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Bars in Charlotte: 5 Amazing Places To Visit

Are you eager to explore some of the best Bars in Charlotte? Well, Charlotte is situated in the eastern Piedmont region of North Carolina. You’ve come to the perfect town if you’re hoping to give your evening out an extra special touch.

The North Carolina city is home to a wide variety of establishments, from old speakeasies serving whiskeys you may have never even heard of to taphouses with draft beer on tap as far as the eye can see.

The city is home to a variety of nightclubs that sell inventive drinks, rare wines, and well-selected food to go with them. These establishments range from tasting rooms to speakeasies. Enjoy your drinks in a garden, on a rooftop.

Charlotte is a place where there are numerous possibilities for a cold beer and energizing beverages. You can see weekly announcements about brand-new openings, hip pop-ups, and novel but rather perplexing concepts like pour-your-own cocktail bars if you look around. But all of this means is that getting a drink here is incredibly simple.

We’ve compiled a list of Charlotte’s top drinking establishments, which range from dive pubs with sticky dance floors and rowdy customers to luxury lounges with sleek décor. If you’re looking for a place to get a drink in Charlotte, go no further. Rooftop bars in Charlotte are great places to have a cocktail while catching some sunlight or gazing up at the skies.

Charlotte has a bar for everything, whether you want to unwind with wine or a cool drink on a spacious patio, belly up to a low-key dive bar, or explore local breweries. Here are some of the best bars in Charlotte, from a classy rooftop lounge in Uptown to a taproom in South End.

1. 5 Best Bars in Charlotte

1.1. Dilworth Tasting Room

Dilworth Tasting Room is a wine bar in the neighborhood of the Atherton Mill retail mall, at the intersection of East Tremont Avenue and Cleveland Avenue.

Wine bar with exposed brick walls and an open floor plan that serves wine and beer in addition to cheese, charcuterie, and bruschetta.

1.1.1. Why You Should Visit This Dilworth Tasting Room Bar?

Visit this Dilworth Tasting Room is one of the city’s most gorgeous settings to enjoy a glass of wine. This is one of the nicest pubs in Charlotte, with a stylish yet rustic atmosphere. They serve wine, beer, and small bar meals either inside the bar or on their cozy open-air terrace outside.

Your704: Dilworth Tasting Room

Dilworth Tasting Room is a wine bar with a trendy, international vibe and an exceptional cocktail menu.

The owner and sommelier of the establishment, Jaffer Kovic, took a great effort in compiling the wine list, which has a significant number of Croatian wines in recognition of his background.

Top-notch wine bar The Dilworth Tasting Room has a fantastic cocktail menu.

1.1.2. What Does This Bar Offer? 

The atmosphere inside is international and stylish, but the ethereal rear patio, with its low-lying trees and stone-lined pathways, seems like another planet entirely.

The owner of the restaurant named Jaffer Kovic chooses all the wines and he is the one who has created an amazing list of options by the bottle and the glass that honors his Croatian background with several Croatian selections.

You can sip your beverage and nibble on cheese and charcuterie outside in the courtyard area. Even though the interior has a cozy red couch that is a signature feature, the atmosphere is created by the exterior.

In warmer months, grab a drink and take a seat in the courtyard area, which features a koi pond. Expect seasonal menu changes that feature wholesome, shared foods all year long.

Additionally, if you want to do something special, it’s a great place to host an event. Very quaint and adorable location. The atmosphere was lovely. The patio was adorable and a great spot to spend pleasant evenings.

The drinks were not only wonderful but also highly artistic and creative. A must-have item is highly meaty, perfectly seasoned crab cakes. A place to go on a date, for a girls’ night out, or pre-show small plates and cocktails!

Try their Uptown flatbread, cheese, and salami combo, classic bruschetta, or their truffled cheese melt panini as a delightful treat while you get your drinks.

For those who want to sample the best bar dishes with a complementary cheese platter, they conduct wine flight nights every Tuesday.

1.2. Selwyn Avenue Pub Among Best Bars in Charlotte

Selwyn Avenue Pub is a well-established bar in Myers Park that’s popular for serving late-night pizza and cheap Transfusions.

It is situated at 2801 Selwyn Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, 28209. Local watering hole that serves up a range of beers in addition to a menu full of familiar dishes that go under the category of “comfort food.”

Located in the middle of Myers Park’s Barclay Downs district, Selwyn Avenue Pub is a laid-back watering hole known for its delicious comfort food.

The pub exudes a cozy, homey atmosphere thanks to the brick walls that surround it, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a beer or some wings to wash down with some cool liquid.

