7 Fun Things to Do in Manhattan

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There are numerous fun things to do in Manhattan, the core of New York City. You can witness the iconic Empire state building, central park, world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. Manhattan is believed to be the synonym of New york. Since this amazing city has many popular tourist attractions, visiting NYC is fulfilling.

Do you want to know fun things to do in Manhattan? You have got several options and the best among them is Times Square, a major commercial intersection with a long list of restaurants and food courts. If you want something rather than street food like something fancier, you can go around Hell’s kitchen, take a food tour and get to know about amazing places where you can have the best food.

Grand central terminal (GCT) is a station located at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It is commonly known as Grand Central Station because its name resembles a nearby post office, the name of the former train station and New York City railway station altogether.

In a list of fun things to do in Manhattan, it is a joyful moment to watch live sports in Madison Square Garden, an indoor area that features concerts and hockey games. One can also witness the famous NBA’s original team, the Knicks, playing in Madison Square Garden.

Fun things to do in Manhattan
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7 Fun Things to do in Manhattan 

1. Visit The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a skyscraper with a 102-story steel frame that got completed in New York City in 1931 and was the tallest in the world until 1971.

The Empire State Building is located in Midtown Manhattan, Fifth Avenue at 34th Street. It remains one of the most unique and famous architecture in the United States and is one of the best examples of Modernist Art Deco design.

The Empire State Building in new york city is also known for its green building plans. By 2020, the skyscraper completed a reconstruction that lasted for more than 10 years and significantly reduced its energy consumption, gas emissions by about 40 percent and increased efficiency.

Visiting the Empire State Building is among the fun things to do in Manhattan. There is no hurry in closing the doors of the building, therefore, guests can wait as long as they like and enjoy the alluring architecture and activities going on on each floor. 

With the ability to display over 16 million colors, the LED lights circling the top of the Building are not always white. It is a building with large buildings displaying red, white, and green horizontal belts in honor of Italy on Columbus Day.

On the 4th of July, it is one of the fun things to do in Manhattan because one can check out the red, white, and blue lights to celebrate America’s birthday. And on September 11, the top of the tower is bathed in blue light, reminiscent of the tragic attack on the city’s two World Trade Center towers.

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Top of The Rock

Top of The Rock is among the best and fun things to do in Manhattan as there are many viewpoints. One can also enjoy the perfect view of the Empire State Building from here. The top of the Rock observation deck for indoor and outdoor viewing brings a spectacular, unobstructed view of the city sky.

With plains facing east, west, north, and south, the views of Top of the Rock make it a repository in NYC. The 70-story rise above the Rockefeller Center is one of the highlights of New York City. You can also enjoy the famous Rockefeller Center ice skating rinks.

Brooklyn Bridge
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2. Get on The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a mixed / cable-lined New York City bridge that connects Manhattan with Brooklyn. Walking on this architectural masterpiece is for sure should be on your list of fun things to do in Manhattan.

It is one of the oldest bridges erected in the United States (completed in 1883) and the world’s first steel-wire fence. Thereby, this is New York City’s icon and is recognized as a National historic landmark. Arriving at the pedestrian tunnel with a bridge that stands above you and the Manhattan sky far away is truly a wonderful time to enjoy.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-hectare (34 ha) park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. Designed by landscape construction company Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, the park is located 2.1 km south of Atlantic Avenue, below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

It attracts thousands of visitors every week, who wants fun things to do in Manhattan and enjoy the picnic near the sea. 

The park is also home to special events, including free Movie watching, kayaking, rowing classes, and fitness classes. The attractive coastline includes a range of resorts full of parks, gardens, playgrounds, green streets, and grassy areas. Pier 2 has basketball courts, an in-line skating rink, and a pop-up pool.

one world trade center
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3. Explore the One World Trade Centre

One World Trade Center was designed as a memorable architecture – a symbol of the American spirit, with simplicity and clarity of form that will always be new and timeless. While the nearby World Trade Center Memorial speaks of the past and the memory, the form facing the One World Trade Center speaks of the future and hope.

As the tower rises from the cubic base, its edges slide backward, leading to a composite form made up of eight isosceles triangles. In the middle of it, the tower forms a precise octagon in the system and culminates in a glass wall with a plan of 150 and 150 feet square, around 45 degrees from the base.

The complete effect of the structure is a crystal form that captures the constant reflection of the hidden light. As the sun moves across the sky or as observers move around the tower, the upper bouts feature two cutaways, changing the weather and the location of the sun.

One World Observatory

One world Observatory gives an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty. There are a million things you can do and hear about in New York City, but there is only one way to see them all at once. You can start by jumping the Sky Pod over the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

On 102 stories up, you can find yourself face to face with the famous New York building. You may have seen city views before, but never like this. Therefore, walk through the three levels of the Observatory and find surprises along the way.

