17 Best Beaches in New York to Go this Vaycay

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If you are a beach lover, then New York is your place. The city is famed for its high-rise buildings, the Empire State Building, and the hustle and bustle of city life, but it also has several beautiful soothing beaches.

Also, if you want to calm your mind, these beaches are calling you away from the hectic city life,

NYC beaches are one of the most fantastic tourist attractions for thousands of people worldwide. It has 14 miles of beaches which can easily be computed using public or private transformation.

Located in the northeastern part of the US state, it has a wide variety of best beaches that welcomes every kind of tourist, whether you visit with your family, friends, or partner.

It offers sunbathing and several water sports and enjoyable activities such as surfing, swimming, beach volleyball, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, sea kayaking, roller coaster rides and an opportunity to explore nature trails.

If you want to know about best beaches near NYC. So, here are some of the best beaches in New York, that too at walking distance, that should need your visits!

Brighton beach

Also known as ‘Little Odessa, ‘ Brighton beach is the locals’ favourite beach. Located in a Neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, east the Coney island, Brighton beach walks parallel to the residential buildings. It has traditional restaurants, food markets and eateries. It is within walking distance. Therefore, you will find communities of both Eastern and Russian Europeans, the area’s residents.

This is one of the best beaches in New York. The stores offer necessities that serve both communities. It is one of the best beaches ln the New York City area and has picnic spots and amusement parks for kids. It is a pet-friendly beach, and you will enjoy amazing nightlife and shopping areas.

Brighton beach is also famous for its delicious Eastern European foods, especially for the large population of Russians. Compared to Coney island, Brighton beach has a small beach, making it comfier and cherished by the locals.

You will also find Manhattan beach park within a short distance, offering many other outdoor fun games. Also, free movies roll all summertime in the park parking lot.

Coney Island Beach

Located on Coney island, this beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in New York. Coney island is covered with almost 3 miles of sandy beaches, and it provides fantastic courts for beach volleyball, basketball, handball and the most awaited AVP professional volleyball tournament during summertime. This is one of the best beaches in New York.

It has two amazing amusement parks, Luna Park and Deon’s Wonder Wheel, a family-owned park. The beach and the boardwalk can delight us and spend our time well. One should not miss the famous Nathan’s Hot dogs and the yearly hot dogs eating competition every 4th of July.

Along with other attractions, New York Aquarium is a must-visit, where you will find several marine species. Also, please pay a visit to Abe Stark Ice Skating Rink or the MCU Park baseball stadium, where one can observe the minor league Mets (the Brooklyn Cyclones) play ball.

Coney island is also ideal for visiting during off-season time. Brighton beach has also aneared a distance, facing the wide Atlantic ocean.

best beaches in new york
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Cooper’s Beach

Cooper’s beach stretches to the southern shore of long island, located approximately 4 kilometres from the centre of Southampton. Cooper’s beach is particularly popular with residents from New York because of its huge sandy beaches backed by historic mansions, sandy dunes, and stunning views of the vast Ocean.

This is one of the best beaches in New York. It has beautiful picnic areas where small children can play and make sandcastles. People visit with their families, and it’s safe for kids as they are always on duty.

The sight of seagulls making noises and gentle waves hitting your face makes it the perfect beach in the Hamptons.

Long beach

Long Beach, also known as the ‘city by the sea’, is a city in New York, where a 45 minutes train ride from Manhattan via the Long Island railroad will eventually lead you to this beautiful location.

Years ago, in 2012, the long beach was hit by deadly Hurricane sandy and reconstructed the iconic Long beach wooden boardwalk suitable for strolling and biking.

It offers free concerts, markets, food trucks and eateries for everyone. It also provides umbrellas and chairs for sun basking, swimming or other outdoor activities. It also offers a one-day beach pass to access the beach, rates differing for residents and non-residents, which are $12 and $15, respectively.

Main beach

Main Beach in East Hampton (along with the other four beaches in East Hampton) falls among the best beaches, and Cooper’s beach in New York captures the beautiful North Atlantic ocean view. The main beach has consecutively been top of the list of best beaches in the U.S.A.

The main beach offers good pubs and restaurants within short distances. It provides lifeguards and outdoor showers, and clean restrooms facilities. This beach is a famous spot for celebrities, so one should not miss a chance!

