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Hi, I am Angeline, and I love to write about anything that matters to me. My desire to write began way back as a teenager. As a committed writer, I live to work on thought-provoking projects., and am passionate about learning and adapting to new technologies. Through my articles, my readers will have a transforming journey into the glorious land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment State Park: 7 Exciting Things to Do

Ironically with a name that has "disappointment" in it, Cape Disappointment State Park is an enjoyable spot for tourists and visiting families! Located in...
how long is 3 business days

How Long is 3 Business Days? 8 Key Facts

If you're wondering how long is 3 business days, then your answer is right below: Three business days are three consecutive days between Monday to...
joffree lake camping

Joffre Lake Camping – What to Know before Visiting?

You may have seen numerous viral Instagram posts about the beautiful blue glacial-fed lakes of Joffre lakes provincial park. Joffre lake camping is a...
Best Places to live in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Living: 20 Top Places to Reside

The northeast region of the nation, close to the Canadian border, is where the state of New Hampshire is situated. This utopian state offers...

Amazing Facts about Colorado State Flower: Your Best Guide [2022]

For years, these renowned "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" signs have energized tourists by informing them that the mountains are nearby.  The colorful Colorado Territory was established on...