Film Schools in North Carolina Film Schools in North Carolina

What Are the 7 Premier Film Schools in North Carolina?

If you are one of those planning to make a career in the Hollywood film industry, you are just on the right page because this article is going to shed light on all the top film schools in North Carolina.

Yes, you heard it right and North Carolina is the epicenter of unmatched multiple opportunities that are directly connected to the Hollywood industry.

Whether you are aspiring to become a cinematographer, film director, film editor, screenwriter, or movie producer, North Carolina has got you all covered and houses several pre-eminent film schools.

The film schools and culture in North Carolina is the just the ideal spot for earning a good film degree and turning your dream career objective into reality. 

1. The Best Film Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina has a prosperous and flourishing film industry with a pyramid of opportunities for all aspiring students. The film schools in North Carolina offer an array of film programs providing both traditional approaches as well as mesmeric experiences.

North Carolina Film Connection is real and provides valuable work experience and industry connections for career-making.

Film Schools in North Carolina
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The below-listed top film schools in North Carolina provide hands-on training to the students and allows them to embark on their career in the Hollywood industry.

1.1. University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA)

UNCSA filmmaking school falls under the list of one of the top-rated film schools in North Carolina and is a great place to know and learn about the local film industry. UNCSA offers an immersive program that allows students to acquire a working experience while studying.

UNCSA also provides a wide range of courses and programs, including cinematography, production, design, editing, sound design, screenwriting, directing programs, animation, and visual effects.

While studying at UNCSA, you get to learn how to create a network with professionals including guest artists and industry artists. The students are also taught about industry protocols and standards along with craft practice on studios and sound stages with professional equipment.

The best part is that every spring, UNCSA allows students to attend screenings at the RiverRun International Film Festival, hosted on the campus itself. The students also get a chance to visit Los Angeles in their senior year to screen their films for UNSCSA alumni and industry executives.

1.2. Duke University

One of the very next film schools in North Carolina which comes under the finest film schools in the US is Duke University. Among the various programs and departments of Duke University, the Department of Cinematic Arts provides activities and great opportunities for pupils interested in film education.

The faculty of Cinematic Arts offers film courses from an international perspective. Besides Cinematic Arts, the Screen Society of Duke University, a program for film exhibition, gives access to a wide range of new and historical works including repertory programs, international classics, and independent art films from a variety of modes, national traditions, and genres.

Film Schools in North Carolina
Courtesy: Duke University

The programs and workshops of Duke University use a variety of new technologies which include digital production, 3D animation, analogue film production, motion graphics, and cel animation. The cutting-edge facilities of these programs like the sound stage and editing lab are provided by the Rubenstein Art Centre.

For creative production, the Legacy Lab provides all the legacy and older equipment that are required. Additionally, the students also procure professional experience through various internships.

1.3. Wake Forest University

The Film and Media Studies program of Wake Forest University primarily focuses on reception, filmmaking, and analysis and offers pupils an opportunity to learn the vital film roles in industry production, cultural experience, and artistic creation.

Since 1960, the University of Wake Forest had a rich film-studies culture, has offered several courses and programs in film, production, and history throughout the years, and has certainly made it to the list of the best film schools in North Carolina.

Film Schools in North Carolina
Courtesy: Wake Forest University

Some of the other popular courses besides the Film and Media Studies program include Humanities, Sociology, Theatre, English, Documentary Film Program, Romance Languages, Gender Studies, and many more. The university provides a team of expert faculties sharing their love for film and encouraging the students to be creative and critical.

The university also supports lectures, workshops, and screenings with professional filmmakers and guest speakers. Surely, Wake Forest University is a great film school to broaden the understanding and learning of the film industry

1.4. North Carolina State University (NCSU)

The Film Studies program of NC State University offers various degree programs and courses for students interested in theory, criticism, film production, and history.

