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9 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Denver

Denver is the coffee hub of Colorado, and you will find yourself in the best coffee shops and cafes in Denver at each corner. It is said that a cup of coffee can make a difference in a young adult’s life.

Denver plays an essential role in developing a love for cities. Its population is seven hundred thousand, making it the 19th largest city in the country. Among these many people, everyone craves coffee and a quiet workplace with unlimited Wi-Fi and caffeine to stimulate their brains and enhance their taste buds with some fantastic cuisines at affordable rates.

How is Coffee Made?

Have you ever wondered how coffee is made? Everyone has their point of view, but it all starts from the plantation of Coffea Arabica, the source of around 70% of the world’s coffee. Thirty percent comes from Robusta trees. Coffee can’t be grown everywhere; it can only be grown in more excellent areas of the tropics, around 64 to 70 degrees F. The fruits ripen slowly so that they develop more decadent flavours.

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Source – Pixabay

High temperatures can stunt growth, cause diseases like rust, and attract more pests. Harvesting takes almost three to six years, which is a long process. The harvest process is done by hand. They spread out the fruit and dry it before the pulp is removed. After removal, the fruit is fermented to remove pectin, washed, dried, and then roasted. So, this is how coffee is made.

Now, let’s explore some of the coffee shops and cafes in Denver that will make your visit memorable and provide a friendly environment.

1. Boxcar Coffee Roasters

  • Location: 1825 Pearl St Ste B, Boulder, CO.
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Screenshot – Boxcar Coffee Roasters

Boxcar Cafe serves with pride and the care they put into the roasting process of the cup they hand you. They sell the home brewing setup of your dreams that you want. They have many coffee beans like Bourbon, which are sweeter and juicier than any other varieties. They have both a drink and pastry menu.

Boxcar Cafe serves drinks at affordable rates. They use oats and almonds as their alternatives. They use homemade turbinado simple syrup, vanilla simple syrup, and chocolate ganache.

The pastry menu starts at an affordable rate, and everything is made from scratch and baked fresh every morning at their bakery.

2. Crema Coffee House

  • Location: 2862 Larimer St, Denver.
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Screenshot – Crema Coffee House

Crema Coffee House in Denver is a local hot spot bringing coffee back to its traditional form. The natural flavours are constantly changing with all the imported coffee beans worldwide. One thing that stays the same is that the coffee is authentic and believes the traditional five-ounce cappuccino. The cream has an uncomplicated menu that doesn’t change and is even permanently written on the walls.

In the end, the coffee shop says, ” Don’t rush. Have a real cup, stay a while, and enjoy the natural beauty of coffee.” The prices are very affordable.

3. Blue Sparrow Coffee

  • Location: Rhino District, Denver.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 181116
Screenshot – Blue Sparrow Coffee

It was opened six years ago at the Rhino Art District. It is one of the best neighbourhood cafes, and it is a part of the backyard of the Blake Family, more or less. The courtyard has farmers’ markets, concerts, art walks, and bands. It’s great to see so many people coming out and getting to enjoy the space. The cafe receives a galactic mix of customers, whether the regulars live and work around there or come in daily. The best thing about Blue Sparrow Coffee Shop is that rather than roast their coffee beans, they prefer to showcase beans from all over the world with different roasters.

They work with Strava, which is based in Denver. Amazing roasters make all their espresso drinks. When you visit the cafe, try their macho latte with a shot of espresso on top.

4. Rivers and Roads Coffee

  • Location: 2539 E Bruce Randolph Ave, Denver.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 181331
Screenshot – Rivers and Roads Coffee

Rivers and Roads is a national park-themed cafe serving seasonal house-made syrups to pair with their coffee and tea. They have massive cookies served as well. They make everything gluten-free for gluten intolerance. Do try their ultimate breakfast sandwiches. It is one of the best coffee shops in Denver for remote workers. They post all their new and following flavours on their social media account, and that’s how they bring their customers to the community.

They roast all their coffee in-house. They work on their coffee very carefully for sustainability. They do a lot of women-owned projects. There are importer programs that allow them to gain a great deal of depth about the history of where those beans came from. Every two to three weeks, the shop changes its beans.

Rivers and Roads offers training classes and other programs to interested people.

5. Huckleberry Roasters

  • Location: 1800 Wazee St, Denver, CO.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 181546
Screenshot – Huckleberry Roasters

Two friends began Huckleberry at a backyard garage in 2011, and it is now a national full-fledged roasting company. It was not done for profit but to serve the community. It wasn’t a traditional business; it was grown into a company of purpose. The growing company doesn’t only distribute coffee all across the country. They have also opened three thriving shops in Denver, including a new location at the Dairy Block development downtown. Huckleberry offers a wide range of coffee menus, much of which are sourced from small farms and international coops.

