9 Best Places To Live In Georgia

8 Best Places To Live In Georgia
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Georgia, which was formerly a part of the Soviet Union, is now a well-liked travel destination in the area for both backpackers and digital nomads. With about nine million foreign visitors to Georgia in 2018, the country’s tourist numbers are rapidly increasing.

Even though the majority of them are from nearby nations, western tourists, and diverse communities are also starting to flock there in growing numbers. 

There are many of options among these 9 best places to live in Georgia, whether you prefer a peaceful environment or the commotion of the city, your family, or perhaps both.

There are also many things to see and do in and around the city, such as seeing the remnants of the Narikala fort, visiting the Jvari Monastery on the summit of a neighbouring mountain, and touring the several stunning cathedrals and churches that provide easy access to the landscape.

best places to live in georgia
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9 Best Places to Live in Georgia

The following Georgia neighbourhoods are regarded as the best places to live in Georgia whether you’re a stranger to the area or are undecided about what you want from your new home.

Georgia, being one of the best, offers several historic small towns with charming downtown areas and easy access to the outdoors, making it the best place to live in Georgia for individuals looking for a tranquil life.

The town features Lake Lanier, which served as the venue for the rowing competitions at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Gainesville, located approximately 35 miles south of the Georgia Mountains and also some world-class parks and 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, offers a wide range of outdoor activities on land and in the nearby foothills.

Gainesville has significant economic prospects, a reasonable cost of living, and a reasonable median house price as a main hub for northeast Georgia.

1. John’s Creek

John’s creek is included as one of the top best places to live in Georgia. Visits to Atlanta are a luxury, but coming to Johns Creek is required. Kudos to the city’s secured outside recreation facilities, a day in Johns Creek can be dedicated to hiking at Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Centre, or fishing, golfing, and having a picnic alongside the Chattahoochee River’s embankments.

Enjoy gourmet cuisine from around the world at restaurants before closing the evening with a professional orchestral serenade, a piano bar, or live rock ‘n’ roll. The Hilton Garden Inn or Hyatt Place hotels in Johns Creek are great places to unwind and recharge. A little harder to leave than it may be to get here. Johns Creek is a deviation from the principle.

1.1 Population

The Georgian city of Johns Creek is situated in Fulton County. The population reached a total number of 82,453 as the 2020 Census says. The town is an Atlanta suburb in the northeast.

Since then, Johns Creek has gained recognition for its daring fusion of cutting-edge innovation, imaginative artistic culture, country lifestyle, highly regarded schools, fashionable commerce district, food festival, a wide range of recreational offerings, cutting-edge healthcare network, well-designed luxury neighborhoods, and a steadfast sense of community throughout the South and are the main reasons for it being one of the best places to live in Georgia.

1.2 Schooling

Serving students in grades 9 through 12, Johns Creek High School is a public high school in Johns Creek, Georgia. This institution comes under the Fulton County School System.

Despite serving a portion of Alpharetta, the school’s students largely live in Johns Creek.

Despite the reality that you’ll presumably be close to or only a short drive from a wide range of eateries and neighbourhood businesses, Athens’ median house value is around $178,000.

1.3 Value

Living in John’s Creek will cost you a little more money with high rent prices, at least in comparison to the rest of Georgia. In this location, the median home merit is $333,300.

  1. Peachtree City

The macro-scaled an enormous city in Georgia’s Fayette County is Peachtree City which is among one of the best places to live in Georgia. Southern Metro Atlanta is where Peachtree City is situated.

Peachtree City is renowned for using golf carts a lot. The majority of the city’s neighbourhoods are accessible by more than 90 miles (140 km) of golf cart paths, which are owned by more than 10,000 households in the city proving the fact that it is one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Golf cart pathways can be used as a secondary mode of transportation to go to practically any location inside the boundaries of Peachtree City. More than 90 miles (140 km) of these multipurpose trails crisscross the city.

2.1 Features

The city of Peachtree features three lakes. A reservoir to the north, Lake Kedron, feeds Lake Peachtree via Flat Creek to the south.

The Fayette County Authority owns Lake Kedron, which is managed to maintain Lake Peachtree’s capacity whenever there is a dearth of precipitation and yet allow for recreational usage of the lake during droughts. Other than for fishing, Lake Kedron is not used for recreation.

