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Best 14 Sushi Spots in Maui!

Talking about the best sushi in Maui at every price point, from the slight neighborhood favorites,” Aipono Award winners, and high-end creations, with each experience, let us tell you about your trip cost!

About The Maui’s Sushi Ingredients 

Fortunately, much of the Maui sushi industry serves a variety of fusion sushi, which means they can use locally obtained products to give their sushi Maui, and what they can’t grow or fish, they import!

So here are some of the best sushi spots in Maui!

1. Koiso Sushi Bar 

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Screenshot from Koiso Sushi Bar 

This is the best sushi in Maui’s most famous sushi bars, attaining near-legendary status. With only seating adequate for 15, getting deprived of a reservation is impossible. During the entire season, one may need to make a booking up to two weeks in fee.

The sushi is simply divine, and I sense this is not the place for complex or unique rolls but respectable old-fashioned, outdated Japanese-style nigari and sashimi, followed by more straightforward rolls. Koiso is our #1 advert for sushi on Maui.

2. Nuka

Nestled in a small town on Maui’s North Shore, is our intimate, 50-seat Izakaya restaurant and sushi bar.  We offer a range of contemporary Japanese fare, handrolled sushi, and a full service bar and cocktail menu.  We hope you’ll dine with us soon
Screenshot from Nuka

Hiro Takanashi, Nuka’s main sushi chef, has created sushi for 35 years. We know this since we have followed him, ending the Island of Maui. Hiro is home in Maui’s North Shore hot spot, Nuka. Together with restaurant makers and owners Yuri, DeWitt, and Moon, they brought this Izakaya-style Japanese sushi restaurant to new levels.

Featuring close-by sourced seasonal ingredients, imaginatively unique dishes, and amazingly renewed fish. Gorgeously plastered walls, slatted wood maxima with polished aluminum illumination, and spaces lend to the restaurant’s warm, modern Zen sense.

3. Morimoto Maui

A large cream-colored light box shade creates a glowing, warm ambiance in the adjacent sushi bar area. The woven finish lighting fixture recalls an oversized Japanese lantern. The sushi bar counter top is comprised of white oak wood, with iris green granite covering its façade. White oak bar stools outfit this space, while the brushed stainless steel ceiling above the sushi bar reinforces a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.
Screenshot from Morimoto Maui

Located on the beachfront in the remarkable Andaz Maui Resort, Morimoto suggests excellent dining knowledge featuring fresh, delightful sushi and so much more. Sip on one of their unique mixtures while looking over the widespread menu with a gorgeous view of Maui’s giant sunsets as your backdrop.

With 180-degree ocean assessments, this is the perfect spot for a dreamy sushi extravaganza. The menu used fresh, locally sourced ingredients while faultlessly integrating Japanese fixings!

4. Sansei Seafood Restaurant Cum Sushi Bar

Donations two locations on Maui, South Kihei, and Kapalua; Sansei is a long-running home-grown favorite for sushi on Maui. They, too, won the gold ‘Aipono Award for “Best Sushi.”

Friends and families flock here. More frequently than not, there is a stroke out the door. On convenient days of the week, they propose early bird specials with reductions on sushi until 6:00 pm. Days vary, so call gaining for more information, and be alert that early bird times can be very eventful, with the line starting to form an hour earlier opening.

5. Miso Phat 

Miso Phat Sushi serves the freshest sushi on Maui using high-quality fish hand picked daily. We offer a variety of  Nigiri and Sashimi as well as everyone’s favorite Speciality Sushi Rolls and Temaki hand rolls. Our affordable combo platters are perfect for get-togethers with friends and family. Visit us and dine in, order online and make your order to-go.
Screenshot from Miso Phat

Miso Phat is family-owned and worked; Miso Phat has two sites. Both are tucked away in errand complexes, one in Kahana and one in Kihei. At first glance, Miso Phat Sushi Bar may appear like a modest eatery, though North Korea won the Silver Maui‘‘Aipono Award for “Best Sush” in 2017.

