cheapest places to live in Florida cheapest places to live in Florida

Affordable Living: 8 Top Locations in Florida

Are you looking for the cheapest places to live in Florida and planning to settle down with your family? You are absolutely on the right page.

Florida offers a beautiful sunny and warm climate with stunning beaches and gorgeous landscapes. Every family wants to live in a place where they have easy access to entertainment, schools, restaurants, medical facilities, grocery stores, and much more.

Although the mortgages and Florida’s cost of living can be extremely high, there are many affordable and cheapest places to live in Florida where you can settle down without compromising on safety and better living conditions.

The Sunshine State has so much to offer to people that it has started to become a major attraction state to settle down for the people of younger generations.

Compared to the country’s national average, many cities in Florida have low and affordable living costs. There is something for everyone in Florida starting from beautiful beaches, nightclubs, amazing restaurants, amusement parks, Miami Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World, and nautical recreations.

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Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

There are many affordable places in the state of Florida where citizens can have a good quality of life, affordable apartment prices, and access to bus and train stations as well as hospitals, schools, universities, and shopping malls.

One of the best things about Florida is that compared to the national average, the state has no income tax. The property taxes are also very low. In addition, the climatic condition of central and north Florida is moist and semitropical. Most of the state receives rain and thunderstorms from May To October.

Some of the amazing, as well as pocket-friendly places to live in Florida, are mentioned below. 

1. Cape Coral

cheapest places to live in florida
Image by: Gina Marie Nicole. Flickr. Copyrights June 24, 2006

One of the top and cheapest places to live in Florida is Cape Coral. Located in Lee county in the southwestern part of Florida off the shore of the Gulf of Mexico near Fort Myers, the city has a lot to offer. There are seven golf courses and almost 30 recreational parks in the city. In addition, there are numerous nature parks, nature preserves, and state parks.

If you are more into nature, Cape Coral has these beautiful parks where you can go to nature seminars, camping, and trekking. The city is also home to a wide variety of wildlife and birds with the biggest population of burrowing owls in the whole of Florida.

The best part of living in Cape Coral is that the utility expenses, healthcare, and housing prices are much lower than the national average price. Luckily, there are no housing taxes, income taxes or inheritance taxes to be paid in Cape Coral. The weather is sunny all year round and there are plenty of waterparks, good choices of restaurants and shopping malls.

The top and popular neighborhoods in Cape Coral are Sunset Pointe, Casa Di Fiori, Sandy Circle Condominiums, Blue Heron, and Gator Circle.

A Tour of Cape Coral, Florida

2. Palm Bay

cheapest places to live in florida
Image from: Florida Back Roads Travel

Located on the eastern coast of central Florida, in Brevard county, Palm Bay is a city full of adventures and one of the cheapest places to live in Florida. The city is known as the fishing capital of the world and offers fun activities for the residents as well as tourists including fishing, trekking, camping, and kayaking.

Palm Bay offers pocket-friendly accommodations and several job opportunities in the field of communication and technology. The city also has good-rated schools and offers interesting activities for the kids. The ambiance of Palm Bay feels suburban and is home to a wide variety of attractions including fitness trails, picnic spots, a butterfly garden, and much more.

Some of the top neighborhoods in Palm Bay include Port Malabar Country Club, Parkside West, Riviera Key, Waterstone, and Magnolia Park.

Exploring: Palm Bay, Florida

3. Vero Beach

cheapest places to live in florida
Image from: Visit Indian River Country

Vero Beach is located transversely from the Indian River Lagoon, is one of the popular cheapest places to live in Florida, and has average housing prices starting from 200,000 US Dollars. The famous McKee Botanical Gardens is located off Vero which is home to water lilies, a variety of wildlife, and tropical trees. Vero Beach is also popular for its crystal clear beaches and amazing shopping malls.

Several Hollywood celebrities dwell in the city of Vero Beach. The city is loved by nature and bird lovers. At the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, you can witness uncountable bird species. The unique ecosystem of the city is beautiful with great conservation programs. Every year you get to see sea turtles migrating to a protected area at the beach to lay their eggs.

In addition, Vero Beach has several recreational activities for its residents and the nightlife of Vero Beach is not to miss out on. Some of the best neighborhoods in Vero Beach are Castaway Cove, Indian Trails, Sea Oaks, Cache Cay, and Central Beach.

Vero Beach  Florida, Downtown

4. Edgewater


cheapest places to live in florida
Image from: City of Edgewater

If you are a beach lover and looking for a small-town vibe, Edgewater is the ideal and also one of the cheapest places to live in Florida. Between Cape Canaveral and Daytona Beach, there is a safe and small town located named Edgewater. The place has affordable apartments, amazing job opportunities, and well-rated schools.

The city is quiet and the crime rates are comparatively low compared to the other cities in Florida. There are small-town cafes as well as five-star restaurants to meet the taste buds of every resident. Moreover, there are plenty of parks as well as river walks for walking, jogging, and cycling.