  1. Suwanee Town Centre

Suwanee town centre is amongst one of the best places to live in Georgia. Suwanee’s “front yard” and main community gathering area is this 10-acre urban park. The park also holds the Suwanee Farmer’s Market, free movie nights, and numerous other family-friendly events, and its amphitheatre stage serves as a background for concerts and other acts.

Over 200 maples, oak trees, sycamore, and gum, four horticultural sections, and park seating may be spotted in Town Centre Park. It also has one mile of walking and undulating surfaces with three interconnecting elliptical pathways and walkways.

Picnics can be enjoyed in the nearby green space, and the Big Splash interactive fountain offers hours of entertainment. Suwanee, an Atlanta suburb, has a population crowded as of 20,444.

Suwanee, in Gwinnett County, is one of the nicest locations to live in Georgia. The majority of Suwanee residents own their dwellings, and they embrace a crowded suburban ambiance.

Suwanee has a heap of eateries and gardens. Many families and recent graduates reside in Suwanee, and most of the people there have moderate political views.

4. Alpharetta

4.1 Population

The city of Alpharetta is a part of the Atlanta metroplex and is situated in northern Fulton County, Georgia. According to the 2010 census, Alpharetta was home to 57,551 people. The population in 2020 reached 65,818.

4.2 Entertainment

With fine dining, breweries, and boutiques lining the streets, downtown Alpharetta is a walkable area. The city of Alpharetta is found in Fulton County’s northern region. The core of Atlanta is 26 miles (42 kilometres) north of Alpharetta.

4.3 Geography

Alpharetta has a sum total area of 27.3 square miles, of which 26.9 square miles is land and 0.39 square miles, or 1.37%, is water, based on the United States Census Bureau.

On 10800 Davis Drive is the Alpharetta Family Skate Centre, also known as The Cooler. The Atlanta Sparks special needs hockey club calls it home as well.

Fulton County Schools provide education for the city and the city is hence titled under the best places to live in Georgia.

  1. Lake Claire

The suburb of Lake Claire is situated on the eastern side of Atlanta, Georgia, there in the United States, and has about 1,200 homes.

Lake Claire
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Lake Claire was never an actual body of water; it was just a shortened moniker for the convergence of Lakeshore and Claire Drives. The closest thing to a business area is a modest strip of land at McLendon and Clifton that borders Candler Park.

With a population of 3,159 individuals, Lake Claire is a neighbourhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Amongst the best places to live in Georgia is Lake Claire, which is in DeKalb County.

Residents in Lake Claire enjoy a sparse suburban vibe and southern charm, and the majority own their homes. In Lake Claire, a large number of bars, restaurants, bars, and cafes, and parks are present.

  1. Buckhead Village

The community’s historic business district and one of the 42 communities that make up Atlanta, Georgia’s Buckhead district is Buckhead Village. The Village is the region between Piedmont Road, Peachtree Road, and Pharr Road, according to the city. the village is considered to be of very high like-ability rates to be one of the best places to live in Georgia.

6.1 History

Until after World War I, the surrounding area, which is now the wider Buckhead district, was predominately made up of country estates. Then, many of Atlanta’s elite started constructing mansions amid the area’s rolling hills. Following a previous attempt by Mayor William B. Hartsfield in 1946 that was rejected by citizens, Atlanta finally annexed the area that is now the Buckhead neighbourhood in 1952.

For inhabitants of other communities, Buckhead Village is a popular Atlanta destination; but, for those who live in Buckhead, the village is just a regular part of life.

The finest of both worlds is available in the sizable homes located just a block away on West Paces Ferry and Valley. A few examples of the high-rise and multi-family structures that flank Peachtree Road include Paces 325, Buckhead Village, Mathieson Exchange Lofts, Lofts, Ovation, and St. Regis. Additionally nearby are Gallery and counted 2828 Peachtree. All offer popular features like a pool, fitness centre, and thus more, but being located in the village is what draws people in.

  1. Collier Hills North

Collier Hills
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In Atlanta, Georgia, there is a residential area called Collier Hills. The area was named for the household whose residence was primarily located at the southwest end of Peachtree St. and Collier Rd.

