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8 Best Hiking of Isle Royale National Park

Scoville Point Loop is one of the park’s most picturesque pathways, while Island Traverse is more demanding.

Isle Royale national park attracts backpackers, hikers, boaters, paddleboarders, and scuba divers. Promise to cross Lake Superior: Let island culture infiltrate you. Find peace in Isle Royale’s untouched woodlands, for we protect the island. Help Isle Royale’s wilderness.

Houghton operates float planes. The cost is substantially more than utilizing boats, but the journey is shorter and offers great vistas. Copper Harbor is the park’s entrance.

As the jet may dock at any port and make many crossings daily, you have flexibility with arrival and departure times. Because stove fuel can’t be flown, campers on the island must buy it there.

Isle Royale is a haven for hikers, trekkers, kayakers, canoeists, and fishermen who want to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility west of the Mississippi. Rock Harbor, the park’s only built sector, is where the Isle Royale Queen IV sails from Copper Harbor every summer and where the Rock Harbor Lodge, the island’s lone hospitality facility, offers magnificent lodgings.

The Extraordinary Charm of Isle Royale National park

Those arriving via boat will see it. You can smell the earth, grass, and island warmth as you approach. People who rarely go by water will like this.

Rock Harbor and Windigo are island ports. Rock Harbor’s marina hires canoes and boats and offers a camp store, restrooms, a gift shop, and a snack bar.

Windigo’s camp shop sells food, supplies, and gasoline. Here, hikers may refuel, check their gear, and begin.

Isle Royale National Park
Photo by: Steven Schremp on Shutterstock

Isle Royale National Park is located on Lake Superior. Seventeen thousand people visit Isle Royale, one of Michigan’s five national parks, each year. The national park isn’t busy. The lake island is rich in plants, animals, and outdoor sports.

This is not because the area lacks beauty but because the park is difficult to access. Its distant location makes it excellent for those who wish to see the area’s natural splendor. The most popular route to the island begins in the Upper Peninsula and involves a boat voyage of around five hours. Lace up your boots, pack your suitcase and bring your binoculars.

Some amazing things to do in Isle Royale National Park:

  1. Enjoy a Ferry Ride

  2. Take a Hike

  3. Visit one of the Lighthouses.

  4. Take the Day Away on Your Canoe

  5. Get to Know the Residents of the Area

  6. A View from Your Room

Hiking 50 Miles Across Isle Royale National Park | Michigan

Isle Royale’s walks are unique. Narrow roads travel through boreal woods, marshes, and rocky outcrops to no human settlement. Leave the bigger routes around Rock Harbor and Windigo to find a unique natural area.

The biggest island in Lake Superior and the center of a wilderness archipelago, Isle Royale, is located in the northwest corner of Michigan in the United States. It’s part of Keweenaw County and is 45 miles long and 9 miles wide. It’s 56 miles from the Upper Peninsula and 15 miles from Canada.

You’ll only hear the wind, leaves rustling, loon calls, moose roars, squirrel chirps, and birdsong away from busy canals. Grace Creek Overlook, Minong Ridge Overlook, Scoville Point, Mount Franklin, Suzy’s Cave, Ojibway Fire Tower, Edison Fishery, and Rock Harbor Lighthouse are all nearby.

Isle Royale’s beauty may be admired in many ways. Visit landmarks and lighthouses. Lake Superior is an excellent area to paddle or kayak and fish in the open water or inland lakes. Boat or dive Lake Superior.

Admire the stars. This is one of the rare places in Michigan to see a moose or wolf. The park offers ranger programs for kids, youths, and adults and guided tours.

You’ll need two or three nights to appreciate this park. Windigo and Rock Harbor Lodge and cottages provide two primitive camper cabins and 36 campsites near Lake Superior’s shores and inland.

The Voyageur II is a 65-foot diesel-powered vessel with a pair of engines used to transport passengers and mail to and from Isle Royale National Park. It travels between Grand Portage, Minnesota, to several points around both the north and south beaches of the island, where passengers can get dropped off or picked up.

Isle royale national park
Photo by: Arlene Waller on Shutterstock

There’s overnight accommodation. Ferry cars aren’t allowed. Voyageur II works on central time, whereas Isle Royale National Park is on eastern time.

Ranger III was built to take passengers to Isle Royale National Park on Lake Superior. The ship can carry 100 tonnes of cargo and 125 people. Since 1958, Isle Royale National Park has been renovated.

At Isle Royale, there are ten major shipwrecks to explore.

  1. SS Algoma

  2. SS America

  3. SS Henry Chisholm

  4. SS Chester A. Congdon

  5. SS George M. Cox

  6. SS Cumberland

  7. SS Emperor

  8. SS Glenlyon

  9. SS Kamloops

  10. SS Monarch

1. Major Attractions in Isle Royale National Park

1.1 Rock Harbor

Isle royale national park
Image by: Carl TerHaar. Flickr. Copyrights September 24, 2012

Rock Harbor is on Isle Royale’s northeastern peninsula. Rock Harbor’s activities and services might enhance your visit.

