Best time to go to Disney world Best time to go to Disney world

A Guide On The Best Time To Go To Disney World: 5 Important Facts

Organizing a trip is already challenging enough, so you might wonder, “When is the best time to go to Disney World?” There are numerous things to consider when deciding when to visit WDW. This guide will discuss some ideal weather, hotels, time, and days to see and avoid when visiting Disney World in 2022 and 2023.

Although there is no wrong time to visit Disney World, going during the ideal time can enhance the magic of the trip. While you can always have a good time there, there are undoubtedly some seasons when it’s the best time to visit.

A Tour of Disneyland Park

Most individuals agree that the least crowded days are perfect for visiting Walt Disney World. Even if that is a piece of notable information, there are so many things to consider. Although, in our opinion, the Disney World calendar is crucial to understand. Let’s take help from it as a starting point.

What time of year is ideal for Disney World regarding weather, events, cost, and other activities? What about the park’s operating hours, unique occasions, and festivals? When choosing the ideal time of year, consider these factors rather than the busiest season.

Most of the information in this write-up can be used to plan your most desired Disney trip, but to inform you, we’ll focus on the best dates to visit Walt Disney in the years 2022 and 2023. 

1. Update On Disney World Reopening

Think about the absurd world we currently inhabit. It’s always challenging to decide when to visit Disney World, but the past two years turned out it be the most challenging in the park’s history.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image by aliwigle from Pixabay

If you’re getting interested in this, one of two things applies to you: either you’re flexible and eager to see Disney World as soon as possible, or you’re still cautious and worried because of the epidemic.

No matter in which category you’re, we understand your concern. In any case, several variables currently make this difficult to accomplish.

After the Covid pandemic, Walt Disney reopened in July 2020, and they did a fantastic job of creating the safest possible environment, given the circumstances.

Additionally, it could get confusing and difficult to determine whether you’re getting a fair deal for your trip with all the new limitations and limited entertainment or not. Some could conclude it’s not worthwhile and opt not to go.

Furthermore, things are under control with the new normal. This year, parks shouldn’t be as deserted as they were in the Summer of 2020, and there should be more normalcy overall.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image from: CNN Travel

2. Best Time To Go To Disney World In 2022 & 2023

Finding the ideal time to visit Disney World is sometimes closely related to the academic year. It stands to reason that parks are often less busy when children attend school and more crowded when they are free and out of school.

While individuals desire to use calendars to plan their trips, they are frequently inaccurate and necessitate a closer examination of what’s going on during the year. Now that Walt Disney is once again accessible, let’s take a look at recent history.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image by EDUARDO ROMERO from Pixabay

The creation and launch of all the new attractions are crucial factors. There could always be an instant flood of visitors in the parks whenever new lands or interests, like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, debut, no matter what time of year it is.

For instance, it was the off-season at Walt Disney World when Rise of the Resistance first debuted. Instead, it became a nightmare of daily preparations, with many people lining up at Hollywood Studios hours before the park was even opened.

The same condition occurred when the Hollywood Studios debuted in the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image from: Viator. Disneyland Attractions

The optimal time of year to visit Disney requires careful consideration of various factors, including the park hours, weather & season, crowds, special events such as the Epcot International Food Festival & Wine Festival, and entertainment.

A more practical and balanced strategy is to base your decision on a combination of the weather, special events, seasonal entertainment, and people.

2.1 The Best Times To Go To Walt Disney In the Year 2022

  • 5-14 Jan, 24 – Feb 10 Jan

  • February 22 – March 4

  • 20-April 29

  • 2-May 13

  • 15-August 31

  • The whole month of September

  • Weekdays in October

  • 1-November 18 (avoid Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Week)

  • 1-16 December

You can note that we stayed away from the busiest times of the year—Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Easter, and Christmas—as well as all significant holidays.

As parents prefer not to pull their children into the mid of ongoing school during the first few months of the school year, the fall is a good time to go. This is a fantastic chance to plan a Disney world trip.

Due to the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2022, there will be unusually big crowds. Numerous factors determine how difficult it is to plan a Disney World vacation.