Orchard beach

This is one of the best beaches in New York. Previously known as ‘The Riviera of New York City, ‘ Orchard beach is an artificial, artificial, Bronx’s only public beach in Pelham Bay. This beach offers a beautiful site to the Long island sound and City island.

Orchard Beach is the safest beach for kids as the waves are a bit calmer, provided with lifeguards on duty. It has many picnic areas, snack bars, and eateries, selling all types of foods like hot dogs, nachos, and onion rings and allows barbeque.

Pelham bay park is the largest park in New York City, almost three times the size of central park. It also has two gulf courses, sports fields, playgrounds, and courts for volleyball and basketball.

Robert Moses State Park beach

Situated on the westernmost point of fire island national seashore, named after Robert Moses, who supervised many public spaces in NYC, is a picturesque beach with a coastline of 5 miles. It is parallel to Long island, both facing the Atlantic ocean.

The beach offers amenities like private outdoor showers, picnic tables, elegant volleyball courts and an 18-hole pitch and putts golf course open from April till mid-November. Vehicles are prohibited in most parts of Fire Island.

One of the famous sites of the 200 years old Fire Island Lighthouse, which can be reached via passing nature trails or by hiring a boat from downtown Manhattan.

Rockaway beach

Located on the Rockaway peninsula in Queens, Rockaway Beach is one of the best beaches if you are passionate about surfing. The beach has a shoreline of more than 5 miles, making it the largest urban beach among other NYC beaches. This is one of the best beaches in New York.

It has less crowd as compared to Coney island beach. Rockaway beach provides a New York surf school for beginners. for those who want to learn surfing

You can easily reach Rockaway beach by using public transportation, either a train or bus from wall street pier 11. The beautiful boardwalk, made after devastating hurricane sandy, is a popular attraction. Tacoway Beach, famed for its best tacos, makes Rockaway beach unique on its own.

Jones beach

With millions of visitors annually, Jones beach is also the best public beach in New York, located in Wantagh on the south shore of Long Island, the U.S. It is widely known as Jones beach state park, with multiple concessions for a 2-mile panoramic boardwalk.

It is commuted via bike, car, bus or bicycle. You can enjoy summer concerts in the Northwell health arena. You can also access Jones beach theatre, where top artists perform for the metropolitan area’s residents.

In the overseeing of lifeguards present on duty, one can enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, sea kayaking and windsurfing at many locations along the beachfront.

best beaches in New York
Photo by Michal Dziekonski source Pexels

Midland beach

Considered the neighbourhood of Staten Island, Midland beach lies along the east-central coast of Staten Island, located close to the south beach. This beach provides several facilities such as shuffleboard courts and playgrounds for everyone, and one can enjoy beach volleyball, tennis, swimming and sunbathing.

The Sea turtle fountain is a prominent attraction spot for kids to play. Midland beach, along with the south beach, has its beautiful 2.5-mile boardwalk, which it shares with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt boardwalk, shore extended from Fort Wadsworth to Miller Field’s gateway national recreation area.

It has ample parking space, making it easier for beach lovers to come and have fun with the great food to eat.

Staten Island has the most beaches compared to any other in NYC. It has an excellent land area, and one can enjoy the spectacular view of the Staten Island ferry, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, and Botanical Garden.

Jacob Riis Park beach

It is situated approximately 3 miles from Rockaway beach and is a famous spot for LGBTQ and the crowd. Popularly known as ‘People’s beach’, Riis park beach bazaar is the main highlighting point of the park beach.

Invented by Robert Moses in early 1936, Jacob Riis Park Beach is considered the only beach found in the area that can be travelled by public bus, private car, subway or ferry. It is a quite spacious beach, as compared to Fort Tilden beach and Queens Rockaway beach.

The bazaar offers the best foods in the city. It also organizes dance events and lives shows for the people. It has a great historical heritage, making it a vintage beach in New York.

Jacob Riis Park beach has diverged into different sections to make it more convenient for the visitors to decide. For example, one should not take kids to the Bay 1 zone, as this beach has optional clothing unsuitable for children. (One can choose Orchard beach for kids.)

