Top 10 Amazing Things to do in Bellingham Top 10 Amazing Things to do in Bellingham

Top 9 Amazing Things to Do in Bellingham

America’s adventure town and the city on the coasts, Bellingham, Washington, has some amazing things you can do for that perfect recreational getaway! Embracing fun things to do all through the year, through all the seasons, there are plenty of refreshing things to do in Bellingham.

From special events, outdoor adventures, markets, picnic areas, gift shops, mountains, a dog park, scenic trails, and even a golf course! According to visitors, Bellingham has the best outdoor recreation.

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Need a reason for Bellingham? It’s just a weekend getaway, America’s adventure town will definitely convince you of gratitude for planning a trip here. Below are the top 9 amazing things to do in Bellingham, Washington! Let’s scroll and take a look at this list together, shall we?

Top 9 Amazing Things to Do in Bellingham

1. Visit Whatcom County, Bellingham

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A county situated in the north-western region of Washington state. Bellingham is the most crowded part of the county seat of Whatcom County. Because of its overwhelming features, it is one of the exciting things to do in Bellingham.

1.1. Tour the Whatcom Falls Park

Whatcom falls park has facilities that keep the thrill alive. Facilities like picnic areas, fishing, and according to regulations, your dog can explore the earth off-leash in a “dog off-leash area”! Come along with family, friends, or your dog.

When asked for their list of favorite waterfalls by tourists, they would be having Whatcom Falls Park on their lists, unquestionably. At Whatcom Falls Park, even bird-watchers find refuge as well as practicing athletes since the falls trail makes an ideal path for running, jogging, and walking.

Activities like hiking trails, biking trails, and even the refreshment of swimming are all in a package deal when it comes to exciting things to do in Bellingham, Whatcom County’s state park. The Whatcom falls is tranquility in itself.

The Whatcom falls are such a mystic sight that just a day spent admiring it feels less. Therefore, to all the nature enthusiasts out there, a Whatcom Falls Park visit is certainly one of the sensational things to do in Bellingham.

1.2. Take a Stroll Around Lake Whatcom Park

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Whatcom falls originates from Whatcom Lake. This Whatcom Lake has a park in its vicinity, called Lake Whatcom Park. Precisely, Lake Whatcom Park lies on the eastward side of Lake Whatcom.

This state park provides park facilities like running, hiking trails, and jogging. There are a variety of scenic trails for hikers and bikers. The best motivation while on the hiking trails is the charmingly graphic waterfalls.

Lake Whatcom, known for its supply of water to the residents of Bellingham and Whatcom County, has a bunch of thrilling things for tourists. You can also swim in Lake Whatcom.

Other facilities around Lake Whatcom our morning walks around the shore, through the densely welcoming forest greens, sailing, and spas and salons within a kilometer from Lake Whatcom.

1.3. Stop by The Whatcom Museum

Established in 1982, Whatcom Museum has been proven to be an attraction center for exhibition lovers! Art gallery exhibitions of fine art are popular here at the Whatcom Museum. Just a weekend getaway is what Whatcom Museum proves to be! The Whatcom Museum building’s overall features have a touch of elegance to them.

Whatcom Museum was supposed to be constructed in the place of a city hall, but now the old city hall is one of the national historic landmarks, which is why it is said that the Whatcom Museum is made around three buildings, including the old city hall.

Another museum called the Syre Education Centre is at a distance of a minute. Along with the Whatcom Museum, tourists often check off the Syre Education Centre too.

1.4. Walk Around the Shore of Whatcom Creek

Shore of Whatcom Creek
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A water channel of Bellingham that drains the Whatcom Falls is what Whatcom Creek is. Being similar to Whatcom Lake and Whatcom Falls Park, visitors can enjoy hiking trails, a simple silent walk around the creek shore, or even start their mornings with a jog or a run.

You can sit on the banks of the creek and spend your day with your family on a little picnic. Whatcom Creek makes a perfect spot for a calm weekend decamp.

1.5. Experience the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC)

For all the bikers, this is one of the amazing things to do in Bellingham! Mountain biking, mountain hiking trails, does it excite you? Then this activity is just ideal for you. The WMBC is an alliance where Whatcom County is preserved, and non-motorized biking trails are enhanced.

This alliance is a federal non-profit organization where that works with many other institutions to promote and expand their mountain biking and cycling access. One can even volunteer at this organization.

2. Revel at Boulevard Park and Fairhaven

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Boulevard Park has a ton of thrilling and intriguing park features. Starting from waterside picnic spots, playgrounds, pet-friendly grounds, island beaches, and table settings for barbecue, fields, and parks. Boulevard Park in itself is a fantastic park.

This state park has other park facilities that tourists enjoy and take home fun memories. There is also the proper path for the joggers and runners who visit Boulevard Park for their morning routines. Boulevard Park also has recreational facilities like tennis courts and an amphitheater facility available as rental facilities.