Statue of Liberty
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4. Embrace the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, officially called Liberty Enlightening the World, a large statue on Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay, USA, commemorates the friendships of the people of the United States and France.

Standing 305 feet high at the base of its base, it represents a woman with a flashlight in her right hand and a tablet with the date of receipt of the Declaration of Independence on her left, which was on July 4.

The torch, 29 feet (8.8 meters) from the flame tip to the bottom of the handle, is accessible by a 42-meter (12.8-meter) service ladder inside the arm.

The elevator carries guests to the pedestal viewing area, which can also be reached by stairs, and winding stairs lead to the viewing platform at the crown of the figure.

Liberty Island

Liberty Island is home to a beautiful park, a new museum, and an American emblem that is the epitome of promise and possibility. As you explore the reasons, read Lady Liberty at different angles, noting the details of her design and how her appearance changes with the light.

Ellis Island

Visitors to Ellis Island are offered a unique view of American history. Well restored to its peak of occupation, the island allows hikers to step into the shoes of Ellis Island tourists to experience the feel of a foreign tourist.

At the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum, the tour is alive with an amazing collection of art objects. It shows the history of the arrival of the American people from the 1500s to the present day.

Central Park
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5. Stroll in Central Park

Planning for fun things to do in Manhattan, Central Park is among the largest and most important public parks in Manhattan, New York City. It covers an area of 840 hectares (340 hectares) and extends between 59 and 110 roads (approximately 4 miles) and between the fifth and eighth lanes (approximately 0.8 km). It was one of the first American parks to be developed using landforms.

Central Park was officially opened in 1876 and is still one of the great achievements in the renovation of the production facilities.

The park’s landscape with vegetation varies considerably from the grassy plains, the steep slopes, and the shady glens to the steep, rocky ravines. The park offers interesting vistas and walks to almost every place.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in a park, overlooking Fifth Avenue. There is also a zoo, a ski resort, three small ponds, an open theatre, a club shell, many playgrounds and children’s playgrounds, several fountains, and hundreds of small monuments and plaques scattered throughout the area.

Central Park Zoo

 Visiting the zoo is indeed among the fun things to do in Manhattan Central Park Zoo and its creation happened by accident. It was not included in the park’s original plans but was started when New Yorkers began to leave the ‘gifts’ of rare animals in the park.

The park found itself carrying a menagerie, including ducks and bears. A few years later, the city decided to legalize it. New York National Council recognized the Central Park Zoo, making it the second public-owned zoo in the country.

Photo by Mihai Vlasceanu from Pexels


The beautiful Carousel ride is no doubt among the fun things to do in Manhattan because it is one of the most popular places in the park. Carousel ride in the park attracts many, especially kids’ park.

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

6. Visiting Museums and Libraries in Manhattan

Visiting a museum is one of the fun things to do in Manhattan and can be a good option on a rainy day when you have to stay indoors. If you are looking for some activities to do with kids, then there are kid-friendly museums, where you can spend your day quenching your thirst for knowing historical things.

(a) New York Transit museum

New York Transit museum tells the story about the New York Subway system. It is a great attraction for kids touring old subway cars.

(b) Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, named Met, is the largest art museum in New York City and one of the largest in the world. The museum was founded in 1870 and opened two years later. The current building in Central Park opened in 1880.

The main building overlooking Fifth Avenue, designed by Richard Morris Hunt, was completed in 1902 and has been renamed ‘Met Fifth Avenue.’ McKim, Mead, and White designed some additions later.

Metropolitan Museum Exhibits

Do you want to know fun things to do in Manhattan and also fun things to know the Met?

Met contains important collections of Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, East Asian and Middle Eastern, Greek and Roman art, Europe, pre-Columbian, New Guinea, Islamic, and American art, including architecture, sculptures, calligraphy, painting, photography, glass, copper, ceramics, textiles, metal, lacquer work, furniture, period rooms, weapons and armor, and musical instruments.

(c) Museum of Natural history

American natural history museum is one of the world’s largest natural history museums. It is in Central park west, and the American museum is globally renowned.

The Museum has developed its global goal of discovering, translating, and disseminating information about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe through a comprehensive program of scientific research, education, and exhibitions.

The museum of natural history is famous for exhibitions and collections of science, which serve as a guide for the entire planet and present a panorama of world culture.

(d) Museum of Modern Art

Thinking of fun things to do in Manhattan? Visit MoMA, which is an art museum located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, USA, 53rd Street- between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

It has always been very important in the development and collection of modern art and is often identified as the world’s most influential modern art museum.

The museum’s collection offers an unparalleled view of modern and contemporary art, which includes architectural and design works, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, prints, illustrated books, film, and electronic media.