Before the Civil War, Andrew Jackson Collier, a descendant of this lineage and an early settler of the region, had a grinding mill off Tanyard Creek not far from Collier Road. 592 people reside in the Collier Hills neighbourhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

Collier Hills is counted to be among the best places to live in Georgia. The majority of Collier Hills residents are homeowners and enjoy an urban lifestyle.

The city rivals the characteristics of one of the best places to live in Georgia by balancing a small-town feel with the conveniences of being located in a large metro area, which pulls both families and recent graduates. A large number of households and working professionals live in Collier Hills, and the locals tend to lean toward liberal. Public schools in Collier Hills are highly respected.

In Collier Hills, there are many pubs, cafes, coffee houses, and parkland.

8. Woodstock

United States of America’s Cherokee County contains the city of Woodstock. As of 2019, 33,039 people called the area home and one of the best places to live in Georgia, according to the US Census Bureau.

A former stop on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad was the city of Woodstock, which is now a section of the Atlanta metroplex. The city has the tenth-fastest increase in suburban areas nationwide in 2007.

Tennis courts, pitching cages, cottages, picnic grounds, a walking/running track, and more are available.

8.1 Value

The median house value is around $299,00.This community is a Georgia Plan First Community and the laureate of the Live, Work, Play City Award from the Georgia Municipal Association.

8.2 Area

Woodstock has a total area of 11.3 square miles, of which 11.2 square miles is land and 0.12 square miles, or 0.92%, is water, said to the United States Census Bureau.

8.3 Memorial

Its inscription says: “Erected in their honor, May 2009, To the men and women of Woodstock, Georgia, who served in the military services of our country, safeguarding our freedom and way of life.”

The 2002 slaying of 15-year-old Katie Hamlin is commemorated by a one-lane bridge over Kellogg Creek on Kemp Drive.

9. Decatur

decatur georgia
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The county seat of DeKalb County, Georgia, which is a component of said Atlanta metropolitan area, is located in the city of Decatur. Numerous ZIP Codes in surrounding DeKalb County have Decatur as the address, leading some individuals to believe that the municipality, which had 24,928 people in the 2020 census, is larger. There are three the MARTA railway stations in the city.

The community shares its western edge with both uncontrolled DeKalb County and the hamlet of Atlanta (Kirkwood and Lake Claire areas), both of whom are located roughly five miles (eight kilometres) northeast of Downtown Atlanta.

9.1 Education

The place has so many options for schooling as it values education for all policies. No child can go untaught and unnoticed here as the town focuses on each of their students.

School Systems of Decatur, which solely educates pupils who live in the city, offers pre-school through grade twelve and is made up of a pre-K preschool education centre, five early grade schools, two upper primary schools, a junior high, and a high school.

One high school, Decatur High School, serves the entire district. Serving outer DeKalb County is the DeKalb County School District. St. Thomas More School, which was formed in Decatur on September 1, 1950, is administered by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta. With 150 students initially recruited, it initially exclusively offered elementary grades.

9.2 Festivities

The Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur BBQ,  Summer In The City, Blues & Bluegrass Festival, Decatur Maker’s Faire, Decatur Book Festival, The Decatur Craft Beer Festival, and The Decatur Wine Festival are just a few of the numerous festivals held in Decatur. Parades, Bands on the Square, winery crawls, art excursions, runs, and marathons are just a few of the additional events that are held every year.

A vibrant art and festival culture has developed in Decatur. The Decatur Arts Alliance produces YEA!, an event for young contemporary artists, and supports the arts and higher degrees throughout the City in addition to staging the Decatur Arts Festival every May and putting up public art throughout the city.



Canton, one of the quickest increasing communities in Georgia, is located in the backdrop of the magnificent Mountains of Blue Ridge. Blue ridge is the right way to connect to an agent who is familiar with these areas.

The city centre serves as a hub for Delta Airlines and is home to 18 Fortune 500 enterprises. This makes getting around the country from Atlanta simple. In the center of Georgia, Macon offers a great lifestyle balance to go along with its convenient position and being a part of an affluent community.

The town that invented Coca-Cola boasts a bustling downtown flanked by beautiful Antebellum homes by day and a fantastic range of nightlife and community events at night. Canton The city of Canton, which is located halfway between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, has fantastic dining, shopping, and community events as well as lovely green spaces and can be noted under the list of best places to live in Georgia.




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