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2.2 The Worst Dates To Visit Disney World in 2022

  • Jan 1-5, Jan 15-19

  • Feb 19-27

  • March 18 – August 14

  • Nov 18-27

  • Dec 19-31

Easter, the Fourth of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s are always the least suggested seasons to visit Disney World.

Again, it would help if you didn’t assume that traveling during these seasons will ruin your trip. It all comes down to your personality and expectations. Although many enjoy traveling around the holidays, they know there may be lengthier lines than normal times.

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2.3 Crowd

There is never a time when Disney World’s theme parks are not crowded, just like Minnie and Mickey. With over 52 million visitors annually, Disney World is the holiday resort that receives the most visitors worldwide.

Unfortunately, to go to Disney World, there’s no longer an “off-season,” and visitors are aware of the periods of every year when there are typically minimal waits for rides. Certainly, there are exceptions, such as when the parks were first reopened and when the nation was experiencing a serious health crisis. 

This does not, however, imply that the crowd is less. Finding the perfect time to visit is still crucial when fewer people are than usual. It will be useful when you only have to wait an hour for an attraction during the off-peak seasons of the year instead of waiting two hours for it on the busiest days.

Best time to go to Disney world
Photo by David Guerrero from Pexels

Additionally, it is useful when making reservations for meals because it should be much simpler to get a reservation at Be Our Guest or Olga’s Cantina if fewer people are vying for it.

Tourism is at its peak when children are off school for holidays or during Spring and Summer breaks. Since most parents are reluctant to let their children skip school, they are forced to plan a visit during that period.

Spring Break 2022 Crowds at Magic Kingdom in 4K | Walt Disney World Orlando Florida March 2022

2.4 Busiest Holidays Of The Year

Easter, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the busiest times to go to Disney World and some other theme parks. The crowds typically arrive three to four days before the start of such holidays and remain for two to three days afterward or at least over the weekend.

The weeks around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are the busiest times to visit the Magic Kingdom and other theme parks. We believe that those should be avoided anyhow due to the constant crowds and frequently full parks.

October 1 would be the busiest day of the year at EPCOT, the park’s official 40th anniversary.

Last but not least, if you visit the parks when any new attraction opens, that attraction will also be quite busy, so we advise preceding it and returning the following day.

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2.5 Least Crowded Times

When children are attending school, Disney World is generally the least crowded. Because children have just started returning to school, late August to September are frequently among the greatest months to travel.

Since children return to school after New Year’s, January also ranks among the least populated months. The next time it gets crowded is during President’s Week, the 3rd Monday of February.

Knowing the least busy days to go to Disney World is also crucial. Weekdays are typically less congested than weekends.

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3. Cheapest Time To Visit Disney World

Securing the best deal is even more complicated than choosing when to visit Disney World. Fortunately, the two are related, and the least expensive time to visit coincides with the least crowded time. Disney is aware of this, which is why frequent promotions are intended to lure visitors to come during those days.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image by Sara W. from Pixabay

You can save some money on hotel accommodations, theme park tickets, airfare, and even meals by visiting Disney World when the prices are at their lowest. By simply altering the dates, you might potentially save thousands of dollars.

August, September, and January following New Year’s through early February are the least expensive months to visit Disney World. You will see good deals for specific dates in June and July, so that’s something to think about, especially since crowds have been gradually moving from the Summer months into October/November.

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4. Amenities at Disney World

4.1 Hotels

You’ll save the most amount on your hotel accommodation if you travel during a less expensive period. Between the Low and Peak seasons, prices can vary dramatically, with some rooms costing up to two or three times what they normally would.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image from: Disney Tourist Blog

We have some samples of hotel rates in Disney World and the variations between Low Season and Peak Season. These are broken down into examples of some possible prices from Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts.

  • In low seasons $120-200 per night (Value Resorts)

  • In peak season, up to $300+ per night

  • In low seasons are $250-300 per night (Moderate Resorts)

  • In peak season, up to $400+ per night

  • In low season around $400-$650 per night (Deluxe Resorts)

  • In peak season, up to $700-900+ per night

Hotel accommodations are always more expensive on the weekends. There is no way to overlook those significant savings! If you’re traveling for more than a week, try to include only Friday and Saturday to save money.

