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A Guide to Rockaway Beach Oregon: 4 Important Facts to Know

If you are looking for a quick summer weekend getaway or a day trip destination to hang out near the beach, you should check out Rockaway Beach Oregon, on the North Oregon coast.

Rockaway beach has many things to offer, from fishing to crabbing & clamming, and needless to say. The beach access on the Oregon coast.

A not-so-crowded destination, Rockaway Beach was a famous spot in the early 1920s. Over time, it has become a less crowded place that has numerous stays and facilities to offer. To a person who loves peaceful and uncrowded beautiful places, Rockaway beach Oregon is a perfect place.

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1. About Rockaway Beach Oregon

Rockaway Beach- Where the mountains meet the sky. Sounds like a perfect picturesque, right? A small town 2hours ride from Portland, Oregon, Rockaway beach is a mesmerizing town near Pacific city located on US Highway 101, perfect for a vacation with families and friends.

As the sun sets, you can light up the woods and enjoy a bonfire on the beach while star-gazing at the sky.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Photo by Hayley Pfitzer on Unsplash

1.1 Getting here

If you are heading to Rockaway beach Oregon from Lincoln city(59 miles), getting to your destination is easy. You have to head north on Highway 101, and the road toward Astoria will lead you to your spot.

If you are coming from Portland(85 miles), you need to head towards US-26 W to the seaside and then take the Highway 6 junction for Tillamook. Head towards your north for HW 101 to reach Rockaway Beach Oregon.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image by: Patrick Page. Flickr. Copyrights October 14, 2018

1.2 Parking

Rockaway Beach has ample parking space, some being designated and others being street parking. Some of the Designated parking areas are- Nehalem bay south Jetty, Twin Rocks turnaround, and the Wayside.

The limited street parking areas are- Manhattan beach wayside, S. Breaker Ave. & Stark, and S. Pacific & S. 6th Ave.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image by: Lisa Hempel Earmark. Flickr. Copyrights September 1, 2020

1.3 Access Points

Rockaway beach Oregon has 20 access points, most of which are on the west ends of the west-east streets. Some access points have parking areas, while some don’t have designated areas to park.

Some access points are only for parking, so you won’t find any parking area around them.

The access points for the Rockaway beach area are- South End, The Wayside, Manhattan Beach, Nehalem Bay South Jetty, and North End Rockaway beach Oregon access points.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image by: Thomas Gorman. Flickr.

2. Places to Stay

Rockaway beach Oregon has various lodging and vacation rental options with ocean views, scenic beauty, and much more. For a perfect seaside vacation, Rockaway beach has beautiful vacation rentals and accommodations that will satisfy your needs.

The seven miles of sandy beaches and the vibe of a coastal village can be explored while living in the oceanfront Oregon coast lodging.

Discover Rockaway Beach ~ Oregon Coast Getaways and Vacation Homes

You needn’t get upset for those who love camping, as Rockaway Beach has camping delight. Beach and camping is a unique yet amazing experience provided by Rockaway beach.

Top staying options in Rockaway beach, Oregon, are-

2.1 Anchors Away

Anchors Away is an oceanfront cottage stay in Rockaway beach. It is a cozy property with ocean views and beach access directly from your stay. This is a pet-friendly property. Thus pet parents also don’t have to worry much.

Address: 515 S. Miller, Rockaway Beach, Oregon, 97136.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: Rockaway Beach Oregon

2.2 Avant Stay

A 5-star property along the shore with all the elevated amenities and upscale homes, Avant Stay is an excellent property for a relaxing getaway.

Address: 111, 1st Street, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Oregon, 97130.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: Avant Stay

2.3 Covelle’s Cove

Covelle’s Cove is a property that offers vacation rentals in Rockaway beach with all the basic amenities you will need for a comfortable stay.

Address: 336 S. Pacific, Rockaway Beach, Oregon, 97136.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: Rockaway Beach Oregon

2.4 Getaway Oceanfront Lodge

This property is nearby the designated surfing area of Rockaway Beach. They offer condos with studio apartments, 1BHK, and 2BHK units.

Address: 621 S. Pacific, Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

2.5 Jetty Fishery Marina & RV Park

This property is one of the famous accommodations in Rockaway Beach Oregon. If you love to see the beauty of the Oregon coast in your RV, Jetty Fishery is a good place to stop during your trip.

Address: 27550 Highway 101 N., Rockaway Beach, Oregon, 97136.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: The Oregon coast

3. Some Places to eat Tasty Delicacies

Rockaway Beach Oregon has many eateries offering local meals and fresh seafood. You get to experience delicious dining options when you are here.

You can explore the locally sourced cuisine in the pubs, restaurants, and eateries at every block of this small beach town on the Oregon coast.

You can start your day with a little sweetness and buy pastries from the Beach Bakeshop or Grumpy’s Cafe. They also have great breakfast options to treat you with. Other popular breakfast joints of Rockaway beach are Offshore Grill and Coffee House.

You can check out Tropics Island Grill for amazing Hawaiian food during your stay here. Try Schwietert’s Cone & Candy shop near the Pirate Ship Playground to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

For casual meals, you can go to Old Oregon Smokehouse, Sand Dollar Restaurant, and Pronto Pup.

