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Narayani Bhardwaj is a young and ambitious part-time Web Content Writer in the Icy Tales company. She completed her BCA in Computer Science. Currently, she is pursuing MCA at Chandigarh University. In addition with, she visited a several places and wants to tour the best of the world. She is passionate about travelling either it is natural phenomenal places or the downtowns across the countries. She writes with her passion and desires of travelling the beautiful places in the world. The places merely not include only travelling, the articles she writes, are strictly professional with a touch of an individual's sincerity and feelings on what they are looking for. She has upskilled herself in the field of writing for her audience, and ensures the quality of the content which is relatable in executive as well as distinctive manner. Narayani has worked with a several companies before as a Content Writer and Subject Matter Expert. She has more than a year of experience in the field of Content Writing. Looking forward for great and more opportunities to expand her skills and knowledge.

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