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Red Sand Beach Maui – 8 Tips to Follow!

One of the most beautiful beaches and prettiest colored sand beaches on the planet is Kaihalulu Beach also called the Red Sand Beach Maui. The Red Sand Beach Maui is a must-see attraction if you are planning a vacation at Maui.

The beach is also popularly called the “Secret beach” because the trail to reach this hidden paradise comes with a lot of challenges and difficulties.

Maui is famously known for its pretty beaches. The Red Sand beach in the east of Maui came into being due to the island’s volcanic nature. The phenomenon is responsible for the existence of one of the few red-sand beaches.

To experience the exquisiteness of this beautiful beach, you have to take the road to Hana. Once you are there on the eastern side of the island, you have to cover a small trek along the edges of the water and then you can finally come across the Red Sand Beach Maui.

Maui's Gorgeous Red Sand Beach | Road to Hana | Maui HAWAII

The secret beach is a section of disintegrating red residue cone and the ocean waves are broken by the lava rock wall to stop the strong waves from crashing on the sand.

It is advisable to go snorkeling and swimming only if the waves are calm and you don’t cross the lava rock wall. The volcanoes naturally create the unique red sand beach which is one of the most picturesque beaches in Hawaii.

The Trail of Red Sand Beach Maui

The dangerous trail of Red Sand Beach is not maintained and protected at all. The trail deteriorates more with every tropical storm. Trekking along this trail is quite a task and comes with challenges.

The absolutely narrow and rough trail is not recommended for kids as well as for tourists who have mobility issues or vertigo.

Warning sign at the beginning of the trail leading to the Red Sand Beach, Kaihalulu Bay, in Hana, Maui, Hawaii, USA
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The explorers who are professionals and have a thorough understanding of the safety of the trail can only go for a hike to see Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach Maui. The rust red-colored sand contrasting with the blue water of the sea is definitely a beautiful view and worth the strenuous hike.

It is advisable not to challenge the hike during heavy rainfall. The conditions of the trail can easily deteriorate leading to severe accidents. Also, it is advisable to wear sturdy hiking shoes so that you do not slip and fall and cause any injury.

How to Get To Red Sand Beach Maui?

There are two paths by which you can reach the red-sand beach of Maui. Below mentioned is the first path.

Red Sand Beach Maui
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  • Once you reach the town of Hana, park your vehicle in the parking lot of the Travaasa Resort.
  • Next, take a walk to the end of Uakea Road. At the intersection of Uakea Road, you can find the Hana Ball Park on the left.
  • Walk straight ahead to the Hana Community Center field, and on the right-hand side, you will come across a trail.
  • Now, there are two options to reach Red Sand Beach Maui. This route to the right is difficult and has a narrow dirt trail. Although the trail is short, it is one of the most difficult and challenging hikes to reach Kaihalulu Beach.

Secondly, there is another hiking trail that goes down the coastline. However, if you come across the Japanese Cemetery, you need to back up and take one of the paths that go down the hill and climb up to join the hiking trail. This trail is much safer and easy.

Hiking to the Kaihalulu Red Sand beach is not an easy task. The trail has loose cinders and is covered with pine needles that are slippery. Inexperienced or unlucky hikers can easily fall leading to a disaster. For an average person, the trail takes from 10 to 20 minutes to reach Red Sand beach.

Best Time to Visit Kaihalulu Beach

Early morning is the perfect and ideal time to visit Red Sand Beach Maui. In the morning, the parking area will be less crowded and you can even find some solitude. In addition, the water will be calm.

This is Kaihalulu Beach or red sand beach and is a short hike down a little path in Hana, Maui, Hawaii.
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The dangerous route will be less crowded with explorers and the color of the water looks vibrant and clear in the sunlight.

However, there is no such right time to visit Red Sand Beach. The beach looks spectacular all year round. The trail to Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach can be very slippery and dangerous during storms and monsoons.

Tips to Follow at Red Sand Beach Maui

Kaihalua Read Sand Beach Maui
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Make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips on your visit to Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach.

  1. Wear good and sturdy trekking shoes.

  2. Come early as possible to the beach because the place and the parking spot will be less crowded during the early hours of the day.

  3. If you are an inexperienced hiker and feel anxious about trekking, feel free to join the Maui hiking tours.

  4. Always mark your location on the GPS for your safety. Phone service is available 24 hours at Red Sand Beach.

  5. Make sure to carry your snorkeling gear and all the snorkeling equipment if you want to snorkel at the blue beach.

  6. As there are no food facilities on the beach, make sure to carry some snacks and eatables during your visit to the Red Sand beach.

  7. Do not visit the beach with your children as the Red Sand Beach trail route is not kids friendly and also the Red Sand beach is a nude beach.

  8. There are no facilities for trash bins, so try to maintain the hygiene of Red Sand beach and the surroundings. So make sure to carry any trash or garbage with you.


No doubt, Red Sand Beach Maui is one of the prettiest as well as most challenging beaches to visit and explore. Although the beach is not kid-friendly, the town of Maui has a lot of things to offer to tourists, families, and kids.

Red Sand Beach Maui
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Maui offers some beautiful beaches other than Kaihalulu Beach that are kids friendly. So, if you are a beach person, visiting Maui will be on your next vacation bucket list.

FAQs – Red Sand Beach Maui

1. Why is the color of the Sand Red?

Rust is responsible for the red color of the Red sand beach Maui and the red-colored sand is formed by the lava rock. The islands of Hawaii are formed and are still forming due to volcanic eruptions. The lava of the volcano did not cool under the surface of the water. Rather, it cooled above the ocean surface.

Since it was exposed to the open atmosphere and air, the high iron content of the lava rock transfers into iron oxide or rust. Therefore the color of the red sand takes it from the rust in the lava rock which has been finely grounded into particles of sand. 

2. Is Red Sand Beach Maui a nude beach?

As the Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach Maui is in an isolated location, some locals and tourists consider this beach as a nude beach. However, the beach is not maintained by the state. There are no local officers, lifeguards, or police present at Red Sand Beach.

Also, there are no certain rules to wear or not to wear clothes at the beach. Therefore, some tourists go nude on the beach. If this bothers any tourists, they can perfectly avoid the beach.

3. What are the reservations for Red Sand Beach Maui?

There is no such reservation system to visit Red Sand Beach Maui; thus you do not have to pay any sort of entry fee. If you do not take permission, it means you are trespassing in the area.

4. What are the best beaches in Maui other than Kaihalulu beach?

Besides Red Sand Beach Maui, there are other beautiful and splendid beaches that should be on your bucket list if you are planning a vacation at Maui.

  1. Hamoa Beach – the beach features crystal-clear water with golden coast that looks absolutely breathtaking. The beach offers surfing, swimming, and snorkeling during the morning waters when the water is calm.
  2. Kapalua Beach – it is located at the foot of Kahalawai. This beach is also one of the prettiest beaches located in Maui. A  shower, restrooms, and a drinking fountain are also available at the beach. You can also snorkel, kayak, scuba dive, and swim at Kapalua Beach.
  3. Wailea Beach – it is one of the glamorous beaches with a resort vibe. You get to enjoy a lifetime experience to sunbathe on the golden sand and swim in the clear blue waters. Also, you can find plenty of shops and restaurants along the beach. You can also rent water sports gear and stand-up paddleboards from nearby local companies.

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