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Where to Find the 9 Best Coffee in Kansas City?

Coffee is a must-drink for most people. Even in an expedition, it was registered that 64% of American adults like to drink coffee. However, drinking coffee or tea is fun when the sun hides behind clouds on a fine chilled morning. January is perfect for enjoying your coffee sips, especially during vacations.

If you visit Kansas City, you will notice that the city has coffee shops almost everywhere. Even some tourists, when they travel, like to see the coffeehouses since it gives a brief taste of their local culture and history.

coffee shops in Kansas city
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Though too much coffee caffeine degrades your health, having 1-2 cups on your trips does not harm you.

Besides, the coffee shops in Kansas City are the best in the country. Let us know about some of the best coffee shops in Kansas City, which are this city’s pride. 

Coffee hot spots in Kansas City you won't want to miss

1. What Is Important For A Perfect Coffee Shop?

There are many things that a shop needs to follow in coming under the light of the best coffee shops in this city. Let us take a look at those criteria.

1.1 Vibe

You can even call it the atmosphere of a shop. Everyone loves to have coffee, and the place is a bit chilled. The environment of the shops must be capable of relaxing you instantly.

coffee shops in Kansas city
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1.2 Background

Most people like to visit shops with beautiful ambiance. More people visit the shops and pose for their social media photos if it’s attractive. This is the fastest technique for any shop to get more customers and to be known by more people.

coffee shops in Kansas city
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1.3 Quality Of Coffee Or Other Drinks

Do only looks make a coffee shop perfect? No, the quality of the coffee, its ambiance, and nature are jointly required for a coffee shop to last longer.

coffee shops in Kansas city
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2. Best Coffee Shops In Kansas City

A cup with full-flavored coffee can be the perfect combo for your morning stretches. The coffee in Kansas can also be said to be the cultural staple that will give you a relaxed feeling. You will find that every other city has its specialty coffee. Kansas City is no different than others.

This city is mostly known for its rich heritage, the Jazz Heritage, its world class-chefs, and its delicious barbecue. But, besides all this, the Kansas City coffee shops are also a class apart.

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 2.1 Monarch Coffee

This café in Kansas City is located at Broadway Blvd and remains open for 12 hours from Monday to Sunday. The Monarch Café is mostly known as the Parisian haven in the middle of Kansas City. The coffee served here is just fantastic. This café produces coffee from its own roasting company, which is also its signature coffee. Their coffee is known to have a perfect blend, which gives a delicious taste to coffee.

This inclusive café welcomes all BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and other neighbors. In this café, you can enjoy a cup of their signature coffee which is the Americano. You can even order your favorite flavored latte along with a pastry. Besides enjoying the café, you can continue working on the comfortable booths and tables.

coffee shops in Kansas city
Courtesy: Monarch Coffee

2.2 Café Cà Phê

This café is quite popular for being the first Vietnamese coffee shop in Kansas City. This coffee house started in 2019, during the early pandemic days. The owner of Café Cà Phê was from a touring musical company. But later, she realized that the Vietnamese community needed a good coffee shop. With this urge for a coffee shop for the community, she opened Café Ca Phê near the Crossroads Art District.

This one of Kansas City’s best coffee shops are also expected to open its first brick-and-mortar, which will be in Columbus Park, near the River Market. This café serves iced coffee, which is pretty tasty. The unique taste of the coffee is maintained by the Phin (a metal filter). It is used for the pour-over and helps retain the scent and taste of the coffee.

coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: City Scene KC

2.3 Café Ollama

It is located at Southwest Blvd., KCMO, and it remains open from 8 am – 4 pm on Tuesday to Friday and from 9 am – 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It is a Mexican coffee shop that is inspired by Latin-American brews. The Café Ollama also brews its special blend of coffee in the Mexican jar, also known as Barro. This is a traditional Mexican method that was used long back.

This is one of the best coffee shops in KC, and their specialty is also traditional coffee spiced with star anise, piloncillo, and cinnamon. Besides this, all of their drinks are named after their owner Lesley Reyes, and her husband. The drinks served here will give you a little slice of the traditional Mexican culture.

coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: City Scene KC

2.4 Messenger Coffee Company

This café from Kansas City is one of the favorite coffee shops for most locals and even for tourists. It resides at 1624 Grand Blvd and remains open from Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 6 pm.

It was first opened in 2017, and since then, it has been Kansas City’s iconic coffee house. Most visitors love to visit this coffee shop for its great coffee and perfect brew. This café is located in between a beautiful red brick building. The decoration of this café has a different vibe. You can only understand the feeling when you step into this café.

You will find a roastings space, which can house two San Franciscan drum roasters. It also holds a coffee lab and rooftop seating availability. The rooftop access will give you an outstanding view of the Kansas Coty skyline. The Messenger Coffee shop is not just known for its atmosphere and beautiful sight. This café is also proud to offer its seasonal menu. You can enjoy their classic espresso drinks and other manual brews. But, the best is to try the Chai Tea Latte with an Almond Croissant and other seasonal house-made specials.

coffee shops in Kansas city
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2.5 Filling Station

The Filling Station café can be found on the Mcgee Tfwy of Kansas City, and this coffee house remains open from 6:30 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday, it remains open from 7 am – 6 pm. Previously the Filling Station café used to be an actual gas station. Later it was transferred to a café, and its name was sustained. In this café, you enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee.

