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Best Breakfast in Maui: 11 Places to Check Out

If you are in Maui, you cannot miss the best places for breakfast. We have often encountered people who are in search of the best breakfast in Maui. Keeping their problems in mind, we have come up with an article that states all the best places for having breakfast in this amazing place.

1. Best Breakfast in Maui

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having good food at the beginning of your day can lift up your mood to a great extent. To make this possible, we are here with a list of some of the best places to have breakfast in Maui. You will find food from all cuisines in the places mentioned here.

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1.1. Down The Hatch

Down the Hatch is a favourite destination for both residents and visitors. It provides some of the greatest food on Maui, and breakfast is included! Breakfast is actually provided daily from 7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. It gives you plenty of time to eat before venturing out into the town.

Courtesy – Down the Hatch

Breakfast favourites include Crispy Pork Belly Cheese Bennys, Chicken & Waffles, and the Choco Lava Shrimp Tomato & Avocado Omelet. Apart from these, you will also be able to find a lot of other dishes here.

1.2.  The Gazebo

Gazebo is one of the nicest venues on the island for breakfast, and the view is unbeatable! If you have a sweet tooth, then this place is definitely for you. along with various breakfast items, you will also be able to find a lot of other desserts too.

If you are in a hurry to explore the place, you can always ask them to pack your food. You can enjoy the delicious food on your journey through the city.

The best part about this place is that it is at a 3-minute walking distance from the beach. You can also enjoy your food on the seashore while admiring the natural beauty of the place.

1.3.  Kihei Caffe

Kihei Caffe is the best place if you are looking for a place to have breakfast at a very reasonable rate.

Breakfast specialties in this restaurant include Crab Cake Eggs Benedict and Belgian Waffles. Apart from these, you will also be able to find a lot of other egg dishes. The menu of Kihei Caffe contains breakfast dishes from around the globe.

Capture 1
Courtesy – Kihei Caffe

They also serve Hawaiian specialties like Loco Moco which is rice topped with a hamburger patty served over a fried egg and drenched in gravy. It is one of the most common dishes here and is highly praised by customers.

Kihei Caffe serves you all days of the week from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., so you can get your breakfast done whenever you want.

1.4.  Paia Bowls

Paia Bowls is the place for you if you enjoy smoothies and all things nutty. This tiny eatery is a local favourite in the historic city of Paia on Maui’s North Shore beloved.

Everything placed on the menu is delicious, but the açai bowls are a must-try! The quantities are large, and you’ll feel satisfied when you leave. The staff is courteous and professional, and there are lots of alternatives for individuals on special diets.

1.5.  The Plantation House

The Plantation House, which is nestled among the Plantation Golf Course and overlooks the beach, is a lovely spot for breakfast. With big floor-to-ceiling windows and open-air architecture, the ambiance at this restaurant is warm and inviting.

On the menu, you’ll discover a variety of fresh and local meals. The food here is so good that you will be bound to bring your family and friends here too. You will love the ambience and food of this place for sure.

1.6.  Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

The founders of Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Pastry Shop take pleasure in using local products to make wonderful homemade sandwiches. Along with their famous sandwiches, they also make farm-fresh salads, eggs and baked goods. All the items and pies found here are cooked from scratch.

Capture 2
Courtesy – Leoda’s Kitchen

The cuisine is straightforward and identifiable, emphasizing a traditional approach to food. They believe in coining the phrase “glorified granny comfort food.” You can’t go wrong with any of these pies because they’re all freshly cooked.

1.7.  Kula Bistro

Kula Bistro is an old-world and cozy breakfast eatery nestled at the proper of Haleakala National Park. It is a popular stop for visitors heading up to the active volcano!

The restaurant has been operating since 2012 and has quickly established itself as one of the greatest venues on the island. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, and the portions are enormous. Nothing on the menu can go wrong, but baked Eggs Benedict is just a haven on earth for egg lovers!

1.8.  Colleen’s at the Cannery

The Cannery is a casual restaurant that serves traditional American fare. This Hana restaurant will get your day started right with some very tasty eateries. They are spectacular in serving portions of bacon platters like egg poach, bacon tips, salami, sausages and sticks.

Colleen’s inclusive will satisfy your taste buds and keep you fueled for that day’s road trip. The food is out of the world, and the coffee is hot and delicious.

1.9. Paia Bay Coffee

Paia Bay is more than just a breakfast and coffee business. This cafe is surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and provides a calm environment. It is the best place for a morning meal with friends or loved ones.

Capture 3
Courtesy – Paia Bay

The café provides organic breakfast and lunch options to suit every taste. Paia Bay has you covered for your next meal, from their renowned and tropical-inspired drinks. They also serve egg breakfasts with smoked salmon. Wanna know the best part about this place? They have alcohol too!

This modest cafe is ideal for health-conscious individuals and coffee connoisseurs looking for a quick morning meal.

1.10.  Baked On Maui

Baked On Maui is ideal for fresh-baked pastries and hearty breakfasts. This bakery has a reputation for producing high-quality baked items with high-quality ingredients.

Try their famous Fully Loaded Waffles, which are topped with chocolate chips, berry compote, whipped cream, and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

For something different, try one of their baked skillet meals. Baked On Maui is the best place if you are in search of fresh-baked pastries.

1.11.  Choice Health Bar

Choice Health Bar is a decent place to visit if you are vegan or simply wanna try wonderful locally-produced food.

This eatery, which has other branch locations in Maui, is ideal for people who want to have a healthy breakfast.

Consider acai bowls, fresh fruit smoothies, avocado toast, and cold-pressed juices as some of the great options. The menu sported a selection of fresh and organic cuisine which is the best to start your day.

2. Conclusion

These are some of the best places for breakfast in Maui. Make sure to check these places out with your friends and family.

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