What is HUCK all about?

If there’s one thing they do best you don’t want to miss, it’s the cotton shake. The shake is made with Denver’s frozen matter ice cream and mixed with Huckleberries’ cold room. It is a combination of their Brazilian Columbian and even Ethiopian blends. It is then topped off with espresso grounds, giving a bold flavour and a little kick.

Huckleberry has precisely what you need if you are looking for a fantastic buzz.

6. Hudsen Hill

  • Location: 619 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 181855
Screenshot – Hudsen Hill

Hudsen Hill has two sides of characters. It is a coffee house in the morning, and around 4 pm, it turns into a cocktail bar. It holds Manhattan’s old fashions, which is incredible. If you think about the coffee here, it is pretty strong, and your money is worth it. This coffee shop stands between Cap Hill, so it is 15 minutes to get to everything. This place sure gets more revenue from their happy customers.

They hold very friendly baristas who will serve you with their excellent smile. They have the best grilled cheese sandwich and crafted cocktails. Grab your computer and dancing shoes cause this place will hit your heart with joy. From a simple house roast to the finest single-origin latte, all are on their affordable menu. They take their cocktail seriously and serve better towards their classics, so there is less of a bar fight. Hudsen Hill might not be a full-time restaurant, but it serves crunchy and yummy bites at affordable rates to enhance your taste buds. If you are homesick, do not worry; they can get you with their online services.

7. Prodigy Coffeehouse

  • Location: 3801 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 182025
Screenshot – Prodigy Coffeehouse

Prodigy Coffeehouse is a craft coffee house in Denver’s northeast Park Hill neighbourhood. They are an apprenticeship training program for 18 to 24-year-old young adults feeling disconnected from school and work.

Suppose you look at their wall in the shop. In that case, it says, “Prodigy is a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional abilities, and they believe that the young folks who end up in their apprenticeship program have a high level of capabilities, talents, and skills.” Their logo says it all, which represents being crafty and super mischievous. This place is like a second chance to the lost souls.

The youngsters have not just learned to make coffee; they are learning their entire business, personal development, professional development, and how to navigate our harsh work systems.

They are like small businesses that sell shirts, gift cards, and coffee blends to the public.

Their specialty coffees are:

  1. Homemade chai
  2. Hot chocolate
  3. Frappe blender
  4. Teapot tea

They track the following outcomes from their program which are:

  1. Building foundational skills for the new economy – 90%
  2. Increased social capital – 84%
  3. Increased earning power – 93%
  4. Experienced healing – 65%

8. Convivio Cafe

  • Location: 4935 W 38th Ave, Denver, CO.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 182237
Screenshot – Convivio Cafe

Convivio Cafe is Denver’s first bilingual women-owned Guatemalan cafe. A cup of coffee brewed from perfectly roasted beans served alongside culture in northwestern Denver, two women, one from Guatemala and the other from Colorado. They tend to share the taste of Central American heritage at the cafe. It is where you gather and share around-the-table time and energy with your friends, Neighbours, and family.

To merge their cultures, they serve coffee from Guatemala and farm-fresh produce nearby. The cafe honours the coffee, from where it came from to the cup and their food. They have many unique fruits and veggies grown in the Colorado soil.

Convivio Cafe's Guatemalan roots

Most coffee shops serve their roasted coffee, but Convivo serves farmer-roasted coffee. Many farmers are women and don’t get the recognition, but they get it at this cafe.

Guatemalan Artisans who weave tunics are proudly showcased at the cafe, representing their Mayan culture.

9. Whittier Cafe

  • Location: 1710 E 25th Ave, Denver, CO.
Screenshot 2024 04 08 182425
Screenshot – Whittier Cafe

The Whittier Cafe is an African espresso bar focused on social justice. There are various organizers here, such as community activists and people who are trying to change and improve the world that they live in. They have many protest signs in the bathroom from their marches and protests around the city. It started with the women’s march, but the various marches black lives matter and all the different things that have happened.

So, coffee comes from Ethiopia and is part of the culture here. It is very ingrained in everything. They teach people about coffee as it connects so many people from different backgrounds. Their common thread is the need for justice, so everyone who comes to this cafe supports that. Foods around here are very affordable and served with love.

I AM DENVER: Whittier Cafe, The Social Justice Coffee Shop


Walking through all these fantastic coffee shops and cafes in Denver has made our mouths water. Coffee starts your day and ends with making friends. Coffee shops are a community where people can smile and taste. When you go to Denver, walk into these cafes and enjoy the food served by the pleasant baristas.

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