Photo by Ann Marie Ludlow from Pexels

Libraries in New York

(a) New York Public Library

The New York Public Library was established as a compilation of two libraries in the late 1890s. The area, along with Fifth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets, is located directly in the east of Bryant Park, the area of the Croton Reservoir.

The Carrère and Hastings construction firm built the building of the New York public library in the style of the Beaux-Arts, and the building opened on May 23, 1911. The front marble side of the building is festooned with details, and the Fifth Avenue entrance is surrounded by stone lions. 

The NYPL is a New York City Public Library System. With nearly 53 million objects and 92 locations, the NYPL is the second largest public library in the United States (after the Library of Congress) and the fourth largest in the world. It is a private, non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization that operates in private and public funds.

(b) Jefferson Market Library

One of the most beautiful places in the West Village, Jefferson Market Library, part of the New York Public Library, is immediately visible with its gothic clock tower, casinos, and ornaments.

Originally a court, the building was a major conservation effort for many years and is generally regarded as a church. Take a closer look, however, and you will see that the art of decoration does not portray scenes from the Bible, but from Shakespeare instead.

Photo by Pervical Ian Muico from Pexels

7. Buy Things from Chelsea market

Visiting the Chelsea market is also among the fun things to do in Manhattan. Chelsea is home to hundreds of art galleries, beautiful brownstones, and one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions. Hence, it is one of the city’s most treasured gems.

Things to Explore in Chelsea Market

The modern art scene is an important part of local ownership, with a gallery that opens almost every night of the week and many exhibitions that can be explored.

The famous Chelsea Market is now a world-famous brand and is considered one of the largest indoor and outdoor food markets in the world today.

Located in the heart of New York City’s Meatpacking District, a diverse retailer market add more than your usual dining hall, instead of a live market. One can buy the best regional fish retailer, home-cooked beef- one of the local animal butchers, loading handmade cheese, new products, and Italian dried goods imported.

One would calm his taste buds with delicious food at the Chelsea Market, where the newly purchased ingredients make it a popular destination for locals and travelers alike.

Photo by Jacob Scholz from Pexels

How to Get Around NewYork City

1. Roaming NYC by Subway

The subway is a very convenient way to get around the city. It may seem confusing when you look at a map, but as long as you know how to use it before you jump off a train, you will find how easy is the subway.

2. Enjoying New York City Skyline by Bus

Buses are often used as an addition to the subway system as some areas are easily accessible using the subway and the bus in conjunction. The bus attracts tourists who want to see New York City and have more time.

 Buses accept MetroCard and direct currency exchange (no pennies or paper money). You get a free transfer to another bus or subway within 2 hours if you pay by MetroCard.

Bus stops are found in almost every two blocks on the street corners with a sign indicating the bus sign and route number. Some stops have bus shelters with large advertisements. Many stops have a ‘Guide-A-Ride’ information box that shows route maps and schedules, so you can check out Guide-A-Ride to make sure the bus you want will stop there.

3. Bus Tours for Tourists

Bus tours are a great way to get a taste of the Big Apple without wandering the busy streets alone. For your sightseeing tour boarding, the bus is a great idea.

4. Get Around with Taxi and Uber

The streets of Manhattan are lined with yellow taxis and you can haul one down the road. The process is similar to what you may have seen in movies.

Most people are now familiar with Uber and Lyft, private companies, based on the automotive application. Taking an Uber or Lyft would be another great way to use a yellow taxi.

5. By Boat Tours

If you have the time and budget that allow you to take a boat ride or a cruise, then this trip will give you a chance to see the city from a completely different perspective.

For travel that will save time while traveling between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, the East River Ferry is a quick cruise that costs $ 2.75 per person one way.

Although it costs more than underground travel, it is a great way to view the city from a different location and to pass near or under the magnificent bridges (like the Brooklyn Bridge).

One of the best free trips you can have in New York City is to take a Staten Island ferry, where you will get an amazing view of the York harbor.

6. Walking Tour on Streets of NYC

New York is known as one of the largest travel cities in the world. Walking around the streets and exploring indeed is among fun things to do in Manhattan because it is the best way to experience the real feeling of the city while saving money.

Finding your way on foot in many parts of Manhattan (and other outlying rural areas) is very easy. Streets are mapped with an easy-to-use grid system of high-speed city/city roads that intersect at intersections.

The numbered grid system, however, is located just above Houston Street on the east side and above 14th Street on the west side. In the Lower Manhattan area, you will notice that the streets are named rather than numbered.

Times Square
Photo by Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura from Pexels

There are numerous fun things to do in Manhattan because New York is full of life. One can have lots of things to do, like witnessing the iconic grand central terminal, which is not only a railway station, but a shopping and dining destination as well, catching live music shows in bars, and many more.

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