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8 Best Routes for Arizona Road Trip

This ten-day Arizona road trip itinerary allows us to experience ten distinct subjects, demonstrating why Arizona has something to interest everyone while traveling just under 1000 miles.

This knowledge leads us across a piece of the most infamous scenery in America, from the Grand Canyon to Route 66. Travel is made easy in the “big square states” of the southwest, and Arizona offers a wide range of spectacular trips.

1. The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

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Image by Adam Derewecki from Pixabay

Arizona is enormous, and on the off chance of attempting to hit every one of the various corners of the state, somewhere around fourteen days is required. Seven days would be better – to do Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. Phoenix and the Superstition Mountains, Sedona, and Grand Canyon National park.

2. Beginning and End of Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

For many people, a circle that begins and closes in Phoenix, Arizona, will be the most effective way to do this excursion. Fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which, by and large, has a decent choice of departures from around the nation (and, surprisingly, the World, at times).

Anticipate booking the earliest conceivable trip into Phoenix and the most recent conceivable trip out. The advantage of doing this as a circle is saving a one-way rental vehicle expense.

2.1. Tombstone Arizona Road

Stagecoach filled with tourists rolls down the streets of the wild west town of Tombstone, Arizona
By: CCStockMedia/Depositphotos

Duration to reach Tombstone from Tusco – 1 and a half hours.

After experiencing a little while in Tucson, Arizona, it is now time to get things moving. Travel south from Tucson to Tombstone, the Wild West’s most infamous town, and the Wild West. Arizona’s amazing Tombstone.

Certain changes have been made to the travel business. However, there aren’t many places where you may walk in the footsteps of famous law enforcement figures and outlaws, see the sites where history was made, and possibly even enjoy a whiskey at the same cantina Wyatt Earp and his friends frequented.

Consider spending a few hours exploring before heading back to Tucson in time for a spectacular sunset in Saguaro National Park East.

2.2. Saguaro National Parks

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Christoph von Gellhorn on Unsplash

Time taken to reach Phoenix from Tuscon: One hour and forty minutes.

Take the slow and scenic detour through Saguaro National Park West on your way to Phoenix and go climbing amid these incredible plant monsters.

Arizona has very distinctive vegetation. Anyone who searches for saguaro cacti online cannot but be mesmerized by the incredible outlines and bizarre shapes they take on in up-close nighttime photos.

That, however, pales in comparison to continuing to grow into these goliaths’ mindsets and reaching the height of a four- or five-story structure. Saguaro National Park has a characteristic that must be observed, and that is a wood of these enormous trees letting go and swaying toward the skyline.

2.2.1. Road Trips from Phoenix Metro Area

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Brady Bellini on Unsplash

Look at these top attraction guidelines from Phoenix if you have the chance to spend time there and create more lasting experiences for a day trip.

  • Route 66 is near Flagstaff, Walnut Canyon, the Sinagua Cliff Dwellings, and the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.
  • Prescott – Explore the historical background of Arizona’s distinctive capital city and its Victorian-era buildings.
  • The Painted Desert and Rainbow Woods are two must-see attractions in the Petrified Forest National Park, where you may observe fossilized trees and other prehistoric animals. Frozen Forest National Park.
  • Take a dip in the typically rounded boulders that are used as waterslides at this swimming hole at Slide Rock State Park.

 2.3. Phoenix to Sedona

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Edmundo Mendez, Jr. on Unsplash

Time taken to reach Sedona from Pheonix – One hour and fifty-seven minutes.

Travel from Pheonix to Sedona for some Native American heritage. Sedona is a beautiful and profound city.

Avoid taking the Interstate straight up to Sedona if you don’t want to miss out on one more beautiful sight along the way at Montezuma Castle National Monument.

Learn about Native American history by putting some effort into this. This National Monument is an excellent pit stop on drives across Arizona because it is dedicated to preserving Native American culture.

Just a short distance up the street are two outstanding examples of Native Americans’ imaginative and creative abilities dating back more than 500 years. Montezuma Well and the castle at Montezuma.

2.3.1. Montezuma Castle National Monument Valley Tribal Park

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Joanna Kozik on Unsplash

A wonderful example of an old bluff home is Montezuma Castle. Although Montezuma Well is a more modest cliff, it is constructed beneath the rim of a sizable sinkhole that is fed by subsurface springs. Twenty rooms are perched on a steep ledge.

As you go on toward Sedona, you will come upon the modest town of Camp Verde, which served as a stronghold during the Indian Wars. There are several things going on here.

Camp Verde provides a quick glimpse into the 1870s lives of the outlaw warriors. Numerous outdoor activities including cycling, kayaking, and climbing are available, and you may even gamble at the Cliff Castle Casino.

2.3.2. Touring Around Sedona

A journey to Arizona is intended to take in the scenery and unwind in Sedona’s vortexes. Visit the Information Center for some fantastic driving tips, then spend the rest of the day at Airport Mesa watching the sunset.

