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Coffee Crawl in Denver: 10 Must-Visit Shops

The city of Denver has an excellent and rich coffee culture and is popularly known as the brewing mecca. The amazing coffee shops in Denver work as a community and serve its locals and tourists their best cups of coffee. The cool coffee joints make Denver a paradise for all coffee lovers.

A coffee snob like me starts and ends their day with a delicious cup of coffee made from high-quality sourced ingredients and coffee beans. The amazing Denver coffee shops have got you all covered from espresso drinks and cappuccinos to lattes and frappes.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to visit the local coffee shops in Denver and get to try a sip of deliciousness.

1. Top Coffee Shops in Denver

Almost all Denver coffee shops serve their customers an amazing cup of coffee made with high-quality coffee beans.

However, below are some of the best coffee shops to visit in Denver through my research. Here are my top 10 Denver coffee shops to try out.

1.1. Crema Coffee House

The laid-back Crema Coffee House is one of the best coffee shops in Denver welcoming a lot of regular hipsters in the morning.

The ambiance of this coffee shop is lively, with spacious rooms to hang out with your friends while sipping on a hot cup of delicious coffee, made with carefully sourced coffee beans.

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Courtesy: Crema Coffee House

Besides coffee, this place also has a wide variety of drink options including fruit juices and kombucha along with lip-smacking baked items.

1.2. Dandy Lion Coffee

Dandy Lion Coffee shop was recently inaugurated in the year 2022 and serves delicious Vietnamese iced coffee.

Within a year, this coffee shop has reached great heights and is one of the most top-rated coffee shops to visit in Denver. This shop also has a plant boutique and cute swings, thus making the place very Instagram-able.

Do try out their amazing lavender latte made with milk, espresso, and lavender.

1.3. Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus Coffee Roasters is one of the highly recommended coffee shops in Denver by the locals.

This coffee shop primarily focuses on producing the top quality beans from African and South American coffee farms. The vibe of the coffee house is modern and comfortable with a very bright and lively interior.

Colorado Culture And Cuisine-Corvus Coffee Roasters

Do try out their refreshing Kyoto cold brew with vanilla beans and cream along with tasty seasonal lattes and Cascara tonics.

1.4. Blue Sparrow Coffee

The cute little Blue Sparrow Coffee is one of the go-to coffee shops in Denver painted with dark teal and a pretty garden with sitting arrangements.

You get to experience different flavors from roasters around the world. They have a beautiful hand-crafted menu and specialize in serving traditional beverages with cute latte art. 

Make sure to try out their upstart kombucha, matcha lattes, nutmeg-dusted chai, and relaxing CBD nitro cold brew.

1.5. Whittier Café

Whittier Café is one of the only coffee shops in Denver owned by Africans. The coffee joint is beautifully decorated with African artwork and boasts signs “Black lives matter”.

The owner proudly supports social justice movements and believes in serving high-quality coffee to his customers.

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Courtesy: Whittier Café

Please try out their traditional Ethiopian coffee and delicious oat mil lavender latte. Additionally, the café also serves crispy paninis, pastries, and Santiago’s breakfast burritos.

1.6. Aviano Coffee

If you are wandering around Cherry Creek street, you will come across one of the famous coffee shops in Denver named Aviano Coffee.

The place is best known for its ambiance, hospitality, and delicious beverages. This coffee joint brews its coffee beans from Intelligentsia Coffee from Chicago.

The shop has abundant and comfortable patio sitting arrangements with warm bistro lights, welcoming customers from morning to evening.

1.7. Jubilee Roasting Co.

Jubilee Roasting Co. has one of the best roasters in Denver, thus making it one of the top-rated as well as pocket-friendly coffee shops in Denver.

This coffee joint has a secret menu that always keeps changing and welcomes its customers with great hospitality and friendliness.

Screenshot 30
Courtesy: Jubilee Roasting Co. 

Some of the best things to try at this coffee house are a double shot of espresso, kombucha, and nitro cold brew. You can also taste their homemade burritos, pastries, and breakfast sandwich.

1.8. Steam Espresso Bar

The Steam Espresso Bar is a beautiful coffee house located in South Pearl Street as well as in the Tejon Street neighborhood.

The ambiance of the South Pearl joint is funky and decorated with garage doors and quirky rotating artwork. It has a large and dog-friendly patio and the decors of this shop are extraordinary and uncommon.

They serve exceptional espresso beverages and iced honey lattes. In addition, they also sell local honey, chocolates, and fresh bakery items.

1.9. Little Owl Coffee

The two Little Owl Coffee joints are both located in the center of downtown Denver and serve coffee connoisseurs from single-origin coffee beans.

It is one of the best coffee shops in Denver loved by the locals and welcomes a lot of guests throughout the day. Although the café is little, it has a cozy lobby and friendly hospitality.

Try out their delicious summer drinks including honey basil latte and cream and peaches cold brew. In addition, they also serve seasonal concoctions, craft coffee, and drip coffee.

1.10. Rivers and Roads Coffee

One of the coolest and coziest coffee joints in Denver is Rivers and Roads Coffee and the shop has beautiful wide windows and garage doors which allow the bright natural light to lighten up the shop.

Everything is done from scratch from using top-quality green beans to roasting the beans in-house.

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Courtesy: Unlimphotos

This coffee joint serves excellent butter coffee, drip coffee, and black forest mochas. They also serve breakfast and lunch throughout the day including breakfast fries, cheesy avocado sandwiches, and citrus chai donut holes.


To conclude, the best coffee shops in Denver work together for a great community gathering where the locals exchange personal conversations and meetings over a cup of delicious coffee.

In today’s date, every meeting has become synonymous with coffee joints. If you are visiting Denver, do make sure to visit the above excellent coffee houses and try out their amazing beverages.

Every nook and corner of this city has great coffee shops along with perfect ambiance and hospitality to try out and thank your taste buds.

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