This beautiful beachfront is clean, well-kept, and offers a variety of onsite amenities for our comfort under the supervision of on-duty lifeguards and much more.

Fort Tilden beach

Formerly managed by the United States Army, it has now become a part of the gateway national recreation area.

Many old buildings and facilities have been renounced, and others recovered to nature. One such building, Battery Harris East, has been restored, with a 360-degree view of the New York City skyline.

Swimming is not allowed as there are no facilities for lifeguards on this beach. As Fort Tilden beach has less number of visitors to come, those who want to enjoy solitude, book lovers, peace seekers, and couples all can visit and enjoy the gentle waves and soothing ambience of the beach.

Manhattan beach

Popularly known as the ‘The Pearl of South bay, Manhattan beach is spread over 2 miles of vast oceanfront with an alluring sandy beach area with soft sand. It is usually calmer compared to others.

Located in the South bay region of L.A., Manhattan beach is a beautiful beach city, along with its two other beach cities, Hermosa Beach and Redondo beach.

There are several activities to do on the beach, which are,

  • Biking and cycling
  • Playgrounds to play different games
  • Sea surfing and windsurfing
  • Swimming and sunbathing
  • Volleyball, handball and so on.

Basic facilities and amenities include; it provides each wheelchair, easy access to a bike pathway, many lovely restaurants and bars, clean restrooms, private outdoor showers, stairs to the beach, concessions stand, a ramp to the beach, and yummy grilled burgers.

Shelter Island- Wades beach

Wades Beach is located on the south of Shelter Island, one of the best beaches in New York. It is a safe shallow swimming, family-friendly beach with lifeguards on duty available in summertime.

Shelter island has quite a good number of beaches for all moods. Some of the famous ones are:

  • Wade’s beach
  • Crescent Beach 

Wades Beach, located south of the island, features many south picnic areas. You can also rent a bicycle and take a tour around the grounds is a great chance to see the island’s easternmost region, which has some best sites. You can also explore Shelter island to the fullest.

Asbury park

Asbury Park beach is located on the New Jersey shore, was built in the 1800s, and is said to be one of the best public beaches in Monmouth County, New Jersey shore. The water for swimming is shallow, with a wide boardwalk facing the Atlantic on one side and great shops on the other side.

This is a pet-friendly beach, so you can also take your dogs. Adjacent to the boardwalk, many restaurants have multiple cuisines and bars to dine out.

You will also find numerous art galleries, handicrafts, gifts and goods inspired by vintage, spots to go shopping and visit the theatre, Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall.

You can easily access the beach via public and private transportation from all city corners. It has a beautiful Asbury splash park, especially for kids with other attractions.

Famous Silverball Retro Arcade made to enjoy classic antique pinball games for all makes it one of the best beaches in New York.

Sandy hook bay beaches

Sandy Hook, the gateway national recreation area, is a park where one can enjoy historic landmarks, including Fort Hancock and History House, nature trails and recreation spaces.

Being one of the best beaches in New York,  Sandy hook has vast ocean beaches and bay beaches, making it a perfect tourist destination for swimming, scuba diving, windsurfing, water surfing, and so on.

It holds the oldest Sandy Hook Lighthouse of America, built in late 1764 and helped guide ships. For those who love nature, this park offers cycling and biking pathways, hiking trails, and a forest where you can find 300 and more bird species.

In the End,

Hope now your search for beaches near me right now or beach shore near me come to end. This information on beach places near new york will guide you to visit nice beaches near NY. These beaches give you experience of best North Carolina beaches including Cape Hatteras National Seashore. After visiting these beaches you will forget about North Carolina beaches.

Before hopping to any beaches, one must consider a few things. These beaches are free for all, and one is only allowed to go swimming, surfing, or other water-related activities when lifeguards are on duty.

These were the best beaches in New York that usually remain open from Memorial Day weekend at the End of May till Labor day during mid-September.

Long island, jersey shore, and East Hampton are all such towns where one has easy, within a short distance, access to all these beaches.

So pack your bags and surfing boards and enjoy the cool breeze around the BEST  beaches in New York because this is the best option to escape summertime heat.

To know more about New York, you can also visit 7 super fun facts about New York you didn’t know about.

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