With an array of courses including film writing, screenwriting, African American cinema, western films, animation, media studies, and video production, NC State University comes among the leading film schools in North Carolina

The undergraduate students of NC State University have the option to take “film” as a minor, major, or concentration in English. Also every semester, the Film Studies Program of NCSU brings the students to a wide range of film events and screenings.

Film Schools in North Carolina
Courtesy: NC State University

The graduate programs in film studies at NCSU include analysis, theory, writing, and research. With two literature courses in the M.A., the vital capstone project is mainly focused on the student’s subject, chosen during the consultation with a film faculty member.

The university also boasts an amazing film culture where the students attend Durham’s Full Frame Documentary Festival and get to experience small filmmaking seminars.

1.5. University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG)

One of the very next and most popular film schools in North Carolina is the UNCG where the undergraduate program of Media Studies prepares students for media production, journalism, documentary film, fictional & non-fictional television, social advocacy, historical film study, screenwriting, electronic media, and documentary-style videos.

UNCG provides a great team of scholars, artists, and award-winning filmmakers including Dr. Emily Awards, Dr. David Cook, and Dr. Jeffrey T. Adams. The students of UNCG acquire hands-on knowledge to create TV shows, short films, and documentaries in addition to participating in various internship programs like radio, print, and film.

Film Schools in North Carolina
Courtesy: UNCG

Moreover, UNCG is equipped with a radio station where students can acquire academic citations. Also, the students can join the lively CM Studios club that primarily focuses on film production.

After graduating from UNCG, the potential career paths include TV producer, director, editor, filmmaker, entertainment lawyer, production manager and so much more. The Department of Media Studies also offers two minor programs, including a Radio minor and Film & Television Studies minor(non-production).

1.6. Asheville School of Film (ASoF)

When it comes to independent film schools in North Carolina, the Asheville School of Film is a very reputed and well-known film school in the US. The school is settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers short-duration classes in acting and filmmaking that are affordable.

The classes of ASoF can range from a 1-day workshop to classes lasting for 7 to 12 weeks. The best part is that the students are allowed to customize their curriculum according to their needs and interests.

Film Schools in North Carolina
Courtesy: Asheville School of Film

The faculty of ASoF are professionals having an experience of 60 to 65 years in acting, camera operations, writing, and filmmaking. Additionally, the students have the chance to work with professional and high-grade equipment while also learning all the valuable information.

ASoF has a long list of courses which include story planning, Meisner acting, advanced lighting techniques, scene study, character & plotting, advanced filmmaking, and many more. The two popular workshops held by ASoF are Writing Workshop and Music Video Workshop.

1.7. Saint Augustine’s University

One of the very last but reputative film schools in North Carolina is Saint Augustine’s University where the Media & Communications Department offers programs that focus on the cultural impact of media.

Students acquire competencies in the digital and global communication world and also achieve practical experiences at Saint Augustine’s commercial TV, documentary film, newspapers, and radio stations.

An extracurricular initiative known as FALCOM (Falcon Communication) serves students with learning experiences via hands-on projects, used by non-profit organizations.

Film Schools in North Carolina
Courtesy: Saint Augustine’s University

The university emphasizes on traditional programs to build a strong artistic career in film. If you are looking to educate yourself in liberal arts, the programs provided by Saint Augustine are just perfect. It builds a solid foundation for the cultural, historical, theoretical, psychological, as well as technical aspects of the film.

The programs covered by the Media & Communication Department of Saint Augustine include photography, digital journalism, news reporting, social media, video production, copy editing, public relation, publication concepts, broadcasting, film editing, mass communication, and voice & on-camera presentation.

2. End Note

The film-friendly state of North Carolina has an evolving film industry along with several film studios and picturesque locations.

You won’t believe some of the popular television programs and motion pictures like The Hunger Games, Forest Gump, Iron Man 3, and many more have been shot in North Carolina locations and sound stages.

The film schools you select will surely create a great impact on your career and therefore we have listed some of the leading and finest film schools in North Carolina. We hope this article will help you to discover the best film schools in North Carolina and take the admissions accordingly.

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