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4.2 Park Tickets

Disney World started charging more for admission to its Disney parks, similar to how they already charge for hotel rooms. Theme Park tickets have increased in price as the crowds grew. Disney theme park lowers the ticket cost only during the off-season.

This means that to go to Disney World at lower prices are in January and September, while the most expensive times to travel are around major off days like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image by stinne24 from Pixabay

You may want to avoid Thanksgiving week, a merry Christmas party, and other holiday weekends.

Below are potential price ranges for Walt Disney World base tickets in the year 2022, from lowest to highest:

  • Access for 1 day: $109-$159

  • Access for 2 days: $214-$310

  • Access for 3 days: $315-$447

  • Access for 4 days: $412-$564

  • Access for 5 days: $440-$600

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4.3 Food

By avoiding visiting Disney World at the height of the tourist season, you can save money on food by taking advantage of special offers like Disney Free Dining. This is a promotion that Disney does every year to entice guests to their resort when it anticipates fewer visitors.

You receive the Disney World Dining Plan as part of your package during this promotion without paying any additional fee.

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5. Weather

The weather at Disney World is pleasant, with so much sunshine and mild temperatures. The intense hot heat and humidity with Florida’s sunshine are unquestionably a plus, but not as much as the sunshine itself. Knowing the best weather at Disney World might significantly improve your experience.

Snow is the only thing you won’t find! Disney World’s weather can be incredibly erratic, with temperatures and a blazing sun one moment, followed by violent thunderstorms and lightning, and then the sun coming out again 30 minutes later. Even hurricanes can occasionally occur in Walt Disney World.

Best time to go to Disney world
Image from: Disney Tourist Blog

5.1 Winter

In early December, January, February, and March, the daytime high is typically in the low 70s. Winter has the least daylight of any season. Therefore, the flowers and trees at the resort aren’t as lovely during this time. It would help if you preferred to attend parks when the weather isn’t as scorching as it is during the summers, so this is wonderful news. The weather isn’t excellent for swimming. Thus there aren’t as many things to do around the hotels.

5.2 Summer

Summertime is the wettest time, with average humidity levels of 60% or higher. In the Summer, Disney World experiences 6.4 inches of rain and an average of 13 rainy days each month. In September month you can also visit the famous event wine festival.

5.3 Spring

Another fantastic time to go to Disney World is Disney springs. In March or April, during spring break, daytime highs typically reach the low 80s. It’s a great time to go swimming and enjoy the parks. May saw a considerable increase in temperature, approaching 90 degrees.

You will have a great time at Disney World whenever you visit. It’s a magic kingdom. Move forward with the packing and preparation of your Disney World vacation and make memories.

Disney Weather, When Is The Best Time Of The Year at Disney World


With the help of the above tips & tricks, pick the right time, make the bookings in advance, decide on your budget, and, plan a marvelous trip to Walt Disney with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much is a ticket to Disney World?

A1. 1-day tickets range from $109 – $189. Price varies based on the park and date selected. At this time, the lowest price for a 1-day ticket can be found in August and September 2023. Can add the Park Hopper option, Water Park and Sports Option, or Park Hopper Plus option.

Q2. How many Disney Worlds are there?

A2. There are six Disney lands—that is, “castle parks”—around the world—in California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Each Disney resort has one “Disneyland” or “castle park” and four resorts have other parks as well.

Q3. What is the Cheapest Time to Go to Disney World in 2023?


  • Monday through Wednesday nights are the cheapest days to stay in a Disney resort hotel room. Friday and Saturday nights always cost the most.
  • Disney World park tickets are the cheapest from Monday to Thursday during most seasons.

Q4. What age is free at Disney?

A4. Child prices are valid for children aged 3-9 years on the day of first use; children aged 10 years and above pay the adult ticket price; children under 3 years do not require a Theme Park Ticket and are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

Q5. Can you bring food to Disney World?

A5. Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverage items into the park for self-consumption provided they are not in glass containers and do not require heating, reheating, processing, refrigeration, or temperature control, and do not have pungent odors.


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