Five minutes from Boulevard Park is the Fairhaven Historic District. The historic Fairhaven district offers beautiful art specimens that manifest its mix of history and modernity. Within this district, there is the historic Fairhaven village.

The Fairhaven historic district in downtown Bellingham is perceived as an art exhibition in a small town. Fairhaven has been tabulated in the national register of historic places.

It is compelling to explore every bit of this district. Delicious food, shopping, and just a mindset of art-loving are what Fairhaven’s historic district leaves you with. Pleasant and welcoming cafes, artistic shops, and arty-crafty shops pull tourists closer.

This way, one can enjoy the thrilling experience of Boulevard Park and the Fairhaven historic district within a distance of fewer than six minutes. Less driving time and more exploring! It makes the best package for the stirring things to do in Bellingham, Washington.

3. Make Adventurous Memories at the San Juan Islands

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A peninsula at Washington off-coast in the pacific northwest, on the boundaries of Vitoria BC (British Columbia) Islands, is a place for nature enthusiasts. The San Juan Islands will provide you with the best experience of watching whales, comfortable like-home residency, and dining settings at the farms.

Some famous celebrities like Bill Gates and Steve Miller have a plot of real estate on the San Juan Islands. There are other facilities on these islands, like the San Juan cruises, through which you can see whales and enjoy a quality time cruising. San Juan offers the most adventurous things to do in Bellingham!

4. Have Biking Trails at The Galbraith Mountain Bike Park

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The Galbraith Mountain bike park is operated by the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition. Galbraith Mountain Park is said to provide over 50 miles of prime mountain bike trails at Bellingham, Washington.

At Galbraith Mountain, trails are of all types. From smooth to absolutely soul-picking, making it the impeccable spot for the bikers out there! This park includes a private area for running all these biking trails, making it one of the riveting things to do in Bellingham for bikers.

So, pack light, fuel your gear, get yourself ready, and plan a biking trip to Galbraith Mountain.

4. Watch the Silver Screen at Mount Baker Theatre

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Also called MBT for short, the Mount Baker Theatre has its own history trailing back to the times when silent movies prevailed and now to modern times. Even live performances take place at MBT.

So, for a casual getaway, encounter the silver screen with your favorite performing arts with your loved ones at Mount Baker Theatre!

Not only does Mount Baker have its Mount Baker Theatre, but also a baker ski area called the Mount Baker Ski Area that is only 4 minutes away from the theatre. So, once at Mount Baker, your ideal casual weekend can begin with a live performance of fine arts and end at the baker ski area along with a smooth skiing memory.

According to tourist reviews, the baker ski area has reasonable prices, amazing food, and a comfortable environment overall. All these features make Mount Baker recreational facilities one of the artsy things to do in Bellingham!

5. Explore the State Parks of Bellingham

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5.1. Find Tranquility at The North Cascades National Park

The North Cascades Park is one of those national parks that is overlooked excessively. This national park is one of a kind for all travel and adventure enthusiasts.

Picturesque drives, hikes, aerial Badlands, or even camping in the car with your loved ones, this park’s features are so pleasing that you need a day to explore its entirety. So, visiting this park is one of the exciting things to do in Bellingham.

Hiking, glossing over the lakes, and a charming drive on the North Cascades highway, would be the only package your travel list should have when it comes to the North Cascades National Park.

5.2. Find the Escapade at The Larrabee State Park

On the westward side of the Chuckanut Mountains, on the Samish bay in downtown Bellingham, situated in one of the most admired recreational areas for the public called the Larrabee State Park.

Consisting of spectacular rock formations, Larrabee State Park is an exquisite spot for camping, fishing, and even adventure sailing! The park also has an amphitheater, a must-see feature that makes this state park escapade one of the fun things to do in Bellingham.

One can enjoy Samish bay and Lake trails at the Larrabee State Park. This is the type of vacation that recreates your mood instantly and makes you fall for nature!

5.3. Find Serenity at The Lake Padden Park

Bellingham, Washington LAKE PADDEN PARK | 4K Walking Tour 🇺🇸

For all the dog owners out there who love to travel with their furry friends, this destination is the one you and your dog will love! Besides other recreational facilities of the park, there is a specified area that is properly fenced so you can let your buddy off the leash and let them explore the earth and Lake Padden.

The swimming area also has changing rooms facility. Tourists have found peace in Lake Padden Park’s environment. You can take a stroll around lake Padden’s shore, which is in a loop of about 2.6 miles. These recreational facilities like picnic spots and basketball courts make Lake Padden Park enjoyable.

Lake Padden Park is said to have one of the finest shore-reach in the state of Washington. This state park gives you the perfect scenic views for photography and video sessions. This makes Lake Padden’s travel one of the most thrilling things to do in Bellingham.

If you are a peaceful and quiet lover, a walk around Lake Padden Park would suit you. Embraced with such majestic landscapes and a serene atmosphere, Washington’s Lake Padden Park should surely have a worthy seat on your travel list!