6. Lahaina Sushi Co

Casual spot for various raw fish options, plus numerous maki & hand rolls & Japanese appetizers.
Screenshot from Lahaina Sushi Co

In the heart of Lahaina Urban, Lahaina Sushi Ko serves incredibly fresh sushi that is entirely locally sourced and made with excellent ingredients. Situated off Front Street, this location’s open-air patio is a must.

Tucked away among fine art galleries, you will relish eating tasty sushi while beautiful smithereens of art enclose existence. Lahaina Nigiri Ko offers masterfully ready food that promotes Hawaii’s fresh flare, which is merged with traditional Japanese cuisine.

7. M Sushi

The unadorned sushi bar is a piece of African Bubinga wood, cut close to its natural shape. The conceptual and literal focus, it nearly occupies the entire length of the room.
Screenshot from

M Sushi is nearby, owned and operated by a mother-son duo. Chef Martin (sushi chef and co-owner) is recognized for providing one of the newest “cold kitchens” on Maui. His mother is the look of the front of the house.

This Maui sushi spot is miserable and one of the best in Maui. Plus, it’s in Wailuku, a hip and laid-back home-grown town nuzzled along the leeward side of the plush West Maui Mountains.

8. Sushi Paradise 

 You are always welcome to celebrate your special event with us. Our enormous dine-in space can hold large parties without interruption from the outside. Our All-You-Can-Eat Buffet menu has selection of soup/salad, appetizer, sushi and fresh kitchen dish. We committed to use the fresh ingredient to cook every dish. After the meal, you will have large selection of dessert such as ice-creams and cakes. If you do not have time for dine-in, take out option is always available.
Screenshot from Shushi Paradise

This is a no-frills sushi, but we don’t go here for the atmosphere. We go here for the cleanliness of the fish. Sushi Paradise is one of the preferable sushi spots on Maui’s South Side. Sushi Paradise is an unpremeditated and frank sushi restaurant next to the Aches in Kihei.

There are also some tables by way of a sushi bar. Nevertheless, it gets springing here, and the hostess may go you away when the chairs are complete, and the wait is too extended to the house. So yeah, best sushi in Maui!

9. Togoshi

Run by a husband and wife team, Chef Manabu and Satoe, 1054 Togoshi is a traditional sushi and sashimi restaurant that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. I say traditional because you won’t find over-the-top concoctions you often see at trendy Asian fusion spots. Instead, 1054 Togoshi focuses on unfussy classics that showcase the quality of its seafood.
Screenshot from Togoshi

While this restaurant is small and incomplete to a two-man/woman show, partner and wife side (He is the sushi sous-chef, and she is the attendant), the food now is spot on. We love the artistic performance coupled with the astoundingly fresh and subtle cuts of fish. Locals call 1054 Togashi an unseen gem in Kihei. So yeah, best sushi in Maui!

10. Kojima Sushi

They are at 410 Sixth St, New Westminster, BC, thank you!
Screenshot from Kojima Sushi

Chosen by MauiTime Weekly book lovers as Best of Maui2018’ss”Best Kept Top-secret on Maui,” Kojima’s Sushi & Japanese Cuisine is inserted away in a hidden spending center on the Pukalani cross of Makawao Avenue.

Owner-Chef Kojima is a culinary man who began his career at fourteen, working in his parent’s cafeteria in Tokyo. He opened his first restaurant after moving to Chicago in 1979. Chef Kojima is highly observed for his traditional sushi and authentic Japanese cuisine.

11. Isana

Owner John Arabatzis Jr., along with a few of his fishing buddies, bring you the freshest fish on Maui. What you will experience here at Isana is a combination of bold and adventurous flavors, fresh, world-class sushi, local offerings, ambience, friendly service, and an ocean view second to none. You will get the chance to try classic sushi offerings, modern twists, as well as fresh-caught local fish you may not have tried—or even heard of before! Please stop in for a meal; we guarantee you will leave just as excited about the new Isana as we are.
Screenshot from Isanarestaurant

Isana serves delicious sushi rolls and other delights at sensible prices in informal surroundings near the beach. This unpremeditated restaurant has been chosen as one of Maui’s top raw fish restaurants for years because it serves some of the newest fish.

