8 Tips To Choose A Hotel In Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg cityscape. Source: Shutterstock

Vacations are all about relaxing and enjoying your time away from daily life. And what’s better than to enjoy your holidays in the mountains? 

Gatlinburg is a great vacation spot all year round, with the Great Smoky Mountains just a short drive away. The place offers a breathtaking landscape coupled with exotic weather, attracting tourists from all over the world. In 2021, the Smokys welcomed nearly 14.1 million visitors, and Gatlinburg has many hotels to accommodate them. 

However, not all hotels are suitable for your needs. There are many factors to consider before selecting the right hotel. It includes the hotel location, the amenities offered, and the price. The right hotel can improve your traveling experience and make your trip more enjoyable.

To make the most of your trip, here are some tips for choosing the right hotel in Gatlinburg:

  1. Make a Budget for Your Traveling Expenses

You must save money because lodging is the prime expense after the airline tickets. It is ideal for you to make a budget for all your travel expenses, including lodging. The best way for that is by checking online for hotel prices, flight tickets, food prices, and traveling. 

You should allocate money for lodging costs, and once you have a budget, you can find a good hotel room that does not exceed your allocated budget.

  1. Pick a Hotel at a Suitable Location

Picking the right hotel at the right location is a must, especially if you have special requirements such as being close to all the tourist attractions or away from the city. Gatlinburg has a variety of hotels, including some in the downtown area and others in the mountains. 

Hotels close to the tourist attractions, such as the downtown Gatlinburg hotels, are ideal if you want to enjoy an action-packed vacation. The hotels in downtown Gatlinburg are only minutes away from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and all the souvenir shops. Staying close to all the action saves your time and money on transportation.

If you want a relaxing time with your family or a group of friends, you should look for a hotel away from the city. The hotels in the mountains or by the riverside offer beautiful scenic views that can relieve your stress. 

Hotels outside the city are more affordable than the ones in the downtown area. However, it also means that you’ll have to pay for transportation to the tourist attractions.

  1. Take a Look at the Hotel’s Amenities

While the hotels with more affordable price tags seem ideal for staying, they might not be the best in reality. Hotels that tend to offer lower prices for the rooms are the ones that also offer fewer amenities. Most people don’t consider these amenities and choose a hotel with the lowest price. While it may seem the ideal option, it is essentially not. Amenities such as complimentary breakfast, babysitting services, and pet-friendly accommodations can help you lower your costs for meals and also save the hassle. Some hotels also offer indoor and outdoor pools for you and your family to relax. While these amenities might not seem like a deal breaker if you are traveling alone but these are essential when you travel with your family.

  1. Check for Reviews

You must check for reviews on the hotels before you book a room. The outside of a hotel might appear promising, but it could have several problems, such as a noisy environment, bad management, or poor room service. You can read hotel reviews on Trip Advisor (travel-related forums) and the hotel’s website. Reading reviews from other guests and preparing yourself in advance. If other guests have had problems with a hotel’s management, you will likely suffer the same fate. The best thing to do is to stay away from that hotel.

  1. Consider the Room Size

Every traveler has different room requirements, so it is important to consider the room size before booking a hotel. If you are traveling with family or friends, you need bigger rooms, while if you are traveling alone, you need smaller rooms. Similarly, business groups have different room requirements than family. They need bigger rooms with more beds. So, you should always consider the room size depending on whether you are traveling alone or in a group.

  1. Beware of Hidden Charges

When you get a quote from a hotel, it only includes the costs for the room most of the time. It does not include taxes, resort fees, meal prices, snack bar charges, etc. Some hotels even charge for WiFi and parking fees from you. So, keep these hidden costs in mind when you book a room. You should learn more about these hidden charges to make an informed decision.

While most hotels offer complimentary breakfast, some might not provide that for free. Beware of such hotels and always ask the management what’s included in the amenities.

  1. Determine if you have any special requirements

Some people like to travel with their pets; if you’re one of them, consider this when you book a room. Most hotels have special pet-friendly rooms for their guests. If you let the management know about your pet before booking a hotel room, your fluffy friend can also have a comfortable experience.

If you have any allergies, you should also let the hotel management know about them. Many hotels use hypoallergenic products so their allergic guests can enjoy their stay. You should ask the management if they also use hypoallergenic products.

  1. Find a hotel that allows early check-ins/late check-outs

Most hotels charge a fee if you arrive earlier than the booked time and if you check out late; some might not even allow it. You should ask the hotels if they allow free early check-ins and late check-outs. You don’t want to arrive early and wait for the booked time to get a room. Always book a hotel room that allows this service for free.


While vacations are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, you’ll have a disastrous and stressful holiday if you don’t find a hotel that suits your needs. You should consider if you want to stay close to the tourist attractions or want to enjoy a relaxing time outside the city when booking a hotel room. Check for reviews on the hotels, ask for prices and hidden charges, consider each hotel’s amenities, and then book a hotel room that suits your needs. 


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