5.4. Big Rock Garden Park

Big Rock Garden Park is a hidden gem. At the entrance, you will be welcomed with a wooden entrance giving it an antique and vintage look. As you enter, the garden awaits.

Washington Wanderers - Big Rock Garden Park Wanderings

With big swings, swoon-worthy sculptures, scenic garden trails, wobbly mirrors to make you laugh, a gazebo, and washrooms it is one of the charming things to do in Bellingham

The ideal time to visit the Big Rock Garden Park is during spring when the garden looks its best. The statues in this garden are the ones that keep the memories of casualties during the Korean war. Few tourists see this park as one in Bohemian style.

6. Experience the Thrill of The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

Located in Bellingham, Washington, the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention is packed with exhibits. So, all the exhibition enthusiasts find a refuge of satisfaction here.

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention proffers exhibitions with an educational background play. This feature makes it one of the ideal things to do in Bellingham for educational trips.

Consisting of these several indoor interactive activities, the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention is a center for the enhancement of young minds.

From the history of electronic inventions, the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention gives a path of loving science and its discovery. Children learn about the history of electricity in its complete revolution through galleries in these museums.

It is highly recommended for families visit the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention at least once with their children to unlock a new level of discovering science.

7. Exploit Through the Bellingham Markets

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7.1. Fruit Shop at The Bellingham Farmers Market

Bellingham Famers Market is known to pull crowds because of its high number of Bellingham farmers. About 100 vendors find a home to sell at the Bellingham Farmers Market.

2022 onwards, Bellingham Farmers Market has decided to open the markets on Wednesdays, besides Saturdays, as well.

Bellingham Farmers Market has it all in a diverse variety since the number of vendors selling is relatively higher. Therefore, for all the local produce, this farmer’s market is one of the amazing choices for the best things to do in Bellingham.

7.2. Enliven at the Depot Market Square

A multi-purpose square in the town where heterogeneity of markets can be found. The Depot Market Square in Bellingham, Washington, is alive throughout festive seasons with a diversification of features.

Dining halls, rare art clubs, special shopping arenas, breweries, libraries with village books, and so much more. Revitalize yourself, wear your best gear, and visit this market square of Bellingham. It is one of the uplifting things to do in Bellingham.

8. Traverse the Bellingham Bay

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Plenty of trails, like Fragrance Lake, Interurban, etc., are popular among tourists. Are you somebody who is fond of trails? If yes, then the basin of the Salish sea, Bellingham Bay, can be the top site for you to visit.

Bellingham Bay also has several beautiful beaches for you to explore; some of them are Clayton Beach, Padilla Bay, etc. About 4.7 miles from Bellingham Bay is the South Bay Trail. It begins at the historic waterfront at Fairhaven and marches towards Bellingham.

Like the Fragrance Lake Trail, the South Bay Trail has astounding viewpoints closer to the shore banks from where sunsets and sunrises are the most majestic views one can experience.

One of the challenging hiking convoys is about 7.7 miles from Bellingham Bay, called the Oyster Dome trail. From Bellingham, the marine life center is about a minute’s distance. The marine center is said to show what lives beneath Bellingham Bay. This center has been proven to be educationally entertaining to children as they learn about aquatic flora and fauna.

9. Unwind at the Sehome Hill Arboretum

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Being a mix of a garden and a park, Sehome Hill Arboretum is a tree-laden Sehome hill area mainly focusing on educational purposes, along with a research aesthetic with a low impact.

Beginning from adventure parks to tours and to incredible viewpoints, the Sehome hill area has spectacular features. It is said to be a great place for walks, runs, and hikes.

10. Frequently Asked Questions

10.1. What Bellingham Cultural Sites Are Worthwhile Excursions?

There are many galleries, theatres, and museums to visit in Bellingham, which has a bustling arts and cultural scene. The Whatcom Museum, Mount Baker Theatre, and the Bellingham Farmer’s Market are a few of the major attractions.

10.2. What Activities in Bellingham Are Suitable for Families?

Families with kids have many options in Bellingham, including the interactive science museum Mindport Exhibitions, the Spark Museum of Electrical Innovation, and the Marine Life Center.

10.3. What Are the Most Well-Liked Restaurants in Bellingham?

The food scene in Bellingham is dynamic and diverse, and many neighborhood eateries use products that are freshly harvested nearby. The Black Cat Cafe, Aslan Brewing Company, and Boundary Bay Brewery are a few well-liked options.

10.4. What Are Some Nearby Sights that Bellingham Residents Should Not Miss?

Bellingham is in a great location to explore the surrounding area because there are so many places to go around. The North Cascades National Park, the San Juan Islands, and the lovely hamlet of Fairhaven are a few well-liked choices.

17 Best Things to Do in Bellingham, WA

Visiting the Sehome Hill Arboretum is certainly the most relaxing thing to do in Bellingham. These were some of the amazing things to do in Bellingham. If not already, add these activities to your bucket list and plan a hypnotic trip to Bellingham, Washington, soon!

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