all its students.

This ISD has its crown jewel as among the highest ranked in Texas in assessments like athletes, art, culture, etc.

It is also famous within the teacher’s community as a great place to teach with a diverse talent pool and students.

9. St. John’s School

The foundation for this school was laid in 1946 and since then it has been a thriving institution—more than 1,200 student study and graduate from this school.

Based on the student reviews, guardians’ feedback, teacher testimonials, test scores, and teacher-to-student ratio it is the 2nd best private high school in Houston, Texas.

The students who studied at this premier high school tend to score a good percentile or grade levels in top exams such as SAT or ACT scores.

Best high school in Houston
St John’s School

Besides all other facilities, the students get exposure to advanced placements and this high school in Houston is actively into many community and social service works.

10. Debakey High School in Houston

Placed among the best high school in Houston in the top 1% of all schools in Houston, Texas Debakey serves students from grades 9th to 12th.

This high school in Houston has a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:18 and had enrolled nearly 1000 students.

Best High Schools in Houston
Debakey High School

Around 85% to 89% of students had achieved outstanding proficiency in mathematics from this high school in Houston, which is also higher than the state average of 37%.

The Footnote

As all parents wish their children to be successful and better humans, it is, therefore, necessary to make them intelligent and have strong foundations.

In this article, you could read about the top 10 best schools in Houston, Texas to help parents and students alike to choose the best private or public high school in Houston for themselves.

best high schools in houston
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A high school in Houston will be like their second home, where the teachers and friends that the child makes are like their own family.

Also, the best high school in Houston, with amenities, sports, exposure to challenges and real-world problems, surroundings, and atmosphere all helps in the positive upbringing of the child and pave their way to be successful in the future in the profession they pursue or the passion they follow.

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