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8 Famous Monuments in Washington DC

Are you interested to know some famous monuments in Washington, DC? You are at the right place. Here we are going to share the 8 most famous monuments to visit!

With the onset of the tourist season, there is a good demand for tourist places from around the globe. Though- there are- several famous travel destinations in the world—Washington, DC, will certainly- have a special mention. America- is a favored tourist destination and witnesses tourists in thousands.

The United Nation’s capital- Washington DC, has several monuments that are well-recognized in the entire world. In this article, I have prepared a list of famous monuments in Washington DC- that should certainly be a part of your visit. Read the full article to discover why Washington is always on the top of- the Wish list.

1. Famous Monuments in Washington DC

Monuments and memorials in Washington Dc are indeed the highlights of the Washington visit. The United Nation’s capital- Washington DC, boasts its masterpieces every few kilometers that are world recognized. In simple words- Washington dc monuments are not just monuments!! They are, indeed, its iconic landmarks!

Monuments in Washington Dc are well known for their historical importance and architectural proficiency.

Most of the Washington Dc monuments are under the national park service. Guess what the best part about the visit is? Most of the- monuments have no tickets- for entry and visit. To add on- most of the monuments are also open twenty-four hours throughout the week.

It means- there is no need to worry about the tickets and the timings. But a point to note is that Rangers are on duty from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. So, if you want some interactive programs, you need to make a note of- the timings of the Rangers.

Here is a list of the famous Washington Dc monuments-

1.1 Washington Monument

First on the list would indeed be the Washington Monument.

It is among the iconic monuments the capital city has in store for its visitors. This monument was constructed in the 1800s and is a stunning tribute to George Washington. To clarify, he was the USA’s first president.

Construction of the monument was impacted- during the civil war. The monument is a marble construction and is a renowned structure around the globe. It is a 170-meter-tall structure in front of a reflecting pool and is the tallest stone structure known to exist.

You can use the stairs or the elevator to reach the top, but be sure of- using the stairs because you have to climb a whopping 35000 steps approximately. View from its observation deck is certainly picture-perfect.

Your visit to this monument will take you through a prominent period of American history. It is also the national memorial of Washington, Dc.

The Washington Monument indeed plays the representation of Washington as Big Ben does for London.

Washington Monument is indeed US’s representation around the globe.

1.1.1 Top Six Things to Do at Washington Monument

  • Enjoy the beautiful view from the observation deck at 150 meters.
  • Have a great time in the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere.
  • Enrich your knowledge of American history.
  • Also, learn more about the first president- George Washington.
  • Visit the national mall. To clarify- the Washington Monument is a part of the national mall.
  • Finally, have a great time- enjoying the greenery at the national mall. The US Capitol building is also a short distance from the national mall.

1.2 Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial- Monuments in Washington Dc
Image by Mark Thomas on Pixabay

This iconic monument pays tribute to the United Nation’s former president Abraham Lincoln and is located- at the national mall’s west end.

It is designed as a Greek temple and features Abraham Lincoln sitting and his second inaugural address, the Gettysburg address- inscribed- with the walls- famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech of Martin Luther King Jr is also carved- on the monument walls.

Therefore, the monument has great significance from the United Nations’ political view.

This memorial certainly stands out from all the others in Washington- Dc. Lincoln Memorial is indeed an iconic masterpiece that the city preserves to date.

Lincoln Memorial is situated- at walking distance from Washington Monument.

1.2.1 Top Three Things To Do At Lincoln Memorial

  • Explore the monument at your own pace.
  • Deep dive into the character of the former president- Abraham Lincoln. Learn how- he was- assassinated.
  • Finally, learn unknown stories about the monument and its history.

1.3 Korean War Veterans Memorial

This monument will dive deep into America’s war history. The Korean War Memorial honors the armed forces who fought in the Korean War.

Korean War Veteran Memorial is in the shape of a battleground that depicts the border between North and South Korea. What does the memorial consist of- nineteen statues of soldiers from each branch of the Armed Forces.

The highlight of the visit would certainly- be the ‘Field of Service’ that depicts patrolling soldiers.

What is so special about the monument? The 164-foot-long mural wall depicts a staggering- 2500 photographs of those who lost their lives in the war.

Indeed, the Korean War veterans’ memorial is important from a historical perspective. Over the years, the monument has become Washington’s iconic symbol.

1.3.1 Top Five Things To Do At Korean War Veterans Memorial

  • Know more about the Korean War.
  • Be stunned by the awe-inspiring architecture.
  • Get a glimpse of the war scene that would have been there at the time of war from the ‘Field of Service.’
  • Offer prayers for the ones who lost their lives.
  • Also, learn more about the war heroes from the mural wall.

1.4 Vietnam Veterans Memorial

It is a renowned monument in Washington Dc and around the world. This one certainly has a special mention from all the other memorials. Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.

The memorial has three parts – The three Soldiers’ Statue, Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall. This monument also features the famous three Servicemen statue.

Vietnam Women’s Memorial represents two lacks sixty-five thousand women- approximately- who volunteered to treat the wounded men in the war. The three soldier’s statue represents the young men who fought in the war. Are you thinking, what does the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall depict? The vantage point is the wall that features more than- fifty thousand names of those- who lost their lives in the war.

A tradition of- leaving letters and photographs of the dear ones- they lost in the war is very famous here.