Selwyn Avenue Pub
Screenshot captured from the official website of Selwyn Avenue Pub

The Selwyn Avenue Pub first opened its doors in 1990 and is located in the middle of Myers Park. They are a laid-back bar serving traditional alcoholic beverages and cuisine. Jim Foster and his father transformed an ancient property into a tavern thirty years ago.

They demolished walls, constructed a sizable patio, and then placed TVs on the patio.

1.2.1. Why You Should Visit This Bar?

The Selwyn Pub is a must-visit place because it is well-known for its cozy, inviting ambiance, and casual setting. These days, Foster describes the pub as being more about “sipping and interacting with others, like a football party.”

A dependable and frequently preppy audience frequents this traditional Charlotte bar, although newcomers are always welcome.

Selwyn Pub has been operating successfully for almost 30 years from a historic property in the affluent residential community of Myers Park. The “Transfusion,” a mixture of vodka, ginger ale, and grape juice, ranks among the most well-liked drinks. Few parking spaces are available nearby, but they can fill up quickly.

It’s a fantastic place to get up with friends because of the relaxed ambiance and student attitude, however, on weekends, the bar can get quite crowded. Visit this establishment if you’re searching for a laid-back evening out with friends or a fantastic spot to watch the game. Both of those things may be found here.

With lots of outside seats and quick service, this place is cool. Nashville Hot Fries are without a doubt the best item on the menu. The fried pickles, wings, and beverages were all excellent, but the Nashville Hot fries were the real stars.

Try their Meatlover’s Pizza, Selwyn Sliders, Carolina Melt, and 50-Piece Wings, which are some of the best pub food menu items. Begin with the Carolina Transfusion, Pink Drink, or Original Selwyn Transfusion if you want to taste one of their chilled Transfusion Cup drinks. For those who want the old favorites, they also provide draft and bottled beer.

1.3. Merchant and Trade- Best Bars in Charlotte

Trade and Merchant is a rooftop restaurant and bar with stunning views of Uptown Charlotte that serves modern American cuisine and beverages. A stylish venue serving creative cocktails, regional beers, and elevated bar snacks is located atop Kimpton Tryon Park.

The trendy rooftop bar known as Merchant & Trade can be found on the top floor of the Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel, with a view of South Church Street.

Merchant and Trade- Bars in Charlotte
Screenshot captured from the official site of Merchant and Trade

This bar is known for its excellent food and drinks, as well as its breathtaking panorama of Uptown Charlotte. All visitors to this upmarket bar must dress in formal attire. A chic rooftop bar with a lounge-like atmosphere, Merchant & Trade is located in downtown Seattle.

This site offers panoramic views of the urban skyline along with elevated bar snacks and cocktails.

1.3.1. What Does This Bar Provide?

This bar menu consists of traditional concoctions crafted using spirits distilled in North Carolina, homemade mixers, and ingredients from the area.

Even the beer that is provided is primarily produced in North Carolina. Dress to impress and arrive early to get a seat or a meal. Expect a line if you are even slightly late.

On the roof of the Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel, savor rooftop vistas, vibrant cocktails, and upscale bar fare. Merchant & Trade is the ideal spot for a laid-back night out with pals, where you can relax with a drink in hand and catch up on the latest gossip.

You’ll find a selection of artisanal beers, wines, and specialty cocktails on the menu at Merchant & Trade, that are all crafted using locally sourced ingredients.

When in Charlotte, you must watch the sunset from this rooftop bar, which has comfortable outdoor bar seating. Unquestionably one of the best parts of the nightlife in Charlotte. This rooftop lounge provides excellent views, hip music, and well-made cocktails.

The outside space offers stunning views of Charlotte’s cHurricaneity and a fireplace for colder months. Prices are fair given the high caliber of the setting and atmosphere you enjoy — $15 for the cocktail is worthwhile.

1.4. Thirsty Beaver Saloon

The Thirsty Beaver Saloon is an unpretentious, one-story, brick, neighborhood hole pub that exclusively drinks canned and bottled beer, shows only old country music, and frequently plays the western program “Hee Haw” silently on repeat.

Live music is still performed at The Thirsty Beaver, which has been a part of the community since 2008. It’s at 1225 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204. Draft beers and mixed cocktails are offered in a bar with an atmosphere suggestive of a honky tonk.

Thirsty Beaver biker bar travel to Charlotte NC, during hurricane Irma

Thirsty Beaver Saloon, which is located on Central Avenue, is  Charlotte’s top bars. To make the atmosphere more lively. the bar also includes a jukebox and live music to make the atmosphere more lively.