Edison Fishery folk fish camp is at Rock Harbor’s southernmost point. Pete Edison, the site’s penultimate fisherman, gave this interpretative center its name. Before Pete and Laura, other fisherman and their families frequented the area. Louis Mattson and John Anderson fished from the Edison house they constructed between 1890 and 1904.

The National Park Service manages the repaired Edison Fishery on the island. The fishery is one of 50 that survived. The site describes the island’s fishing history.

ISLE ROYALE--Exploring Rock Harbor & STOLL TRAIL

1.2 Mott Island

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Image by: Joe Ross. Flickr. Copyrights August 30, 2011

Mott Island, the summer park headquarters, is the island’s core. It’s a barrier island facing Rock Harbor Channel, from whence it derives its name.

In summer, when electricity is plentiful, the camera transmits in real-time many times each day. When solar power is restricted in winter, it can only do it once or twice a day.

From Rock Harbor Lodge to Mott Island, you may canoe and hike the rarely-visited Mott Island Trail. A 4-mile paddle from Rock Harbor may take two to three hours in good weather.

The 2.6-mile-long Mott Island Trail circles the island. Taking a cross-over branch cuts the distance to 1.8 miles. However, the most scenic area is towards the east end.

Mott Island, Isle Royale National Park.

2. Scenic Hiking Trails

2.1 Greenstone Ridge Trail: Windigo to Tobin Harbor

Isle royale national park
Image by: daveynin. Flickr. Copyrights August 22, 2016

Greenstone Ridge Trail is 40 miles long on Isle Royale in Lake Superior, Michigan. Isle Royale National Park protects the island. As a wilderness region and national park, the island has no roads. Therefore the path is the only way to get around.

Isle Royale’s fickle weather is rare. Lake Superior’s moods make Greenstone Ridge Trail difficult. Morning sunshine becomes afternoon thunderstorms; a 70-degree lunch is followed by midnight cold; miles of boot-sucking mud become magnificent basalt views.

From Windigo, trek Greenstone Ridge Trail from west to east. Exactly. We crossed over the island’s windward side by hiking east. Island Mine, Hatchet Lake, and Chickenbone Lake contain lush arboreal flora and rain.

We reached the island’s leeward side after hiking Mount Siskiwit’s Greenstone Ridge Trail. Grasslands and scrubland increased (but the forest never disappeared for long; this is northern Michigan). Wet socks dried when clouds and fog receded. From mud to the screen. Worth the ankle pain.

Isle Royale- Greenstone Ridge trail

2.2  Mount Franklin

Isle royale national park
Image by: Ken Lund. Flickr. Copyrights August 13, 2018

Mount Franklin is a beautiful viewpoint along Isle Royale’s Greenstone Ridge Trail. Greenstone Ridge Trail leads to this viewpoint. This granite outcrop celebrates Benjamin Franklin’s achievements. Rock Harbor Trail or Tobin Harbor Trail leads to it from Rock Harbor. Both trails end at the same place.

This 10-mile round-trip journey begins and concludes at Rock Harbor. It provides hikers magnificent views of the island’s interior and north coast and the Canadian mainland in the distance.

Hikers typically access the Greenstone Ridge Trail through the Mount Franklin Trail. It begins its two-mile ascent by crossing the Rock Harbor Trail and then the Tobin Harbor Trail.

You may find it by following the Greenstone Ridge Trail 0.3 miles west. The track is part of a popular day trek used by Rock Harbor tourists.

Hiking the Mount Franklin Trail, Isle Royale National Park ( and a beautiful sunrise).

2.3 Feldtmann Lake Loop Trail

Isle royale national park
Image from: National Park Service

Explore this circular path that is 30.1 miles long and close to Isle Royale national park, Michigan. It is generally considered difficult terrain since it requires an average of 4-5 days to finish. This is an excellent path for birding, camping, and trekking, and it’s quite rare that you’ll run into many other people while you’re out exploring.

Acquaint yourself with this Michigan loop route that runs 52.9 kilometers and can be found close to Isle Royale. Because it takes 11 hours and 57 minutes to complete, the terrain is typically regarded as among the most challenging.

From April through October, hiking along this path will provide the most satisfaction. This is a wonderful trail for birding, camping, and hiking, and you won’t come into many other people while you’re out exploring because there aren’t that many people that use it. Your four-legged hiking buddies will have to wait for you at home because dogs are not allowed on this particular trail.

Isle Royale 2022 Feldtmann Loop

2.4 Tobin Harbor Trail

Isle royale national park
Image from: National Park Service

The Tobin Harbor Trail may be found in Isle Royale National Park in Keweenaw, Michigan. The Rock Harbor Lodge is the starting point for an out-and-back walk that extends for 3 miles and follows the south coast of the picturesque Tobin Harbor with its small rises and dips.