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Anthony Melone on Unsplash

Sedona, a village in Central Arizona, stands out for two reasons

  • Even though the entertainment industry has ventured outside for so long, The Red Rocks not only provide a breathtaking backdrop for the town but have also been prominently featured in movies.
  • With its numerous vortexes and reputation as one of the world’s centers for normal energies, Sedona is a place of incredible otherworldliness. As a result, you can expect to find plenty of cutting-edge radicals both inside and outside the city.

2.4. Route 66 and Meteor Crater to Holbrook

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Young Shih on Unsplash

Time Taken: 2 Hours

A journey to Arizona involves fascinating road adventures along the Mother Road. Highway 66 is the epitome of an American road trip, and we take advantage of some of the best rest stations.

The Mother Road, also known as Route 66, is the most incredible drive in Arizona. The most famous Road Trip in the world the contemporary culture’s obsession with speed has caused a sizable portion of the street and the associated organizations to collapse, yet there are still places to reflect on the good old days.

Spend as much time as necessary driving this route to indulge in some nostalgia for the golden age of America. Stops include Williamstown and Flagstaff, where visitors can view artifacts from 1926 when America was moving west.

2.4.1. Meteor Crater

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

A must-stop along Route 66 is Meteor Crater to witness the breathtaking results of an object from space striking the earth. While New Mexico is well recognized for its thorough investigations of the locations of outsider accidents, Arizona’s connection to space is undoubtedly more obvious.

For those who are interested in learning what occurs when a sizable chunk of space rock collides with the earth, there is Meteor Crater. These guided tours will convince you to have no faith in any of those enormous asteroids hurtling across space at any time in the near future.

2.5. Winslow to Monument Valley Tribal Park

Time Taken: 3 hours 50 minutes

One of the better driving days is the Arizona Road Trip, but wait till you see where it goes. Nothing in Arizona is more associated with pop culture folklore than Winslow.

A small town called Winslow is also located in Arizona and serves as a fantastic example of how something that was undoubtedly conventional has evolved into somewhat of a tourist hotspot. The Eagles brought fame to the location, and here we are “remaining on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.”

Much to their dismay, the Eagles’ song about staying on a certain corner in this sleepy small place made it onto the international map.

The moment has come to move on toward the lovely American terrain of the old west after exploring the town.

2.5.1. Monument Valley

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Robert Murray on Unsplash

Monument Valley is the most well-known location featured in those John Wayne western movies. One of the primary draws of the Arizona road trip is it. Fans of Forrest Gump or vintage Hollywood Westerns will most likely be keen to have a close-up look at Monument Valley.

Monument Valley served as the backdrop for iconic sequences such as those in which Chevy Chase performed his high-jinks in Vacation or Forrest Gump rushed down the lonely roadway sporting long facial hair.

However, what a fantastic place to visit. These road trips in Arizona can seem like one is driving through the largest movie set in the world.

2.6. Page and Lake Powell Resort

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Jana Knorr on Unsplash

2 hours and 10 minutes are required to go from Monument Valley to Page.

Take a day trip to Lake Powell and see the town while marveling at the startling array of contrasts between the lake’s water and the surrounding red and white rocks. As Arizona travels along Lake Powell in the direction of Page. From the famous landscape of Hollywood to the stunning rock formations that are so popular on Instagram.

An artificial lake, Lake Powell, stretches 299 kilometers (186 miles). For a day excursion, there are plenty of activities available.

Amazing rock formations and sights can be found around the Pages component, Waterholes Canyon, Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Tower Butte, and Vermillion Cliffs National Monument when traveling through Arizona.

2.7. Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Walls

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Photo by Yongyut Kumsri from Shutterstock

2 hours and 21 minutes are required to reach.

On the southern end of Lake Powell, in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful regularity, is the city of Page. However, if you want to post pictures from your own trip to Instagram, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon are two places outside of town.

Amazing scene shots at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon for the less egotistical have made Arizona renowned on Instagram. While the calming stream of the Antelope Canyon instances in the stones can be rather hypnotic. Please don’t be one of the idiots who gets too close to the edge to take an “extreme” selfie, endangering their life.

2.8. The Grand Canyon National Park

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Ays Be on Unsplash

Time taken from page to the Grand Canyon: 2 hours and 21 minutes

It’s time to head toward the famous Grand Canyon on the north rim of the Grand Canyon, the final stop on this classic road journey through Arizona. Some people place seeing the Grand Canyon high on their list of things to do while others see it as little more than a massive rift in the earth.

However, when people are close to the edge, they can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the grandeur and sheer magnitude. Find a peaceful area and stay there till nightfall. The Grand Canyon deserves to be listed among the world’s extraordinary natural wonders. Consider spending a little time here on the Arizona Road Trip if people have the time.

2.8.1. Fun Things to Do in Grand Canyon National Parks

The well-known entrance to the Grand Canyon, which leads to Yavapai Point, is Stupendous Canyon Village. It provides the most attractive vistas of the Grand Canyon.

Campsite construction and a quick ascent of the Bright Angel Trail. The book enlists a donkey for this trial in the waterway in order to accomplish something. A temporary camp is also present.