For inexpensive beer and great music, Charlotte residents frequently frequent The Beaver. With its neon beer signs, antique country music posters, and ping pong table in the back, it is reminiscent of the film “Up.”

Truly a dive bar. Always has fantastic music, always fun. Insatiable Beaver is created and owned locally. You might find it difficult to get one of the pool tables to yourself due to the large crowds, but that’s a little price to pay for an evening in such a busy location.

If you’re in Charlotte and are thirsty but short on cash, head to the Thirsty Beaver Saloon for $2 beers and cheap shooters. It’s the kind of pub that strays from the more orderly side of things, but it makes up for what it lacks in polish with personality.

1.4.1. Why You Should Visit This Bar?

This is a terrific place to come as you are because the bartenders are welcoming and direct. Numerous draft beers are available on the Thirsty Beaver Saloon’s menu. Their signature cocktail, the Bloody Mary, is excellent to enjoy before a game of pool in their cozy hole-in-the-wall lounge.

The Thirsty Beaver Saloon stands as a resolute harbinger of bygone days of drinking. The tiny, dimly lit hole is anything from glamorous, with bras hanging above the doorway, a few tables, a well-used jukebox, old country music posters, and neon beer signs.  Dazzling new apartments surround this bar.

You’ll discover a lounge with a pool table at the back. This isn’t the place for you if you’re hoping for exposed brick, foliage, and specialty cocktails; instead, you’ll find straightforward, inexpensive drinks delivered in plastic cups.

Here, perfectly prepared chicken is so delectable that it will undoubtedly become a favorite dish of yours. Visitors come to this establishment to sample excellent craft beer, wine, or liquor.

Lemonade is wonderful, in the opinion of the reviewers. In the evening, musicians perform live music. Without friendly personnel, Thirsty Beaver Saloon could not receive the positive reviews that it does. Visitors agree that the service is enjoyable here. At this location, you can anticipate average prices.

Customers may unwind in this space because of the excellent décor and inviting ambiance.

1.5. The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill Among Bars in Charlotte

The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill is situated in the Latta Arcade park road shopping center on Brevard Court. A quiet and simple pub with a speakeasy-style atmosphere, serving both traditional and specialty cocktails, in addition to beer and wine. This establishment features a comfortable, relaxed environment that is reminiscent of southern speakeasies.

Additionally, you can reserve a private event, join their Brevard Whiskey Club, and take advantage of their membership benefits. The Cotton Room is a low-key bar in the form of a speakeasy that serves traditional cocktails in addition to a wide variety of specialty drinks.

The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill
Screenshot captured from the official site of The Cotton Room at Belfast Mill

It features vintage music and cozy seating, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the past. Cotton Room is a stunning bar in the speakeasy-style, with an atmosphere reminiscent of Europe and a cozy atmosphere.

Located in a neighborhood with a lot of sports pubs, The Cotton Room is a relaxed yet classy bar with a speakeasy ambiance. The Cotton Room, which is located above the Belfast Mill, offers beer, wine, and cocktails while playing nostalgic ’90s hip-hop and other throwback music.

1.5.1. Why You Should Visit This Bar?

The Cotton Room offers a contemporary speakeasy experience in Charlotte. It exudes the allure of an isolated spot. The small spaces are cozy without being constricting, and the Southern-style furnishings strike the perfect balance between elegance and cozy.

This is a wonderful spot to stop by if you’re looking for a drink that’s both original and delectable. Love the atmosphere and their inventive selections for mixed drinks.

The servers at the bar are mixology masters who are also pleasant and welcoming, guaranteeing a welcoming and enjoyable encounter.

The Cotton Room offers regular menu updates as well as monthly whiskey tastings. If you prefer beer, you’ll adore their ever-changing assortment of craft beers. You can enjoy several traditional and unique craft cocktails at The Cotton Room.

Smoke and Mirrors, The Sandlot, Bella Ciao, and See You, Space Cowboy are all recommended. They provide discounted wine on Tuesdays. Additionally, for exclusive draft beer discounts, go on Thirsty Thursdays or Black Fridays.

2. Conclusion

This bar guide should have assisted you in choosing the ideal Charlotte bar. You will never be disappointed in visiting Charlotte, a popular tourist site.

Charlotte offers a variety of fantastic bars in addition to its stunning environment, bustling dance floor, mountains, best seafood, and Italian cuisine. So visit the bars on the above list, sample their best wines, and satisfy your appetite for unique and modern cuisine.

You will never be let down by these bars in Charlotte.

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