Despite controversy for its dark color- the monument has become a place of grief, prayers, and remembrance.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the most loved monument on the National Mall.

It is within walking distance from the constitution gardens. Today it stands among the capital city’s most visited monuments.

1.4.1 Top Five Things to Do at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

  • Firstly, add to your know-how about the Vietnam War.
  • Learn all the war effort done to win the war.
  • Also, offer prayers for those who sacrificed their life.
  • Get to know about the war heroes.
  • Finally, also visit the constitution gardens to complete the visit.

1.5 Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial- Monuments in Washington Dc
Image by David Tato on unsplash

Jefferson Memorial is situated- on the tidal basin of the Potomac River. This monument honors Thomas Jefferson (the United States of America’s third president).

The monument is very near to Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. To clarify- Martin Luther King Jr was a renowned activist. He had a noticeable contribution to the civil rights movement. He fought for civil rights and the demolition of discrimination, racism, and violation of civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial was opened- to the public in 2011. The most fascinating part is that- the famous speech ‘Out of a mountain of despair’ is carved on the stone monument.

It was built- in the 19th century. An interesting fact is that the inspiration for this monument is- the Pantheon of Rome. And the structure and design of- Jefferson’s memorial are from- the Roman landmark- Pantheon.

Inside the Roman Temple stands a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson. The monument was constructed- as a Roman temple. The outdoor memorial is indeed awe-inspiring.

It is one of the many memorials that are Washington Dc pride. Jefferson Monument is presently Washington Dc’s iconic metaphor.

1.5.1 Top Five Things To Do At Jefferson Memorial

  • Learn more about Thomas Jefferson-United Nations’ third president.
  • Explore the monument as you would like.
  • Add to your knowledge about the monument and its history.
  • Admire the beautiful architecture.
  • Also, visit the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial to make your visit complete and comprehensive.

1.6 World War ii Memorial

World War ii Memorial- Monuments in Washington Dc
Image by Dineda Nyepan on Unsplash

World war ii memorial is an honor to those armed forces who fought in the second world war. The visitors certainly are breath-taken by the grandeur and splendor of the place.

It opened to visitors in the 2000s.

The monument spread, an area of seven acres, is a symbol of- victory and freedom. The fifty-six pillars that surround it represent unity among all the territories and states in the United States of America.

Every year there are thousands of honor flights- when- servicemen (military)- visit- the memorial made in their remembrance.

1.6.1 Top Five Things To do at World War ii Memorial-

  • Explore the monument at your own pace.
  • Get stunned by the awe-inspiring construction.
  • Also, enrich your knowledge about the horrific world war.
  • Know about the second world war in length.
  • Finally, pray for the ones who- lost their lives in the terrible war.

1.7 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is dedicated- to the former president- Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

The monument features President Roosevelt sitting- from different whereabouts from his life. There is also a statue of President Roosevelt with his dog. Interestingly, there is also a statue dedicated- to the first lady- Eleanor. To clarify, Eleanor was President Roosevelt’s wife.

Visit to the monument certainly takes you through a distinguished era of- the USA’s history.

Situated at the west end of the tidal basin, it is indeed a must-visit.

2.8 US Marine Corps Memorial- IWO JIMA Memorial

The monument is a symbol of- the USA’s victory- during world war ii. Significantly, in the Pacific. It is a proud monument for the Americans. The nine-meter-tall structure certainly is awe-inspiring.

Arlington Cemetery is within walking distance from the IWO JIMA Memorial. Cemetery is also a worth-visit during the visit to the monument.

3. Accommodation Options While Visiting Monuments in Washington DC

Are you wondering where to stay during your visit? There are enough options for staying in Washington Dc during your visit. Washington Dc- the capital city of the United Nations of America- has several accommodations for its visitors according to their needs. From five-star hotels to guesthouses, there are options as- per the visitor’s preference.

General advice is that if you want to get a glimpse of a random day in Washington- preferably book a guesthouse. The reason is that the guesthouses are owned- by the locals themselves.

Check a list of the best available accommodations in Washington, DC, here.

4. Three Tips to Remember while Visiting Monuments in Washington DC

4.1 Learn about Monument History

When visiting a place- it is good- to show interest in learning about the monument and its history. It adds to the general know-how. It is what makes the visit complete. The other way- the visit becomes meaningless and worthless.

4.2 Carry a DSLR

It is preferable to carry a DSLR along with you. The reason is to help you capture beautiful architectural masterpieces and your memorable moments. Though- this task can also- be done using a mobile phone- you will not get the same quality as in a DSLR.

4.3 Attend local ceremonies

You should attend the local ceremonies and events happening- at the time of your visit. Several events and functions are being organized- at these monuments. Attending these events will surely give you a glimpse of the local life in Washington. It will certainly increase your knowledge about the place and its culture.

I hope these suggestions- will be taken into consideration. These are indeed worth making a note of!!

5. Summary

Monuments are indeed masterpieces that are Washington’s pride. They are a must-visit during your visit to the capital city. It will make the visit more comprehensive and meaningful. Make sure to add the famous monuments mentioned in your itinerary.

Though there are other monuments and memorials in Washington Dc- the mentioned- are certainly a must-see. Do make sure to check our other articles on Washington’s visit. So, when do you plan your trip to Washington? I hope it is very soon!! I certainly wish that you found the article worthful.

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