  1. Amazing Canyon Skywalk – Guests can wander on the glass canyon floor for 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon on this walkway that projects 70 feet out from the canyon walls.
  2. Book a half-day or full-day boat trip with Colorado River Rafting.
10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Jackalope West on Unsplash

3. Things to Remember

3.1. Travel insurance:

Choosing whether or not to acquire vehicle insurance is a guessing game. Since own car protection generally covers rentals,

3.2. Car Parking:

Before smashing into the mountains or desert on an Arizona road trip, check to see if the car has a crisis street unit. If not, pick one up at the nearby Walmart.

3.3. Public Parks Pass:

When on a road trip through some breathtaking parks in Arizona, be sure to get a National Parks Pass. A pass makes it stress-free for people to visit all public parks.

3.4. Additional Water:

Always bring a tonne of extra water with you when you go on a street adventure. This is an absolute necessity for an Arizona road trip because it can get very hot.

3.5. Paper Maps:

In this day and age, people use Google Maps to navigate, but they always make sure to have a printed copy guide and the knowledge to use it. Have a reinforcing guide on hand. On an Arizona road trip, phone coverage was very spotty and absent in several places.

A road trip through Arizona – A mantra to remember

Continuously fill up halfway through the tank. Never let the tank go below halfway through the tank when taking a road trip through Arizona. It makes more sense to have a full tank and endure the inconvenience of stopping than to be completely out of fuel.

4. Pack Things for An Arizona Road Trip

What to Pack for an Arizona Road Trip

Do not forget your climbing boots! Have the chance to explore some of America’s most beautiful sights while driving through Arizona!

  • Arizona is a desert state, so bring layers. It may be warm throughout the day, but it cools off in the evening.
  • Wear long sleeves of breathable, lightweight clothing rather than sunblock. It blocks the sun while keeping cool.
  • Bottled water is widely available in the US, but there’s no need to waste plastic by using a reusable bottle. It is possible to just top it off as needed with regular water, which is drinkable. Bring a few, and fill them up.
  • Having drinks and food that are cold is important, so a foldable cooler is easy to ship and keeps your munchies fresh on the drive to Arizona.
  • During a hiking trip in Arizona, use Steripen to purify water from streams and waterways. In this manner, parasites won’t be an issue when filling a water bottle.
  • In hot weather, trekking on hiking routes requires the use of a sun cap.
  • Because they are hands-free, electric headlamps are always a terrific idea. A good one also has a fantastic pillar.
  • Having a cozy cover in the car is useful in case something happens in the evening. Additionally, sweeping is the ideal time to stop and have a barbecue!
  • Most cars have USB ports, and some even have an extra one for charging our gadgets and phones. The two outlets enable charging of the two phones and a 
  • On a road trip across Arizona, using bathroom tissue required a lot of dodging behind trees. (In any case, attempt to either complete it in a garbage can or cover it with a scoop.)
  • Don’t forget the camera while packing your camera gear! not to forget to take a photo on this outing!

5. Best Time of Year for An Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Arizona - Best Time to Travel

In Arizona, there isn’t much of an opportunity to go on a street adventure.

  • The busy season, which runs from June through August, brings more tourists and higher prices.
  • Similar to other locations, shoulder season (spring and fall) is fantastic since the weather is still wonderful but there are fewer crowds and prices are lower.
  • Since Arizona has excellent weather all year round, winter is a great time to take a road trip there.
  • Many northerners spend the winter in Arizona. However, dress in layers and pack for winter weather because it can get very cold in the evening. If you’re going on a street adventure in Arizona during the cooler months, it’s a good idea to keep a sweep in the car.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

6.1. How Long Would a Trip to Arizona Take?

To avoid having trouble going from one destination to another, I would advise at least scheduling a 5-day trip to Arizona. This would be the best course of action to visit places like Petrified Forest National Park, Grand Canyon, and many more.

6.2. Which Month Is Ideal for Travel to Arizona?

The greatest weather, though, is typically seen in the spring or fall, when the temperatures are cool and there is a moderate amount of rain or snowfall. The ideal period to visit would be from mid-October to mid-May if you wanted to see Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding southern Arizona mountains and desert scenery.

6.3. Which Months See Snowfall in Arizona?

On the San Francisco Peaks, snow can stick around until June and usually starts to fall in late November. Flagstaff’s typical summer days don’t rise over 85°F, which makes it a welcome respite from the considerably hotter nearby desert regions.

7. The End-Only Open Road Ahead

10 best routes to arizona road trip
Photo by Datingjungle on Unsplash

All good things come to an end, and our road trip across Arizona is no exception. After that, all that is left to do is head home and start planning the next USA road trip. If that isn’t enough to entice travel enthusiasts to Google these locations and look at airline options, then nothing will!

However, although this is a good starting point for reasons why people should take a road trip across Arizona, there is still more that can be easily added.

This Arizona road trip will never be overly long or require crossing any boundaries, but not before taking in one more view of the Grand Canyon’s wonder.

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