This cafe is known to serve Messenger coffee beans. You can get yourself plenty of goodies at the Filling Station. You will find a fresh-pressed juice bar besides coffee and food. The lunch options and the breakfast menu here are really attractive. You can order a Liquid Sunshine with a Breakfast Burrito to taste the best coffee at Filling Station. Besides this, the Midtown Location has outdoor seating, serving the passengers well during the summer.

coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: Filling Station Coffee

2.6 City Market Coffee House

The City Market Coffee Shop can be of little space, but they have various coffee blends, which are especially homemade. There are plenty of tables for you to sit at inside the shop. Along with this, they also have an upstairs area and patio seating. However, you can even sit outside if you do not wish to sit indoors. On the outdoor patio, you can sit and enjoy your coffee while feeling the fresh air and the beautiful sight.

The City Market Coffee House is well known for its quick service. According to some reviews of the City Market Coffee House, the owners, and staff here are very friendly. You can even enjoy your breakfast here. They offer breakfast combos with earthy coffee beverages and other special lattes. Head over to Main Street in downtown Kansas City to find this coffee house.

coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: City Market Coffee House

2.7 Oddly Correct

Oddly Correct is the only coffee shop in Kansas City that is the best Pour-Over. They are so serious about their coffee and customers’ health that their coffee has no sugar. In addition, they have been serving coffee with no milk joints for years.

However, with time, Oddly Correct has changed its way of serving coffee. Now, you can order your coffee brew topped with cream or their special handmade syrup. But the taste of their brew is so awesome that you will not need any of these. They use local roasters’ black coffee with their perfected craft. Their pour-overs are the best in the entire world. 

Oddly Correct is preparing itself to open a new branch in the Trost neighborhood. You can now have your drink at the temporary café inside their roasting space. When this cafe opened permanently, they promised to bring back their most sold foods. The fan-favorite food items include their handmade donuts, breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, and vegan cinnamon rolls.   

coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: Finding Kansas City

2.8 Parisi Coffee – Union Station

This café in Kansas City is known to have the French Press near the Union Station. Parisi can be the best option for you when looking for some good coffee while searching at a gas station. They serve the best French press in the entire town. Not only this but the Parisi Coffee shop is known to have Italian culture. The owners of this coffee house have been working for 15 years.

Parisi Coffee has three locations. The owners select their growers and roast them in-house. After this, they hand-select their growers, burn them in their house, and wholesale the coffee, which can be purchased ground for drip, Espresso, whole bean, or base for French Press. However, the coffee shop at Union Station is most people’s favorite.  

coffee shops in Kansas city
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2.9 Mother Earth Coffee

This coffee house is located in Hyde Park in Kansas City. Mother Earth Coffee is well known for serving organic coffee. They mostly embrace earth-loving environments. They get their coffee beans from reliable sources. The coffee beans of Mother Earth Coffee are roasted locally, and they put extra effort into the taste of their drinks. They serve different types of organic latte, cold brew, cappuccino, and some espresso.

This café also features a large wide open area. This area is beautifully designed with tables and chairs for customers, who love to enjoy drinks in the fresh air. You can even find some empty couches outside the Mother Earth Coffee house. You can even conduct your business meetings here. This café is also not a bad option for having a break or a get-together with your friends. 

coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: Mother Earth Coffee Co.

3. Other Coffee Shops Which You Can Explore

You will find coffee shops on every corner of this city. If the café mentioned above moves you, you can check these coffee shops in this city. There are so many coffee houses in Kansas City that it will take your time to explore all of them.

  • Thou Mayest Coffee
  •  Rock Island Coffee
  • Hitides Coffee
  • Kinship Café
  • Anchor Island
  • Summer Moon
  • Jinkies
  • Kinship Café
  • Goat Hill Coffee & Soda
  • Café Equinox
coffee shops in Kansas city
Image from: Kinship Café


You will notice that coffee shops here in this city work from Monday to Sunday. It will be a bit of a hustle for you if you are looking for a coffee shop in the evening since most coffee shops get closed after 6 in the evening. But you can always check out some café for your morning breakfast.

The coffee shops in Kansas City are one of a kind in Missouri. Some coffee shops make their coffee beans one of the best in the city. 

Kansas City Coffee Culture

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Kansas City known for coffee?                                                                       

A1. In Kansas City, coffee culture is prevalent. It’s an art to be honored and a pour to be respected. From cute cafés to quirky cups, we’re about to make your java dreams come true with our ultimate guide to finding the best coffee shops in Kansas City.

Q2. Why is Kansas City Popular?                                                                              

A2. Kansas City has everything a great American getaway could ever need, including a thriving dining scene, a stellar collection of museums, and many historical landmarks.

Q3. What food is Kansas City famous for?                                                               

A3. Kansas City’s famous foods, really are four that stand out above all the others: burnt ends, our signature cut of steak, cheesy corn and chicken spiedini. These four creations are both unique to the city and pretty much ubiquitous.

Q4. Is Kansas City a foodie city?                                                                             

A4. According to readers of Travel+ Leisure, Kansas City is the nation’s third-best food city — coming in only behind Providence, Rhode Island, and Houston, Texas.

Q5. Why do people love Kansas City?                                                                     

A5. Not only is the “Paris of the Plains” one of the most affordable places to live in the U.S.—KC also offers great neighborhoods for families, attracts singles and young professionals, and has a 2.6% unemployment rate.

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