There are amazing hiking trails at the Merritt Island National Reserve as well as options for boating and kayaking. Edgewater is home to dozens of birds, alligators, dolphins, manatees, and turtles. Some of the best communities to live in Edgewater are Woodbridge Lakes, Terra Mar Village, Hacienda Del Rio, Glenbrooke, and Menard-May Park.

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5. High Springs

cheapest places to live in florida
Image from: Visit Florida

High Springs is located in Alachua County and is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida. The ambiance of the city is a quiet and small-town feel with a population of fewer than 6000 residents. High Springs has a high median household income and is great for people who love the weather of Florida.

This city in Florida is famous for its refreshing springs and plenty of natural ecosystems. The popular Gilchrist Blue Springs Park is famous for its pristine waters where you can enjoy swimming and canoeing. The place offers splendid scenic views and hiking trails and serves as a great place for picnicking. 

The best neighborhoods in High Springs are Ashton Ridge, Edgemoor, Oleno, Meadow Oaks, and Cinnamon Hill Estates.

High Springs Florida

6. Dade City

cheapest places to live in florida
Image by: Chris Norberg. Unsplash. Copyrights June 15, 2021

Settled in Central Florida, Dade City is located midway between Tampa and Florida. Dade City is a beautiful town in the Tampa Bay area and is also popularly known as Tree City. 

Additionally, there are numerous antique shops and several restaurants with multi-cuisine options. Also, Dade City has a living cost less than the country’s average, thus making it one of the most affordable places to settle in Florida.

The city has almost 30 government schools and more than 35 private schools along with good educational infrastructure. The top communities to live in Dade City are Orange Valley, Highlands, and Leah’s Acres.

Dade City Florida - A Beautiful City

7. Palm Coast

cheapest places to live in florida
Image from: Palm Coast and Flagler Beach

The cost of living in Palm Coast is 4% less than the country’s national average thus making it one of the best and cheapest places to live in Florida. Palm Coast is located in the eastern shoreline of Florida and takes almost an hour from south of Jacksonville. The median household income of Palm Coast residents is more than 50,000 US Dollars.

This city offers various job opportunities in the field of medicine and hospital sectors. There are beautiful parks with great scenic views and nature trails. Some of the popular parks on Palm Coast are Varn Park, Palm Coast Linear Park, and Waterfront Park.

In addition, numerous beaches on Palm Coast are well-maintained and clean. Also, the medical facilities of the city are great. Some of the top neighborhoods to live in are Cypress Knoll, Quail Hollow, Palm Harbor, Lehigh Woods, and Matanzas Woods.

Welcome To Palm Coast: Neighborhood Tour

8. Milton

cheapest places to live in florida
Image from: Florida Back Roads Travel

Settled in Santa Rosa County, Milton is one of the most pocket-friendly and cheap places to settle in Florida. The city has a population of only 10,000 and a median apartment cost of 135,000 US Dollars.

The city is home to many waterways including Blackwater, Sweetwater, and Coldwater. Milton is a city rich in culture and history with great diversity. In addition, the place offers a great variety of options for employment. Some of the popular museums in this city are the Pensacola Museum of Art and the National Naval Aviation Museum.

The crime rate of Milton is highly low in comparison to other cities in the United States. With a lower cost of living, the city has great nightlife, taverns, bars, grills, and restaurants. Some of the best localities to settle down in Milton are Ashton Woods, Thousand Oaks, Tree Streets, Magnolia Glen, and Cyanamid Road.

Milton Florida


Thus, the state of Florida has quite a many beautiful and cheap places to settle down. The state of Florida attracts a lot of residents because of its population diversity and interesting attractions along with amazing sunny weather and warm breezes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which part of Florida is best to live in?                                                            

A1. Best Places To Live In Florida

  1. Tampa. Population (City of Tampa)
  2. Gainesville. Population (City of Gainesville)
  3. Jacksonville. Population.
  4. Cape Coral. Population. 
  5. Orlando. Population (City of Orlando)
  6. Greater Miami Area. Population (Miami-Dade County)
  7. Melbourne. Population (City of Melbourne)

Q2. What is the safest city in Florida?                                                                      

A2. The Villages has the lowest county violent crime and property crime rate in Florida. What is the safest area to live in in Florida? According to our research, the three safest cities in Florida are The Villages, Palm Coast, and Riverview.

Q3. What city in Florida is affordable?                                                                    

A3. Cape Coral. One of the most affordable cities in Florida and the eighth-largest city in the state, Cape Coral is a family-friendly community that’s perfect for settling down.

Q4. What city in Florida has the cheapest rent?                                                        


Rank City Average YoY Rent Price Change
1 Lake City -3.07%
2 Haines City 1.48%
3 Titusville -2.52%
4 Green Cove Springs 4.21%

Q5. Why is living in Florida cheap?                                                                           

A5. The Sunshine State doesn’t take any of the hard-earned money out of your paycheck or retirement income—one of the many perks that make Florida such a popular place to retire. Keep in mind, Florida still has a state sales tax rate of 6%—or 7.08% if you include its average local tax rate.

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