The Tobin Harbor Trail is three miles long, and although having some inclines and declines throughout its length, it is a wide, dry, and simple trail to travel. The section of the path that goes from Rock Harbor Lodge to Three Mile Campground is considered by many hikers to be less picturesque than the section that follows the trail.

That is up for debate, but both of these hikes are fantastic options for a day trip from Rock Harbor and should not be missed. This route creates a 6.5-mile circle with the Rock Harbor Trail, and nearly the whole length of the loop offers stunning views of the lake.

The trail that runs along the coast of Tobin Harbor is beautiful. Rock Harbor’s float planes land here, so keep a lookout for them.

It’s an easy track that links Rock Harbor to the Mount Franklin Trail, with some gentle ups and downs along the water. Guests of the Rock Harbor Lodge and Campground utilize the path regularly because of its excellent condition.

Backpacking the Tobin Harbor Trail on Isle Royale

2.5 Mount Ojibway Trail

Isle royale national park
Image from: National Park Service

Start your adventure on this out-and-back route that is 1.7 miles long and close to Rock Harbor, Michigan. It takes a typical participant 1 hour 49 minutes to finish the trail, and it is rated as having a moderate difficulty level.

You are not likely to run into many other people while wandering along this path, making it an ideal location for bird-watching, hiking, and camping. The months of May through September are the greatest seasons to hike along this path. Your canine companions must stay home, as they are not permitted on this hiking path.

Mount Ojibway, situated on Greenstone Ridge, may be reached from Daisy Farm Campground by the Mount Ojibway Trail. The hike leads hikers up a strenuous ascent to Greenstone Ridge. Mount Ojibway is the location of the Ojibway Tower. On a day with clear skies, hikers can scale a portion of the tower and be rewarded with breathtaking views over the island’s eastern end.

Mount Ojibway - Isle Royale

2.6 Suzy’s Cave Trail

Isle royale national park
Image from: National Park Service

Explore this out-and-back track that spans 3.8 miles close to Rock Harbor, Michigan. It takes a typical participant 1 hour 29 minutes to finish the trail and is rated as having a moderate difficulty level. This path is ideal for walking, and you’ll rarely encounter many other people while exploring it.

While in Isle Royale National Park, check out Suzy’s Cave. Discover an arch created by wave action about 4000 years ago when the water level in the lake was greater. The angle may be found in an inland sea. After traveling 1.8 miles farther down the Rock Harbor Trail past the Rock Harbor Campground, you will come to a wooden post that will point you inside toward Suzy’s Cave.

From this point, the walk continues to the Tobin Harbor Trail, a more easygoing path that eventually returns to Rock Harbor. As you make your way through a dense stand of fir, spruce, and birch trees, keep an eye out for moose and other forms of wildlife.
This trek has a potential duration of anywhere between two and six hours when completed in its entirety.

Isle Royale:  Rock Harbor to Suzy's Cave

2.7 Minong Ridge Trail

Isle royale national park
Image from: National Park Service

Have you thought about doing a multi-day hike on the Minong Ridge Trail in Isle Royale National Park? On Isle Royale, one of the hikes with the most challenging terrain is the Minong Ridge Trail. This difficult trek winds along the island’s northern part and provides breathtaking vistas of Lake Superior and the Canadian coastline.

Discover this point-to-point track that spans 32.1 miles near Isle Royale, Michigan. It is generally considered a difficult route since it requires an average of 10 hours and 55 minutes to finish.

Even though this is a popular path for hiking, camping, and backpacking, you may still find time on this trail during the less busy parts of the day. This track is most enjoyable to hike between March and September. Your canine companions must stay home, as they are not permitted on this hiking path.

Isle Royale - Hiking the Minong Ridge

2.8 Grace Creek Overlook

Isle royale national park
Image from: National Park Service

At the westernmost tip of Isle Royale National Park is where you’ll find the popular scenic overlook known as Grace Creek Overlook. It is approximately 1.8 miles south of Windigo and may be accessed through the Feldtmann Lake Trail.

Spend the day exploring the wide island’s wide environment by hiking to Grace CrYou may serenity ledge and take the view of Grace C to the southwest reek below you. To the southwest, you may glimpse Grace Beach, Grace Harbor, and Lake Superior. There are many opportunities to see wild animals here.

Screaming from Grace Creek Overlook - Isle Royale National Park


Most hikers finish in three to five days. Even though day excursions are allowed, a longer stay is needed to enjoy Isle Royale fully. A day-tripper must organize their tour to occupy the time between the boat’s arrival and departure.

When you get to Rock Harbor Lodge, situated in the northwestern part of Isle Royale, you may kick off your boots after a day of trekking and exploring the area. The Rock Harbor Lodge is a perfect place for individuals searching for a rustic atmosphere combined with the comforts of home.

It features hotel rooms and cottages that guests may rent and cook in. Each hotel room boasts avian Espera for one of the world’s most magnificent lakes.

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