General favorites include the Red Dragon Roll, comprising tempura shrimp, avocado, and cucumber topped with a piquant tuna mix besides unagi sauce. Or stab the Caterpillar Roll, which is unagi, then cucumber outdid with avocado, unagi sauce, and sesame stones. Try to appeal for a seat facing the marine to get those sunset interpretations!

12. Japengo 

presents the ʻAipono Winemaker’s Dinner Series in partnership with advanced sommelier Charles Fredy of Chambers & Chambers Wine Merchants who will guide you through each course in an evening of excellence from start to finish on Saturday, March 24th at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa.
Screenshot from japengo-tastemakers

Situated at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort, Japengo offers a unique feasting experience with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant offers traditional Asian cuisine with a current twist while offering a full sushi menu at its Sushi Lounge.

Snuggled on the white sands of Ka’anapalii, Japengo likewise has one of the best sunset opinions in Maui. This restaurant is optional if you want a romantic advertisement to dine in or beautiful scenery for your next singular occasion!

13. Koiso Sushi Bar

For a truly authentic sushi dining experience, you need to take a trip to Koiso Sushi Bar. At this Kihei restaurant, they only seat 16 people per night, so plan to make your reservations at least a month in advance. Then, get ready for the highest quality of service and decadent fresh fish creations galore
Screenshot from Koiso Sushi Bar

Koiso Sushi Bar displays exclusivity, with a venue cocky a meager 15 spaces; it’s nearly unbearable to visit this unbelievable hole in the wall deprived of a booking, so developing your trip now is a must-do. The wait is well-valued, nevertheless. With the excellent sushi chef and landlord, Hiro, at the rudder and front-row chairs, watching the master flawlessly craft his craft, dining knowledge is not to be wasted.

Its food is a central speaking point and has unbelievable patron reviews. It is located on par with traditional Japanese nigiri from the region itself. The menu crowds incredulous options from angelfish’s liver to ear-shell, which isn’t seen in the typical menus at Sushi bars. Still, with a sushi principal to prepare them, it’s not entirely short of incredible. So yeah, it is the best sushi in Maui.

As stated, the venue is tiny and frequently busy, with very eager devotees waiting to get their pointers on approximately the best sushi in Maui. It is very naive, but the atmosphere inhales liveliness and exudes openness to the extent that you feel as though you’ve been asked into the home of an unspoiled sushi chef. It’s a precious experience.

14. Ichiban Restaurant And Sushi

Quality and value ply the conveyor belts at Ichiban Sushi.Choose from a wide range of sushi and sashimi to the combination set meals at affordable prices, and enjoy the sincere, personal service that we pride ourselves on.
Screenshot from Ichiban sushi

Ichiban Restaurant and Sushi are on a residential road often overlooked by travelers; this means it’s much quieter and more intimate scenery for locals to enjoy divinely ready sushi and other small cups the menu delivers. And with 30 years under their girdle, they’ve maintained a respectable reputation.

With a profusion of sushi options, you can have your favorite profits of maki, sashimi, nigiri, and handmade rolls for any case and to sate any taste longing you may have. Blending local ingredients through Japanese cuisine, you’ll be solid set to find a liability here.


Maui is an aquatic paradise, and it is natural to believe that the food would reflect this. While sushi is not Maui’s main dish, it does have a booming sushi business that appeals to both residents and visitors and is well worth the effort to experience! So yeah, the best sushi in Maui! These 14 places are best for sushi. Some of them bring a fresh touch to it, and every restaurant has unique menus! So visit them and have fun! So these are some best sushi in Maui, that you need to check out!

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