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4. Exciting Things to do around Rockaway Beach Oregon

Rockaway beach on the Oregon coast offers numerous things to do during your visit.

4.1 Whale Watching

Rockaway beach Oregon is heaven for whale lovers. Rockaway Beach is a pacific city and has many whale-watching sites. Many people come here to watch whales with a closer look.

If you are coming here to watch whales, December- January and March-May, is the right time to come. You can look better at whales from elevated points like Neahkahnie Mountain and Cape Meares.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: Rockaway Beach Oregon

4.2 Visit the International Police Museum

The International Police Museum is a unique exhibit that displays the history of local guards or police. There is no fee to enter this museum.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: The Oregon Coast

4.3 Fishing in Lake Lytle

On the north side of Rockaway Beach, you will find Lake Lytle, a calm place perfect for fishing and boating. As the water of lake Lytle is calm, thus any beginner can try boating here and enjoy lunch in the middle of the lake.

4.4 Explore the Capes Scenic Route

The Oregon Coast is full of scenic roads, one of which is the Three Capes Scenic route. This route is just 22 miles south of Rockaway beach. The three capes of this famous route are Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda.

Cape Meares is closest to Rockaway beach. The state park of Cape Meares offers 3 miles of hiking trails. You can also visit a late 1800s lighthouse situated in this state park.

The Three Capes Scenic Drive Along the Oregon Coast

4.5 Picnic at Manhattan Beach

North of Rockaway beach, the Manhattan beach state recreation site is a popular picnic spot. You can enjoy long beach walks and beachcombing on a peaceful beach on the Oregon coast.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image by: Dmitriy Fomenko. Flickr. Copyrights June 14, 2016

4.6 A quick drive to Wheeler

Wheeler is yet another small, less crowded town near Rockaway beach. This town has eye-catching antique shops, gift shops, and cafes.

So, if your heart is still unsatisfied with all the Rockaway beach shopping, you can hit the road and drive down to this place.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image by: edobrzel. Flickr. Copyrights January 30, 2009

4.7 Go for Crabbing

Rockaway beach is famous for crabbing. Nehalem bay(north) and Tillamook bay(south) have many crab-catching spots. So it’s not justified to come here and not go for this experience.

Just a little farther south from there, you will find Netarts bay. You can find heavy crab pots here.

Crabbing on the Oregon Coast

4.8 Shopping at Local Market

Everyone loves to take something back as a token of memory for every place they visit. Don’t miss checking out the art galleries, gift shops, and clothing stores of Rockaway Beach as you never know what you can find at local markets!

a) Little White Church Antiques: You can find a wide range of vintage products in this gift shop ( handicrafts, decor, jewelry, etc.).

b) Oregon Du Drops: If you want a unique gift, you should try this shop, as their concept of showing different aspects through rain is worth trying.

c) Troxel’s Gem & Jewelry Co.: If you are in Rockaway Beach Oregon, this shop is a must-stop. You can choose from many new and vintage handcrafted products, wired jewelry, and many more.

d) Warehouse 10 Market: Famous for their modern farmhouse gifts, souvenirs, and home products, Warehouse 10 Market, Twin Rocks in Oregon makes it to the shopping places’ list while on your next trip to Rockaway Beach Oregon.

Rockaway Beach Oregon
Image from: The Rockaway Beach Oregon

4.9 Drive to South Jetty of Nehalem Bay

Last but not the least thing to do on your list for Rockaway Beach, Oregon, is visiting the almost 100 years old south jetty of Nehalem Bay. For a relaxing time, you can sit on benches and eat some burgers while watching the wild winter storm of the Pacific Ocean. You can also go for fun activities like kite flying too. There’s a local shop by the beach, Flamingo Jim’s.

Nehalem Bay South Jetty - Oregon

5. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 Where is Rockaway Beach Oregon?

Ans. Rockaway beach Oregon is located on Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast.

Q.2 Are there whales in Rockaway Beach?

Ans. Yes, you can watch whales during your stay here. You can also book a two-hour trip with a guide from Garibaldi Charters.

Q.3 When is Rockaway Beach open?

Ans. Rockaway beach Oregon is open for all months of the year.

Q.4 Are bonfires allowed in Rockaway Beach?

Ans. Yes, you can light bonfires at the beach.

6. Final thoughts

Rockaway beach Oregon is a small coastal town on the Oregon coast that has great stays(vacation rental and lodge) and eating facilities. It is a perfect getaway destination for a quick weekend trip or a fun day to hang out with friends and families.

You can easily park your vehicles, as parking is not a problem here. There are many other things to explore here, such as watching whales, exploring the Oregon coast’s scenic railroad and sandy beaches, and visiting the Garibaldi Marina museum.

Exploring Rockaway Beach Oregon

This town was full of visitors in the mid-1900s, but over time, highways were built, and it lost the count of its visitors. It might have lost the crowd, but it sure has the charm as it was earlier.

It is a perfect place for you if you love visiting peaceful and less crowded beaches.

For your next summer getaway, head to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, for a fun vacation!

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